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A fun and energetic look at the world of art education.

A fun and energetic look at the world of art education.
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A fun and energetic look at the world of art education.




Ep. 191 - New Ideas for Fibers, Sculpture, and Metals

As Tim continues to bring on new guests and share new ideas, he welcomes Caroline Gardner to talk about what is happening in her classroom. Listen as they discuss shibori fabric dyeing, teaching jewelry techniques to middle schoolers, and a plethora of other ideas. Resources and Links Sculpture Ideas for the Art Room Metal Jewelry Making (Art Ed PRO) A Beginner's Guide to Making Jewelry More Ideas for 3D Pens and Other Materials


Ep. 190 - Art for All: Universal Design for Learning

It is incredibly difficult to design your classroom in a way that works for all learners. Author and art teacher Liz Byron has tried to do exactly that in her book Art for All: Planning for Variability in the Visual Arts Classroom. Listen as they discuss student variability, customizing instruction, and the best ways to design your classroom for learning and engagement. Resources and Links Art for All: Universal Design for Learning.Universal Design for LearningHeather Hansen


Ep. 189 - Always Moving Forward

We always love to look for new things to try in our classrooms, and few teachers do it better than Caitlyn Thompson. In today's episode, she joins Tim to talk about some of her amazing lessons, why she thinks of herself as a coach in the art room, and why she is always looking for fresh ideas to explore. Resources and Links Follow Caitlyn on Instagram Caitlyn's Paper Pottery Lesson Plan More about Growth Mindset


Ep. 188 - Strategies to Support Social and Emotional Learning.mp3

As teachers, we understand that social and emotional learning is a vital part of what we do in our art rooms. Dr. Wynita Harmon joins Tim on today's episode to discuss strategies for incorporating more social and emotional learning into your classroom. Listen as they discuss building relationships with our students, the role art teachers play in developing our students' learning, and simple ideas that you can utilize immediately. Resources and Links PRO Learning Pack is here How to Create...


Ep. 187 - Exploration and Experimentation in Drawing

Tim welcomes a new guest to the podcast this week! Stan Dodson, art teacher from Augusta, Georgia, joins Tim to talk about how we can encourage kids to take more chances, experiment, and explore in their drawing. Listen as they discuss their favorite drawing projects, ideas for materials and techniques, and why you need to bring in donuts for your classes soon. Resources and Links Follow Stan on Twitter How to Inspire Students to Use Sketchbooks in a New Way 4 Benefits of Trying New Things...


Ep. 186 - Managing Behaviors and Avoiding Escalation

After publishing her popular article last week, Abby sits down with Tim to discuss the best strategies to manage student behavior and keep those behaviors from escalating. Listen as they discuss oppositional defiant disorder, how to stay calm in the face of misbehavior, and why you should be a "second-to-last word teacher." Resources and Links Why You Shouldn't Care if Your Students MisbehaveBrian Mendler Managing Your Classroom


Ep. 185 - Simple (and Inexpensive!) Sculpture Ideas

Too many teachers find their budget to be the biggest concern in their classroom. It is a constant struggle when you don't have enough money, there are never enough supplies, and we seem to never have everything that we need to teach the way we want to teach. Listen as Tim gives suggestions for inexpensive sculpture materials, how to build your students' problem-solving skills, and how to get creative to stretch that budget. Resources and Links Art with Coach T's Instagram Matt Young's...


Ep. 184 - Finding Time for Better Professional Development

With so many teachers sitting through professional development of questionable relevance, it's time to look for a better option. Today, Art Ed PRO director Amanda Heyn joins Tim to discuss the best options for better art teacher PD. Listen as they talk about what PD should do for teachers, their favorite learning packs in the PRO library, how to approach your admin about getting PRO for your school. Resources and Links Getting PRO in Your SchoolCheck out the Entire PRO LibraryHow to Ask...


Ep. 183 - Building Awareness and Empathy

Jonathan Juravich returns to the show to talk more about how we teach awareness and empathy in the art room. Since his last appearance, Jonathan has given a TED talk and continued to spread the word about the importance of social and emotional learning. Listen as he and Tim discuss what it's like to give a TED talk, how we make the art room a safe space for our kids, and why we need to have purposeful conversations with our kids. Resources and Links You can watch Jonathan's TED Talk...


Ep. 182 - Are Connections More Important than Content

Are you a teacher that gets things started as soon as the bell rings, or are you willing to take a couple of minutes to converse before beginning instruction? In this episode, Tim argues for the latter, sharing why he thinks it's important to spend more time talking to your kids. Listen as he discusses why you need to get to know your kids, strategies for building connections, and the benefits you will see when kids know you really care about them. Resources and Links Quiz About the...


Ep. 181 - Innovative Ceramics Ideas

Amanda O'Shaughnessy is an elementary art teacher from Kansas City who does incredible ceramic work with her kids. After her wildly popular Art Ed Now presentation, she comes on the podcast with Tim to share even more of her ideas. Listen as they discuss why she brings advanced ideas to her younger kids, the importance of making connections on Instagram, and her best advice for people to advance their ceramics instruction. Resources and Links Check out Amanda's PRO Pack hereFollow Amanda...


Ep. 180 - Blown Away with Momoko Schafer

There's never a bad time to talk about blowing glass, particularly with the popularity of Netflix's show Blown Away. Today, Tim talks to contestant Momo Schafer about her experience in the glassblowing world and her time on the show. Listen as they discuss Momo's life and artistic career, some behind-the-scenes stories from the show, and ideas for helping your students appreciate what happens in a hot shop. Resources and Links Momo's website can be found hereHer Instagram is hereWatch...


Ep. 179 - Art Ed Now Recap

The 2019 Summer Art Ed Now conference is in the books, and Tim is here with Lindsey Moss and Abby Schukei break it all down! Listen as they discuss their highlights from the conference, their admiration for Ron Clark, and their a-ha moments and takeaways from the presenters. Resources and Links The Summer Conference Recap is HereThe Ron Clark Podcast InterviewIf you missed this conference, there's always the next one!


Ep. 178 - The Official Art Ed Now Preview

Conference week is finally here! With Art Ed Now coming up in just two days, AOEU's Lindsey Moss joins Tim to preview everything coming up on Thursday. They talk about Lindsey's excitement for her upcoming conference presentation, her love of putting together giant packets of information and resources to share with everyone, and the presentations they are most looking forward to this time around. Resources and Links Check out everything about the conference hereArtsonia can be found...


Ep. 177 - Communication and Collaboration

One thing we don't think about often enough, and rarely take the time to reflect on, is how we communicate. Today, AOEU's Amber Kane talks to Tim about the importance of communication and how it can affect collaboration in our classrooms and our schools at large. Listen as they discuss what we need to ask ourselves about communication, how we play to our strengths, and how we take those strengths into our classrooms. Resources and Links Amber's previous podcast appearanceThe case for more...


Ep. 176 - Introducing Nic Hahn as the Everyday Art Room Host

As you may have heard, the Everyday Art Room podcast has a new host this week--Nic Hahn! You may know Nic from her Mini Matisse blog, her Instagram, or her many Art Ed Now conference presentations. Today, ahead of her debut episode on Everyday Art Room, she sits down to talk to Tim about her new show, finding her place as an educator, and what she wants to share with art teachers around the world. Resources and Links Check out the Everyday Art Room podcastYou can find Nic's blog hereGive...


Ep. 175 - Taking Care of Yourself Over the Summer

Inspired by his time at the AOEU Team Retreat, Tim is here to talk about everything you can do to make the summer meaningful. That may be a little bit of artmaking, a little bit of PD, or a lot of nothing. Listen as he discusses why we need to find time for ourselves, how that helps our students, and why you might just want to visit an arts festival in the summer months. Resources and Links 8 Art Activities for Your Summer To-Do List10 Ways to Reconnect with Your Inner Artist this Summer4...


Ep. 174 - Bringing the Art of Tattoos into Your Classroom

Have you ever talked about tattooing with your students? Would you ever make tattoos part of your curriculum? Today's episode tells you why you may want to consider the idea. Tattoo artist and educator Joseph Swanson joins Tim to discuss why tattoos fit into so much of what we do in the art room, including art history, interpersonal relationships, and social and emotional learning. Resources and Links Art Right Now on InstagramCheck out the Art Right Now PodcastJoseph is on InstagramSullen...


Ep. 173 - Michael Bell and How to Get PD That Actually Matters

The always-inspiring and always-entertaining Michael Bell is back on the podcast this week! He's had some changes in his professional life, and he's here to talk to Tim about how he's bringing art in his district to a higher level. Listen as they discuss the role of an art supervisor, the incredible new ArtScene show Michael spearheaded, and why Art Ed PRO has been a game changer for his district. Resources and Links Find Art Ed PRO hereHow to Get PRO in Your SchoolMichael on the News...


Ep. 172 - Banishing Those Boring Critiques

It can be difficult to run successful critiques in your classroom, and find ways to get all your kids involved. But there are so many strategies to ease your kids in to these valuable and engaging learning experiences. Today, Tim is joined by Dr. Lisa Casey to talk about the power of critiques and how to get them started in your classroom. Listen as they discuss strategies for engagement, ideas for all levels of critiques, and how students grow throughout the year through participation and...