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Poet & Vocalist Andrea Vocab Sanderson - 8

Andrea Vocab Sanderson is a gem in the San Antonio community. We talk everything from how she helps children discover their voice in creativity to her being on the cover of the San Antonio Current and we even get to all the amazing sounds of her band The Foreign Arm. Not to mention she recites a poem on the show! Jam packed episode for you, don't forget to share! Andrea Vocab Sanderson: @VocabSanderson on Facebook Find us on Social Media! Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: @SASoundsPod


Comedian Larry Garza - 7

Welcome to another episode of the SA Sounds Podcast! This one is HUGE for the pod because Larry Garza is the first comedian to be on the show! He has had an interesting career and life that we dive into on the show. Some of the stories on the podcast include his battle with cancer, what his life has been like with the troupe Comedia A Go Go, and since he has lived in San Antonio most of his life we discuss some of the best tacos in town. Check out the show and share it with your...


Michael Marks of Momar Music - 6

Michael Marks is an awesome person. First getting into music as a guitarist to starting his own business away from music and now giving so much back to the community of San Antonio, his generosity is unmatched. We dive deep into stories throughout his life, his special connection to Peavey, and why Momar Music is "For The People". Find us on Social Media! Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: @SASoundsPod


Daniela Riojas of Femina-X - 5

Daniela Riojas is back on the podcast! Last year we talked about the first Femina-X album 'Multiverse' and a year later Femina-X is back with a new album called 'KIVA'! We listen to some exclusive tracks, talk about the inspirations behind the album, and what has changed since we last spoke. Such a fun episode! Check it out! Femina-X: Find us on Social Media! FB/Instagram/Twitter: @SASoundsPod


Musician/Artist Chris Taylor - 3

This week we talk to artist and musician Chris Taylor!! We chat about what inspires his art, we take a listen to a few NEW songs exclusively for you on the show, and how he paints and makes music on stage at THE SAME TIME. Check out his website! Find us on social media! Every podcast is done on Facebook Live! FB/Instagram/Twitter: @sasoundspod Want to be a guest on the show? Send us an email!


Bassist JP Leal - 2

On the first official podcast we welcome to the show JP Leal! Bassist and long time San Antonian, JP and Julian go way back. We chat about his beginnings as a guitarist, how he got his first bass (Which Julian gives back after 25 years), playing with Bombasta, Alan Hendrickson, Chris Cuevas, and Eddy Machete, AND he gives some advice on how he can stand gigging at times over 3 times a day on the weekend! Join us on our journey and listen to the SA Sounds! Find us on social media!...