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A fun and energetic look at the world of art education.

A fun and energetic look at the world of art education.
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A fun and energetic look at the world of art education.




Ep. 152 - Making the Most of Your Art Ed Now Experience

Art Ed Now presenter Rachel Albert joins Tim from Toronto to talk about everything related to the conference. They discuss Rachel's upcoming presentation on using Google Classroom in art class, her process of creating her successful presentation, and how to make the most of your conference experience on February 2nd. Resources and Links Everything You Need to Know About Art Ed NowCheck Out Google ClassroomReasons to Attend an Art Ed ConferenceAnimation and Storytelling with Featured...


Ep. 151 - Paul Topolos

Animator Paul Topolos is known for his work on films such as The Incredibles, Cars, Toy Story 3, and the Star Wars prequels. He will be the featured presenter at the Art Ed Now Winter Conference on February 2nd, and today he is on Art Ed Radio. Tim visits Paul in his San Francisco home and studio for an enlightening interview on storytelling, artmaking, and inspiration. Resources and Links Take a look at Paul's WebsiteSee Paul's IMDB PageAn In-Depth Interview with Paul About His...


Ep. 150 - A Whole New Kind of University

The Art of Education is now the Art of Education University, and we are proud to be able to offer a Master's Degree in Art Education. But, as always, AOEU is not just about a degree--it is about learning at every stage of your career. Listen as Tim talks to AOEU Founder and CEO Derek Balsley about the new Master's degree being offered, what is developing in the world of higher education, and how The Art of Education University can change the thinking about what a university should...


Ep. 149 - The Journey to AOEU

The Art of Education is now the Art of Education University, and we are proud to be able to offer a Master's Degree in Art Education. Listen as AOEU Founder and President Jessica Balsley discusses the path to becoming a university, why she's so excited to make this announcement, and how this new Master's Degree can work for art teachers everywhere. Full episode transcript below. Resources and Links Introducing The Art of Education UniversityAnnouncing the New Master's Degree


Ep. 148 - How to Use the Holidays for Advocacy

In the last episode before the holiday break, Tim invites AOE writer Abby Schukei back on the show to talk about how you can actually use the holidays as an opportunity for advocacy. Listen as they discuss the best projects you can complete before break, new ideas and systems for organization, and ways to make your classroom feel a little bit better when you return from some time off. Resources and Links How to Spread Cheer and Promote Your Art ProgramA New Way to Check Out SuppliesHow to...


Ep. 147 - How to Build Student Confidence

In this episode, Ryan Loeppky returns to the show to explore more ideas about teaching with Tim (as the two usually do). They talk about how to build student confidence and help kids find their artistic voice. Listen as they discuss skill building, encouraging the creation of original work, and why we need to work alongside kids rather than handing down ideas from above. Resources and Links An Art Room Culture Worth SharingContinuing to Grow as a TeacherTeaching Strategies to Build Student...


Ep. 146 - Social and Emotional Artistic Learning SEAL

Social and emotional learning is a topic that is not discussed enough, and it is important that all art teachers start to see how they can begin connecting their art lessons to social and emotional learning. In this episode, Tim welcomes Elizabeth Peterson from The Inspired Classroom to talk about these topics and many more. Listen as they discuss Arts Integration, caring for and connecting with our kids, and why every teacher needs to always remain open-minded. Resources and Links The...


Ep. 145 - The Post Thanksgiving Mailbag

It's time for Tim to clear out the inbox and answer some listener questions! The post-Thanksgiving mailbag includes discussion on kids stealing artwork, improving the creative process, and how to critique kids without hurting their confidence. And maybe a few words on why a TED talk on flag design may be just the thing your class needs right now. Resources and Links Creativity Exercises for Every LevelHow to Help Students Uncover Their Creative ProcessHelping Students Work Within...


Ep. 144 - Why You Need to Paint Your Staff Bathrooms

Are you looking to improve morale amongst your colleagues and staff? Why not paint your staff bathrooms? It may sound like an idea that's a little bit out there, but AOE Writer and Instructor Debi West will convince you it's the way to go! Listen as she talks to Tim about the inspiration behind the idea, how she works with her kids to advocate for her program, and what she is thankful for as an art teacher. Resources and Links How to Build Staff Morale One Bathroom Makeover at a TimeHow to...


Ep. 143 - 5 Tips for Teaching English Language Learners

Megan Dehner has done videos and PRO packs for AOE, and now she is a part of the writing team. In this episode, Tim brings Megan on to introduce herself, talk about her upcoming writing, and most importantly, her best strategies for teaching English Language Learners. Resources and Links Strategies for English Language Learners (PRO Pack)Help Your ELL Students with These Simple StepsAll of Megan's Articles


Ep. 142 - A View From My Run with Author/Illustrator Lori Richmond

Author and Illustrator Lori Richmond joins Tim today to talk about running, creativity, and art. Lori's acclaimed "View From My Run" series illustrates the scenes that she passes as she trains for the New York City Marathon. She is also a children's book author and illustrator, and she and Tim talk today about running marathons, finding time to be creative, and how we can help students appreciate the artmaking process. Resources and Links Lori's View From My Run SeriesSee Lori on...


Ep. 141 - Why You Need to Start Using Colored Clay

If you are looking for a good way to add something to your ceramics teaching, you need to check out colored clay! In this episode, Abby Schukei invites Tim into her classroom to explore the idea of colored clay and how it can be used in your classroom. Listen as they discuss the process of creating colored clay, how much your students can do during the process, and some of the best lessons and ideas to bring more color into your ceramics. Resources and Links The Art of Dean McCrainColor in...


Ep. 140 - Making Art History Meaningful

Art Class Curator podcast host Cindy Ingram is doing a podcast swap with Tim this week! She is a guest on Art Ed Radio today, and he is a guest on the Art Class Curator podcast as well. In this episode, they discuss teaching art history, why emotion plays such a big role in Cindy's passion for art history, and give some strategies on how to better teach art history in your own classroom. Resources and Links The Art Class Curator WebsiteAll of Cindy's PodcastsArt History Ideas on AOETim's...


Ep. 139 - The Best Art-Inspired Halloween Costumes

AOE Senior Editor Amanda Heyn joins Tim to talk about why art teachers have the best Halloween costumes out there! Listen as they discuss the best art-inspired costumes they've seen (and made), new ideas for costumes with your family or significant other, and possibilities for the procrastinators who haven't yet thought of a costume idea! Resources and Links The AOE Frida Costume TutorialArt History Inspired Halloween Costumes25 Ideas for Art Costumes12 Costumes to Make You the Art Star


Ep. 138 - Can Art Play a Role in Career Education

In today's episode, Tim and Abby tackle the topic of career education, and what the role of art can be when it comes to career and technical ed. Listen as they discuss whether CTE helps or hurts the art room (maybe both?), how to embrace CTE and use it as an advocacy tool, and how art can lead the way when it comes to teaching skills for the future. Resources and Links What is Career and Technical Education? Why Career and Technical EducationLighting a Fire: Why Art Education is the Key to...


Ep. 137 - Finding Success Working with Paraprofessionals

Having a positive, collaborative relationship with your paraprofessionals is vital. But how do you establish and continue that type of relationship? In this episode, Shannon Lauffer joins Tim to share some of her best ideas about working with paraprofessionals in your art room. Listen as they discuss the importance of communicating your routines and procedures, making sure you are providing the right amount of support, and how to handle any conflicts that may arise. Resources and...


Ep. 136 - Author Susan Verde

Author Susan Verde has published a new book called "Hey, Wall", and she joins Tim to talk about all things writing and art. Listen as they discuss Susan's previous books, her inspiration and writing process, and how she just can't seem to stop being teamed up with Peter Reynolds. Resources and Links Susan Verde's Website and BooksSusan's InstagramFind Out More About "Hey, Wall"5 Questions with Susan Verde


Ep. 135 - Appreciating the Seasons of Your Life

No matter where we are in life, or what we have accomplished, it always seems like we are looking for something more. How do we appreciate what we have at this moment? AOE Founder and President Jessica Balsley joins Tim to discuss the seasons of your life, the myth of the work-life balance, and how one bad day can't define you as a person or a teacher. Resources and Links Talking Passion and Creativity with Jessica BalsleyContinuing to Learn in Every Season of Your LifeFinding Your Sweet...


Ep. 134 - The Memory Project

If you aren't already familiar with The Memory Project, this episode will be the perfect introduction. The founder of The Memory Project, Ben Schumaker, joins Tim to discuss how art students and artists are making portraits for children in need all around the world. Listen as they discuss the history of the project, how two donors are making big things happen, and what you can do to get your students involved. Resources and Links The Memory ProjectSpecifics on FundingTim's Article About...


Ep. 133 - What Does Good PD Look Like?

So often, we talk about finding the right PD, and even more often, we talk about the lack of good PD for art teachers. In this episode, Tim and Andrew talk about what it looks like when you have worthwhile professional development available (4:15), how a focused topic can help you throughout the year (10:00), and the importance of finding teachers who share your passion (15:15). Resources and Links Being a Lifelong LearnerA Rundown of AOE's Professional Development OpportunitiesLooking...