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Episode 35: Drew Shoals

Episode 35 finds us chatting with Train's drummer, Drew Shoals. Drew is one of the nicest guys in the business and is more than happy to discuss all the valuable music industry knowledge he's gathered over a long and prosperous career. As the drummer for one of the biggest bands in pop, he also has a unique perspective when it comes to touring, recording, managing a huge live show, and much more! Enjoy the show!


Episode 34

Episode 34 is here! Matt and I argue for hours about Slash's new signature model, so...enjoy that. We also review Slash's new album Living The Dream and talk about our solo of the week "Without You" by Symphony X (played by Michael Romeo). Enjoy the show!


Episode 33: Sydney Ellen

Sydney Ellen joins us for Episode 33! We talk about tons of great stuff including how to market yourself on social media (something she's great at), practice routines, and how her career has evolved over the years. For tons of other great episodes check out


Episode 32: Thomas Lang

Throwback episode! We dive deep into the vault of unreleased TMTS episodes from 2015/2016 and pull out this gem. It's virtuoso drummer, Thomas Lang! If you're looking for only one episode to change your mindset on how to become the best musician you can...this is it. Enjoy the show!


Episode 31: Kenny Aronoff

For Episode 31 I sit down with legendary drummer Kenny Aronoff! Kenny is one of the most successful drummers of our time and he spares no detail in going over his exact career path while sharing insanely valuable information on how up-and-comers can replicate his success (at least a little). Enjoy the show!


Episode 30

Episode 30! Matt and I delve into all kinds of music-related news, spewing our unqualified opinions into the internet ether. Then, we review our solo of the week: "Akaibara" by Prospekt (played by guitarist Lee Luland). Enjoy the show!


Episode 29: Kevin Vecchione

Episode 29! Our friend (and bass phenom) Kevin Vecchione joins us to talk about spirituality in music, where you should live (or not) to pursue a career as a professional music, and much more. Check out the first track off Maragold's album (link below) to hear one of the sickest bass fills of all time (halfway through the second verse) - by Kevin himself, of course. Enjoy the show!


Episode 28: The Hawthornes

Welcome to Episode 28, featuring our good friends The Hawthornes! Ade Herbert (vocals/keys) and Mike Prescott (guitar) stop by the studio to chat all things music. We ended up having one of the longest (and best) conversations so far. There are far too many topics and tangents to list here, but suffice to say...there's a lot to learn in this episode! We do an in-depth review of their new album. Hearing straight from the creators themselves about songwriting, inspiration, production, and...


Episode 27: Jordan Rudess

Episode 27 is with the mighty Dream Theater keyboardist, Jordan Rudess! Jordan has tons of valuable insight to share about practicing, being a pro musician, and the importance of education (formal or otherwise). Enjoy the show!


Episode 24: Ryan Strain

Welcome to Episode 24! Matt and I are back from vacation and excited to bring you guys an action-packed episode. First, Matt and I talk about one of the worst tribute bands he's ever seen. Then, we dive into all things vocals! Mics, lessons, techinques, and more! We review Journey's Evolution and Neal Schon's solo in "Lights". Plus, we talk about another epic solo in Michael Bolton's version of "Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay". Who played it? You'll have to listen to find out. After, we...


Episode 23: Rusty Cooley

Episode 23 features Rusty Cooley, quite possibly one of the most advanced guitar players alive. Don't his chops fool you, though! Rusty is one of the nicest guys in the world. We get into all kinds of topics including what led him to the guitar, why people look down on "shred" guitar, and much more! Enjoy the show!


Episode 22: Joel Hoekstra Returns

Joel Hoekstra returns for Episode 22! We caught up with Joel at the Sheraton before his July 4th gig with Whitesnake at the PNC Pavilion here in Charlotte. We chat about how a typical day goes for him on tour. Plus how he stays mentally, spiritually, and musically sharp in the chaos of the road. After, we return to Matt's rehearsal space for a more standard talk show where we review Nothing But Thieves' debut album, and Dime's solo from Pantera's "Art of Shredding". We also do a live test...


Episode 21: Mike Johnston

Episode 21 is with one of the best drum instructors around...Mr. Mike Johnston! We get into tons of great stuff including his most embarrassing gig ever (and much more)! Enjoy the show!


Episode 20

This week Matt's buddy Mark joins us to talk about GNAir, painting guitars, and the recent death of the great Vinnie Paul. Check out the Les Paul Matt build that we talk about in this episode, as well as our usual links to the album review and solo of the week. Enjoy the show!


Episode 19: Dave Cool

This week we have Bandzoogle's own Dave Cool on the show! Dave is the Director of Artist & Industry Outreach at Bandzoogle, so he was a great choice for a killer interview! We talk all about what any artist needs to have a strong online presence and grow their brand through all the modern tools available today. Bandzoogle is the website provider we use and trust to host our own website. They're also our very first sponsor! Check them out, they're an amazing company. Enjoy the show!


Episode 18

Episode 18 is here! Hard to believe when been doing the show for 18 weeks already. Matt and I talk about some things that have been on our mind concerning the standard recording process and how to conduct the best band rehearsals. Plus our usual segments (including the newest - Product Spotlight) are here as always! Check out the links below to hear all the things we discuss on the show.


Episode 17: Greg Howe

Episode 17 features one of my favorite guitar players of all time, Greg Howe. Greg is a monster player with extremely unique phrasing and a passionately creative way of approaching music. He's backed up some superstars (Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake to name just a few) and we get into all of it! There's a lot of valuable information for any musician in this episode (it's not all guitar!), so let's get after it. Enjoy the show!


Episode 16

Welcome to Episode 16! Lots to talk about this week as Matt and I take on sellouts, music nostalgia, and a brand new segment. All the music we talked about on the podcast is available in the show notes below!


Episode 15: Tony MacAlpine

This week we have the mighty Tony MacAlpine on the show! If you don't know Tony already, you should. He's a monster player (both guitar AND piano), and is an all-around great guy to talk to and learn from. We talk about him having perfect pitch, how he got started in music, and what to expect from him in the future...amongst many other valuable and actionable things! I posted his two most recent (and my favorite) albums: Concrete Gardens (2015) and Death of Roses (2017). Do yourself a...


Episode 14

Episode 14 is here! We have an amazing co-host for you guys this week...the incomparable Harry Miree. Harry is an incredible drummer and an even cooler dude. He's played with a ton of great artists and knows the industry from the perspective of a sideman pretty well (don't listen to him when he's being humble and saying that's not true). He made the trip to Charlotte just to be here with you guys today, and we couldn't be happier (except when he has to leave halfway through, that made us...