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22 - Intense Health - Stronger, Fitter, Faster with HIT - Marcelo Mesquita

Marcelo Mesquita is the Founder and CEO of Intense Health, a radical new fitness chain delivering strength and fitness results with only 20-minute workouts. We discuss the science behind the HIT movement and Marcelo's path to starting the business, from opening his first gym at 16 to competing in martial arts and body-building. Further information on all the topics can be found in the show notes. Links:


21 - Learned Helplessness and Learned Optimism - Unleash Awesomeness

We all experience learned helplessness in our lives much to our own detriment. Yet most people don't even know what it is. Sam breaks down what the effect is, from how it was discovered to what you can do about it. This episode helps us learn more traits to boost our growth mindset with the goal of making you a more positive and strategic thinker able to look at the bigger picture and less caught up in the problems life throws at us. Expanded notes on the topic as well as useful links to...


20 - The Simple Art of Happiness - Bob Asim

Bob Asim is a mid 30-year-old Malaysian professional who has worked at various large medical organisations bringing products to market and into hospitals and GP surgeries such as breast cancer and diabetes medications. Bob is also one of the kindest and happiest people I have ever met and just has some amazing philosophies on life that have really stuck with me and I hope will help you as well. Links


18 - Growth Hacking, Life Hacking and Superpowers - Sherman Lee - Rocco AI

Sherman Lee is an inspiring entrepreneur who knows how to have fun doing it. He has extensive experience in social media, bots, growth hacking, crypto-currencies and Machine Learning, of which he has businesses involved in all of these things. Somehow he also finds the time to write for major publications such as Forbes and the Huffington Post and do a lot of hiking and be a dad. We discuss key insights on how to growth hack your business as well as developing your own personal skills and...


19 - We Built a Trading Platform - Adam Dodds & Viktor Nebehaj -

Freetrade is a revolutionary trading platform for UK investors to make trades for free. Their mission is to completely improve the experience of trading so that people can make the best use of their money and never have to worry about fee's. Adam Dodds, CEO and co-founder of Freetrade shares his experience in starting the platform and key issues and features of the platform. Viktor Nebehaj is the Head of Growth and goes much deeper into crowdfunding strategies, investing strategies and...


17 - Sentient - The Worlds Leading Distributed AI Platform - Antoine-Blondeau

Antoine created the technology behind Siri which he sold to Apple. He is currently the founder of Sentient Technologies, one of the worlds leading AI businesses. In his spare time he is a mentor at Zeroth AI where he is a source of brilliant advice. We cover some awesome topics about the future and the past, dealing with problems at a personnel level to threats facing the whole of humanity. Some huge idea’s that made my head spin at the time and lead to me conducting some very rapid...


16 - Dream it, do it - Katherina-Olivia

FROM QUITTING YOUR JOB TO SELLING YOUR FIRST BUSINESS. Katherina is a young star-up founder who runs a logistics business based out of Singapore. She was a venture partner of the accelerator where she gives fabulous advice and mentorship. Originally from Bolivia she has a diverse life history with a number of lessons and stories along the way, including quitting her job to start a business with her new life partner. Not part of the typical formula for success she fought hard to...


15 - The Basic Formula for Success and Happiness - Nick White

Nick White is the head of the AI department at He helps startups in the accelerator to make the most of their potential with AI and grow their business. He also speaks and writes on AI and has a great medium blog, as well as practicing yoga and surfing in his spare time. Originally from Hawaii he has some amazing life experiences we can learn from and has lots of great ideas and stories we can all enjoy. Show Notes:


14 - Living the 4 Hour Work Week - Felix Chandler

Felix Chandler is young millennial with a very relaxed attitude to life. He has made some great optimisations from the 80:20 rule leading to achieving a lifestyle he is very content with. In his part-time when he isn't on a beach, he is also a chess teacher, yoga instructor and massage therapist. But a lot of this can often be done from the beach... He taught me a lot about how to approach doing anything and provides a great reminder to ask yourself why you do things and what you wish to...


13 - Investing Sensibly to Launching Your Own VC Fund - Eamonn Carey, MD Techstars

Eamonn is an early stage investor, advisor and board member in over 25 companies across the US, Europe and Asia. He also helps out at in Hong Kong, who invest in AI and ML companies. He is launching his own VC fund and runs a regular deal flow email for 300+ angel and VC investors. We discuss all things startup, investment, biz accelerators and VC with great advice on things like finding the right people to work with and not letting investors ruin a good idea. Contact:...


12 - The Basics of Entrepreneurship & How to Master Anything

Alex Denne is one of the most curious people I have ever met. He has an uncanny ability to break things down and gamify self-improvement as well as pretty much anything else. I worked with him co-running Basecamp, a business accelerator for students at Bristol University where we learnt a lot about start-ups and young entrepreneurs. On the show, we cover a lot about start-ups... Also, lots of business ideas and strategies for self-improvement and fun times travelling. He has a great view...


11 - Startup Stories [part 3] - Success, Failure and Bitcoin - Sam Harris and Theo Ricketts

This is final episode of the trilogy, the season and the entire year. Sam and Theo finish up the series with some personal stories and a review of how entrepreneurs can be more successful. If you haven't listened to the first episodes with Theo start there. Additionally, I share some of my best insights from the podcast this year as well as my 2 satoshi on Bitcoin and being a strategic investor. Contact:


10 - Startup Stories [part 2] - Relationships - Sam Harris and Theo Ricketts

Part two of the startup stories podcasts with Theo Ricketts, we recount startup stories and issues and thoughts along the way. As well as more business ideas we go through some of our own interpersonal problems and other traits and beliefs we have that cause major issues. and best ways to resolve things. If you didn’t listen to the first episode of the trilogy it makes sense to start there but if you're feeling lazy start here instead. Contact


09 - Startup Stories [part 1]- Hacking and Hustling - Sam Harris and Theo Ricketts

We look back at the antics and chaos from a life of entrepreneurship. This raw episode shows a very real side to life without so much of the shiny edges and a lot more of the hilarious mishaps. Since kids, Sam and Theo have found ways to make money. We discuss our ideas ranging from the ground-breakingly innovative to debatably legal and mostly chaotic. We lay bare the disasters, successes and discoveries we had along the way. In this episode, they discuss various projects they ran in the...


08 - Teaching AI Emotions - Matt Celuszak - CEO, Crowd Emotion

Matt is the CEO of CrowdEmotion. A tech start-up in London that tracks human emotional data with the goal of humanising technology to understand who we are and how we feel. It’s an amazing and ambitious project operating in one of the most interesting spaces in technology today. We discuss the business and the shape of things to come, along with his key lessons from being a CEO of a bootstrapped tech company. A must listen for those interested in AI, psychology, business and the future....


07 - Raising Finance and Entrepreneur Fundamentals - Nick Miller

Nick Miller is the CEO of Buzzhire, an on-demand staffing agency for the hospitality industry in London. Their app provides a modern solution to staffing issues and empowers users to work when they want at a price that suits them. Nick has also launched several other businesses including EatFirst and Jumia whilst working for RocketInternet. We discuss the best strategies for raising finance, creating a successful team and some amazing insights on being an entrepreneur.


06 - Make Your Passion Your Work - Travel Writing - Helena Smith

Helena Smith is a travel writer and book author. She writes for the ‘Lonely Planet’ and ‘Rough Guides’ publications whilst exploring the world, and has self-published her own books ‘Inside Hackney’ and ‘Eat Hackney’ in which she shares her insights travelling just a few miles from her doorstep. She schools us top travel tips and how she worked her way into a dream job being paid to follow her passions. You can find out more about Helena and her projects at:


05 - Happiness and Achievement - Edward Broadhurst

Edward Broadhurst is a solicitor for local government and a member of the Territorial Army. A relaxed podcast where we explore his accidental launch and sale of his business and strategies to achieve more happiness and content in our lives. Some great tips covered and an interesting break from tech. If you want to get in touch with Ed it'll have to be via me:


04 - Scaling Software Teams - Harsh Sinha - Transferwise VP Engineering

Harsh is the VP of Engineering at TransferWise. On the podcast, he shares his wealth of experience leading software teams at scale. Prior to joining TransferWise, Harsh was Director of Product at PayPal leading product strategy and development of PayPal’s mobile apps and SDKs enabling third parties to build mobile wallet experiences. He also led eBay’s Local initiatives as Director of Engineering where he owned the vision and development of eBay’s Click & Collect platform globally,...


02 - Growing Startup Teams - Dean Hume, CTO at

Dean is the CTO of, a rapidly growing tech start-up in London. He is also the author of 3 books and an avid triathlete. He shares great insights into running and growing a successful team and of course personal insights on being a human and culturing a growth mindset You can find out more about Dean at: