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Nick Fraser New(ish) Quartet - Live at the Tranzac Club in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Check out today’s live set by the Nick Fraser New(ish) Quartet, recorded at the Tranzac Club in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on September 25th 2018. The acclaimed Toronto-based drummer/composer Nick Fraser on drums, with Emily Denison on trumpet, Karen Ng on alto saxophone and Josh Cole on bass. Be sure to buy Nick’s latest album Is Life Long? (Clean Feed Records) on Nick Fraser New(ish) Quartet: Nick Fraser (drums) Emily Denison (trumpet) Karen Ng (alto...


\\livingfossil// - Live at the Burdock Music Hall in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Gordon Hyland’s \\livingfossil// preformed a set at Toronto’s Burdock Music Hall on October 29th 2017, opening for bassist Søren Nissen. The set was captured by videographer Saul Ledermen and you get to hear it on today’s episode of The Jazz Hole Live with Linus. Next to Gordon Hyland on tenor saxophone, the band is comprised of guitarists Torrie Seager (right) and Neil Whitford (left), electric bassist Andrew Roorda and drummer Mackenzie Longpre. Visit, if you’d like...


Nick Biello - Live at Cornelia Street Cafe in New York, NY

The Nick Biello Quintet celebrated their “Vagabond Soul” CD release at Cornelia Street Cafe in New York, NY on August 15th 2018. Check out three lengthy tracks from it on today’s episode of The Jazz Hole Live. Nick Biello on alto sax, Josh Lawrence on trumpet, Mark Meadows on piano, Alex Tremblay on bass and Jake Robinson on drums. At the end of the episode, you get to enjoy the actual opener from the studio album. Visit for more information and to purchase...


Philippe Lemm Trio - Live In Europe

Check out the Philippe Lemm Trio on this month’s episode of The Jazz Hole Live with Linus. The NYC-based trio, consisting of Dutch Drummer Philippe Lemm, American pianist Angelo Di Loreto and American bassist Jeff Koch, just released album number two entitled City Birds via Outside In Music. Today’s episode features a live set, mostly recorded at Paradox Tilburg in Tilburg, Netherands on October 16th 2017 (with the exception of one track that was recorded at Vertigo Jazz Club & Restaurant...


Kaze - Live at La Malterie in Lille, France

On this month’s episode of The Jazz Hole Live with Linus, you get to enjoy a live set by Kaze, an experimental Franco-Japanese Quartet, recorded at La Malterie in Lille, France. The group features Japanese pianist Satoko Fujii and her husband trumpeter Natsuki Tamura, French trumpeter Christian Pruvost and drummer Peter Orins. As they enter their eighth year together, they find themselves enjoying a group rapport that few other bands share. They recently released their fifth album...


The Mitch Perrins Atlantic Quintet - Live at the Jewellery Quarter Jazz Festival in Birmingham, UK

The Jazz Hole Live with Linus, this month featuring a 2016 live set from The Jewellery Quarter Festival Jazz Festival in Birmingham, UK by The Mitch Perrins Atlantic Quintet! Bandleader and composer Mitch Perrins on drums, Nick Dewhurst on trumpet, Tommaso Starace on alto saxophone, Gareth Fowler on guitar and Mike Green on bass. British drummer and composer Mitch Perrins honed his skills in New York City over the course of ten years. His new Survival Suite is an homage to his experiences...


Frank Wagner - Live at Frank Wagner’s Studio

This month on The Jazz Hole Live: NYC-based bassist, composer and educator Frank Wagner recorded a special set for The Jazz Hole, along with his trio, consisting of Marco Di Gennaro on piano and David Meade on drums. A totally unique episode of The Jazz Hole Live, not recorded at a club or festival, but at a NYC musician’s rehearsal space! An amazing and funny behind the scenes look - or listen. Enjoy! Don’t forget to check out the new album Frank Wagner’s Floating Holiday, released on...


Myriad3 - Live in Budapest

The Jazz Hole Live - this month featuring Myriad3, the Toronto-based trio consisting of Chris Donnelly on piano, Daniel Fortin on bass and Ernesto Cervini on drums. On April 11th 2018, they performed at Opus Jazz Club in Budapest, Hungary and today you’ll get to hear a number of their original compositions from that performance. Myriad3 is a true collective, each member acts simultaneously as a leader and as a sideman. They play mostly original music, and have performed together since 2010...


VEIN: CD Release, Live in Basel

This month’s episode of The Jazz Hole Live with Linus features the internationally recognized Swiss trio VEIN, consisting of twin brothers Michael Arbenz (piano) and Florian Arbenz (drums), as well as Thomas Lähns (bass). On September 9th 2017, their CD release concert took place at Vollkshaus in Basel, Switzerland with special guests Andy Sheppard, Martial In-Albon, Nils Fischer, Noah Arnold and René Mosele. Their latest album VEIN plays Ravel (Challenge Records) focuses on the works of...


Lena Bloch & Feathery: Live in Brooklyn

Live tracks by Lena Bloch & Feathery on today’s episode of The Jazz Hole Live with Linus, recorded at The Drawing Room on February 11th 2018 and at Korzo (Konseptions Series) on October 24th 2017, both located in Brooklyn, NY. Saxophonist, composer and educator Lena Bloch is originally from Moscow, Russia and immigrated to Israel in 1990. She moved to Brooklyn in 2008 and released her debut album Feathery (Thirteenth Note) in 2014. The quartet from that album has evolved into the band of...


Jonathan Saraga: Journey to a New World - CD Release

Today’s episode features trumpeter, composer and Manhattan native Jonathan Saraga with music from his fantastic CD release concert that took place on October 29th at Dazzle in Denver, Colorado. The musicians next to Jonathan Saraga (trumpet, compositions) were John Gunther (tenor saxophone), Alex Heffron (guitar), Peter John Stoltzman (piano), Gonzalo Teppa (upright bass) and Dru Heller (drums). Visit to purchase Jonathan’s latest album “Journey to a New World”....


Ilios Steryannis

Toronto-based dummer, composer and bandleader Ilios Steryannis just released his album Bethany Project. He held his album release concert at the Burdock in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on January 11th and on today’s episode of The Jazz Hole Live with Linus, you get to hear a selection of exciting live performances from this concert. Ilios Steryannis on drums and djembe, Sundar Viswanathan on alto and soprano saxophones, Chris Gale on baritone saxophone, Eric St-Laurent and Scott Neary on...


Petros Klampanis Duet & Petos Klampanis - Chroma

Enjoy excerpts from a brilliant live recording by the Greek NYC-based bassist, multi-instrumentalist and composer Petros Klampanis on today’s episode of The Jazz Hole Live with Linus. On October 1st 2017, Petros Klampanis (on bass, percussion, voice and looper) and Shai Maestro (on piano) performed as the Petros Klampanis Duet at Jazz~MADD Academie Muziek, Woord & Dans Ninove in Ninove, Belgium. Next to two expansive tracks from this live recording, you also get to hear two tracks from...


Teri Parker Quartet

Toronto-based pianist and composer Teri Parker held her album release concert at the Burdock in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on October 26th, less than a week after her debut album In the Past came out. On today’s episode of The Jazz Hole Live with Linus, you get to hear amazing tracks from the live set, featuring Teri Parker on piano, Allison Au on alto saxophone, Mark Godfrey on bass and Mack Longpre on drums. Teri Parker is the composer of all the music you hear today and you can support...


Misha Piatigorsky

We have original music by the phenomenal pianist, composer and producer Misha Piatigorksy on today’s episode. The Moscow-born, NYC-based musician is first heard with his trio (featuring Danton Boller and Rudy Royston), recorded live at Zinc Bar on June 23rd & 24th in New York, NY. After that, stay tuned for a remarkable solo piano recording from the TD Victoria International JazzFest in Victoria, BC, Canada (recorded on June 26th 2016). PERSONNEL: Misha Piatigorksy (piano, compositions)...


Week of 10/08/17

A burning set by NYC-based composer, arranger and trombonist Nick Finzer on today’s episode of The Jazz Hole Live with Linus, which now airs every fourth Sunday (always after three weeks/episodes of The Jazz Hole). Nick Finzer’s live set with Lucas Pino, Alex Wintz, Chris Ziemba, Or Bareket and Jimmy Macbride was recorded on March 22nd at the world-famous Smalls Jazz Club right here in New York City. Enjoy some captivating live versions of Nick Finzer’s compositions that also appear on his...


Week of 09/14/17

The Jazz Hole Live with Linus presents a set by the NYC-based Phoneix native Andrew Schiller, recorded live at Twins Jazz in Washington, D.C. on August 6th 2017. The set features Andrew Schiller on bass (and compositions), Hery Paz and Alex Harper on tenor saxophones and Matt Honor on drums. Andrew’s debut album Tied Together, Not To The Ground came out earlier this year on Red Piano Records and you can find it on and on ANDREW SCHILLER...


Week of 08/10/17

Today’s episode of The Jazz Hole Live with Linus features a live set by the Ben Rosenblum Trio, recorded at The Kitano in New York, NY on July 20th 2017. Ben Rosenblum is joined by bassist Dan Chmielinski and drummer Ben Zweig. The award winning NYC pianist and composer recently released his critically-acclaimed debut album Instead featuring jazz luminaries Curtis Lundy and Billy Hart, you can purchase it on his website Ben Rosenblum: Instead PERSONNEL: BEN...


Earprint - Recorded live at Riverwalk Café in Nashua, NH on November 13th 2016

Check out a live set by Earprint on this month’s episode of The Jazz Hole Live with Linus. Earprint is a chordless collective consisting of tenor saxophonist and clarinetist Kevin Sun, trumpeter Tree Palmedo, bassist Simón Willson and drummer Dor Herskovits. The international quartet established an immediate rapport while studying together at Boston’s New England Conservatory. Each member contributes original compositions and the lack of a chordal instrument provides space and freedom for...


Week of 06/08/17

The Jazz Hole Live with Linus presents a live set by The Roxy Coss Quintet today, recorded live at Smalls Jazz Club in New York, NY on April 6th 2017. Saxophonist and composer Roxy Coss is originally from Seattle and now a fixture on the New York scene. She has become one of the most unique and innovative saxophonists of her generation, a definitional voice of the Millennial Movement in Jazz. The Roxy Coss Quintet consists of Roxy Coss on tenor and soprano sax, Alex Wintz on guitar, Miki...