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Tucker interviews creative folks from various disciplines (like visual artists, improv actors & animators) about balancing personal and professional creativity on the long road between idea and done.

Tucker interviews creative folks from various disciplines (like visual artists, improv actors & animators) about balancing personal and professional creativity on the long road between idea and done.
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Tucker interviews creative folks from various disciplines (like visual artists, improv actors & animators) about balancing personal and professional creativity on the long road between idea and done.




155 - Steve Vrooman Interviews Tucker

Hello and welcome to The Spark & The Art creativity podcast. Thank you for subscribing to our weekly podcast, where we alternate between interviews with creative folks from all different career levels and insight and inspiration episodes. All with the intention you’ll get what you need to get your creative projects started and, more importantly, finished. I’m your host Tucker and this week is an interview with me for another podcast called Every Speaker Has A Story. It’s a podcast made, and...

154 - Guestcasts

A guest cast was a concept I was playing with where other people would do an insight and inspiration episode. I wasn’t sure if they were going to be a regular thing or perhaps a Patreon subscriber bonus. I asked a few people to do some as an experiment and you are going to hear two of them today.

153 - Teaching and connecting through colouring with Crystal Salamon

“In the beginning, when I started taking the art class, my art instructor was using me as the example of 'What Not To Do'”


152 - The end is beginning


151 - Healing your relationship with creativity with Melissa Dinwiddie

In today’s chat Melissa talks about her 15 year break from making art and how she came back to art because she was procrastinating while working at becoming a writer.


150 - Chunking

I've been listening to the book This is Your Brain on Music - Dr. Daniel J. Levitin. It's about the science behind what happens to your brain when you listen to music and what makes it such a powerful thing in the lives of humans

149 - Passion and Perseverance with Troy Kokol

Troy Kokol is a songwriter but as you’ll learn he does more than just write songs. Recording demos and working as a producer for other artists and more. Works well with our episode about Streams of Income.


148 - Streams of income

More – The fact is I’d have to do all everything. My question was more or less "what should I do first?”

147 - Yoga and Art with Jerusha Francisco

The conversation starts with Jerusha's entrepreneurial leanings and goes on to her rediscovering her love of painting. How singing fits into her life and her philosophy on how she deals with what other people think of her. And the difference between a listening ear, coaching, and advice

146 - Selling what you want. Selling what customers want.

You can sell anything you want. The secret is to sell what other people want. I’m not going to get into the difference between selling what people want and what people need I’ll cover that in another episode one day.

145 - An improvised life with Rebecca Northan

Improviser, Actress, Producer and professional breath recording artist Rebecca Northan. In today’s chat Rebecca reflects on a yearbook quote and how it relates to her life now and the interesting work that actors do that you didn't even know were jobs.

144 - laid-off

I got laid-off and I don't know how to feel about it.

143 - The power of creating your own work with Samantha Duff

We talk about what led Samantha Duff to start her own theatre company and specifically a family theatre with a mandate to ensure theatre is financially accessible to all.

142 - Art as a secondary power

I'm not really sure how to describe this. Super power seems like it would be the main power but what is it when your power isn't the main thing? What if you are a brain scientist who wants to talk about brain donation and your audience starts to get uncomfortable. What if you have a cool role-playing podcast and need incidental music to enhance the mood?

141 - Because it's difficult with audiobook narrator Sean Pratt

With over 900 audiobooks under his belt Sean Pratt is one of the most sought after book narrators today.

140 -Encouragement vs Appreciation

this week is another semantic exploration. This time about encouragement and appreciation.


139 - Creative cooking & Creative teams with chef Chris Barton

Chris Barton is a Chef who’s restaurant creates a new menu each week. Chris recognizes the drain creating a new menu each week would be on him if he had to do it all alone. We talk about how important his team members are to both the creating of the dishes but also the success of the restaurant itself. We talk about the challenges of being in charge charge of this shared creativity and not wanting to say ‘no’ too often.


138 - What you can control

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, The wisdom to know the difference.

137 - Purposefully choosing a career with Andrew Ford

We talked to animator Andrew Ford a couple years ago and the theme of that episode was Reach your goal and keep learning. Andrew’s goal was to work at Disney and now that he’s done it you can hear how his philosophy hasn’t changed. Even after getting to Disney he still want to just get better.

136 - Clutter

Clutter is fine when you are using it all. A messy desk means you are there often and using things. But what about those boxes of old magazines for that collage you are going to make one day or that carton of video tapes for the family film you are going to produce. Not only are they taking up your physical space they are also taking up your mental space.