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Lucy Kalantari & The Jazz Cats

GRAMMY-nominated Children’s music band Lucy Kalantari and the Jazz Cats guests on today’s episode of The Jazz Hole. The Jazz Hole host Linus (himself a member of the group) interviews bandleader, vocalist and ukulele player Lucy Kalantari and the other Jazz Cats, bassist Larry Cook and drummer Rich Kulsar, about their GRAMMY-nominated album “All The Sounds” and more. Other artists today include the Julian Gerstin Sextet, the Allison Au Quartet and Sam Broverman Julian Gerstin Sextet - “Jugo...


Jonathan Barber

Check out today’s episode of The Jazz Hole with Linus, featuring interview guest Jonathan Barber. NYC-based drummer and composer Jonathan Barber talks about his debut album “Vision Ahead” and of course you get to hear some tracks from it. Other music today includes the collective Way North, which consists of three Canadians and an American, as well as the swingin’ Rhythm Future Quartet Way North - “Boll Weevil” & “Fearless and Kind” Album: Fearless and Kind Rebecca Hennessy (tp), Petr...


New Beginnings

2019’s first episode of The Jazz Hole with Linus features the ambitious composer Darrell Katz and the JCA Orchestra and tracks from their latest album Rats Live On No Evil Star (try reading it backward), never-before-released Fred Hersch Trio recordings from 1997 that Palmetto Records just came out with, plus the Johnny Griffith Quintet, the Carla Campopiano Trio and Glenn Crytzer’s Savoy Seven. Enjoy! Johnny Griffith Quintet - “Narcomedusae” & “Last Say” Album: The Lion, Camel & Child...



Today’s episode of The Jazz Hole with Linus is winter- and holiday-themed with music by artists Thomas Moeckel, The Marie Goudy 12tet featuring Jocelyn Barth, Sam Broverman, Glenn Crytzer’s Savoy Seven, Lucy Kalantari and the Jazz Cats, Luke Sellick (featuring Sheena Rattai) and the Vitor Gonçalves Quartet. We suggest you get some eggnog, sit back and enjoy! Thomas Moeckel - Wintertime Album: Seasons Thomas Moeckel (g, voc, kbds), Jean-Paul Brodbeck (p, kbds), Michael Chylewski (e-b) and...


Looking Back Again

The Jazz Hole with Linus looks back and features music by some of 2018’s interview guests. Four of them were already featured on last week’s episode, so today the stage is set for the remaining nine interview guests of 2018: Jamie Baum, McClenty Hunter Jr., Monika Herzig, Marcelo Woloski, Miki Yamanaka, Juan Andrés Ospina, Leni Stern and Sam Bevan. Sit back and enjoy! The Jamie Baum Septet+ - Honoring Nepal: The Shiva Suite, Part 2: Renewal Album: Bridges Jamie Baum (fl, alto fl, singing...


Looking Back

Today’s episode of The Jazz Hole with Linus is a mixture of some recently featured artists with new albums (such as the NYC-based bassist Iris Ornig, the NYC-based vibraphonist Mike Freeman or the Toronto-based vocalist Steven Taetz), some artists that haven’t been featured in a while, as well as some of the interview guests featured on this show throughout the year 2018, including Vinny Raniolo, Martin Wind, Sherrie Maricle (& The DIVA Jazz Orchestra) and Harley Card Katie Thiroux - Slow...



Check out The Jazz Hole with Linus today, where you get to hear more tracks from a number of recently featured projects: MURAL’s new album Shishi’s Wish, Kate McGarry/Keith Ganz/Gary Versace’s 2018 album The Subject Tonight Is Love, Collective Order’s brand new Vol. 3, Claudio Scolari, Daniele Cavalca & Simone Scolari’s latest album Natural Impulse and Harry Vetro’s NORTHERN RANGER MURAL - CSD Orompello Album: Shishi’s Wish Aki Ishiguro (g), Peter Schwebs (b) and Rodrigo Recabarren (d,...


Natural Storyteller

Today’s episode of The Jazz Hole with Linus picks up where last week’s show left off. Two more Canadian bands: Evan Shay’s Lawful Citizen and music from the new album Internal Combustion and Collective Order with music from their new album Vol. 3. Other artists today are the NYC-based German bassist and composer Iris Ornig with music from her brand new third album Storyteller, as well as the Italian modern jazz tiro Claudio Scolari/Daniele Cavalca/Simone Scolari and music from their third...


O Canada

Many new releases of the Canadian jazz scene are highlighted on today’s episode of The Jazz Hole with Linus (based in NYC). Among them The Island of Form by Toronto-based drummer and composer Ethan Ardelli, No Codes by the Montréal-based saxophonist and composer Benjamin Deschamps and his group No Codes, Fearless and Kind by Way North (a cross-border mash-up of Canadian and American artists) and Abundance by Ernesto Cervini’s Turboprop (based in Toronto). Ethan Ardelli - “Agua”, “The...



The Jazz Hole with Linus featuring music from brand new albums today! Enjoy music from The Bitter Suite by The Marie Goudy 12tet (featuring Jocelyn Barth), the Brooklyn-based trio MURAL’s new album Shishi’s Wish, New York City-based Singer and saxophonist Danny Bacher’s new album “Still Happy”, and from Toronto-based bassist Rob Clutton’s new album with The Cluttertones (featuring Lee Pui Ming) entitled Leeways The Marie Goudy 12tet featuring Jocelyn Barth - Remember the Days Album: The...



Take an international journey on today’s episode of The Jazz Hole with music by Harry Vetro’s NORTHERN RANGER, the Fred Hersch Trio, The Marie Goudy 12tet featuring Jocelyn Barth, and the Julian Gerstin Sextet. While all of today’s lead artists are either from Canada or from the United States, each one of them quite obviously soaked up various musical influences from around the globe. Enjoy! Harry Vetro’s NORTHERN RANGER - “Buffalo Jump” & “NORTHERN RANGER” Album: Harry Vetro’s NORTHERN...


Jamie Baum

Tune in to today’s episode of The Jazz Hole with Linus, which includes interview guest Jamie Baum. NYC flutist/composer/recording artist/ clinician Jamie Baum talks about her new Jamie Baum Septet+ album Bridges, released on Sunnyside Records. Today’s show also includes tracks from the new EP by the Nuphar Fey Trio and from Abundance, the third album by Ernesto Cervini’s Turboprop. Nuphar Fey Trio - “Imagination” & “In The Fall” Album: EP Nuphar Fey (p), Gilad Abro (b) and Gal Petel (d)...


Rabbit Dream

New music on today’s episode of The Jazz Hole with Linus by the Ayn Inserto Jazz Orchestra (featuring Sean Jones, George Garzone and John Fedchock) and their new album Down a Rabbit Hole, Scott Marshall and the Jazztice League and their new album Dream Logic Project. Plus, tracks by Q Morrow, Katie Thiroux and by the Philippe Lemm Trio. Tune in! Q Morrow - Inferno Astral Album: There Are Stars in Brooklyn Q Morrow (g) Q Morrow - There Are Stars in Brooklyn Album: There Are Stars in...


City Drink

Today’s episode of The Jazz Hole with Linus features several amazing jazz artists. Hear more from Alberto Pibiri’s new album Jazz Legacy (featuring Miriam Waks) and from the Philippe Lemm Trio’s new album City Birds, plus brand new tracks by the Canadian vocalist Steven Taetz from his album Drink You In and more from Svetlana & the Delancey Five’s Night at the Speakeasy, as well as from Noam Wiesenberg’s Roads Diverge. Noam Wiesenberg - “Resfeber” & “Capricorn Lady” Album: Roads Diverge...


Q Morrow

Guitarist and composer Q Morrow talks about his new album There Are Stars in Brooklyn on today’s episode of The Jazz Hole with Linus. This is the second album as a leader by the Brooklyn-based musician and it is available on You also get to hear music from pianists Alberto Pibiri (featuring Sheila Jordan) and Miki Yamanaka on today’s episode Alberto Pibiri - A Blues Album: Jazz Legacy Alberto Pibiri (p), Paul Gill (b) and Paul Wells (d) Alberto Pibiri (featuring Sheila...



Today’s episode of The Jazz Hole includes tracks from the brand new albums Kinship by John Pittman and Ask for Chaos by Gilad Hekselman. You also get to hear more music from Leni Stern’s 3 and from the Alex Lefaivre Quartet’s YUL, plus a track from the host of this show, Linus Wyrsch, from his own duo album with pianist Claude Diallo Claude Diallo & Linus Wyrsch - Homage Album: Live at Villa Irniger Claude Diallo (p) and Linus Wyrsch (comp, cl) Leni Stern (featuring Gil Goldstein, Muhammed...


Miki Yamanaka

Pianist and composer Miki Yamanaka, today’s interview guest on The Jazz Hole with Linus, talks about her brand new album Miki (featuring Steve Nelson, Orlando Le Fleming and Bill Stewart), released yesterday on Cellar Live Records. Other artists today include Caleb Wheeler Curtis and more from his new album Brothers, Rafał Sarnecki and another track from his new album Climbing Trees and Marcelo Woloski with two tracks from his album Mundo por conocer. Caleb Wheeler Curtis - Cartoon Element...


Howlin' at Long Venetian Trees, Brothers

Lots of new music on today’s episode of The Jazz Hole with Linus, including tracks from Is Life Long? by the Toronto-based drummer and composer Nick Fraser, Latin vibes by Mike Freeman ZonaVibe from their latest album Venetian Blinds, New Orleans-inspired tracks from vocalist Carmela Rappazzo’s new album Howlin’ At The Moon, selections from the brand new album Climbing Trees by NYC-based guitarist Rafal Sarnecki, as well as tracks from Brothers by NYC-based saxophonist Caleb Wheeler Curtis...


Too Short

Today’s episode of The Jazz Hole includes more music from Secret Songs by the dynamic UK-based duo Miriam Ast & Victor Gutierrez (with special guest Stan Sulzmann), plus more from Light Blue by the NYC-based bassist Martin Wind, as well as brand new tracks from YUL by the Montréal-based Alex Lefaivre Quartet and from Is Life Long? by the Toronto-based drummer Nick Fraser Martin Wind - While I’m Still Here Album: Light Blue Martin Wind (b), Ingrid Jensen (tp), Scott Robinson (ts), Gary...


Leni Stern

Check out today’s episode of The Jazz Hole with interview guest Leni Stern. The German-born, NYC-based guitarist, singer and n’goni player, talks about her new album 3, her African music influences and much more. Other artists featured on today’s episode are Amos Hoffman & Noam Lemish with tunes from Pardes and Nick Finzer with tunes from No Arrival Amos Hoffman & Noam Lemish - Dalale Dalale Album: Pardes Amos Hoffman (g, oud), Noam Lemish (p), Justin Gray (b) and Derek Gray (d, per) Amos...