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Helping first-time mums, mums-to-be and mums-who-want-to-be feel supported with real, honest and vulnerable information throughout their conception, pregnancy + motherhood journeys. From IVF and morning sickness to sleep habits and hypno-birthing, this is a resource for women (and their partners!)Find out more at

Helping first-time mums, mums-to-be and mums-who-want-to-be feel supported with real, honest and vulnerable information throughout their conception, pregnancy + motherhood journeys. From IVF and morning sickness to sleep habits and hypno-birthing, this is a resource for women (and their partners!)Find out more at




Helping first-time mums, mums-to-be and mums-who-want-to-be feel supported with real, honest and vulnerable information throughout their conception, pregnancy + motherhood journeys. From IVF and morning sickness to sleep habits and hypno-birthing, this is a resource for women (and their partners!)Find out more at






Remembering Elke Pixie with Emma Bowes

** Trigger Warning, Stillbirth, Baby Loss** October is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month and today’s guest is going to share a story with us all that will undoubtedly have you reaching for the tissues and holding your babies tighter that normal. This was one of the hardest interviews I have done but it is such an important topic because it is very likely that you or someone you know will have been affected by it. Unfortunately stillbirth isn’t rare, the statistics in Australia alone...


How feminine and masculine energies are playing out in your life with Alanna Jane

Feminine energy doesn't just belong to women and masculine energies don't just belong to men. Tune in this week to understand the important balance between the two and how they may be playing out in your own life. This one's not just for the mamas! Find out more about Alanna here:


Protecting your child online and the reality of child exploitation with Adam Whittington

This episode contains dialogue around child sexual abuse, which may be triggering for some. I get that most of you listening to this podcast come here for pre and postnatal advice and while I strive to cover a wide range of topics on the show, I’ve never spoken about anything as dark or as serious as this. But this is not something we can stick our heads in the sand over and we can start by having conversations in our own homes and with the children in our lives. The internet has it’s pros...


Rewriting the 'I'm not good enough' story with Dr Libby Quinn

Making a return to the podcast this week is the principal psychologist of the Women's Psychology Clinic, Dr Libby Quinn. With extensive training and clinical practice, Dr Libby is hands down the best therapist I have ever seen (and why I continue to see her regularly) She just gets us ladies! Dr Libby is across all the evidence based tools used to enhance our psychological wellbeing and today we get into understanding how our core beliefs can run our worlds (and what we can do to stop that...


Hormone imbalances, endometriosis and the importance of finding the root cause with Dr Nat Kringoudis

Returning to the podcast this week is Dr Nat Kringoudis, doctor of Chinese medicine, Acupuncturist, Author, Speaker, co-host of the Period Party podcast and the Wellness Collective podcast, put simply - an all-round natural fertility expert! This episode is a recording taken from my Becoming Mum Live Virtual Event series and in today's episode we chat about: Follow Nat on Instagram here:


Solo mama life, dating again and speaking your truth with Leila Stead

Solo mama to her little girl, Leila Stead, a talented writer and photographer, is the incredible woman behind the blog Ever the Daring and podcast We are the Daring. She’s passionate, authentic, brave, vulnerable and she’s not afraid to talk about controversial topics. Today we dive into life as a solo mama, how it happened, how she moved through it, starting to date again, parenting, the lessons she’s learned along the way, how important it is to take care of you first and standing in your...


Why mothers will not continue to do everything all of the time with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

Today's episode is brought to you by Amy's newest online offering, Returning Home, a 6-month membership for mamas to support them as they find their 'new normal'. *CLOSES SUN MAY 10* Our global situation has forced a change in so many of our lives. On top of the everyday mum duties, mothers the world over are trying to simultaneously educate their children, run their own businesses, work from home and keep everyone fed, clean and clothed. For some it has been a wonderful opportunity to slow...


Meltdowns and Tantrums, what's really going on? with Katie Crosby

H ow do you feel when your little one has a meltdown, or when you get triggered by their behaviour and you snap? I’ve been there and to be honest it feels awful and I’ve often wondered why I am so quick to be triggered. Today’s guest, Katie Crosby, a paediatric occupational therapist, is an expert in the emotions and behaviours of kids (and inner kids) In this episode, Katie shares with us some incredible information on understanding what it is ourselves AND our kids need in a “meltdown”...


The organisational Queen on life's biggest lessons with Steph Pase

If you’re anything like me and probably a million other women, chaos and mess makes you feel anxious and overwhelmed, and today’s guest sums it up perfectly - "it’s not about having the perfect pantry or having the cleanest house it’s about feeling in control and not being a slave to your home and your life". Steph Pase (aka @justanothermummyblog) is an Aussie mum of two beautiful girls and the creative and organised genius behind Steph Pase planners, but today we move beyond schedules and...


Managing Anxiety with Nicola Laye

Nicola Laye has helped thousands of women with her background in Palliative care, Pilates teaching and more recently in her role as breath workshop facilitator and pregnancy coach. In today's episode we dive into how the breath can help us out of anxiety not only in pregnancy but in everyday life. You can find out more about Nicola here: Follow Nicola on Instagram here: Listen to her Meditation track here:...


#mumtiptuesday Finding calm amidst Coronavirus with Nicole King

I have heard from so many mothers who are experiencing anxiety, fear and overwhelm with what is happening in the world right now due to Coronavirus. So I decided to sit down with meditation teacher and founder of the Momi Method, Nicole King to get some great practical advice on how to deal with these feelings, not only for ourselves but to model for our children as well. We go through simple breathing techniques for you and your family as well as activities you can do with your children...


Birth is not the finish line, why mums need more support with Dr Oscar Serrallach

If you’re a mum, fatigue, loss of libido, brain fog (mumbrain), thinning hair, sagging skin and softer nails are all things we just accept as common and normal after giving birth. However, common doesn’t necessarily mean normal and our next guest chats to us about his work in identifying a syndrome all mothers experience to some degree, called Postnatal Depletion. I first heard of Dr Oscar Serrallach when I was pregnant, he has written a book called The Postnatal Depletion Cure which I...


#mumtiptuesday 5 items that made my life easier

So there's actually 7 items that I talk about, but 5 items sounded so much better! #1 The Mumsie Genius creation by Sunshine Coast mama Janneke. Overalls that carry your baby! #2 Mummy Backpack - Goodbye handbag... There are so many of these available, just make sure you get one with bottle compartments and lots of pockets! #3 Formula Dispenser - I can't believe it took me months to know these existed. Again so many available, choose one that suits! #4 Sophie the Giraffe Entertaining...


Why isn't my baby sleeping? with Tara Mitchell

This week I chat to Tara Mitchell, otherwise known as The Gentle Sleep Specialist. She is a Paediatric nurse and infant & toddler sleep consultant with over 200 5-star reviews for her work. Tara has worked with over 1000 clients and is a trusted referral source for Paediatricians, Midwives, Child Health Nurses, Pharmacists, Psychologists, Teachers and many more. Today we bust the myth that being a parent inherently means you say goodbye to good sleep and that babies are just ‘bad at...


Breastfeeding challenges, what new mamas need to know with Susie Prout

Susie Prout supports mamas to not only survive breastfeeding but to thrive while doing do. She is a Registered Midwife and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant originally from Perth, currently based in Indonesia with her husband and three young children. Today we are going to talk about the common challenges she sees including the top up trap, biting while feeding and over supply as well as tongue ties, breastfeeding in public and why breastfeeding isn’t worth it for every...


#mumtiptuesday Essential oils for babies

How to use essential oils for babies is one of the most commonly searched for terms and the type of questions I receive the most. I have been using doTERRA essential oils on Lucia who is 8 months old now, since she was about 5 weeks old. I use Frankincense, Copaiba, Magnolia, Lavender, Roman Chamomile, On Guard (sparingly) and DigestZen. Listen to this episode to hear exactly how I do that!


Why 2020 needs to be #theyearofthemother with Diana Spalding

Diana is a mother of 3, a midwife, a paediatric nurse, founder of Gathered Birth and the digital education editor over at Motherly – an uplifting online community full of expert tricks-of-the-trade and inspiring stories. She is also the author of soon to be released The Motherly Guide to Becoming Mama, and today we dive into why token self care is not enough for the burn out mums are facing, how we collectively need to honour matrescence and the transition into motherhood, and what you can...


Healing birth trauma and empowering our daughters with Angela Fitzgerald

Angela Fitzgerald is a birth healing coach, midwife and mother. She helps women heal from birth and prepare for their next births through her unique personal coaching programmes. Angela believes that we can heal from birth no matter how long ago it was, and when we heal from our experience of childbirth we have the power to heal so much more. Today we dive into really owning our feminine power, which starts long before we have a baby and how tuning into the natural ebbs and flows of our...


#mumtiptuesday Dear Mama, this one's for you

Dear mama, I see you, doing the best you can. Showing up every single day, even when you don't feel like it. I want you to know you are a rockstar CONT . . .


It takes two to tango, why sperm health matters with Sarah Heywood

In today's episode we dive into what sperm health has dropped 50% over the last four decades and how we can take matters into our own hands when it comes to male infertility. Sarah Heywood is the Founder of The Journey, a new digital media platform dedicated to providing people with evidence based, easy-to-understand information on fertility, conception, pregnancy and the early years.We chat about how hormones affect sperm health, the role Vitamin D plays in fertility, why men- to a degree,...