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The online jazz interview show hosted by Jason Crane.

The online jazz interview show hosted by Jason Crane.
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The online jazz interview show hosted by Jason Crane.




The Jazz Session #489: Jane Monheit

It’s been 20 years since the release of Jane Monheit‘s first album, Never Never Land. This week (September 19-21, 2019) Jane is at the Iridium in New York City to celebrate that anniversary. In this interview, we talk about the early days of her career; touring as a homeschooling mom; maintaining good vocal technique; and … Continue reading "The Jazz Session #489: Jane Monheit"


The Jazz Session #488: Noah Preminger

Saxophonist Noah Preminger‘s new album is Zigsaw: Music Of Steve Lampert. In this interview, Preminger talks about the fascinating creative and recording processes that resulted in this new record; the many albums he’s released in recent years; his future touring and recording plans; and more. You’ll find a previous interview with Noah here, and one … Continue reading "The Jazz Session #488: Noah Preminger"


The Jazz Session 2019 Summer Hiatus #1: Kind of Blue (Sound Logic)

Welcome to the first summer hiatus episode of 2019! Earlier this year I was invited on the podcast Sound Logic to talk about the album Kind of Blue by Miles Davis. Here is that episode in its entirety. You can hear other episodes of Sound Logic and subscribe here: And if you want to … Continue reading "The Jazz Session 2019 Summer Hiatus #1: Kind of Blue (Sound Logic)"


TJS Patreon Bonus: June 2019 TEASER

This episode features a roll call of all the current members of The Jazz Session, plus bonus material from my interviews with Brittany Anjou, Claudia Acuña, and Carmen Staaf & Allison Miller. The summer hiatus is now upon us, which means members will be getting the majority of the content I produce in July and … Continue reading "TJS Patreon Bonus: June 2019 TEASER"


The Jazz Session #487: Ashley Daneman (Season 11 Finale)

Ashley Daneman‘s People Are Fragile (Flood Music, 2019) is one of the best albums of 2019. In this interview, Daneman talks about making an album that fearlessly explores darkness; the difficult but necessary choice between a musical career and motherhood; why she performs only for listening audiences; and much more. This is the final episode … Continue reading "The Jazz Session #487: Ashley Daneman (Season 11 Finale)"


The Jazz Session #486: Claudia Acuña

Vocalist Claudia Acuña is back with Turning Pages, her first new album in a decade. In this interview, Acuña talks about being a musician and a mom; the process of releasing a record independently after years working with big labels; the honesty in her lyrics; and much more. I’ve been recording conversations with jazz musicians … Continue reading "The Jazz Session #486: Claudia Acuña"


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The Jazz Session #485: Allison Miller & Carmen Staaf

Science Fair (Sunnyside Records, 2018) is the debut project from the team of drummer Allison Miller and pianist Carmen Staaf. In this interview, Miller and Staaf talk about the unlikely way they met; their shared love of swing, groove and dance; how they chose the other members of their band; and more. (Note: Carmen has … Continue reading "The Jazz Session #485: Allison Miller & Carmen Staaf"


The Jazz Session #484: Brittany Anjou

Pianist and composer Brittany Anjou has a new album called Enamiĝo Reciprokataj (Origin Records, 2019). In this interview, Anjou talks about why her album is titled in Esperanto; the long process of bringing this music from idea to paper to stage to studio; the many diverse projects with which she’s involved; and more. I’ve been … Continue reading "The Jazz Session #484: Brittany Anjou"


The Jazz Session #483: Nick Millevoi

Twilight Time is the new album by guitarist Nick Millevoi and his Desertion Trio. The album features covers of both well known and obscure rock and doo wop songs from the 50s and 60s. In this interview, Millevoi talks about the origin of the trio and the idea for the record; the impact of David … Continue reading "The Jazz Session #483: Nick Millevoi"


The Jazz Session #482: Mark Dresser

Bassist Mark Dresser‘s new septet album is Ain’t Nothing But A Cyber Coup & You. It’s an album that speaks truth to power while also displaying master improvisers at their best. In this interview, Dresser discusses the sonic properties he looks for in his musicians; the way he experiments with the sound of his bass; … Continue reading "The Jazz Session #482: Mark Dresser"


TJS Patreon Bonus: May 2019 Teaser!

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The Jazz Session #481: Dafnis Prieto

Drummer Dafnis Prieto won a Grammy for his 2018 big band album Back To The Sunset. The album highlights Prieto’s skills as a composer, arranger and performer, while also paying tribute to his mentors and influences. In this interview, Prieto talks about the hows and whys of working with a big band; the inclusion of … Continue reading "The Jazz Session #481: Dafnis Prieto"


The Jazz Session #480: Sam Newsome

Soprano saxophonist Sam Newsome is about to release Chaos Theory: Song Cycles for Prepared Saxophone. It’s a surprising and fascinating album that highlights Newsome’s explorations with the variety of sounds the soprano saxophone can make. In this interview, Newsome talks about how he started experimenting with prepared saxophone; why he likes playing solo shows; how … Continue reading "The Jazz Session #480: Sam Newsome"


The Jazz Session #479: Camila Meza

Guitarist and vocalist Camila Meza’s latest album, Ámbar, comes out on May 31, 2019 on Sony Masterworks. It’s her first album for that label. In this interview, Meza talks about how the loss of her grandfather inspired the title track; why she chose to work with strings; meeting — and playing for — one of … Continue reading "The Jazz Session #479: Camila Meza"


The Jazz Session #478: Champian Fulton

Pianist and vocalist Champian Fulton returns to the show to discuss her 10th album, The Stylings of Champian. In this interview, Champian talks about her very busy touring schedule and how she maintains it; the band reunion that led to the new album; her approach to selecting repertoire; and more. Learn more and find tour … Continue reading "The Jazz Session #478: Champian Fulton"


The Jazz Session #477: Moppa Elliott

Bassist Moppa Elliott is the founder of the band Mostly Other People Do The Killing. He’s just released a new triple-album under his own name called Jazz Band/Rock Band/Dance Band. It features three very different bands playing his music. In this interview Elliott talks about the genesis of the project; the benefits of camaraderie and … Continue reading "The Jazz Session #477: Moppa Elliott"


The Jazz Session #476: Mike Baggetta

Guitarist Mike Baggetta’s new album is Wall Of Flowers (2019, BIG EGO Records). The album features bassist Mike Watt (Minutemen, The Stooges) and drummer Jim Keltner (everyone you’ve ever heard of). In this interview, Baggetta talks about how this unlikely trio came to be; what he strives for as a musician and improviser; why he … Continue reading "The Jazz Session #476: Mike Baggetta"