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A peek into the lives of filmmakers, musicians, writers, and other artists, exploring their influences and origin stories.

A peek into the lives of filmmakers, musicians, writers, and other artists, exploring their influences and origin stories.




A peek into the lives of filmmakers, musicians, writers, and other artists, exploring their influences and origin stories.




31 - Creativity During Grief

Mike and his brother Justin tie a bow on the Pseudo Show with a discussion of creativity during grief and depression. Also, a discussion of favorite films, tv shows and games of 2016.


30 - Folly Fields: An Interview with Ally Leedy and Ilan Jenkins

Ally Leedy heads up the folk pop collaboration known as Folly Fields. We discuss her Fluid Lungs EP, various musical projects, and her inspirations and aspirations as an artist.


26 - I Want So Much To Believe: An Interview With Adam McCabe

Adam McCabe joins to discuss his work as an actor, writer, comedian and improv teacher. Learn about his humble Bakersfield days on radio and TV and how he joined the Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles. Of note, Adam also starred in Pseudobook's mystery comedy film Detective Detective Detective.


25 - Lee Bozeman and Luxury's New Album: Trophies

We talk to Lee Bozeman about Luxury and their first new album in around 10 years: Trophies. Lee tells us some behind the scenes stories of recording the album, the thoughts put behind previous Luxury album covers, and whether or not Luxury will ever tour again! Also: Lee is asked for the third time this week what he thinks of Walker Percy!


24 - Chasing The Sun with Smoke & Honey's Sarah Brown

Denver musician Sarah Brown joins the show to discuss writing songs, recording at Mighty Fine Productions and planning a midwest tour for the debut album 'Chase The Sun' of her new indie-folk project Smoke & Honey.


23 - Talking Music Business with Storm Gloor

Does Silicon Valley own the future of music? How should musicians navigate the rapidly changing market with streaming services, social media, and a constantly increasing competition for attention? Music industry veteran and university professor Storm Gloor joins to discuss these questions and much more!


22 - Eat Your Cherry Pie Before You Get To The Airport: The Documentary Filmmaker Experience

Justin speaks with documentary filmmaker/professor Scott Thurman about his experiences making the award-winning documentary “The Revisionaries.” They also discuss tips for documentarians just starting out, and how doc films can be/are more entertaining and satisfying than narrative films – scandalous!


20 - Talking Creativity in Music with Robert DeLong

Electro-pop musician Robert DeLong sat down before his set at the Lost Lake Lounge to discuss his work creating phenomenal songs with keyboards, drums, and a variety of custom hardware and software, including Nintendo and PC controllers and joysticks.


18 - Bowed Pianos, Hannibal Barca, and Meow Wolf: Talking Music and Art with Cole Bee Wilson

What is a bowed piano? What does it look like when a musician models some of his artistic process after the military conquests of Hannibal Barca? And what kind of crazy wonderful project is art collective Meow Wolf creating with George RR Martin? Installation, sound, and musical artist Cole Bee Wilson explores all of this and more.


17 - Writing Songs with Betsy Lay

A conversation with Denver musician and songwriter Betsy Lay about her latest 6-song EP: Lion's Den.


16 - Anthony Ruptak - Between the Hangman and the Halo

Musician Anthony Ruptak discusses his new album and life as an artist in the Denver music scene.


15 - Talking Costume Design with Rachael Kras

Rachael Kras discusses her work designing costumes for Wonderbound's newest production, Marie. Also joining the show, special guest co-host Meredith Strathmeyer.


14 - Editing the Movies with Juliette Edwards

Juliette Edwards joins the show to discuss how she got into film editing and her creative influences, before discussing Oscar predictions.


13 - Winter is Coming to Wonderbound

Meredith Strathmeyer, Candice Bergeron, and Damien Patterson of Wonderbound stop by to discuss Winter, the newest collaborative production of the ballet company.


12 - Andrés Diaz - The Man Behind Montropo

Andrés Diaz joins the podcast to discuss his latest musical project Montropo with the debut album Follow Me which has been over 2 years in the making. Learn how Michael and Andrés met and started playing music together.


11 - It's Manhattan, Kansas. It's not like a Lot of Hype Can Get to You.

The Edwards brothers welcome their father Bruce on to talk about his pop culture influences from growing up in the 50s and 60s. Join us for the fascinating discussion, covering early television, the maturing of fantasy and sci-fi genres, seeing Star Wars Episode IV for the first time, and why Justin was allowed to watch Twin Peaks when he was 9 years old.


10 - A Conversation with Sarah Tallman

Sarah Tallman, dancer and choreographer for Wonderbound, sat down for an interview about her new piece prepared for the upcoming production Enduring Grace. Hear about Tallman's influences and creative process as well as the classical dance roots that underpin Wonderbound's modern take on dance, collaborative art and performance.


9 - A Young Cruella De Vil

Justin and Michael discuss the movies of 2014 (so far), separating the wheat from the chaff. Also, what genre or caliber of movie absolutely demands a theater viewing and where do you draw the line?


8 - Meet Del Phoena

Michael and guest-host Sam Worobec talk to Zach and Phoebe of the Portland-based indie-pop duo Del Phoena. In the middle of their first tour, and releasing their debut EP, they discuss how Del Phoena came together and their creative process.


7 - Hey, I Ate At That Restaurant. It's Mine Now.

Shuchi Talati joins the show to discuss her work in film and storytelling, including her transition from fiction writing and literature studies to film, her experience in the directing program at the American Film Institute, and the joys (and sorrows) of trying to get a feature film made.