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Talk Music Talk is a music interview show hosted by author/musician boice-Terrel Allen featuring long-form conversations with musicians, authors and others connected to music.

Talk Music Talk is a music interview show hosted by author/musician boice-Terrel Allen featuring long-form conversations with musicians, authors and others connected to music.
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Talk Music Talk is a music interview show hosted by author/musician boice-Terrel Allen featuring long-form conversations with musicians, authors and others connected to music.






TMT 193: Antonio Sanchez

Drummer and jazz artist Antonio Sanchez has a long and storied CV that just keeps getting more and more impressive. From graduating Magna Cum Laude at the Berklee College of Music to being a longtime member of the Pat Metheny Group to his Golden Globe-nominated score for Alejandro González Iñárritu’s Birdman film. The five-time Grammy winner is equally astounding as a bandleader; his most recent release is this year’s Lines in the Sand, which features his band Migration and is the...



There's something about YATTA that can neither be defined or contained, but is wholly familiar. It's somewhat akin to that feeling you experience when a dear friend crosses your mind and shortly thereafter they text you. In this way, the Brooklyn-based artist’s music, voice and poetry can be a comfort, yet like nothing you've ever heard. YATTA’s 2016 debut, Spirit Said Yes!, was merely a warm-up for this year's stunning WAHALA (PTP), an exploration of their many journeys that include being...


TMT 191: Rasha Jay

Singer-Songwriter Rasha Jay instinctively knew that the path to her passion meant, as she says, writing her own story. Even if that meant shifting her focus from a career in theater or songwriting for other artists. Rasha’s intuition has led to her hard-won and exciting second EP, High Dive. Her sound is an eclectic palette of soul, rock and alternative music with that powerhouse voice always at the center of your attention. [This episode features High Dive’s title track in its...


TMT 190: Public Speaking (Jason Anthony Harris)

It's the return of Public Speaking; the electronic solo project of Jason Anthony Harris. With his third appearance on TMT, Jason’s new album, Six Golden Tumors (Floordoor Records), is the brilliant reason for the occasion. The Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter and sound artist’s latest release is the outcome of his deep research into Old Testament violence and horror movies. [This episode features “A Fox with No Eyes and a Hole for a Mouth” from Six Golden Tumors in its entirety.] Six Golden...


TMT 189: Sir Ari Gold (GoldNation)

There are many reasons to admire Sir Ari Gold, besides the fact that he was knighted by a drag queen: He's been an openly gay pop singer from the top of his career for nearly two decades. Anything with his name on it, from music videos to performances, is a thrilling mix of provocation and heart. And over the past 6+ years, Ari’s been fighting cancer with a determination most people will never possess. GoldNation-Remix to Freedom, Ari’s most recent album, is his celebration of life through...


TMT 188: Chris Schwartz

In the ‘90s you couldn't escape the sounds of Ruffhouse Records. Their roster included the classic hip-hop of Cypress Hill, Kris Kross, Kool Keith, Fugees and Lauryn Hill. In 1989, the label was founded by Chris Schwartz and his partner, Joe Nicolo. Chris’s new memoir, Ruffhouse: From the Streets of Philly to the Top of the ‘90s Hip-Hop Charts, not only chronicles his perspective on the music business but also his oftentimes, tumultuous personal life. Throughout its pages, Ruffhouse is a...


TMT 187: Theo Bleckmann

There's a fluidity in the voice of Theo Bleckmann that allows him to swing between various musical genres without forsaking his uniqueness in his original compositions or on interpretations. Theo’s talent shines whether he's subverting jazz on his 2017 Elegy release, creating new color's with Kate Bush’s music on his Hello Earth covers album or experimenting with Joseph Branciforte on their duo project, LP1. Visit Theo Bleckmann...


TMT 186: Color Collage

When you listen to the first Color Collage album, Pieced Together, it sounds so good you can’t help but think, This can’t get any better! Initially the solo project of Shane Conerty, the Brooklyn- based singer/songwriter decided to turn Color Collage into a full-band and proved that the debut was merely a warm-up. The first evidence is the new single (and cool video!) “Eye on You”. [This episode features an exclusive TMT four-song acoustic set with Shane on vocals/guitar and backing vocals by...


TMT 185: Leo Manzari

Forget triple-threat, anyone can do that, Leo Manzari is some kind of multi-threat. Tap dancer. Rapper. Singer. Actor. And who knows what else he has up his sleeve. Since he was two-years- old and started dance lessons, the D.C.-native has carved out a fantastic path filled with highlights that include performing (alongside his brother, John) under the tutelage of mentor Maurice Hines in the Lincoln Theater D.C. production of Sophisticated Ladies, an acting stint on Homeland and the featured...


TMT 184: Savannah Lancaster

It might have taken singer-songwriter Savannah Lancaster ten years to finally realize her career in music, but the wait was worth it. Last year’s debut, Letters, was released in the winter, but Savannah’s evocative vocals against a backdrop of elegant jazz, soul, pop (or whatever she touches!) are perfect for any season. [This episode features “Better Off” and “Love is Mean” from Letters in their entirety.] Visit Savannah Lancaster online:


TMT 183: The Bright Smoke and Q.Ledbetter

It's the return of the Bright Smoke. When we last heard from the Brooklyn duo, Terrible Towns, their sophomore full-length, had just been released. Four years later, Mia Wilson and Quincy Ledbetter storm back with the forthcoming Gross National Happiness (July 5). It's a little harder and in response to our current political times, a little angrier. The Bright Smoke wouldn't have it any other way. In addition to a joint interview, this episode features a separate conversation with Quincy...


TMT 182: Imani Coppola

Nothing is more refreshing than listening to the music of Imani Coppola. The Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter bounces from genre to genre, yet remains resolutely herself. From Chupacabra, her 1998 debut, to her forthcoming release, The Protagonist, out this September on Ipecac Records. If this all looks effortless, it’s simply because Imani is an authentic artist. This episode features “SAMO” in its entirety, from The Protagonist. Visit Imani Coppola...


TMT 181: Suzann Christine

Nothing or no one stands in Suzann Christine’s way. The Philly singer-songwriter, who recently relocated to Brooklyn, is unstoppable. She’s shared stages with Musiq Soulchild and Wale and performed on Sirius/XM’s Shade45 channel. “Falling Tears” is the name of Suzann’s latest single and it sounds like a future r&b favorite you can’t get stop humming once you hear it. In 2019, expect even more greatness from this singular talent. Visit Suzann Christine online:...


TMT 180: Gabriel Kahane

The songs of Gabriel Kahane are so rich in their detail and character studies that it’s quite evident he’s a composer and pianist with the eye of a novelist. And that would be enough. But add a voice full of emotion and melodies that never evaporate from your consciousness and you instantly realize that Gabriel is the consummate artist. Talent this good is a gift to us all. His latest album, Book of Travelers (Nonesuch Records), is just another example in his arsenal. The 2018 song cycle was...


TMT 179: Lance Scott Walker

In Houston Rap Tapes, Lance Scott Walker’s oral history of Bayou City hip-hop, he didn't merely produce a perfunctory history of the musical scene. Lance has infused the book with the rich life stories of the participants including Scarface, Willie D and Paul Wall plus many of the best-kept secrets of the six wards. Side by side you'll witness the joys of making music and the social issues that have often plagued Texas’ largest city. In Lance’s hands, he deftly combines these elements and...


TMT 178: Darko the Super

It would hardly matter that hip-hop artist Darko the Super has released more than 70 albums- by his estimate-if the quality didn't measure up to the quantity. Based in Philly, Darko’s style is a playful mix of off-kilter rapping, non-sequitur wordplay and samples you've never heard of or ones utilized innovative ways. This episode features the track “MC Pee Pants” (Produced by BLKrKRT) from his forthcoming album, Card Tricks for Dogs. Visit Darko...


TMT 177: Robin Green

No one will ever accuse writer Robin Green of not speaking her mind after they read her memoir, The Only Girl. The book explores the early 70s period when she was the only woman on the masthead of Rolling Stone magazine. The book is also a revealing deep-dive into who Robin was before landing the pioneering gig and her life after she left the magazine. Robin would go on to become an Emmy award-winning writer for her work on the Sopranos, alongside her husband, Mitchell Burgess. The couple...


TMT 176: Cochemea

At the center of a sea of percussionists stands the glorious saxophone of Cochemea on his new album, All My Relations (Daptone Records). It's a celebration of jazz and the rhythms of Cochemea’s indigenous background. The California-native conceived of the project (along with Daptone’s Gabe Roth) during Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings’ final year of touring. Cochemea spent nearly 15 years as a Dap-King until Jones’ 2016 passing. This episode features “Al-Mutasim” from All My Relations in its...


TMT 175: Samuel Worthen

It's always refreshing to catch a talented artist carving their path into a career that will be filled with highlights. Such is the case with singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Samuel Worthen. Maybe you recognize his face from his modeling gigs, but that's just a day job until your fall in love with his voice. Over the past year he's been refining his sound with top-notch singles including the latest “1 on 1” which is included in this episode along with 2018’s “Talk to Me”. Visit...


TMT 174: Jesse Jarnow

Music journalist Jesse Jarnow has a way of choosing enduring subjects. He writes about musicians whose artistry not only resonates in their music but explores deeper issues. Jesse continues what he does best in his just-released book on the 1950’s folk group the Weavers: Wasn't That a Time: The Weavers, the Blacklist, and the Battle for the Soul of America. Jesse is a leading Grateful Dead authority and his 2016 book on the Dead, Heads: A Biography of Psychedelic America, is out now in...