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Zum is a record label and former print fanzine based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Founder George Chen (freelance writer, musician, comic) selects music and chats with friends from different genres of creative endeavor.

Zum is a record label and former print fanzine based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Founder George Chen (freelance writer, musician, comic) selects music and chats with friends from different genres of creative endeavor.
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Oakland, CA


Zum is a record label and former print fanzine based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Founder George Chen (freelance writer, musician, comic) selects music and chats with friends from different genres of creative endeavor.




Benefit for Oakland Ghost Ship Community Fri Dec 23rd

In the wake of the tragic Ghost Ship fire in Oakland, The Hollywood Improv will host a night of comedy and music on December 23 to raise funds for the impacted community. The bill will feature comedians from the Bay Area including SPECIAL GUEST BRENT WEINBACH CHRIS GARCIA CAITLIN GILL ANYI MALIK EMILY MAYA MILLS CASEY LEY live music by YACHT hosted by GEORGE CHEN Show begin at 10 p.m. with doors opening at 9:30. Advance tickets are $20...


George visits Portland

Just a quick announcement about my standup dates in Portland. Weds Oct 19th Earthquake Hurricane Velo Cult Bike Shop Northeast 42nd ave $5 8 pm // Thursday Oct 20th headlining Get Wet at Splash Bar 904 NW Couch St 8:30 pm // Friday Oct 21st Comedy at Al's Den 10:30 pm Free, 21+ at Crystal Hotel 303 S.W. 12th Ave


Well Futile with Chris Thomson

Slightly different format show - my radio show from 9th Floor is no longer on iTunes so I thought I'd throw it up here, a mix of music and talk. My interview guest Chris Thomson (Circus Lupus, Ignition, Lunch Meat, Soulside, Unrest) recorded July 25. 2015 Playlist: Mdou Moctar – A Fleur Tamgak – Afelan (Sahel Sounds) Everybody Row – Escape Plan – The Sea Inside 7” (Vitriol Records/ 301 Collective) Zs – Wolf Government – XE (Northern Spy) White Noise Radio Theatre – Beyond Good and Evil –...


Michael Morley

Zum Podcast Episode 24 - Michael Morley ----------- Exciting to meet up with Mr. Michael Morley of The Dead C, Gate, 2 Foot Flame, and much more. Legendary New Zealand music and art figure, I had a chat with Michael at a Gate show with Ramleh in San Francisco. We touch on his art career, other music projects, daily life in Port Chalmers, and even the recently departed David Bowie. Special thanks to Tim Leanse for assistance with the interview at the Elbo Room. https://gatemm.bandcamp.com/...


Best of the Zum Podcast

If this is your first time checking out the show, welcome! I created this hourlong FCC clean version of the show for KGPC 96.9 FM (aka 9th Floor Radio at Peralta College) in Spring 2015. I made some bleep sounds for the swearing and tried to pick the chunks that I found the most interesting. These are my talks with Calvin Johnson (K Records, Beat Happening), Ron Lynch (Adventure Time, Home Movies), Allison Wolfe (Bratmobile), Mark Gergis (Sham Palace, Porest, Sublime Frequencies), and...


Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu)

Zum Podcast Episode 23 - Jamie Stewart ----------- Jamie Stewart is nearly indistinguishable from his 15+ year moniker performing as Xiu Xiu. Though he pals around with Prurient and Merzbow, he's finding new paths to blaze, taking on a Twin Peaks tribute and just trying to make it as a touring musician in the post-physical age. Avid traveller with an undeniable work ethic making challenging music for the mass-less. We talk whilst sitting in a car in LA's Koreatown on a sweltering...


Calvin Johnson

Zum Podcast Episode 22 - Calvin Johnson ----------- Despite some technical glitches, I managed to preserve most of my conversation with Calvin Johnson. If you're not familiar with K Records and Beat Happening (which comprise the last chapter of Our Band Could Be Your Life), he's also been in the bands Dub Narcotic Sound System, Go Team, Hive Dwellers, and solo performance. We're driving across the new Bay Bridge and talk about comedy in Olympia and the Bay, major injuries, theater, the...


Ron Lynch

Zum Podcast Episode 21 - Ron Lynch ----------- Comedian Ron Lynch has a lengthy career appearing in unexpected places, from voice work on shows like Dr. Katz, Home Movies, Bob's Burgers, and Adventure Time, to film, commercials, and TV (Sarah Silverman Program, even the Golden Globes). He's also the voice of the San Francisco Silent Film Festival, which brought him back to town. We talk about his time in the comedy scenes of Boston and San Francisco, making short films with Louis C.K.,...


Carla Bozulich/Evangelista

Zum Podcast Episode 20 - Carla Bozulich/Evangelista ----------- First time trying a multi-microphone interview with a multi-headed beast, this round it's Carla Bozulich and her Evangelista bandmates Tara Barnes and Dominic Cramp. I'm joined in the interview by Mike Keegan. Carla's music projects have included Ethyl Meatplow, Geraldine Fibbers, Scarnella, and most recently Evangelista who have put out three epic albums on Constellation Records. They take a break from their busy schedules to...


Allison Wolfe

Zum Podcast Episode 19 - Allison Wolfe ----------- Allison Wolfe is a legend in the punk scene and best known as the singer of Bratmobile, one of the original Riot grrrl acts. Creating the Girl Germs zine and spearheading Ladyfest, Wolfe throws out a larger than life persona as an activist and musician. The influence of that '90s moment even lead to an eye-opening trip to Georgia. We hung out in Los Angeles but talk about the punk scenes of her hometowns (Olympia and DC), print...


Anthony Bedard

Zum Podcast Episode 18 - Anthony Bedard ----------- Anthony Bedard is at an overlap in the Venn diagram of music and comedy. As a musician he was in the notorious and recently reunited Icky Boyfriends as well as the Resineators, Hank IV, Little Queenie, and Leather Uppers. He's also the music booker at the Hemlock Tavern for about a decade and in addition to inaugurating the comedy series Club Chuckles, he started a comedy record label called Talent Moat which has released recordings by...


Eric Cash

Zum Podcast Episode 17 - Eric Cash ----------- Comedian Eric Cash had a pretty eclectic past as a street performer, circus ringleader, and punk singer before arriving at his current craft. We talk about his life bouncing around the US with a crew of tattooed, vomiting, and drugged out clowns, berating SF tourists, shooting apples off people's heads Burroughs-style, painting on boobs in New Orleans, and how punk and comedy come to cross purposes. This past year his personal life has been in...


Robert Horton

Zum Podcast Episode 16 - Robert Horton ------------- Robert Horton and Neil Campbell just completed the album Trojandropper, so I delivered copies to his house and crashed dinner. We talked about the lengthy process for Trojandropper and his history in the Bay Area punk and poetry scenes as a member of Appliances, ISM, Plateau Ensemble, and collaborations with players in many genres over the past three decades. Topics include "The Boot," Diane di Prima, partying with Ginsberg at Naropa,...


John Benson

Zum Podcast Episode 15 John Benson ------------- "John Benson vs. The People of California" -------------Some technical glitches in my chat with John Trevor Benson, but that seems appropriate given our topics of discussion - the legacy of Free Radio Berkeley, Barrington co-op, pre-internet touring, having a Harley dad, being sober, fixing wheelchairs, and converting a former police bus into a venue. Benson was in the bands A Minor Forest, Tic War, Creepy Crawly Claw, Hale Zukas, and Evil...


Mark Gergis

Zum Podcast Episode 14 - Mark Gergis ----------- How does one go from hanging out in the weirdo Oakland rock scene of the early '90s to arranging/producing collaborations between Omar Souleyman and Bjork? That's just part of the story of Mark Gergis, who works with Sublime Frequencies and recently started his own Sham Palace label. Sham Palace just released a collection of New Wave Dabke. If you don't know what that is, don't worry-all the more reason to listen. We also talk about his...


Nate Denver

Zum Podcast Episode 13 Nate Denver ------------- Nate has been in several bands (Total Shutdown, Nate Denver's Neck, Dig That Body Up It's Alive, and one with me called Sobretooth that we didn't even get to talk about!) and has authored/illustrated the book "Wait, You're Not A Centaur." I caught up with him at his Los Angeles home whilst attending to his burbling baby daughter Sadie. He just completed a kickstarter campaign for a new book entitled "Haunted Armor" so we talk about that,...


Episode 12

Zum Podcast Episode 12 ------------ George is joined by special guest Sara Wintz to pose the eternal question: what is a hoarder, and am I one? ------------- THE ETERNALS - Babalu's Wedding NAHAWA DOUMBIA - Kungo Sogoni - La Grande Canatrice Malienne Vol 3 (Awesome Tapes From Africa) THE RAINCOATS - Red Shoes - Odyshape (We ThRee reissue) MOLLY THOMPSON - Small (live video Dec 9, 2011) CYNTHIA DALL - Be Safe With Me - Sound Restores Young Men (Drag City) CYNTHIA DALL - Holland - Untitled...


Episode 11

Zum Podcast Episode 11 ---------------- ALVARIUS B - Well Known Stranger - Baroque Primitiva (Abduction) PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED Poptones - Second Edition ABE VIGODA - World Heart (7" version from split with Mikaela's Fiend) (Zum) HIGH CASTLE - Farewell To Limbs - Spirit Of The West (Zum) KUBLAI KHAN - Ricky The Dragon Steamboat (Chocolate River Deconstructions) GEORGE CHEN - Fishbone Soldier - 3/8/12 RANDYLEE SUTHERLAND - alay#2 ANCESTRAL DIET - Water Buries - Official Waste (Saxwand)...


Episode 10

Zum Podcast Episode 10 ANIKA - Officer Officer (Stones Throw) ANTIFAMILY - I Of The Law (Difficult Fun) GA'AN - Arms Can Speak - Black Equus (Captcha) BORIS - Hope - Attention Please (Sargent House) WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM - Subterranean Initiation -Celestial Lineage (Southern Lord) VAN DYKE PARKS - Wall Street (Bananastan) ARTHUR DOYLE - Stormy Monday - No More Crazy Women (Carbon) BESTIAL MOUTHS - Hypnagogig Jerk SISTER FUCKER - Glass Gauntlet - California TOTAL SHUTDOWN - Ka Ka Ka...


Episode 9

Zum Podcast Episode 9 --------------- ASTRAL SOCIAL CLUB - Works in Progress April 2008 - Bread #1 LITURGY - Sun of Light - Aesthetica (Thrill Jockey) VHOLTZ - unreleased 12" track RENE HELL - Bending (Voice) - The Hilton (Type) MEREDITH MONK - Masks - Mercy (ECM Records) GLASS GRAVES - KIT "Rain" Remix - Revocation HIGH CASTLE - We Were Lovers - Spirit of the West (Zum) SLEETMUTE NIGHTMUTE - In Adulthood - Night of the Long Knives (Fast Weapons) DIVORCE - Early Christianity (Optimo) ZS -...