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Talk Music Talk is a music interview show hosted by author/musician boice-Terrel Allen featuring long-form conversations with musicians, authors and others connected to music.

Talk Music Talk is a music interview show hosted by author/musician boice-Terrel Allen featuring long-form conversations with musicians, authors and others connected to music.
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Talk Music Talk is a music interview show hosted by author/musician boice-Terrel Allen featuring long-form conversations with musicians, authors and others connected to music.






TMT 175: Samuel Worthen

It's always refreshing to catch a talented artist carving their path into a career that will be filled with highlights. Such is the case with singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Samuel Worthen. Maybe you recognize his face from his modeling gigs, but that's just a day job until your fall in love with his voice. Over the past year he's been refining his sound with top-notch singles including the latest “1 on 1” which is included in this episode along with 2018’s “Talk to Me”. Visit...


TMT 174: Jesse Jarnow

Music journalist Jesse Jarnow has a way of choosing enduring subjects. He writes about musicians whose artistry not only resonates in their music but explores deeper issues. Jesse continues what he does best in his just-released book on the 1950’s folk group the Weavers: Wasn't That a Time: The Weavers, the Blacklist, and the Battle for the Soul of America. Jesse is a leading Grateful Dead authority and his 2016 book on the Dead, Heads: A Biography of Psychedelic America, is out now in...


TMT 173: Matt Bachmann

It doesn't matter under what moniker Matt Bachmann performs, the result is always remarkable. Previously recording as Big Eater, Matt’s new album Unconditional Love (Orindal Records) bears the Mega Bog bassist's full name and is one of 2018’s best albums. Returning for his second visit (#105), this episode features “Thirty Days” and “To Be in Love” from Unconditional Love in their entirety. Visit Matt Bachmann online: Talk Music Talk Episode #105 featuring Big...


TMT 172: Gaya Feldheim Schorr

Gaya Feldheim Schorr is an original artist finding herself through another original artist, Connie Converse. Originally from Tel Aviv and based in Brooklyn, Gaya has been exploring the genius of Converse in a live show entitled I Have Considered the Lillies: Gaya Sings Connie that features the songs and biography of the folk musician. Disappearing in 1974, Converse never achieved notoriety for her singular art. Gaya’s interpretations will no doubt shed a deserving light on the unsung...


TMT 171: Christopher R. Weingarten

Whether it's his book on Public Enemy’s seminal album It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back or writing about vaporwave’s floppy disk movement, Rolling Stone writer Christopher R. Weingarten is always following what excites him. It’s that kind of clear-eyed curiosity that makes reading whatever topic this critic unearths such a pleasure. Visit Christopher R. Weingarten...


TMT 170: Caleb Wheeler Curtis

Jazz saxophonist Caleb Wheeler Curtis’ debut recording as a bandleader, Brothers, is the dynamic sum of a career built for this moment. Performances at historic venues such as the Blue Note and Jazz Standard and a CV that boasts the Ann Arbor-native’s numerous sessions and recordings with peers like Orrin Evans (who produced Brothers) and Jason Moran (who plays on another CWC 2018 release, Freebird, by Walking Distance, a Brooklyn-based collective). This episode includes “Brothers” and “The...


TMT 169: Wsabi Fox (Jennae Santos)

Brooklyn-based Jennae Santos is a self-professed performance artist, but the music of Wsabi Fox, her solo project, is visceral enough to stand on its own merits. Sure, you won’t experience the way Jennae commands a stage, but songs this sturdy don’t need smoke and mirrors to feel the viscerality. Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) & KK Barrett recognized this power when they recruited the Bay Area-native for their Stop the Virgens psycho opera. This episode features the Eternal Garb remix of Wsabi...


TMT 168: Stephon Alexander

There was a time when Stephon Alexander didn’t believe he could co-exist in the seemingly disparate worlds of music and science. As evidenced in his bestselling book, The Jazz of Physics, the Trinidad-native discovered the union between both fields and also made peace within himself. Theoretical physicist. Cosmologist. Jazz saxophonist. Stephon has also served as the science advisor on Ava Duvernay’s A Wrinkle in Time film adaptation (of Madeleine L’Engle’s 1962 book) featuring Oprah Winfrey....


TMT 167: Josh Madell

Josh Madell has mastered the art of transitioning from one cool project to the next. As the co- founder of NYC’s beloved record shop, Other Music, which ended a nearly two-decade run in 2016, he quickly started the Come Together Label Fair & Music Festival at MoMA PS1. Both endeavors share Josh’s passion for sharing the best music—you may or may not have heard of —to other music fanatics. For more information on Other Music and Come Together,...


TMT 166: Rue Snider

Indie singer-songwriter Rue Snider’s music is a feat of grit and perseverance. And while those are admirable traits, they might all be for nothing if they weren't backed up with a sheer talent for strong hooks. The Brooklyn-based musician’s third full-length album, City Living, is the evidence with its inspiration rooted in a New York story of struggles and a love for 80s rock. Visit Rue Snider online: STREAM/SUBSCRIBE ON SPOTIFY:...


TMT 165: Joseph Cassara

Joseph Cassara’s debut novel, The House of Impossible Beauties, finds its inspiration in the lives and music featured in the Paris is Burning documentary. The 1990 film is a vibrant examination of Harlem’s ball culture. A graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, Joseph recontextualizes the real life performers into his fictional world, offering a loving homage. Visit Joseph Cassara online: LIVE EVENT: July 20, 2018 TMT & 33 1/3 Series at Strand Books, NYC:...


TMT 164: REWIND: Carlos Dengler Interview

This episode is a repeat of my 100th show from October 2016 featuring my most-downloaded interview with Carlos Dengler. In another lifetime, Carlos D was the slick-haired, style- conscious, all-black wearing bassist of the band Interpol. Since leaving the "post-punk revivalists" group in 2010, he's returned to the public consciousness as theater actor Carlos Dengler. Carlos has never spoken publicly about his departure from Interpol, but in this exclusive TMT conversation he shares why he...


TMT 163: Will Moloney

Will Moloney is such a prolific songwriter (singer and multi-instrumentalist) that in the natural world there actually exists an 80-song tribute album dedicated solely to his band Old Table. Old Table is just one of the numerous projects he fronts. There’s also Climax Landers, Turbo Sleaze and whatever else he’s plotting to extend his brilliant lo-fi discography. [This episode features a song apiece from Old Table and TURBOSLEAZE in their entirety.] Visit Will Moloney...


TMT 162: Joanna Teters

The way you feel after hearing a Joanna Teters song can be a bit overwhelming. The emotions. The lyrics. And of course, that soulful voice! She isn't merely singing the words she writes; she's interpreting her side of the story through each and every note and syllable. Her new release, Warmer When It Rains, provides eight indelible reasons to be blown away by her artistry. [This episode features “Ride With You” and “Memories Remain” from Warmer When It Rains in their entirety.] Visit Joanna...


TMT 161: Dan Kleederman

Regardless of the moniker (i.e. Nutshell) that brings you to the music of Dan Kleederman, his talent is the constant. The Brooklyn singer/songwriter and educator is currently in the studio working on his debut album...whose project name is also a work-in-progress. [This episode includes an exclusive "TMT Session with Dan Kleederman" featuring three intimate performances and accompanied by Chris Connors.] Visit Dan Kleederman online:...


TMT 160: Taylor Simone (Jazze Belle)

The divide of technique between a performer's recorded work and their live performances can be cavernous. That's not an issue for singer/songwriter Taylor Simone. As co-founder of the adventurous soul group Jazze Belle (with Justin Carter), the LA-native delivers wherever she picks up the mic. If you're enthralled by Taylor's vocals on the New York group's EP, Go To Bed Standing Up, experiencing her on a stage will both meet and surpass any expectations. [This episode features "Everyday's...


TMT 159: Sophie Dunér

Swedish jazz vocalist (and visual artist) Sophie Dunér’s experimental approach to the genre is an adventure. On her most recent album, The City of Dizzy with cellist Jeremy Harman, she carves an endless maze of surprises to discover. No song ever sounds the same twice. [This episode features “Purple Bossa” and “The Express Train” from The City of Dizzy in their entirety.] Visit Sophie Dunér online: STREAM/SUBSCRIBE ON SPOTIFY:...


TMT 158: Matt Meade

Brooklyn singer-songwriter Matt Meade's jazz background only spells part of the story of his musical career. The Texan-transplant's talent is broad enough to span the indie-chamber of his prior band Friend Roulette to the mongrel sounds of his new Spritzer solo project. With Spritzer, Matt sings lead vocals instead of handing the duty over to Julia Tepper, but his ingenious songwriting remains the common denominator. [This episode features the previously unreleased "Astronaut Bird" in its...


TMT 157: Marrón

Over the course of ten years and five albums with the Mexican alt-rock band Ventilader, frontman Marrón has switched gears with his solo debut, etc. Co-produced by Van Rivers (Fever Ray, Blonde Redhead and !!!) after relocating to Brooklyn, the singer-songwriter’s album is awash with synths and sounds built for movement. [This episode features “Paladar” and “10 Años” from etc. in their entirety.] Visit Marrón online: STREAM/SUBSCRIBE ON SPOTIFY:...



Born in Britain to musical Japanese parents, GOCCO continues the lineage with her new song "New Century Meat" and its accompanying video. Her music is as vivid as her Technicolor personal style. The Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter and visual artist is currently prepping her forthcoming EP of avant-pop. [This episode includes "New Century Meat" in its entirety.] Visit GOCCO online: SUBSCRIBE ON SOUNDCLOUD: TMT APP FOR iPHONE:...