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The online jazz interview show hosted by Jason Crane.

The online jazz interview show hosted by Jason Crane.
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The online jazz interview show hosted by Jason Crane.




The Jazz Session #466: Stefon Harris

Vibraphonist, educator and app developer Stefon Harris’s new album is Sonic Creed. In this interview, Harris discusses the responsibilities of his generation of musicians; how his album is an expression of the current state of African-American life in the U.S.; and why empathy is the focus of his life. Learn more at Support the … Continue reading "The Jazz Session #466: Stefon Harris"


The Jazz Session #465: Adi Meyerson

Bassist Adi Meyerson grew up in Israel, discovered jazz in her late teens, got into a conservatory for upright bass a few months after picking up the instrument, and then made her way to the New School in New York. Six years after moving to the US, she’s released her debut album, Where We Stand, … Continue reading "The Jazz Session #465: Adi Meyerson"


TJS Patreon Bonus #001: Sonny Rollins’ Freedom Suite (Richard Kamins)

This is the first bonus episode for Patreon subscribers! However, I’m releasing this one on the main feed so everyone can hear it and get an idea for what these will sound like. In this episode, writer, broadcaster and educator Richard Kamins talks about the album Freedom Suite by Sonny Rollins. You can read Richard’s … Continue reading "TJS Patreon Bonus #001: Sonny Rollins’ Freedom Suite (Richard Kamins)"


The Jazz Session #464: Sara Gazarek

Vocalist Sara Gazarek has been reinventing herself recently, and she’s about to release an album that shows new sides as a performer, writer, arranger, and bandleader. In this interview, Gazarek talks about the road to her current music; how Kurt Elling helped her decide to form a new band; how she finds the courage to … Continue reading "The Jazz Session #464: Sara Gazarek"


The Jazz Session #463: Dmitri Matheny

Dmitri Matheny is a flugelhornist, composer, writer, comic book collector, dog enthusiast and bandleader. In this interview we talk about his road dog; his love for noir and how it led to his latest album; the legacy of Art Farmer; and collecting Green Lantern comics. Find Dmitri online at and follow him on Twitter … Continue reading "The Jazz Session #463: Dmitri Matheny"


Season 11 Teaser & Patreon Announcement

The Jazz Session returns on September 1, 2018! You can support the show right now at Just $5 a month gets you bonus content! Thanks!


The Jazz Session #462: Darcy James Argue

Darcy James Argue came to Penn State to perform Brooklyn Babylon, so I invited him on my morning show along with two of his collaborators. Here’s the interview in its entirety. Does this mean The Jazz Session is coming back? Perhaps.


The Jazz Session #461: Chris Lightcap

Bassist Chris Lightcap released the album Epicenter in 2015 with his band Bigmouth. In this interview, Lightcap talks about the past, present and future of Bigmouth; his many other projects; why New York City has been such a big influence on his writing; and why it sometimes takes him years to really listen thoroughly to … Continue reading "The Jazz Session #461: Chris Lightcap"


The Jazz Session #460: Brenda Earle Stokes

Pianist and vocalist Brenda Earle Stokes’ most recent album is 2014’s Right About Now. In this interview, she talks about her days playing pop songs on cruise ships; how her producer helped shaped the sound and the band on her most recent album; and how marriage and motherhood have changed her career as a musician. … Continue reading "The Jazz Session #460: Brenda Earle Stokes"


The Jazz Session #459: Josh Rutner

Saxophonist Josh Rutner’s debut album is Rockabye Battleship (2016). In this interview, Josh takes us on a track-by-track tour of the album. He talks about George Carlin, Ligeti, Randy Newman, and other influences; and also gives us a peek behind the curtain at the making of the record. Learn more at Support the show … Continue reading "The Jazz Session #459: Josh Rutner"


The Jazz Session #458: Allison Au

Allison Au’s Juno-nominated second album is Forest Grove (2016). In this interview, the Toronto-based saxophonist talks about the memories that inspired the album; her long-standing quartet and why working with the same band matters; the Toronto jazz scene; and her upcoming tour of the Western U.S. and Canada. Learn more at Join The Jazz … Continue reading "The Jazz Session #458: Allison Au"


The Jazz Session #457: Romain Collin

Pianist Romain Collin’s new album is Press Enter (ACT Music, 2015). In this interview, Collin talks about the continued growth of his trio with Luques Curtis and Kendrick Scott; his work as a film scorer on documentaries and more; the inclusion of voices from The Innocence Project on the track “Event Horizon;” and his upcoming … Continue reading "The Jazz Session #457: Romain Collin"


The Jazz Session #456: Steve Lampert

Trumpeter and composer Steve Lampert’s new album is Zahskl’s Jukebox, Vol. 1. In this interview, Lampert talks about the space-age concept behind the album; the complex process of producing both the music and the actual recording; why he doesn’t play live anymore; and how a guy who grew up on hardbop ended up writing music … Continue reading "The Jazz Session #456: Steve Lampert"


The Jazz Session #455: Ross Hammond

Guitarist Ross Hammond’s new album is Flight. The solo acoustic record marks a departure from his previous electric work. In this interview, recorded at Webster’s Bookstore Cafe in State College, PA, Hammond talks about why he’s playing acoustic these days, and 12-string in particular; his church background and how it led to some of the … Continue reading "The Jazz Session #455: Ross Hammond"


The Jazz Session #454: Mimi Jones

Bassist and vocalist Mimi Jones has a new album called Balance on her own Hot Tone Music label. In this interview, Jones talks about building community and why she started her own label; the life challenges that led to this album; the power of names; and her extensive upcoming touring schedule. Learn more at … Continue reading "The Jazz Session #454: Mimi Jones"


The Jazz Session #453: Red Wierenga

Pianist Red Wierenga is a member of the Respect Sextet and the Respect Trio. He also plays accordion in the Claudia Quintet. In this interview, he talks about three new recordings: Respect ‘n’ You: Live At Greenwich House Music School by the Respect Sextet; Respect The Trio, We Says by the Respect Trio; and Figure, … Continue reading "The Jazz Session #453: Red Wierenga"


The Jazz Session #452: Ras Moshe

Ras Moshe is a saxophonist who also creates spaces for other musicians to flourish. In this interview, he talks about the intersection of political activism and music; his father and grandfather, both of whom were saxophonists; his early exposure to the loft scene in New York City; and the work he’s doing both as a … Continue reading "The Jazz Session #452: Ras Moshe"


The Jazz Session #451: Natalie Cressman, Emily Asher & Angela Davis

On this episode, three musicians who’ve recently been on the show, and even more recently recorded new albums: Natalie Cressman talks about Turn The Sea; Emily Asher introduces Meet Me In The Morning; and Angela Davis tells the story behind Lady Luck.


The Jazz Session #450: Cat Toren

Cat Toren is a Canadian pianist living in New York. She’s about to release an album called Inside The Sun featuring music she’s written since moving to New York five years ago. This episode contains a sneak peek at some music from that album. In this interview, Toren talks about making the switch from classical … Continue reading "The Jazz Session #450: Cat Toren"


The Jazz Session #449: Jasmine Lovell-Smith

Soprano saxophonist Jasmine Lovell-Smith’s debut album is Fortune Songs. In this interview, Lovell-Smith talks about the long road from her native New Zealand to Brooklyn to Connecticut to her current home in Mexico; why she stopped playing music, and how she found the inspiration to start again; her early love of Stan Getz and Sonny … Continue reading "The Jazz Session #449: Jasmine Lovell-Smith"