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Wait Long By The River is an interview series exploring creativity through the geniuses wandering around the city of Melbourne, Australia. What is creativity? Where does it come from? Who are these people? Listen in to hear James Fahy finding his way towards answers along a very, very circuitous route.

Wait Long By The River is an interview series exploring creativity through the geniuses wandering around the city of Melbourne, Australia. What is creativity? Where does it come from? Who are these people? Listen in to hear James Fahy finding his way towards answers along a very, very circuitous route.
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Wait Long By The River is an interview series exploring creativity through the geniuses wandering around the city of Melbourne, Australia. What is creativity? Where does it come from? Who are these people? Listen in to hear James Fahy finding his way towards answers along a very, very circuitous route.




Podcast #17: James Kenyon

James Kenyon hails from the Australia's Other Other Great City, Adelaide. In the intervening years he's done a pretty thorough job of dismantling it through art and story, including an art exhibition at MARS gallery in which he tortured city maps, twisted local sounds, and did his best to pretend that a millennium of erosion had cleaned up the city. But before he destroyed his hometown with his art, he worked in a factory for a year, and bought a Bedford Van with two double beds in it and...


Podcast #16: Tom McLean

Tom McLean is a jokes guy. And a programmer. And a game designer. And a documentary videographer. It's not an easy life being so many things, but he makes it look easy with a charming smile and jokes about the Pope, among countless other things. He's form Melbourne, and he came in to the comforot of our podcasting library to talk about his many works. In this episode Tom and I discuss starting out as a comedian, how to structure a comedy night so as to avoid death lulls, Foxconn and the...


Podcast #15: Erik Parker

Hailing from the south of Melbourne, Erik Parker is a genuinely unique performer. You couldn't pin his influences down if you tried. Lucky we had a chance to ask him! He has quite a palette - a variety of ukeleles and related instruments, guitar, versatile vocals, and an assortment of gadgets that would put the European space program to shame. In this show, in between great renditions of his and other people's tracks (keep an ear out for his Teardrop cover!) Erik talks growing up down...


Podcast #14: Bec Taylor



Podcast #13: Brooke Russell

"I came to the realisation a couple of years ago that everything I do for work is music related, plus everything I do socially is music related, plus I realised I was reading things that were music-related, and reading things that were music-related, and listening to music and watching documentaries... so I've been learning a little French?" Brooke Russell is a WA native who moved to Melbourne and fell in with the right crowd. Her sweet, deep, country style found a perfect habitat in the...


Podcast #12: Omar Musa

Slam poet, artistic genius, Queanbeyanite, author, orator. "It's a short life. I'm always very aware of mortality. That's just the way I'm built - I don't have a minute to waste." Omar Musa is a Queanbeyan native ("2602, adds up to a perfect 10!") and proud of it. His latest book, which reached number 2 in Australia the week before we recorded the show, is called Here Come The Dogs, and it has been the focus of some very positive attention. We spent some time talking about the novel, but a...


Podcast #11: Ruby Boots

Strong-willed, big-voiced alt-country singer Ruby Boots"I find it hard to relinquish any control of what I'm doing... I will do anything at all costs to get a job done if it has to do with my music." There's no question that Bex Chilcott - nom de guitare Ruby Boots - is driven. This episode was a fine opportunity to find out that that assertive attitude is central to her character. Her laugh is proud, her statements direct and her stories don't demur to self-aggrandisement or braggadocio....


Wait Long By The River Episode 10 - Al Parkinson

Al Parkinson - uke-strumming badass "In my life I'm all about relationships and I think that's why I love music so much. It just builds this amazing community of people, and I get to surround myself with lovely and talented people, whether they're musicians or not." What a stellar show this was. Al Parkinson and I hit it off right from the intro and the audience was right there with us. It was a dream. Unfortunately, as with most lovely dreams, it was cut off early by an electronic device....


Wait Long By The River Podcast 09 - Darren Hanlon

Darren Hanlon had toured the world for a decade and he was looking at recording his next album. "I got disheartened with the whole music process where you record an album and you tour it for three years. It felt like the factory line model of music." In his pocket was a much-thumbed New Yorker article about an expert of field recording who recorded what he found as he travelled. The idea resonated. "I had a plan. The plan was to have no plan." The album's on its way, with a book reflecting...


Podcast #8: Jess Kelly

"With that work... I basically sat in my room and drank wine and ate chocolate and went through a lot of stanley knives." All unintended, a theme is forming in the show: it can be very hard to pin down in, say, 140 characters just what it is an artist does. Jess Kelly is a sculptor, an engraver, a painter, an arranger of fruit, an embroiderer… she engages with everything except limits in her quest to point out how humanity reflects and embodies nature, and vice versa. On the other hand,...


Wait Long By The River Episode 06 - Tom Davis

"Circus people will not be famous. People will know the name Leotard, not for the fact that he did the first triple on a trapeze, but because he was principle in inventing the leotard." One sign of a true artist is that their character truly shines through in their work. Tom Davis performs circus with real talent and charm, in all sorts of ways*; most notably during a recent international tour with one of Australia's most prestigious circus troupes, Circus Oz. He's also an impresario,...


Wait Long By The River Episode 05 - Mandy Connell

Mandy Connell is a folk festival favourite. She's quick, bright-hearted and liable to break into song mid-sentence. On stage she conjures up moods with an ease that comes from living her music. "I identify as folk," she says. "If there was an ethnic group you could call folk, that would be me. I'm there. I grew up in it, and I've always called myself folk... since before banjos were on t-shirts." With her band the Stray Hens she plays traditional folks songs, many of which are older than...


Wait Long By The River 04 - Max Barker

"I've travelled around the world making theatre with different groups of people... It's what gives my life direction and meaning so I can find ways to do that, I don't need to have any training, I don't need to have any money, I don't need any kind of validation, I'll just keep doing it. It's what I believed when I was 17 and I still believe it now." Max Barker found punk as a teenager and the ethos has never left him. It's in his work as a director, as a facilitator, and as a teacher, in...


Wait Long By The River Episode 03 - Skyscraper Stan

Skyscraper Stan is everything you could ever want in a guest. He’s hilarious, he’s got strong opinions, he’s humble, he’s a looker, and his music is the real deal. Even a microphone malfunction that makes me sound like an outer-space radio DJ couldn’t hurt this sparklehorse of a podcast. Stan’s band, the Commission Flats, are fundraising for their new album, so go on –have a look. Buy a hipflask, or a drunken serenade! I guarantee their skills at both drinking and serenading. Thanks a ton...


Wait Long By The River Episode 02 - Sarah Tamara Kaur

Wait Long By The River dreams big. It doesn't want to be 'just' a music podcast. It wants to explore creativity in all the forms that muses can take it. For every live recording of the podcast with a musical talent, we're going to record one at our Gold St studio with someone equally talented in another art form. Who better to start off with than Sarah Tamara Kaur. Her work explores dance with film, weaves projection into choreography, reimagines photography, and gets into the head of...


Wait Long By The River Episode 01 - Rich Davies

Rich Davies. It’s amazing he’s alive, let alone so light-hearted and happy to spin a yarn. As a child, Rich ran around the bars and music halls of Fife, Scotland, taking in the musical lifestyle of his roving folk-musician father. He rebelled against the raver culture of 90s Scotland, and fell in love with the guitar. In Melbourne, his life turned dark and everything began to fall apart. In this show, he takes us to the bottom of that well and then explains how he managed to lift himself...