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Episode 20: Hannah Lynn

Hannah Lynn dropped by the dungeon for the 20th episode of Everyone Has a Story. Hannah was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis as a teenager, became an emancipated adult at age 17, and lived for years without knowing how to drive. Hannah also shares with us how she took a life long hobby and turned it into a successful career. If you would like to learn more about Hannah's art and coloring books check out her website: www.hannahlynn.com Some music in this episode was used by permission...


Episode 19: Chad Estes

How does a pastor go from being on staff at one of the largest churches in Boise, ID, to taking pictures (some of the nude) of people who have suffered from cancer, scars, and body image problems? Chad Estes has that story. He drops by the dungeon to talk about his journey. If you would like to find out more about Chad's work with The Reveal Mission, you can visit his website: www.revealmission.org Some music in this episode is from Teknoaxe. You can find his awesome music...


Episode 18: Denise McClure

Denice Mcclure joins me in the dungeon to share her story. Denise talks candidly about being in an emotionally abusive marriage, her struggle to get free, and how she has managed to pick up the pieces and move on. Denise has started a non profit organization Called Freedom Reigns. Freedom Reigns is a Christian based non-profit organization that helps provide healing for victims of domestic abuse, sexual assualt, and ptsd through animal therapy. They provide hope and courage through the...


Episode 17: Angela Shanor

Angela Shanor stopped by the dungeon to share her story. She shared with me how she had never done anything quite like this. We discussed what it was like growing up in Hanson, Idaho. We also talked about the struggles of having a child with autism, the stupid things that people say, and how the pressures of being a mother can get overwhelming. If you would like to share your story, you can contact me at the following: Twitter: @knatradio email: Knatradio@gmail.com Facebook: Everybody's...


Episode 16: Anthony Minichiello

Anthony drops by the dungeon via technology to share his story. He talks about growing up in Massachusetts, the unfortunate circumstances that took him to California, and why he now lives in Boise. Anthony proves that everyone has a story, and you can't ever tell just be looking "at the cover". This podcast is devoted to stories just like Athony's. If you are interested in sharing your story, you can reach out to me in the following ways. Twitter: @knatradio Email...


Episode 15: Dan Brenic

Dan Brenic, host of the Netflix n Swill podcast stops by the dungeon via technology to share his story. Dan discusses, growing up in Pennsylvania, his struggle with depression, and the annoyance of trying to find a good place to work. You can find the NetflixnSwill Podcast on your favorite podcast listening platform. You can connect with Danny on twitter: @NetflixnSwill Find him on Facebook: Netflix 'N Swill Visit their website for quality Netflix news: www.netflixnswill.com Want to...


Episode 14: Danny Polliard

Danny Polliard from the "Working Stiffs Podcast" joins me in the dungeon via technology to talk about growing up in Pittsburgh, his experiences at Christian college, his rock and roll proposal to his wife....and everything in between. You can find the Working Stiffs Podcast on your favorite podcast listening platform. You can connect with Danny on twitter: @wrkngstiffspod Want to share your story? Connect with me at Twitter: @knatradio email: knatradio@gmail.com Facebook: Everybody Has...


Episode 13: Lorie Swisher

Lorie joins me in the dungeon to share her story. We talked about how she is NOT from California, how she originally did not like her husband, and what it was like to go through his battle with cancer. This weeks podcast promo partner: Rough Draft: World Builder some music in this episode is provided by tecknoaxe. You can find his awesome music at http://www.tecknoaxe.com Get in touch with me: twitter: @knatradio website: http://www.everyonehasastorypodcast.com facebook: everbody has a...


Episode 12: Olivia Zamora

Olivia joins us in the dungeon to share with us her story growing up in Idaho Falls. This weeks podcast partner is Dark Remnants. You can follow him on twitter @darkrempod Some music in this episode provided by Tecknoaxe.com Check out his great royalty free music at www.tecknoaxe.com You can contact me on twitter @knatradio


Episode 11: Ryan Matthew

Host of the "Support For the Following" podcast, Ryan Matthew, joins me this week. He talks about what it's like living in Austin, Texas, How he decided on his current profession, and why he decided to start his own podcast.


Episode 10: Bryce Toman

Growing up in a single parent household wasn't easy for Bryce. He shares his struggles in trying to fit in, the bad choices he made, and how a friendship with one family changed the course of his life forever.


Episode 9: Phillip Moon

Phil Moon grew up in St. Anthony, Idaho. Phil is the story of two different people. One fueled by drugs. The other fueled by love, and the desire to have a family. Phil talks about how and why he was attracted to Meth, his local celebrity status as a radio DJ, and his current struggle with the debilitating disease of MS.


Episode 8: Rick Gibson

Rick was raised on a farm in North Dakota. As a kid he was influenced by bands like Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones. His love of music led him to learning the guitar and the harmonica. Rick went to college to escape the farm, and joined a band. He skipped his own graduation to play a gig! Join me and Rick as he shares some great stories of playing in a band all over the world, and why Japanese men hat tall American Men. Oh, and we talk about the Dude. Music in this episode is from...


Episode 7: Katie Burke

In this episode I talk to Katie Burke. She talks about attending a catholic college, even though she was not Catholic. Katie also shares with us how she met her husband, the death of mother, and why she chose to have weight loss surgery. There's also some talk about cults, and her love for Harry Potter. If you would like to share your story, send me and email at knatradio@gmail.com A portion of the music used in this weeks episode was used by permission from TeknoAxe. You can find the full...


Episode 6: Jenn Jaramillo

Born into an Irish/Mexican family and raised in California. Jenn's life has been filled with trauma and heartache. A victim of abuse, Jenn found herself on the verge of a complete breakdown. She had completely given up on life. But God had a different plan. Find out why today, Jenn has such joy and passion for life. If you would like to share your story, send an email to knatradio@gmail.com If you would like to advertise on our podcast, send an email to knatradio@gmail.com Some music in this...


Episode 5: Mikey Middleton

Mikey grew up as a preachers kid moving all over the northwest starting churches. Mikey grew up playing drums and spent most of his life playing in bands. If you would like to support or sponsor Everyone has a story, contact Nathan at knatradio@gmail.com Music in this episode by teknoaxe. You can find his awesome music at www.teknoaxe.com itunes:https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/id1419331043


Episode 4: Davin Hanson Part 2

In the continuation of Davin's story, Davin talks about what happened in Hawaii, his admission that he likes Thomas Kinkade, and why he continues to ask questions. Oh, and Nate almost dies.


Episode 3: Davin Hanson Part 1

Not all who wonder are lost. Or so the old adage goes. In Davin's case, you can say it's true From a shy kid raised in a religious household, to bad haircuts....to praying what became a fateful prayer...Davin's story encompasses many aspects of life.


Episode 2: John Hanna

A first generation Egyptian American. John's parents came over to start a new life for them in a place that was more accepting of their Christian faith. John Grew up in Denver and as a young man felt like he was called into ministry.


Episode 1: Charlie Gibson

Our inaugural episode features the story of Charlie Gibson. Charlie explains what it was like growing up in a group home ran by his parents. He talks about how that atmosphere shaped him into the man he is today.