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The show that inspires women to step into the spotlight, be heard and make some noise through podcasting, by shining the spotlight on the Podcast Divas already doing it.

The show that inspires women to step into the spotlight, be heard and make some noise through podcasting, by shining the spotlight on the Podcast Divas already doing it.
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The show that inspires women to step into the spotlight, be heard and make some noise through podcasting, by shining the spotlight on the Podcast Divas already doing it.




PD17: Helen Zaltzman - The Queen of British Podcasting

Helen Zaltzman - The Queen of British Podcasting What a great pleasure to welcome the wonderful Helen Zaltzman onto Podcast Divas. Helen is without doubt one of the most accomplished and long serving podcasters in the UK (and world) and thoroughly deserving of the ‘queen of British podcasting’ title I’ve bestowed on her here. Helen says of herself; ‘I make podcasts: mainly Answer Me This! and The Allusionist, part of Radiotopia. I sometimes turn up on the radio; I write stuff; and I make...


PD16: Why you should love your podcast (and more) from Iszi Lawrence

Iszi Lawrence is an international stand up comedian from Reading, England, a longtime podcaster and happily for us - today’s Podcast Diva. Podcasting since 2008 with Sundays Supplement – a comedy podcast where Iszi and co-host Simon Dunn review the Sunday Newspaper Supplements, Iszi launched The Z List Dead List a podcast about obscure people from history in September 2014. In that time Iszi has produced hundreds of episodes and shares her experience on why first and foremost you need to...


PD15: Growing your podcast audience with Amanda Cook

Amanda Cook is the fabulous featured Podcast Diva for episode 15. Amanda recently reached the 100th episode of The Wellpreneur Podcast - a weekly show on digital marketing and business inspiration and advice, especially for wellness entrepreneurs. ‘What if I did a podcast, that could be fun. That’s been the best decision!’ Reaching 100 episodes is a special milestone that deserves congratulations (and the title of Podcast Diva). It takes commitment and resilience to produce a podcast...


PD14: Wellness Warrior Nicole Keating on podcasting

‘I like to talk. I felt like that was something I could do well.’ Episode 14 of Podcast Divas puts Nicole Keating in the spotlight. Nicole is on a mission to live a life of Epic Wellness, and to inspire and help others do the same through her podcast The Art of Epic Wellness. If you’re wondering what the art of epic wellness is, Nicole describes it as a life of physical, spiritual and emotional vitality – surely something we all want! Nicole’s podcasting journey has been one of highs and...


PD13: Scummy Mummies and Podcasting

‘We own our podcast and are very precious about it, even though there’s a sense of fun and silliness, we are serious about the quality of it and the jokes.’ Episode 13 of Podcast Divas puts, not one but, two ladies in the spotlight – Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn of The Scummy Mummies Podcast – a popular fortnightly chat show for less-than-perfect parents, which regularly tops the kids and family category on iTunes in the UK. ‘We do like a cat suit – preferably gold lame.’ This was such...


PD12: Savvy social marketing for your podcast with Amy Schmittauer

Stepping into the spotlight today is Social and Podcast Diva, Amy Schmittauer. Amy is the founder, face and voice of Savvy Sexy Social, as seen all over YouTube where she has an amazing following. Amy is a professional vlogger, speaker and all-round social media expert. She is President of the video content and social media marketing agency Vlog Boss Studios in Ohio, and host of the Social Authority Podcast. As well as talking about her podcasting journey and experience, Amy is full of...


PD11: How to build and engage a podcast community with Jo Milmine

Our Podcast Diva for episode 11 is Jo Milmine. Jo went from being a military officer in the Royal Air force to becoming an award winning podcaster. Since August 2012 Jo has hosted the Shiny Bees podcast, a show about knitting and yarn mixed with snippets of Jo’s life sprinkled with comedy. “Don’t mess with the knitters!” The Shiny bees podcast won the award for the Most Engaged Audience at the UK Podcasters’ Awards of 2015. The main criteria for this award is community engagement, so...


PD10: Podcast systems for success with Kate Erickson

Shining brightly in the Podcast Diva spotlight today is the marvellous Kate Erickson. Kate is host of the podcast ‘Kate’s Take’ - the audio blog for Entrepreneur on Fire - where she shares a behind-the scenes look at how to run a 7 figure business and step by step lessons on how to create, grow and monetise a business. That’s because Kate is content and community leader at EOFire and the other half, in business and life, of Entrepreneur on Fire host John Lee Dumas. Kate is also the author...


PD09: PR for Podcasters with Janet Murray

Would you like more people to know about your podcast? Do you want more people to listen to your podcast? Of course, because as a podcaster you want to get your message out and your voice heard. In episode 9 of Podcast Divas we put PR for podcasters in the spotlight with PR expert, journalist and podcaster Janet Murray. Janet has been writing and editing for national newspapers and magazines like the Guardian, Telegraph, Independent and Times, for the past fifteen years. Pitching and...


PD08: Tough Girl Sarah Williams on getting started in podcasting

Sarah Williams steps into the Podcast Diva spotlight to talk about getting started in podcasting and what it’s done for her and her business after just a few months. In 2013 Sarah quit her banking career of 8 years. Since then, she’s written two books, and travelled the world seeking adventures like climbing Kilimanjaro in Africa, working as a chalet host and cycling Death Road in Boliva. Sarah’s also set up Tough Girl Challenges and gives talks in local schools to encourage and motivate...


PD07: The why and how of podcasting with Alexia Leachman plus mojo, head trash and fear-free childbirth!

“Once you’ve done a couple of podcasts it’s really easy to launch a new one”. Stepping into the Podcast Diva spotlight today is Alexia Leachman. Alexia is a personal branding and reputation management consultant, coach, writer, consultant, speaker, head trash clearer, mojo hunter, stress-free pregnancy and pain-free childbirth expert and of course – Podcast Diva. With three podcasts under her belt so far, including two award nominated shows, episode 7 is stuffed full of great stories and...


PD06: How Podcasting Changed my Life and Business - Michaela Clark

“It’s the best thing I’ve done personally as well as professionally.” Get set to be inspired as Michaela Clark shares her story in episode 6 of Podcast Divas – ‘How podcasting changed my life and business’. If you’re a podcaster this will motivate and enthuse you and if you’re not yet podcasting this will encourage you to get started. Michaela lives in Australia where she founded Tradies VA – a service to free up tradies’ time to work on their business or whatever they want. Michaela...


PD05: Podcasting Lawyer Alison Colley

“I feel like I’ve got a voice now, I have something to say and some people like to listen.” Stepping into the spotlight today is Podcast Diva and podcasting lawyer, Alison Colley Alison describes herself as a ‘Lawyer, entrepreneur, podcaster, runner (well I try), mum of one and enthusiastic Isle of Wight resident.’ In fact Alison loves the Isle of Wight so much she started a podcast about it 3 years ago with partner Tony. The Real Isle of Wight podcast is a full, frank and funny guide...


PD04: Cas McCullough - Brilliant Content, Author and Podcast Diva

Cas is founder of Brilliant Content, a content marketing consultancy in Brisbane, Australia. Cas also writes for Social Media Examiner and the Australian Businesswomen’s Network and is the Author of “Your Brilliant Un-Career: Women, entrepreneurship, and making the leap.” Cas hosts two podcasts – ‘Your Brilliant Un-Career Podcast’ and the ‘Brilliant Content Ideas Podcast’. “I’ve really improved my listening skills by doing it.” Episode 4 of Podcast Divas In episode 4 of Podcast Divas...


PD03: Kelly Long - Inspiring educator and Podcast Diva

Kelly Long is stepping into the Podcast Diva spotlight today. Kelly has been a high school teacher for the past 9 years. Kelly says she’s continuously learning and evolving as a teacher, and one of the ways she’s doing this is through her award nominated podcast – Inspiration 4 Teachers - where she interviews dynamic and inspirational educators with the aim of empowering educators everywhere. Full time teacher, mother of two young children. “I didn’t even know what podcasting...


PD02: Izabela Russell - Audio Entrepreneur and Podcast Diva

“ The show must go on.” It’s only right and fitting Izabela Russell is the first Podcast Diva stepping into the spotlight; not only is Isabella part of the podcasting scene in the UK but also part of my podcast journey. Izabela Russell is host of Analysing Brands – Branding Cow and co-host of the Audio Production Show from Music Radio Creative, a company producing jingles, intros and voiceovers where Izabela is a director alongside husband Mike Russell.Izabela is also the co-founder of...


PD01: Introducing Podcast Divas with Kathryn Bryant

It’s episode 1 of Series 1 of Podcast Divas! Welcome! I’m super excited to introduce this new podcast. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time - and now the time is right and it is here. Hooray. In this first episode you’ll find out: You can find more about Podcast Divas here Links mentioned in this episode BrilliantLivingHQ.comThe Changeability PodcastStarve the Doubts What to do next If you like the idea of what I’m doing here at Podcast Divas, please share the love on...