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Podcast by The Gazette




Signing off

The reminder for the podcast keeps popping up like every five minutes, so let’s work around this one last thing. I’m leaving The Gazette. It’s been 24 years, nearly 22 covering Iowa football. That’s a long damn time in the same circle against the same opponent. There can’t be too many other beat writers who’ve been on the griddle this long. If there are, what in the hell are you doing? You traded your heart for a phone. Thanks to everyone who’s been along for the ride. That’s lame, I know,...


This is the year for a Cy-Hawk bowl game

This is the calm before the storm. OK, this is the less stormy part of the storm. Or maybe the most stormy? COVID-19 will continue to tear at our collective long-term view of the world. If you can deal with existential, then you can semi-enjoy a football season. Or maybe not. Football is coming and it’s time to start to figure out what that might look like. The #oniowapod didn’t do the full Hawkeye breakdown. There’s time for that. Today we kind of darted around and took a stab at answering...


Big Ten football is coming back

The Big Ten football spigot has been turned on. Let’s rephrase, the Big Ten football spigot has been allowed to trickle during this COVID-19 pandemic. Yes, the Big Ten said yes to football on Wednesday. There was much rejoicing. A 5 percent positive test rate is the hurdle for teams. That’s going to be a difficult task, but now the Big Ten programs have a chance to show they can make the right choices. All anyone ever asked for was a chance. If it doesn’t get off the ground, well, they...


Will Big Ten football return this fall?

At least Big Ten leaders are talking about the possibility of playing football this fall. That’s something. Can it happen? The league soon will tell us when it might happen. The Big Ten’s Council of Presidents and Chancellors is meeting on the topic. This is all a “might.” America still is gripped by COVID-19. There are no guarantees. The league could very well vote to play and the pandemic could have other ideas. So, The Athletic’s Scott Dochterman and I talked about return to play and some...


Ramifications of Big Ten’s fall sports decision and Iowa’s cuts

Maybe the Big Ten made the right decision. Maybe. Maybe the three remaining Power 5 conferences will be forced to push their fall season into January and beyond, like the Big Ten and Pac-12 have. So many maybes. Still, what happened in the Big Ten on Aug. 11 was a tremendous show of power by the league’s presidents/chancellors. Reports mention Big Ten athletics directors being aligned in their desire to play and/or allow the mechanisms built into the schedule, that was released just six days...


The Big Ten’s decision to cancel fall football and the ensuing pushback

I’m going to compare the Big Ten to the Bill Paxton character “Pvt. Hudson” in the movie “Aliens.” When the conference released its 10-game schedule six days before deciding to cancel fall football, that was Pvt. Hudson and the bravado he showed at the beginning of the movie, when his military unit descended into the spaceship where all the aliens were. Then, Pvt. Hudson actually saw the aliens. “Game over, man. Game over.” “Seventeen days? We’re not going to last 17 minutes.” Pvt. Hudson...


Iowa football external review, new Big Ten schedule and a few predictions

The Athletic’s Scott Dochterman sat down with Kirk Ferentz and had a one-on-one interview after his July 30 news conference on the review of his program for racial disparities and mistreatment of players. This is called “pole position,” and the On Iowa Podcast soaked in it. This discussion is the first part of the podcast. Obviously, it’s an ongoing situation. The conclusion is that there really is no conclusion. This is going to have to be an ongoing period of self-reflection for everyone...


Is the golden age of college sports over?

OK, first the good news: We actually talked football. Like the Hawkeyes and positions and all of that comfortable football porridge that we all dig. (You can switch “porridge” with shrimp and grits or whatever you want, comfort food is the point. We’re all going to need some “comfort football” at some point.) Neither of us believes the Cy-Hawk is totally gone for 2020. Oh, we do think there will be football. It might not be the football we recognize, but football. You read ISU athletics...


Jay Niemann on Iowa’s defensive line, recruiting, his sons' success and more

Football coaching titles have gotten out of hand, but Jay Niemann does wear the assistant defensive line coach and defensive recruiting coordinator hats for the Iowa football team. Coach Niemann also happens to be the father of Iowa linebacker Nick Niemann and former Hawkeye and Kansas City Chief Ben Niemann. Jay Niemann joined the On Iowa Podcast and we asked about all of that. Yes, Iowa recruited Ben away from Northern Illinois, where Jay was defensive coordinator. Yeah, it sucked, but,...


Kelton Copeland on Iowa football’s culture shift, 2020 receivers and more

Iowa wide receivers coach Kelton Copeland is from Miami, Fla. He signed up to play football at Saginaw (Mich.) Valley State under head coach Jerry Kill. He followed Kill to Emporia (Kan.) State. Kill left again. Copeland was heartbroken, but kept in touch with Kill and considers him a mentor in his life. On this week’s On Iowa Podcast, we talk with Copeland about the powerlessness that a player might feel out there in the super-intense world of college football. Copeland will be an important...


What’s next for Iowa football after racism allegations

This is an important episode of the On Iowa Podcast. The last week or so has sent everyone who follows the Hawkeyes into some introspection on what their role is in this, where they sit and how they see people. The Gazette’s Marc Morehouse and The Athletic’s Scott Dochterman discuss the allegations of racism and other social issues raised by former players, Iowa’s decision to place Chris Doyle on administrative leave, what the future looks like for Doyle and the rest of the coaching staff,...


Brian Ferentz on recruiting, running scheme, development of receivers, NIL rules and more

You work, you prepare. And then the Zoom glitches and … now what? We had a couple of glitches, but Iowa offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz hung with us. I think it’s fair to say we all love college football. We all love that kids are trying to do this and make it beautiful and meaningful. And I think Brian articulated that wonderfully. We go a lot of places. That’s all I’m going to say. Listen to this one. You’ll enjoy it. Loved having Brian on. Glad I did my homework. Scott and I hung...


Ken O’Keefe on Iowa QBs, Zoom calls with former Hawkeyes, Boundary Waters adventures and more

So yes, I am old enough to expect a coach’s show after a certain team plays. I got into that habit long before taking this job covering the Hawkeyes. When I could, I would enjoy the Mike Holmgren Show from Green Bay. I want to say there were a few back in the day. Anyway, Iowa football didn’t have one of those last year. I’ve heard really great things about the “Heartland” show or whatever it’s called. It’s online. It’s not on TV at 10:35 p.m. on a Sunday night with a local news lead-in....


NFL Draft reaction + Seth Wallace on Iowa LBs, his big break in coaching and more

We had some fits and starts, but thanks to Iowa linebackers coach and assistant defensive coordinator Seth Wallace for joining the #oniowapod. Of course, we talked about his group of linebackers for 2020. Along those lines, look for Nick Niemann getting a shot at an inside linebacker spot. The outside linebacker probably will be manned more in 2020 by someone who might play inside linebacker, but that’s a wait-and-see. Wallace said it’s tough to advertise outside linebacker when it’s a...


NFL Draft preview + What the college football season might look like

OK, here’s a list of some of what we covered on the latest On Iowa Podcast. We went over some college football winners and losers during COVID-19. Listen to what some coaches are saying. (No, we didn’t even get to Mike Leach.) I’m not sure this is a great time to be provocative, but you have to be you. That’s one thing college football coaches totally grasp. We get a little into the money. The money is the reason why there has to be a college football season. At some time, at some point. We...


How the coronavirus pandemic affects Iowa athletics, college football

This podcast once was recorded on I-88 with a digital recorder after Big Ten media days. Scott Dochterman was driving 80 mph and breaking down something we learned in Chicago. I nervously watched and tried to say something stuff without a sense of foreboding. And now the podcast has been done on a website that allowed us to communicate from North Liberty to Fairfax. We talk about how the quarantine, but not a ton. Yes, it’s affected our lives. I have a couple kids unemployed. I’m glad...


COVID-19 on sports, the Big Ten, and much more

The sporting world changed dramatically overnight and now by the minute. Scott and I walked through some real-time news updates courtesy of The Athletic’s Slack channel. There’s no sports ticker that’s going to keep up with the news of cancellations and postponements with the rise of the COVID-19 virus. That’s usually where I would’ve written “in the wake of.” A wake is the commotion that trails after something large moves through. This might still be coming. I don’t know if we’re in the...


Post-NFL combine thoughts

Yes, Scott Dochterman and I (Marc Morehouse) were two of the three Iowa journalists (QC TV dude Adam Rossow was there, too) at the NFL combine. So, guess what this #oniowapod is about. This is a little bit of what happened to and for the five Hawkeyes at the combine and then where WE THINK they might stand with results on the board. The CAPS are for emphasis. So many opinions on the draft are binary. You have to be smart enough to know there are degrees. So, I think Scott and I are fairly...


NFL Combine preview, Kevin Warren's visit, Minnesota's 'Who hates Iowa?' chant

The #oniowapod got a little drafty this week. It wasn’t a total nerd-out, but we played the draft note. We don’t know why draft-niks say A.J. Epenesa is slow. We don’t know why they call Tristan Wirfs unathletic. We obviously don’t agree, and none of what we think really matters. It’s the NFL people's opinion that really matters. In other words, this all will be sorted out. The NFL combine kicks off next week. Scott and I talked about what each of the five Hawkeyes will face there. Epenesa...


Lots of Q&A + Mel Tucker to Michigan State, D-Linemen in the transfer portal

Today was mostly a question #oniowapod, and you guys were fantastic. We talked about the Michigan State hire, defensive linemen in the transfer portal and the best Archer episode (that was very short). • Scott had a sit down with Kirk Ferentz. We got into his first post from that, which was about officiating. It’s more the rules than the officials is the basic point. • Probably no “Two Score Milker” T-shirts because I can’t decide if it needs a hyphen. • I scooped through the transfer portal...