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Entertainment news and interviews of actors, authors, directors, filmmakers, photographers, producers, musicians, politicians and more.

Entertainment news and interviews of actors, authors, directors, filmmakers, photographers, producers, musicians, politicians and more.
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Entertainment news and interviews of actors, authors, directors, filmmakers, photographers, producers, musicians, politicians and more.






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Wardrobe Stylist Michael William G

Michael William G. is the style guy in town. Having always had a knack for being creative, Michael has worked in the fashion/retail industry for the last 8 years. Born and raised in Sacramento, CA Michael has never ceased his urge to learn and be creative. At the age of 16, Michael found himself working for one of Sacramento's high-end street wear boutiques, called Ikon. He quickly worked his way to management then jetted off to San Francisco where he lived for several years. During this...


Fibroymalgia Researcher Dr Frank Rice

Frank L. Rice, PhD has over 35 years of experience in somatosensory system biology beginning with doctoral studies of cerebral cortex development under the mentorship of Dr. Hendrik Van der Loos at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Postdoctoral research on biogenic amine systems at Johns Hopkins under the mentorship of Dr. Mark Molliver was among the first ultrastructural immunocytochemical studies on the nervous system. His research has been characterized by extensive...


Wrestler/Actor Al Snow and Director Massimiliano Cerchi

Tuesday’s guest on N the Queue is the one and only “Clown Prince of Hardcore”, Al Snow. Over the course of his 12-year career, Al has racked up over 20 Championship Belts, including winning the WWF “Hardcore Championship” a total of 6 times, utilizing signature moves such as the ‘SnowPlow’, ‘Snowsault’ and the dreaded ‘Dragon Sleeper’. Al’s career has taken a new turn recently, appearing in over 20 movies and TV shows around the world. His popularity continues to climb as more fans are...


After Star Trek and Elvis: Celeste Yarnall

Celeste Yarnall is a former actress, model, and TV spokeswoman who is well known for her guest-starring role in the original Star Trek, and as Elvis Presley's co-star in "Live a Little, Love a Little." However, her true passion is pets. She was inspired her to earn a doctorate in Nutrition from Pacific Western University and is the author of Cat Care, Naturally;Natural Cat Care, a complete guide to holistic health care for cats; and the companion Natural Dog Care, published in 2000. Her...


Battlestar Galactica's Richard Hatch

Guest for N the Queue is none other than Battlestar Galactica's Richard Hatch, known as Apollo in the original series and President Tom Zarek in the most recent series. Richard started off his career in theater but then went to television on the daytime soap opera All My Children as Phillip Brent, a role he played for two years. He then made many guest appearances on many shows such as Hawaii 5-O, Murder She Wrote, Fantasy Island, The Love Boat, The Waltons, and Barnaby Jones, just to name...


FX Artist and Actor Tom Woodruff Jr

Special guest for N the Queue this episode is the sought after special effects (FX) artist and actor Tom Woodruff Jr. Tom Woodruff Jr started his interest in movies and monsters at an early age, having watched late-might broadcasts of monster movies, effects by Ray Harryhausen. Interest in special effects or the craft of makeup became his focus after having seen Planet of the Apes in a theater when he was 13 years old. In 1982, Tom moved to Los Angeles. He joined Stan Winston's team on the...


Producer and Writer Steven L Sears

Steven L. Sears (Steve) has been a professional in the entertainment industry since the age of 12, when he landed his first paid acting job in the state play of Florida, "Cross and Sword". He continued his interest and participation in acting through high school and college where he received his B.A. in Theater from Florida State University, then moving to LA. On the advice of a casting director, he decided to write a script. One year later, he was on the writing staff of Riptide, a TV...


Sports Broadcaster Jen Mueller

On our episode of N the Queue is the sensational sports broadcaster, journalist, consultant and author, Jen Mueller. Jen Mueller, America’s Expert Talker is rarely at a loss for words. She pursued a career in sports broadcasting after repeated comments of “talks too much” from teachers and family members. She’s spent more than a decade honing her speaking skills as a sports broadcaster and sideline reporter. You can see her throughout Mariners season on ROOT Sports and hear her on the...


Actor Christopher Wiehl

The guest for this episode of N the Queue is the amazing actor Christopher Wiehl. Wiehl was born in Yakima, WA having obtained a Bachelor Degree of Arts degree (in dramatic arts) from the University of Washington. Wiehl has starred in several plays during his college career such as Henry V, The Owl and The cat and Lonestar. Perhaps his most prominent role has been as Derek McConnell in ESPN's series Playmakers. Wiehl has made guest appearances on television shows including Popular, CSI,...


Naked and Afraid's EJ Snyder

Guest for N the Queue this episode is the Discovery Channel's Naked and Afraid survival competitor EJ "Skullcrusher" Snyder. After retiring from the U.S. Army, as a Ranger and Combat Infantryman, E.J found himself quickly in the Entertainment World trying to work as a Military Technical Adviser, Actor, and Stuntman in Hawaii during his spare time. He appeared in local commercials on TV and the web, as well as several feature, independent, and student films. He landed his biggest part as...


Director Massimiliano Cerchi

On N the Queue for this episode is director Massimiliano Cerchi. Massimiliano (Max) Cerchi is an award-winner direct-to-video horror film director and producer. Born In Italy, Max moved to study and work in USA. He started his first movie in 1993. He works from concept-to-completion on each film, developing the ideas, assembling the creative team, and delivering a finished production to the distributor. In every project, he is part filmmaker/part consultant/part workhaholic. His...


Musician Matthew Schultz

Guest on this episode is the fabulous musician Matthew Schultz. Matthew Schultz was born in NJ but after a traumatic event, his father moved them to a cozy southern town in Virginia. It was there where he gained the love of the music industry, having started his own band which included friend Chris Daughtry (American Idol). Since then, Matthew has moved on his own as a soloist coming out with the hit song Money or Me (Explicit Lyrics) with the well-known artist Jim Jones, which has over a...


Christian Singer/Director Steve Taylor

Guest for N the Queue this episode is the very talented Christian Singer/Songwriter and Director Steve Taylor. Steve has been one of the leading artists in the Christian music industry and still is, despite his not having come out with a new album in 20 years. He continues to be a big influence in the Christian community with all of his works such as I Want to be a Clone and Meltdown, which Meltdown was featured on MTV, unheard of back in those days as Christian music was not featured on...


Roger Rabbit Creator Gary K Wolf

Guest for N the Queue this episode is the creator of Roger Rabbit Gary K Wolf. With the support of his parents from an early age, Wolf went on to become a successful author, screenwriter, lecturer and entertainment consultant. He is best known for his creation of Roger Rabbit, the zany cartoon character who cohabitates with humans. Wolf's ground breaking novel Who Censored Roger Rabbit? went on to become the 1988 Academy Award-winning Walt Disney/Steven Spielberg blockbuster film Who...


Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Evan Ransom

Dr. Evan R. Ransom is a cosmetic surgeon graduating in the top 10% from the Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons in NYC. He then completed residency training in Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Pennsylvania, a “Top Ten” program and hospital in the United States, according to U.S. News & World Report. Finally, Dr. Ransom was selected from a pool of national and international candidates for a fellowship in facial plastic, reconstructive, and laser surgery with...


Actress/Writer/Military Veteran Jamie McCall

Our guest for this week's episode is Actress, Writer and Military Veteran Jamie McCall. Jamie is a decorated Veteran Navy Officer who served in Washington, DC as Flag Speechwriter to a high profile Admiral, Editor in Chief of Navy Recruiter Magazine and Protocol and Public Affairs Officer for several national and international events. She served as a Linguist and was accepted to the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California just prior to her resignation. She served two tours in...


Inventor Ron Klein and Writer Arlene Klein

Our guest this episode of N the Queue is Ron and Arlene Kein. Ron Klein is a man of many visions and has contributed to most of the every day items used today by billions of people. He invented the Credit Card Validation System and then ultimately the magnetic strips on the back of the credit cards and in some cases, on the back of ID cards. Ron then solved an issue with teleprinters with Western Union. He purchased them for pennies on the dollar. The problem was transporting them to various...


Documentary Director/Writer Frank H Woodward

Our guest for N the Queue is the amazingly talented director/writer Frank H Woodward. The first 15 years in the entertainment industry, Frank's crewed on such films and TV series as Reservoir Dogs (1992), Man On The Moon (1999), "Melrose Place" (1992) and "Charmed" (1998). In 2005, Frank produced bonus features for Anchor Bay Entertainment including "Working With A Master", which focused on the careers of such horror luminaries as Stuart Gordon, John Carpenter, and John Landis. Frank wrote...


Vortis Founder James Johnson

Our guest for N the Queue today is James Johnson, founder of Vortis Antenna which was created to push harmful rays of cell phones away from the heads of cell phone users. James Johnson was inspired to create the Vortis Antenna from when he worked as a director for Quality Assurance. His role was to produce millions of antennas that would be operate next to user's heads. He learned that the health risks were great due to a 20/20 news report. He took this warning very seriously and approached...