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Get your Iowa Hawkeyes sports fix right here.
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Get your Iowa Hawkeyes sports fix right here.




Bob Sanders, O-Line play and Iowa-Purdue

You’re going to have to listen to the entire deal to get to the good part. How’s that for a tease? Kidding. We found out late in the #oniowapod that Bob Sanders is the honorary captain for the Hawkeyes this week. Scott immediately switched his prediction to 100-0 Hawkeyes. I was already throwing Iowa and the points. I think the Bob as honorary captain is kind of overkill this week. Yes, Purdue has been tricky. If Iowa drops this one, it’s the worst one. I don’t think it comes to that....


Can Iowa bounce back against Penn State?

Last week, the #oniowapod went heavy on favoring the Hawkeyes at Michigan. You seemed to enjoy that, so we’re going to just pick Iowa every week for the clicks. April Fool’s!!! You’ll have to listen to see where that conversation goes, but I think you’ll enjoy the important part and that is the conversation on this game. It’s fascinating. Lots of ins and outs, to paraphrase Jeffrey Lebowski. Penn State coach James Franklin is 0-6 in road games against ranked opponents. Iowa is 0-3 vs....


It matters this week: Iowa-Michigan preview

You probably don’t remember the Al Franken (edit out the politics, I’m making a joke here) character Stuart Smalley from “Saturday Night Live.” The character was a self-help softie whose famous line was “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and, doggone it, people like me!” That’s Iowa this week. The Hawkeyes are good enough, talented enough, veteran enough and, doggone it, who wouldn’t want to see the championship portion of Jim Harbaugh’s season end on the first week of October at the hands...


Breaking down Iowa's Cy-Hawk victory

Scott and Marc do a thorough breakdown of the Iowa-Iowa State game. It’s weird how #oniowapod questions on this game fell into two camps: the clock management at the end of the first half and the personnel packages on third-and-short. Marc ran through a few of these during the show. More than a few. Actually, he got a little mad at himself for starting to read a question and then quickly realizing, oh, another clock management question. Also, we love @ueshawk. We answered his “Iowa should...


The 2019 Cy-Hawk preview

Dunh, dunh, dunh. Does that still work for “dramatic organ” sound? Or am I just old? I know, I’m old. People don’t remember dramatic orchestral music in movies or shows. I mean, how old is “Jaws” now? It’s the Cy-Hawk thing. The Athletic’s Scott Dochterman makes a really good point in our podcast. The ESPN College GameDay thing hasn’t crept over to the eastern side of the state. Everyone seems to be going on with their lives in a normal way. “Seems.” Meanwhile in Ames, the Cyclones have been...


Reviewing Iowa's season-opener, moving to B1G play

You’re going to hear some Bears-Packers nonsense. The greatest rivalry in sports happens tonight. One half of the #oniowapod loves America and babies and puppies. The other half is a Bears fan. You can guess which is which. Scott Dochterman and I didn’t do much of that. I did sense Scott is confident about tonight’s matchup. I thought I’d be dead before the Bears mattered again. Oh well. You come to us for Hawkeyes, and there’s almost 2.5 hours of it. We reviewed the Miami (Ohio) game and...


Game week is finally here

July/August is the hardest part of this. Players have camp. That’s when they establish themselves for 2019. It’s obviously hugely important. You know all of those T-shirts players get? They should get one that says “I survived camp and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.” You guys go crazy with the waiting. You have the Hawkeyes winning the natty one minute and then going winless the next. You see a superstar quarterback or you see a problem. You have nothing to go on except emotion and...


It's time to football

It’s time to football. It just is. That’s what we do on the On Iowa podcast. Yeah, there’s some basketball yada yada, but football is the thing and we go into the Hawkeyes today with the waders on. Iowa offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz didn’t hint, he flat-out said in his Tuesday news conference that there’s really nothing worse than “talking season.” You know, that time of year where you make an outlandish prediction for your team and then realize two weeks later that you might’ve bitten...


Iowa football media day is here

The On Iowa Podcast decided to get a jump on media day. Why not? We went long off the top with a discussion led by a couple of topics The Athletic’s Scott Dochterman covered this week: Five potential breakout players and some statistics that will show up and matter for the 2019 Hawkeyes. The players discussion spiraled into mostly the “underappreciated player” category. But, yeah, it’s going to be fun to see what defensive tackle Daviyon Nixon can do and what Tyler Linderbaum can be at...


Back from Big Ten Media Days

Big Ten media days have value. Absolutely, they do. It’d have more value if the league edited its invite list. Last week was too much. This event has gone from two-hour sitdowns at a table with players and coaches scheduled for different times. So, when Kirk Ferentz was talking, Bob Sanders was waiting to talk. You could swing from one Iowa convo to another without missing anything. It’s not like that anymore. There is podium time with players and coaches. They are generally around the same...


Recruiting update, conference realignment and more

With Big Ten media days coming up, football is basically here. Scott Dochterman and I wanted to get a podcast in before the B1G media days (July 17-18) and the end of the portions of our waking lives that don’t involve football. We hit recruiting. Iowa’s 2020 class now at 20 prospects. There could be more. One thing that impresses me? The geography of this class is national-ish. Texas, Florida, all over the upper midwest and, of course, Iowa. The only place missing that would make this a...


Oliver Martin, kickoff times, B1G West favorites and more

Here’s a little 2-hour podcast to break the ice of the horse latitudes, you know, that part of the summer where there’s not a whole lot going on in football. There was a little going on in Iowa football last week. Lots of kickoff times trickled out. Marc Morehouse and Scott Dochterman talk about the times and the teams. We’ve been doing various posts on Iowa’s 2019 schedule, so we brought that to the podcast. We ranked the Big Ten West as far as favorites. We talk Iowa wide receiver. The...


Iowa football, basketball talk to take you into summer

One last two-hour podcast to send you into the summer. The #oniowapod will be taking a break for summer vacations. Marc is off to Wisconsin. Scott will be enjoying greater Canada. So, we sort of went a little crazy. All over the board. We even lifted the moratorium on talk about Iowa’s next head football coach. There will be one. Someday. Isaiah Moss came up. Iowa basketball has woe now, you guys. Maybe lots of woe. We talked extensively about the Big Ten West. Yes, Iowa has a roster that...


Wrapping up spring football

It was a fun spring. We talked with each Iowa assistant coach. We had excellent convos and football discussion (real football discussion, it feels so good). And we saw a glimpse of the team last Friday night. In that regard, it’s been a great spring. I’d characterize the Hawkeyes’ spring as positive. There was just one ACL injury and it was a non-two-deeper at linebacker (Colten Dinsdale). The next wave of early NFL entries got in good work … against each other. DE A.J. Epenesa vs. OT Alaric...


NFL Draft preview, Takeaways from Brian Ferentz and Phil Parker

It is draft night. We came into this with a plan, so hear us out. We know #oniowapod will be available for just a few hours before Thursday night’s NFL Draft. So, we talk draft on the front end of the podcast, knowing how different it might turn out. Also, this podcast would’ve only had a shelf life of two hours if it was just the draft. So, a little draft stuff. We make calls on Iowa’s four combine guys. Scott believes OL Ross Reynolds could be picked, too. I agree. What else did we talk...


Spring football: Slot receivers, defensive backs and your questions

We stuck some Game of Thrones in this, but the #oniowapod sticks to the subject, which is, you know, Iowa sports. This one is heavy, heavy football, and with a week left in spring practice, why wouldn’t it be? We talked the race at the slot receiver position between Nico Ragaini and Tyrone Tracy. Defensive backs came up a lot. We’re all going to have to get to know Kaevon Merriweather a little better. Whither Ihmir Smith-Marsette? We were asked in #oniowapod questions about running backs....


Spring football: Where Iowa's running game stands

This was Iowa running game week. Offensive line coach Tim Polasek and running backs coach Derrick Foster spoke with the media this week. They were honest about where their position groups sit. The offensive line is mostly settled, but it’s also hungry to hit the standards that Iowa has built in the running game. There’s work to do, even if Tristan Wirfs and Alaric Jackson are automatic at tackle (and, no, Polasek would never say that, it’ll never be good enough). Running backs are in a...


4-2-5 defense is a thing for Iowa

Impromptu #oniowapod. Scott and I were going to cover a meeting at Iowa today, but the early morning practice was more than enough Iowa City driving for me and here we are with a podcast. I didn’t think you’d mind. At the top, we ask how much 4-2-5, X-and-O football talk do you want? We could do that all damn day, but we also want to have listeners. That stuff isn’t for everybody. We’ll always do some, but let us know if your eyes are rolling back in your heads. Football had events since our...


Opening Day, spring football edition

Yes, today is the opener … for spring football. C’mon, what did you think the #oniowapod was going to say? Scott and I nerded out on Kirk Ferentz’s Tuesday news conference. We talked 4-2-5 defense, slot receiver and, of course, defensive tackle Daviyon Nixon’s unveiling. I have to say, it felt really good. I know it’s baseball’s opening day. We’ll check that out later with a Hamm’s. We talked Iowa spring, the NFL draft and a lot of hoops. Iowa men's basketball woke up in the NCAA Tournament....


We need to talk about Iowa men's basketball

Let’s not kid ourselves, the #oniowapod knows who and what it is. You guys know the #oniowapod is a football school. But we need to talk about basketball. It’s that time of year and there is a considerable amount of angst hanging over the Iowa men's basketball team. Fair or not, there just is. The late-season collapses, Iowa is in the midst of one now. You’re tired of these. Iowa is tired of them. Fran McCaffery has got to be. You know Gary Barta is. Say what you want, everyone wants to win...