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Colin Marshall sits down for in-depth conversations with cultural creators, internationalists, and observers of the urban scene all around Los Angeles and beyond.

Colin Marshall sits down for in-depth conversations with cultural creators, internationalists, and observers of the urban scene all around Los Angeles and beyond.
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Los Angeles, CA


Colin Marshall sits down for in-depth conversations with cultural creators, internationalists, and observers of the urban scene all around Los Angeles and beyond.




A Year in Seattle Preview: The Young Cynic with Peter Bagge

In downtown Seattle, Colin talks with comic artistPeter Bagge, creator of the legendary alternative comic seriesHate, contributing editor and cartoonist atReasonmagazine,and author of such graphic novels asApocalypse Nerd,Other Lives,Reset, andWoman Rebel: The Margaret Sanger Story.They discuss whether Seattle is still the place to be for the Buddy Bradleys of the world; the cheap "place to invent yourself" he first found there; the ever-increasing importance of place in his work, and its...


Notebook on Culture's year in Seattle Kickstarts now (for five days only)!

The Kickstarter drive forNotebook on Cities and Culture'ssixth season launches now. If we raise its budget, we'll spend an entire year in Seattle: the city ofgrunge, Microsoft, Amazon, the Space Needle, Buddy Bradley, Archie McPhee, sleeplessness, Starbucks, and much more we'll discover through at least 52in-depth conversations with itsnovelists, journalists, comic artists, filmmakers, broadcasters, explorers, academics, architects, planners, cultural creators, internationalists, observers...


Korea Tour: Opting for Korea with Brother Anthony

In an officetel in Seoul, Colin talks with Brother Anthony ofTaizé, one of the most renowned translators of Koreanpoetry, president of the Royal Asiatic Society Korea Branch, and naturalized citizen of South Korea.They discuss the frequency with which he's heard "Why Korea?" in the35 years since he first arrived as a member of Taizé; the Korean lack of belief that anybody would actually opt for Korea rather than their own homelands; what fills Korean taxi drivers with strong opinions;...


Notebook on Cities and Culture's Korea Tour: The Style of the Time with Mat

In Seoul's Sinchon district, Colin talks with Matt VanVolkenburg, author ofGusts of Popular Feeling, a blog on "Korean society, history, urban space, cyberspace, film, and current events, among other things."They discuss what it feels like to live in Seoul, of all places, without a smartphone; why navigating the city poses so much of a challenge to the newcomer; how he sees the relationship of the Korean media to foreign English teachers, "the new incarnation of the GIs"; what made it...


Korea Tour: Concrete Utopia with Minsuk Cho

In Seoul's Itaewon district, Colin talks with architect Minsuk Cho, principal atMass Studies, designer of the Golden Lion-winning Korean pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2014. They discuss whether hetalks aboutthe use of space differently in English than in Korean; how copying, and especially while misinterpreting across cultural boundaries, counts as a way of creating; his earliest memories of Seoul's "building explosion" that grew the city tenfold over fifty years; the...


Korea Tour: It Takes a Lifetime with Michael Elliott

In Seoul's Sinchon district, Colin talks with Michael Elliott, creator of the English-learning site for KoreansEnglish in Koreanand the Korean-learning site for English-speakersKorean Champ. They discuss why Koreans insist on the difficulty of their own language; whether and why he considers Korean difficult; what it means that "there are so many different ways to say the same thing" in Korean; the perennial issue of saying "you" in Korean; the "native speaker's privilege" to go a little...


Korea Tour: Ruled by the Heart with Andrew Salmon

In Seoul's Susong-dong, Colin talks with Andrew Salmon, author ofTo the Last Round:The Epic British Stand on the Imjin River, Korea 1951;Scorched Earth, Black Snow: Britain and Australia in the Korean War, 1950; andAll That Matters: Modern Korea. They discuss how Korean culture has influenced the names of his cats; the dullness of London by comparison to Seoul, especially in drinking term; the provocativepositions he has taken, such as finding the Koreans "a little unfair toward the...


Korea Tour: Gangbuk Style with Daniel Tudor

In Seoul's Hongdae district, Colin Marshall talks with Daniel Tudor, formerEconomistcorrespondent in Korea, co-founder of craft beer pizza pub chainThe Booth, author of the booksKorea: The Impossible Country,A Geek in Korea, and (with James Pearson)North Korea Confidential.They discuss the difference between Gangnam and Gangbuk style; the recently emerging trend toward Korean nostalgia, and what happens when you pull out an two-year-old mobile phone; what he discovered in Korea during the...


Korea Tour: One Long Bike Party with Coby Zeifman

In Changwon, "Environmental Capital of South Korea," Colin Marshall talks with Coby Zeifman, former outreach coordinator forNubija, the city's bike share system.They discuss what makes Changwon a cool town; why a feature like Nubija, despite its impressiveness, needed the kind of outreach he has tried his utmost to provide; Changwon's history as a manufacturing town for the conglomerate LG; what makes it a "Young City," including its plan modeled after Canberra; how the city expanded, and...


Korea Tour: ¿Por Qué Corea? with Sofía Ferrero Cárrega

At a coffee house somewhere in Busan, Colin talks withSofía Ferrero Cárrega, film critic and enthusiast of Korean cinema. They discuss whether she'd recommend other movie-lovers move to Busan; how the Busan International Film Festival attracted her to the city (and the importance of its parties); why, in Busan, "everybody says yes"; the state of Korean film criticism in Spanish; how she first encountered Korean cinema, and how its auteurs got her to know Korea; the bad first impression...


Korea Tour: The Biggest Small Town with Jeff Liebsch

Near Busan's Kyungsung University, Colin talks with Jeff Liebsch, managing editor and partner at the magazineBusan Haps.They discuss what makes Korean baseball games more fun than baseball games in the West; the Toronto-Detroit sports divide in his hometown of Windsor; why a disproportionate number of the Westerners in Korea seem to have come from Canada; the difficulty of understandingBusan, and of leaving it; the traces of "country people" Busan's population has retained, even as it has...


Korea Tour: Midnight Riding with Chad Kirton

Colin sits down at Busan's eFM with broadcaster, teacher, rapper, and television star Chad Kirton, also known as Fusion. They discuss whether the setting gets him into Korean or English mode; how he came up with his show segment "Don't Trust the Dictionary"; what a "bunnyhug" is; how the Korean desire for perfection affects their acquisition of foreign languages; the danger of agreeing in Korean when you have no idea what people are saying; what he seeks outin Busan when he goes on...


Korea Tour: Sexy Concepts with James Turnbull

In Busan'sDaeyeon-dong, Colin talks withJames Turnbull, author ofThe Grand Narrative, a blog on Korean feminism, sexuality, and popular culture.They discuss what Westerners find so unappealing about Korean plastic surgery; the associations of the "double eyelids" so often surgically created; why he used tobelievethat Koreans "want to look white"; the meaning of such mystifying termsas "V-line," "S-line," and "small face"; the uncommon seriousness about the Western-invented concept of the...


Korea Tour: Outsider Status with B.R. Myers

At Busan's Dongseo University, Colin talks with North Korea analyst Brian Reynolds Myers, author of such books asA Reader's ManifestoandThe Cleanest Race:How North Koreans See Themselves and Why It Matters. They discuss why South Koreans don't care about the Sword of Damocles that is North Korea; how Korea's capital-centricity looks from relatively far-flung Busan; why Koreans from outside Seoul seem to lack "local patriotism"; why Busan feels, to him, more like an "aggregation of...


Korea Tour: Taking the Stage with Bruce Fulton

Near the University of Seoul, Colin talks with Bruce Fulton,Young-Bin Min Chair in Korean Literature and Literary Translation in the Department of Asian Studies, University of British Columbia and, with his wife Ju-chan Fulton, half of an acclaimed Korean literary translation team.They discuss when Korean writers get too good at reflecting their own society; his first experience with Korea in the Peace Corps in 1978; his window past the military culture onto the rest of the culture; what...


Notebook on Cities and Culture's Korea Tour: Telling the Grayness with Krys

In Seoul's Seodaemun-gu, Colin talks with Krys Lee, author of the story collectionDrifting House. They discuss the impression of Korean life as a living hell; the way she prefers to mix the light and the dark; the "obsession with violence" that led her to write about a woman who longs to be beaten; "Koreanness" asDrifting House's accidental unifier; what brought her to identify with "the outsider"; her suspicions of "socialization in general"; why she thinks about what it would be like if...


Korea Tour: Cool Koreania with Barry Welsh

In Seoul's Yangjaestation, Colin talks with Barry Welsh, host of theSeoul Book & Culture ClubandSeoul Film Societyas well as professor at Sookmyung Women’s University. They discuss what Koreans know about the Isle of Man, the last place he lived; how he founded his now well-known book club; his literary encounters with theconceptof han; howKim Young-ha'sI Have the Right to Destroy Myselfintroduced him to the real Seoul; how little time people have to waste in Korea versus how much they have...


Notebook on Cities and Culture's Korea Tour: Eating It All Together with Da

Right across the street from Seoul's Insadongdistrict, Colin talks with Daniel Gray, creator of the siteSeoul Eats, proprietor ofcraft beer restaurantsBrew 3.14πand Brew 3.15π,and for four years a partner atO'ngo Food Communications.They discuss his weariness of the term "Seoul food"; what part of Korean culture happens around the table; what goes into "Daniel Gray's Ultimate Food Tour"; the pre-existing perceptions food tourists bring about Korean cuisine; the two senses in which Koreans...


Notebook on Cities and Culture's Korea Tour: Korean Dreams with Alex Jensen

In Seoul's Itaewon district, Colin talks with Alex Jensen, host of weekday news showThis Morningon TBS eFM.They discuss whether he envisions who he's talking to when he's talking on-air; what first strikes him about the Tube whenever he goes back to London; when he very first took to the airwaves; how much he knew about the existence of English broadcasting in Korean when he headed there in pursuit of the probable love of his life; how he developed his professional broadcasting life in Korea...


Korea Tour: Cowboys and Yangban with Charles Montgomery

In Seoul'sHaebangchon district, Colin Marshall talks with Charles Montgomery, professorinthe English Interpretation and Translation Division of Dongguk University,editor of the, and global ambassador of Korean literature in translation.They discuss the first Korean books that excited him; the mistakes he made in choosing his first works of Korean literature to read; the significance of bestseller authors Kim Young-ha and Shin Kyoung-sook; the impossibility of getting around the...