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Have you ever looked at a painting, read a book, watched a play, and wondered, "How does she do that?" Well, I have. And I do. All the time. So I decided to ask. On this show, I chat with female artists...writers, directors, painters, musicians, actors, and more. We talk about inspiration, implementation, and everything in between. Meet me here for new chats on Thursdays.

Have you ever looked at a painting, read a book, watched a play, and wondered, "How does she do that?" Well, I have. And I do. All the time. So I decided to ask. On this show, I chat with female artists...writers, directors, painters, musicians, actors, and more. We talk about inspiration, implementation, and everything in between. Meet me here for new chats on Thursdays.
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Have you ever looked at a painting, read a book, watched a play, and wondered, "How does she do that?" Well, I have. And I do. All the time. So I decided to ask. On this show, I chat with female artists...writers, directors, painters, musicians, actors, and more. We talk about inspiration, implementation, and everything in between. Meet me here for new chats on Thursdays.






Ep. 53.5: Micro Pod ft. Feminist Crush Host, Kitty Lindsay

Episode 53.5 is a 5ish minute rapid fire q & a with my guest from episode 53, Kitty Lindsay. Find out what makes this actor/writer/director/podcaster tick. My fav answer from this episode was to the question of how to get over that creative lull. So simple. Why haven’t I thought of this?? How does Kitty do it? Listen and find out! See photos and fun facts about Kitty at: http://www.herprocess.com Connect with Kitty at: https://www.facebook.com/KittyLindsay


Ep. 53: Kitty Lindsay - Actor, Writer, Director, Podcaster

Today’s Her Process episode is a fun one for me because I’m talking with a fellow podcaster! Her name is Kitty Lindsay and, in addition to acting, writing, directing, doing sketch, and improv, she also hosts one of my favorite pods, Feminist Crush! Kitty is about to drop season four of her show, and I just had get more info, because this season is a special one. Kitty, who is LA based, takes Feminist Crush on the road. All episodes were recorded in, and feature guests from, her hometown...


Ep. 52.5 - Micro Pod ft. Author & Illustrator Sarah Momo Romero

Think of episode 52.5 with Sarah Momo Romero as a P.S. to episode 52. It’s a rapid fire q&a where I ask my guests the same twelve questions to hear the similarities and differences among artists of the same and different genres. Some sample questions: Do you check out other artists within your genre on social media? What’s your creative ritual? Do you have a ‘go-to’ person who you bounce ideas off of. Let’s hear what this author/illustrator has to say! See pics of Sarah and her art, and...


Ep. 52: Sarah Momo Romero - Author, Illustrator

In this Her Process I have the pleasure of chatting with Sarah Momo Romero. I’m catching Sarah as she’s about to become a published author and illustrator! Her children’s book, Wake Up, Little Bat is due out this fall. And you know I’ll be asking her to come back and share that whole experience with us! Today, Sarah shares how she got her first book published. It’s a process she highly recommends! She also gives us her secret weapon to combat that creative lull. This one may surprise...


Ep. 51: Collaboration Series ft. Camilla Ochlan

Today’s show wraps up my series on collaboration. It’s a tribute to art and to friendship. It’s about what happens when you’re on a roll, when you’re making strides, realizing your dream…and the unthinkable happens. What do you do? How do you go on? Do you go on? If you’re just joining Her Process for the first time, today’s guest, Camilla Ochlan, has been on the show before with her Werewolf Whisperer series writing partner, Bonita Gutierrez. But Camilla, being the creative soul that...


Ep. 50: Collaboration Series ft. Tina Cesa Ward & Rachael Hip-Flores

I'm excited to be chatting with writer/director, Tina Cesa Ward and actor, Rachael Hip-Flores. These ladies first worked together in 2008 when Tina cast Rachael in her ground breaking web series, Anyone But Me. The show went on to win Indie Soap awards, a Clicker award for best drama, a Writers Guild Award for best Original New Media, and more. Rachael won a Streamy for her portrayal of series lead, Vivian. Clearly this was a pairing that worked! And it turned out to be the beginning of a...


Ep. 49: Collaboration Series ft. Cynthia Graner and Jo Bozarth

In this, the third installment of my special series on collaboration, I’m talking with someone with whom I’ve recently collaborated, my dear friend and producer extraordinaire, Cynthia Graner. Cynthia is an AFI alum who has produced commercials, branded content, feature films, short films, episodics…she’s basically done it all. Today, in addition to hearing how the work flow and other aspects of the working relationship between a producer and writer/director work, Cynthia talks about the...


Ep. 48: Collaboration Series ft. Shelley Couvillion & Robin Puelma

I’m chatting with author Robin Puelma and illustrator Shelley Couvillion for the second installment in my series on collaboration. Robin is a freelance blogger and the author of middle grade novels, The Missing Crimoire and The Naming of Colton Black. And Shelley is an illustrator who has had several solo shows, she’s illustrated comic books, and is now focusing on children’s book illustration…and that’s where our story begins. How do two artists of different genres come together to...


Ep. 47: Collaboration Series ft. Camilla Ochlan & Bonita Gutierrez

You’ve seen the hash tags #communityovercompetition and #collaborationovercompetition. Well, my guests today are giving those hash tags more than lip service…or tweet service? Today I’m chatting with authors Camilla Ochlan and Bonita Gutierrez. If you’ve been listening to the show for a while, you’ll recognize their names from episode 21. And if you’re a fan of urban fantasy, you probably know them from their series, The Werewolf Whisperer. In episode 21 the ladies talked about writing...


Ep. 46.5 - Micro Pod ft. Recording Artist Drea

Last week I promised a deep dive into the process of creating music. To be more specific, recording music. Recording artist and songwriter, Drea, is back with me to do just that. In the next fifteen minutes, you’ll hear about the recording of her last album, No Vacancy and how the process of recording her new music, including her latest release Hometown, is different. Part of it is that she’s in a different headspace, part of it is that she’s in more control of how she’s recording, and...


Ep. 46: Drea - Recording Artist, Songwriter

Back in episode 22, today’s guest, recording artist and songwriter, Drea, opened up to me about her experience as a victim of sexual assault. Today I’m checking back in with Drea in what is probably one of the most empowering episodes I will ever record. In this episode, Drea talks about reclaiming ownership of her body, and who she is, through movement. And, she tells us how you can get in on this, too. We talk about the affect the assault has had on her art, and how music has helped...


Ep. 45: Katie Ferrara - Singer, Songwriter, Entrepreneur

This episode of Her Process is for all of you artists out there for whom your art is not your day job. Maybe you’re waiting tables, personal training, substitute teaching…let’s just say your “fallback” job has become your main source of income. I’m welcoming back singer/songwriter Katie Ferrara. If you haven't heard Katie's episode where we talk a lot about busking, it's episode 19. Today’s focus is on how she’s made her music her full time gig. And the info, stories, and advice she...


Ep. 44.5 - Micro Pod ft. Painter Ela Mella

It's the Her Process micro pod! Think of this bonus episode as a little P.S. to episode 44 featuring painter, creator, Ela Mella. She touches on the parts of her world that you don't see on instagram. And, if you've been listening to the show, you know that the micro pod consists of twelve questions I ask all of my guests. One of the questions is whether or not they check out other artists of their discipline on social media. Ela gave the best answer, and reason, I've heard so far! Check...


Ep. 44: Ela Mella - Painter, Creator

To introduce today’s artist, I’m going to take a description directly from her web site because it is just so perfect! Ela Mella is pun-loving painter and creator based in Los Angeles on a mission to spread love through art and unity through laughter. In this episode Ela opens up and shares where that positivity came from and how living through the lowest low can really change a girl’s perspective. We also talk about how LA, the city and the lifestyle, creeped into her east coast brain...


Ep. 43.5 - Micro Pod ft. Singer Songwriter Dree Mon

Welcome back to the Her Process micro pod! These bonus episodes consist of the same twelve questions I ask all of my guests, rapid fire style. It’s fun to hear how artists across different genres answer these questions sometimes very similarly, and sometimes not! Today I’m chatting with singer, songwriter, Dree Mon. If you missed her full episode, episode number 43, and you want to see photos and fun facts, pop on over to herprocess.com after the show. And now, here’s ten minutes of wisdom...


Ep. 43: Dree Mon - Singer, Songwriter

I’m chatting with singer, songwriter, Dree Mon. Now, when you hear Dree Mon’s music it’s not what you typically think of when you hear the words “singer, songwriter”. Her style is described as “70s disco funk meets 90s R&B with a modern twist”. And her debut single Rebel Soul, along with the most fun video, is out now. And you can hear Rebel Soul end of this show! After eight years in the music business, it was time for a rebrand, and Dree was up for the challenge! In this episode we talk...


Ep. 42: Special Ep ft. Sandra Valde & Shelley Couvillion

I’m wrapping up this special series with two artists whose specific intent is to remain as active as ever in their fields throughout motherhood…and they’re doing just that. Sandra Valde is a cinematographer whose work takes her on the road for up to three months at a time, and Shelley Couvillion is an illustrator who primarily works from home. In this episode, we discuss everything from full time daycare at 3 months old to the possibility of home schooling. From a work environment and...


Ep. 41: Special Ep ft. Lois Keller & Margaret Haas

Welcome to the third installment of my special Her Process series on artists who are juggling the pursuit of art and parenthood! Today I’m talking with Lois Keller and Margaret Haas, two visual artists in two very different stages of motherhood. Lois is a fine artist with a background as a scenic artist. Her daughters are aged 10 and 14. Margaret is a calligrapher, does hand lettering, and owns a stationery store called Paper Pastries. (If you're in LA, you have to swing by!) Margaret's...


Ep. 40: Special Ep ft. Kay Bess & Paula Rhodes

The second episode in my special series on juggling art and motherhood features voice and screen actors, Paula Rhodes and Kay Bess. So inspiring! We talk about having a baby when you are already set in your career and in who you are, and when you like who you are, and what that does to your psyche and how to deal with that...and keep your career going! I'm so grateful to Paula and Kay for digging deep, and for being so open and honest. There's a lot of real talk here, along with lots of...


Ep. 39: Special Ep ft. Kathryn Michelle & Tanya Ihnen

Welcome to the first episode of my special Her Process series on artists who are juggling the pursuit of art and parenthood. Between the two of them, today's guests have spent the better part of a decade…maybe longer…acting, writing, producing, and directing short films, features, and web series. I’m so happy to welcome Kathryn Bergh and Tanya Ihnen. In listening to this episode, I realized that while there’s great information and there are fun tales of art and motherhood, these gems apply...