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Talking Feet is a podcast brought to you by the Walking Heads team, aimed at exploring our series of audio walking tours and expanding on stories in arts, culture, history and society in Scotland with relevant experts. This podcast is produced by Inner Ear.


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Talking Feet is a podcast brought to you by the Walking Heads team, aimed at exploring our series of audio walking tours and expanding on stories in arts, culture, history and society in Scotland with relevant experts. This podcast is produced by Inner Ear.






Episode 10 - Jim Gellatly (Amazing Radio/BFBS Scotland) & Johnny Rodger (Professor - Glasgow School of Art)

Welcome to the Walking Heads Talking Feet podcast. We’ve been pretty quiet over the last few months but we’ve been busy plotting out the year ahead and take the podcast across Scotland. We have also been working alongside friends and creatives in the podcast community to help develop new strands & content, which we will hopefully be previewing in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we are back in Glasgow, being led through the city by two of our very knowledgeable tour guides, in a...


Episode 9 - Rebecca Vasmant (Worldwide FM/Glasgow Jazz Experiment) & Patrick Pothul (Handpicked)

For our 9th episode, we invited two locally based DJ/Producers into the studio - Rebecca Vasmant and Patrick Pothul. Rebecca juggles a busy DJ schedule with a slot on Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide FM and production with Scottish National Jazz Orchestra trombonist Chris Greive in Glasgow Jazz Experiment. Patrick also DJ’s regularly across Glasgow and runs the Glasgow-based Hip Hop label, Handpicked. Aside from their involvement in running labels, club nights, radio shows and producing music,...


Episode 8 - Halina Rifai (Podcart) & Phoebe Inglis-Holmes (Podcart/Vixen Sound)

In our 8th episode, the Talking Feet team is joined by fellow podcasters Halina & Phoebe from PodcART. They host the New Music podcast together and are very active within music in Glasgow but inhabit different areas of the community. In this episode, Halina & Phoebe opened up about where their music experiences in Glasgow began, where they are now and enlightening each other of music spaces & places. They also discuss their upcoming creative endeavours, DIY events and make comparisons to the...


Episode 7 - Robert Kilpatrick (SMIA) & Stina Tweeddale (Honeyblood)

In this seventh episode, the Talking Feet team captures the conversation between by Robert Kilpatrick of the Scottish Music Industry Association and SAY Award, and Stina Tweeddale from the band Honeyblood. Bringing together the perspectives of an industry professional and a performing artist, we get an informative and engaging glance at how the music industry and scenes function in such a unique city, touching upon much of the magic that makes experiencing music in Glasgow so vibrant and...


Episode 6 - Stephen Allen (National Museum of Scotland) & Jonathan Trew (Glasgow/Edinburgh City Music Tours)

In this sixth episode, the Talking Feet team tells the untold story of Edinburgh’s live music scene with Stephen Allen of the National Museum of Scotland and Jonathan Trew from Glasgow and Edinburgh Music Tours. We explore both the RipItUp exhibition at NMS, the new Edinburgh Music Tour and their aim to reveal hidden or forgotten stories of Edinburgh. Interestingly it proves impossible to discuss live music and culture in Edinburgh without also referring to Glasgow, where we return to in our...


Episode 5 - Morvern Cunningham (LeithLate) & Andy Summers (Architecture Fringe)

In this fifth episode, the Talking Feet team has been exploring the exciting creative community activism that’s gaining strength in Edinburgh, and throughout Scotland. We’ve been enjoying that spirit in the live music scene in Glasgow but for latest episodes we ventured east to find out what’s going on in Edinburgh. We met up with Andy Summers and Morvern Cunningham in a corner of Leith buzzing with activity ahead of the 2018 Architecture Fringe, which features our ‘A Brisk Walk’ audio...


Episode 4 - Catriona Reilly (DJ Sycophantasy) & Fraser Bone (Pearl Necklace)

In this forth episode, we are joined by Catriona Reilly and Fraser Bone. They both DJ regularly in Glasgow but across the UK, promote club nights, run radio shows on local independent station Subcity Radio and very active in the LGBTQ+ community in the city. On top of all this, they both work in venues in Glasgow - Cat is the booker at Stereo on Renfield Lane and Fraser works in Bloc on Bath Street. We knew they’d provide an interesting and unique insight about the music scene here in...


Episode 3 - Glasgow Music Tour Birthday Special at King Tuts with Tam Coyle and Davie Millar

In this third episode, we celebrate the 6th Birthday of the Walking Heads Glasgow Music Tour by going back to where it all began. The tour was launched in January 2012 at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, with tour guides and hosts, Dougal Perman and Jim Gellatly. So to celebrate, it seemed fitting to head down to the venue and catch up with two guys who know Tut’s inside out - Tam Coyle, the first booker for the venue and Davie Millar, the current venue manager. Both share their experiences of working...


Episode 2 - Darren McGarvey (Loki) & Joe Heron (Shogun)

In this second episode, we invited two local artists with common ground to share their experiences with music in Glasgow. We were joined by Darren McGarvey, who performs under the name Loki, to have a chat with rising talent, Joe Heron, known to many as Shogun. We will hear about early gigs, influential venues and look at not only the common ground but their individual experiences of Hip Hop and Grime in a city often known for bands or house and techno. To kick things off, the guys discuss...


Episode 1 - Dougal Perman & Jim Gellatly

In this first episode, we are joined by Jm Gellatly who leads the Glasgow Music Tour. No one knows the new music scene better, but we've often wondered where Jim's relationship with city's music scene began? He joined Dougal Perman in the Inner Ear studio to talk about Glasgow music. Together, they explore what makes Glasgow a music city and visit key venues in the scene. Find out more about the Glasgow Music Tour and our other audio walking tours at and follow us on twitter...