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This is the podcast where Alexis G. Zall introduces you to cool young people & talks about the cool things they are accomplishing.

This is the podcast where Alexis G. Zall introduces you to cool young people & talks about the cool things they are accomplishing.
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This is the podcast where Alexis G. Zall introduces you to cool young people & talks about the cool things they are accomplishing.






EP20 Vale + Sebastian Genta

Alexis welcomes sibling stars Sebastian and Vale Genta into the studio to chat about peaking in high school, the trials and tribulations of using a fake ID, and the history of the Genta Smackdown. THIS EPISODE SPONSORED BY BETTERHELP 10% OFF! FOLLOW ALEXIS G. ZALL: PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO/RATE/REVIEW ZALL GOOD on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher,...


EP19 Whitmer Thomas + His Co-Host Clay Tatum

Alexis sits down with best friends, podcasters, and idiots Whit Thomas and Clay Tatum, and chats about their shared experience growing up as two dirty boys in Alabama, learning to collaborate over the years, and why Bird Box is a 10/10. THIS EPISODE SPONSORED BY BETTERHELP 10% OFF! CHECK OUT AMERICAN ARTS AND CULTURE REVIEW FOLLOW ALEXIS G. ZALL:...


EP15 Rebecca Black + Her Mom Georgina

Alexis sits down to chat with singer-songwriter Rebecca Black and her mom, Georgina, about their shared experience with homeschool, what it's like working with your idols for the first time, growing into your artistic sensibilities, and allowing an online persona to change and evolve with time. THIS EPISODE SPONSORED BY TOMBOYX AND BROOKLINEN PROMO CODE "ZALLGOOD" FOR $20 OFF AND FREE SHIPPING! PROMO CODE "ZALLGOOD" FOR 15% OFF!...


EP14 Bo Burnham + His Sister Samm

Alexis is joined by comedian and acclaimed director Bo Burnham (Eighth Grade) and his sister, Samm, for a wide-ranging conversation about what it takes to be a cool kid, running a math camp our of your backyard as a capitalist venture, reconciling with procrastination as a part of the creative process, the changing landscape of content creation, and how the Internet has changed the way people present themselves. Eighth Grade is available now on all digital platforms and on DVD/Blu-Ray!...


EP13 Miel Bredouw + Her Dad Jim

Alexis talks to Miel Bredouw (Punch Up the Jam) and her dad, Jim, about Miel's musical background and history as a restaurateur, her past and present life as a Goth Martha Stewart, and how to get more involved in social and political activism. Plus, Miel delivers an impassioned ode to hemorrhoids! CHECK OUT MIEL'S PODCAST: FOLLOW MIEL: FOLLOW ALEXIS G. ZALL:...


EP12 Megan Gailey + Her Mom Peg

Alexis sits down with comedian Megan Gailey (Hysteria) and her mom, Peg, to talk feminism and standup comedy, sorority cocaine busts, and the importance of being present and working to make the world a better place. FIND YOUR VOLUNTEER GIG HERE: CHECK OUT HYSTERIA: FOLLOW MEGAN GAILEY: FOLLOW ALEXIS G. ZALL:...


EP11 Christine Sydelko + Her Co-Host Chris Klemens

Alexis chats with best-friend duo and YouTube powerhouses Christine Sydelko and Chris Klemens (Don't Mess) about the moments when you know a friendship is meant to be, the importance of never going to Arby's again, and what it's like to babysit your BFF (Best Final Friend). Plus, to cap it all off, a format-defying conversation with both pals at once! CHECK OUT CHRISTINE AND CHRIS' PODCAST: FOLLOW...


EP10 Elsie Fisher + Her Dad Chris

Alexis talks to Elsie Fisher (Eighth Grade) and her dad, Chris, about how Elsie stays grounded while her career hits the stratosphere, her multi-disciplinary art background, and why Elsie bit someone on the foot in an audition waiting room. Plus, Elsie and Alexis put Brenda in her place once and for all! Eighth Grade is available on all digital platforms on Tuesday, September 25; and on DVD/Blu-ray on Tuesday, October 9! FOLLOW ELSIE FISHER:


EP9 Gaby Dunn + Her Dad Marc

Alexis talks to Gaby Dunn (Bad With Money), and her dad, Marc, about Gaby's precocious childhood, what it's like to have a parent who suffers from addictions, and the roots of Gaby's eclectic work as a storyteller. Plus, a cautionary tale for any children at risk of falling into duck ponds. FOLLOW GABY DUNN: Buy her book here! FOLLOW ALEXIS G. ZALL:...


EP8 Steve-O + His Dad Ted

Alexis talks to stuntman, daredevil, and formally trained clown STEVE-O and his dad Ted about Steve's international upbringing, how not to impress girls, and what it takes to become a Barnum and Bailey-trained clown. And don't worry: there's plenty of Jackass to go around! GET STEVE-O'S BOOK HERE: FOLLOW ALEXIS G. ZALL:


EP7 Meghan Rienks + Her Best Friend Sydney

Alexis talks to influencer Meghan Rienks and her best friend since middle school, Sydney, about ugly kid bonding, homemade Christmas albums, hard nipple gym teachers, how getting mono changed Meghan's life forever, getting recognized for the first time, and so so much more. FOLLOW MEGHAN RIENKS: FOLLOW ALEXIS G. ZALL:


EP6 Matt Rogers + His Parents Rich and Katrina

Alexis talks to podcaster and comedian Matt Rogers (Las Culturistas) about growing up playing sports, applying his competitive spirit to comedy, and why he's the chemical combination of Jimmy Buffet and Barbara Streisand. Plus Matt's parents Rich (a retired football coach) and Katrina (a hairdresser and colorist) call in from the Long Island Beach to give the inside scoop on Matt's childhood and career. LISTEN TO LAS CULTURISTAS ON THE FOREVER DOG PODCAST NETWORK:...


EP5 Alice Wetterlund + Her Mom Kris

Alexis talks to comedian/actress/podcaster Alice Wetterlund (Treks and the City) and her mom Kris, a pioneer in the world of art museum education, about the wonders and limitations of growing up artistic, the process of discovering your fashion identity, and stand-up comedy as a form of critical thinking. LISTEN TO TREKS AND THE CITY ON THE FOREVER DOG PODCAST NETWORK: CONNECT WITH ALEXIS G. ZALL ON SOCIAL MEDIA:...


EP4 Mike Kelton + His Dad David

Alexis talks to Comedian/Writer/Producer MIKE KELTON (Shade: Queens of NYC) and his dad DAVID about confidence, coming out, finding your voice, and learning from failure. CHECK OUT MIKE KELTON'S NEW SUPERNATURAL PODCAST "BEYOND" COMING OUT ON THE FOREVER DOG PODCAST NETWORK IN SUMMER 2018!!! CONNECT WITH ALEXIS G. ZALL ON SOCIAL MEDIA: PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO ZALL GOOD on Apple...


EP3 Travis Mills + His Mom Michelle

Alexis talks to musician/producer/actor Travis Mills and his mom Michelle about the importance of following your passion while staying true to your family and where you come from. Becoming a licensed cosmetologist, discovering and signing Lil Peep, building a recording studio in his closet as a teenager, taping fake body hair on himself as a little kid-- Alexis digs out all the inside stories from Travis's road to success. CONNECT WITH ALEXIS G. ZALL ON SOCIAL MEDIA:...


EP2 John Milhiser + His Parents Bob and Carol

Alexis digs into the childhood stories of sketch comedy maestro John Milhiser (SNL, UCB, Radio Shorts) courtesy of John's parents Bob and Carol. Escaping a bear pantless. Turning his high school classroom into an Irish pub. Plus Alexis talks to John about his experiences auditioning for Saturday Night Live and learns his strategies for staying positive and making great comedy. LISTEN TO RADIO SHORTS ON THE FOREVER DOG PODCAST NETWORK...


EP1 The Kaplan Twins + Their Mom Amy

On the first episode of the revamped ZALL GOOD, Alexis G. Zall talks to artists and Instagram stars LEXIE AND ALLIE KAPLAN and their mom AMY about mixing family and business, taking edibles, turning their asses into chocolate sundaes AND finding inspiration from each other and the strength to take risks and persevere. It's a fascinating and unforgettable look at a modern family cut together from separate interviews. CONNECT WITH ALEXIS G. ZALL ON SOCIAL MEDIA:...