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A podcast for moms who have no clue what they're doing (so all of us?)

A podcast for moms who have no clue what they're doing (so all of us?)
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A podcast for moms who have no clue what they're doing (so all of us?)






Ep 5: And we're back

WE'RE BAAAACK (insert jazz hands)! In Episode 5 of Are We Doing this Wrong, Daci and Paul are back from their travels and Leah never left but is glad her friends are finally home. Leah gives a quick hair update and Daci is reminded that all the kids basically die in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Are we doing this wrong? Daci and Leah discuss traveling with kids. Leah's mission in life is to experience travel with her kids but she doesn't know where to go or how to do it - Insert,...


Ep 4: Art is trash, trash is art

Warning: This episode contains the consumption of champagne. In this week's episode, Leah and Daci both have amazing curly hair updates and Leah boldly claims her torso’s 3 seconds of fame. On the Instagram news feed, Kate Hudson’s pink sweatshirt becomes a conversational piece. Are we doing this wrong? Daci and Leah discuss children’s art… So what do you do with the 647 random, heavily scribbled pieces of “art” sent home with your kid each week? You’ll hear a few great ideas (that they’ll...


Ep 3: I bet Danish parents don't look at their phones

Holy cow. HAPPY (BELATED) NEW YEAR! In Episode 3 of Are We Doing this Wrong, Daci and Leah are recovering from the holidays, counting down the hours until their kids go back to school and Paul googles the word, “sassy.” Meanwhile, you’ll hear a bout of legit sass from Leah as Daci breaks down Busy Phillips’ new book (no friendships were ruined during the making of this podcast). Although it’s 3 weeks into the new year by the time this comes out… goals are being made, people! Daci and Leah...


Ep 2: Am I the first person to think of this?

Daci and Leah are full of wild rice and pie from Thanksgiving (we’re so late – forgive us) and absolutely need to discuss the “secret” child in the Smith family. The topic of winter clothing is brought up in episode 2 of Are We Doing this Wrong and let's take note that Daci ISN’T the idiot who doesn’t know anything about Minnesota - because she is #winning on the car seat and coat game. Also, why the hell are there so many pockets on our coats anyways? Leah discovers a new sale page on...


Ep 1: Damnit I wanted to finish this episode

Daci and Leah are back for more Are We Doing this Wrong content. In Episode 1, the two discuss extra curricular activities, what NOT to say in front of kids and it turns out, Leah's daughter has four words for her, "I don't like you.' *GASP* Meanwhile, Daci has been busy discussing the four R's with Rue (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and ... Race?) For more Are We Doing this Wrong, follow on Instagram at @doingthiswrongpod. Visit or email Daci and Leah at...


Ep 0: So let's do this

Welcome to Episode 0 of Are We Doing this Wrong, a podcast for moms who have no clue what they're doing. Co-hosts, Daci and Leah, sit down for the first time with mics, headphones and maybe a couple mimosas to give listeners an introduction on themselves and what to expect from Are We Doing this Wrong. Together, they commiserate in what happens when you tell your kid to wear a specific item so their friends think they're cool, parental controls and curly hair appreciation. For more Are We...


Coming Soon - Are We Doing this Wrong

Coming soon! We're two moms who met because well... our moms are dead. We thought maybe motherhood was extra hard for us but then we realized nobody knows what the hell they're doing. Bottom line is.. we're not judging you, we're doing it wrong too. Become a supporter of this podcast: