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Season 1 Update - Taking a short break!

The title says it all, but you can hear a few more details in the podcast. We should be back up and running sometime in March. We have a REALLY FUN episode planned if everything works out right. Thank y'all for listening and please share an episode with a friend. Thanks!


Red Mouth

Red Mouth is on the podcast this week! We learn where he got the name and go in depth about the recording of several of his records. We also discuss his recent announcement of his retirement from music and if he thinks it will last or not. Twitter and Instagram : @thealabamatake


Steve Trash

Steve Trash has been touring the country (and the rest of the globe too!) since the '80s delivering his family-friendly illusion show to millions of kids and families. I talked to him about why he decided to do a Green Magic show to teach people about recycling and re-using natural resources, the ups and downs of life on the road, and we talk about his last 2 TV shows. He has a brand new show that will be on PBS later this year!


Firekid (Dillon Hodges & Heidi Feek)

This week's episode features Dillon Hodges & Heidi Feek of Firekid. We talk about how they met and some of the projects that they worked on before the current version of Firekid came to be. We talked about their need to branch out from their musical influences, opening for Lynyrd Skynyrd earlier this year, and the healing process behind their song "Boomerang".


Rob Aldridge

Rob Aldridge is the singer/songwriter/guitar player that fronts Rob Aldridge and the Proponents. Rob has been making a name for himself in North Alabama for over 10 years. He and the Proponents released their first album this year. Hear stories about his earlier work with members of the Fiddleworms as well as how Brad Pemberton from Ryan Adams and the Cardinals played on his last album. He also has stories about The Pollies and we reflect on the work of Tom...


Russell Mefford - Fiddleworms

Russell Mefford talks about how The Fiddleworms have "successfully remained in obscurity for over 20 years". Topics include the history of the band, their tribute to The Beatles, writing with Donnie Fritts and Scott Boyer, and what Muscle Shoals means to him. Twitter and Instagram : @thealabamatake


G Mane

G Mane is one of the first hip hop artists to be in the Alabama Music Hall of Fame. He's been making and releasing albums since the early '90s and continues to release material under his imprint - Alabama Hustle Unlimited. Twitter and Instagram : @thealabamatake


Dick Cooper

If you don't know Dick Cooper, you probably know OF Dick Cooper. His photos from the FAME Studio and Muscle Shoals Sound have been seen worldwide. He was also a producer on Southern Rock Opera by the Drive-By Truckers, and has all kinds of fantastic stories about the Shoals area of Alabama. Buckle up. This one's a fun ride. Twitter and Instagram : @thealabamatake


Walt Maddox

Corey and Blaine talk to Democratic candidate for Governor in the state of Alabama, Walt Maddox. Topics include Kay Ivey avoiding a debate, Medicaid expansion, state lottery, rural hospitals and healthcare, and the environment. We also asked him what he would say to African American voters who are on the fence as well as young people who have never voted. Twitter and Instagram : @thealabamatake


Tushar Singh

Tushar Singh is a comedian from Huntsville, Alabama who currently resides in New York. He is going on tour with 3 other guys as part of the American Born Desi Comics. I talked with Tushar about growing up in Huntsville, learning stand-up and going to India to film a documentary, and how the American Born Desi Comics came to be. Twitter and Instagram : @thealabamatake


Elliott McPherson - The Dexateens

Blaine Duncan co-hosts as we interview Elliott McPherson from The Dexateens. Topics include the influence of The QuadraJets, trivia about the Neil Armstrong music video, SweetDog's rules for the band, the worst show they ever played, his Rattlr project, the unreleased Dexateens album called Struggler, and Cornelius Chapel Records. Stick around until the end for the debut of a new Dexateens song called "Apocalypse Man".


Carl Prather

This week, Carl Prather and I go all in on SEC Football, Tennessee Titans, Dallas Cowboys, and the San Francisco 49ers. Other topics include minor league baseball team names in Huntsville, Alabama, the Atlanta Braves, and pro wrestling. Twitter and Instagram : @thealabamatake


Ben Tanner - Single Lock Records/Alabama Shakes

I sat down with Ben Tanner to discuss his record label, Single Lock Records, as well as how he came to be a member of Alabama Shakes. We also talked about cutting his engineering teeth at FAME in Muscle Shoals, recording albums for Doc Dailey, The Bear, Dylan Leblanc, The Pollies, Belle Adair, and many others. Other topics include - appearing on Saturday Night Live TWICE and performing with Prince at Paisley...


Sweet Dog - AKA Craig Pickering

This episode is louder than your mother. Blaine Duncan runs most of this episode with his old buddy and Tuscaloosa legend, Sweet Dog. We find out where his nickname comes from, how he became the Midnight Mayor, and hear his thoughts and rules about being in a rock and roll band. Topics include early Dexateens stories, Egans, the Chukker, Quadrajets, and how he got a job working for Fat Possum Records. Twitter and Instagram :...


Todd Farrell - Benchmarks

Todd Farrell is the singer/guitar player for Benchmarks. Growing up in Atlanta is a big influence in Todd's life, so we talk about the Atlanta Braves quite a bit in this episode. We also talk about the upcoming Benchmarks record and his stint with Two Cow Garage.


Caleb Johnson - Author of Treeborne

Caleb Johnson is the author of Treeborne, his first novel. In this episode, Head Alabama Take writer Blaine Duncan joins Corey Hannah to interview Caleb. Find out if there are Easter eggs in the book and, more importantly, find out how important sweets are in Caleb's life. Hear about the origins (and hiatus) of the The Alabama Take as well as finding out where the phrase "Done Up Real Good"...


Tom Blankenship - My Morning Jacket

Tom Blankenship is one of the founding members of My Morning Jacket. In this episode, we talk about "The Waterfall" as well as what happened with the Muppet Electric Mayhem project from several years ago. He also played bass on the newest Great Peacock album (singer Andrew Nelson previously appeared on the podcast). We also cover topics such as outrageous record prices, Blockbuster Video, comic books, and Marvel Avengers Infinity War. Find out what Tom thinks is Done Up Real Good as...


Reed Watson

Reed Watson is the drummer for Belle Adair as well as John Paul White. Reed is also the label manager for Single Lock Records in Florence, Alabama. NOTE: This episode was recorded in the Fall of 2017 before the new Belle Adair album was released and before the Crimson Tide won another National Championship. I almost deleted the conversation about football, but it was too fun so I left it in...


Andrew Nelson - Great Peacock

Andrew Nelson, of Great Peacock, is a Nashville-based singer/songwriter. Great Peacock just released their new album, Gran Pavo Real, on Rope-A-Dope Records. In this episode, we cover everything from how the band got started to posting about politics on Facebook in the current political climate. And we also created a new drink! Give it a listen to find out more about it. Twitter and Instagram : @thealabamatake


John Paul White

John Paul White is a Grammy-winning artist that calls Florence, Alabama home. In this episode, we lament the deaths of Tom Petty & Prince as well as cover all sorts of ground about his background growing up in the Muscle Shoals music scene. He talks about learning how to make a name for yourself in the shadows of the great musicians from the area and how he learned from them in the process. If you've ever wondered how a boy who is originally from Loretto, TN became a die-hard Detroit Tigers...