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#110 – Making the Engagement Season Great

You’re engaged! Congratulations!! Let the fun begin! A great thought! However, for many people who recently popped the question and said “yes,” the months before the wedding isn’t an easy season. Why is that? On today’s episode we’ll kick around what can make engagement season challenging and some practical ways to take off the pressure. Talk about this: Review the four stumbling blocks and discuss which one feels most threatening. What steps do you need to take to minimize the threat...


#109 – Fighting for a Healthy Family Tempo

Does the pace of your family ever feel frantic? Do you feel like you run from thing to thing to thing? You’re not alone! On this episode we discuss what it means to adjust our pace and create strategies for releasing pressure in our family life. Talk about this: Do we have an unhealthy tempo? What's preventing us from making adjustments? NOW TALK ABOUT THOSE THINGS! Related Links: Episode #38 – Keystone Habits of Healthy Families Also remember: Want to reach us? You can find us on...


#108 – 12 Garbage Habits in Parenting

Life is messy – especially when it comes parenting. (Or perhaps your kids actually pick up there stuff!) If we aren’t careful, chaos can take over more than our household, it can impact our relationships. Like Episode #106, in today’s podcast Billy and Joy discuss what sloppy habits we need to purge in order to keep our family healthy! Talk about this: Where is there garbage in our parenting? What steps do we need to take to get rid of it? Related Links: NY Times article on sleep ...


#107 - Understanding Personality Types in Marriage

We love personality tests not just because they help us grow individually, but because they can build empathy and understanding in our relationships. This is especially true in marriage. On this episode we’ll give you one example (ours!) of how a variety of tests provide a common language and improve our connection. Talk about this: How are you, as a couple, learning to leverage the knowledge of type and the common language found therein? What are the tensions you are currently facing...


#106 – 12 Garbage Habits in Marriage

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to trash a place? Without constant maintenance it feels like garbage would take over our lives. The same is true in our marriage – little habits and behaviors creep into our relationship that can eventually trash the connection with our spouse. In this episode Billy and Joy review the “Dirty Dozen” of marriage garbage and offer some ways to see if any of them are cluttering your relationship. Talk about this: Where is there garbage in our...


#105 – 9 Things Your Kids Won’t Tell You

Wouldn’t you love to get logical, reasoned feedback from your kids? Wouldn’t it be fantastic if they expressed appreciation for your hard work, if they explained when they were hurt or frustrated or if they admitted that you were usually right? On today’s podcast we discuss things your kids won’t tell you, but are true nonetheless. Talk about this: What do you think your kids don't tell you? What encouragement makes the biggest difference to you? Are there any areas where you feel like...


#104 – Coming To Grips With Your Spouse’s Imperfection

Have you ever noticed your spouse is flawed? Of course this is a rhetorical question, but as couples say their vows, it’s easy to minimize those flaws. Don’t we all hope for a seamless compatibility to rule the day? But what do you do when as life progresses and the frustrations mount? How do you cope with the imperfections you always seem to notice in your spouse? Talk about this: This week we would love for you to sit with these steps - to think about the quality of your marriage and to...


#103 – Tips For Parenting Your Future Teenager

Ready or not, your young children will soon become teenagers. For most of us, this means our parenting journey will feel like peddling a bike up a long, steep hill. If you want to be ready, you’ll build momentum for the teenage challenge during the elementary school years. In this podcast, we’ll discuss what that means with practical ideas and starting points! Talk about this: Spend time imaging what your kids will be like as teenagers. Compare notes with your spouse or...


#102 - Are You Ready For Marriage? Couple Edition

What makes a couple ready for marriage? Is it the amount of time spent dating? Or is it based on shared experiences? Is a couple ready because they are generally “compatible” or because they have been great dance partners at weddings? Why is it important to be “ready” to be married anyway? All of that on this episode of Between Parents! Talk about this: As you think about your relationship and your “readiness” consider what areas need to be turned up and what areas need to be turned...


#101 – Are You Ready For Marriage? Individual Edition

So you think you’re marriage material? How do you know? Is there anything you can do in advance to make sure you’re ready to say, “I do” successfully? We think so! In today’s episode we discuss six key practices for getting ready for marriage even in the dating season. Six Key Practices: Practice Self-Awareness Practice Healthy Conflict Practice Other Awareness Practice Serving Practice Boundaries Practice Intentional Community Talk about this: Where do I need the most...


#100 - A Very Special Episode*

Welcome to the triple digits everyone! Thanks for coming along on this journey with us. Today we’re doing a “highlight reel” featuring the themes of this podcast. If you’re new to this podcast (or passing it along), below are a few links to episodes that touch on these themes. Enjoy! Joy’s Themes Episode sampling: Best Way to Destress Your Family Enjoying the Middle School Years 101 Fun Things to Do as a Family Enjoying Your Family Episode sampling: Creating Your Family...


#99 – Asking Kids Better Questions

Have your kids ever clammed up when you ask them questions? Do you feel like it’s been ages since you’ve heard more than a one-word answer? Perhaps there’s a better way to chat with our kids. In this episode we discuss five principles for starting great conversations. 1st PRINCIPLE: Question for interest - If it’s important to your kids, it should be important to you. 2nd PRINCIPLE: Question for stories – bring out the storyteller in your child 3rd PRINCIPLE: Question for the long view –...


#98 - Five Truths For A Discouraged Parent

Have you ever been put into a tailspin by a challenging day? What parent isn’t sometimes discouraged by the rigors of raising kids? Today’s episode has five nuggets of encouragement you need to keep in mind. Remember – you are doing a great work!! Talk about this: If you're feeling discouraged, we want to encourage you to share what's going on with your spouse and others in your circle of influence. Also share which truth was most encouraging to you. Related links: Episode #97 Asking for...


# 97 - Forgiveness In Marriage

Has your spouse ever hurt you? Or have you ever done anything to hurt your spouse? No matter how great your marriage, there will be times where forgiveness is required. But even when you recognize this as true, the actual FORGIVING isn’t easy. In this episode we discuss not only why you should forgive your spouse but some practical ways to build a habit of forgiveness. Talk about this: This week we don't have questions for you so much as we want you to PRACTICE the last point of the...


#96 – Eight Back-to-School Reminders

School days are right around the corner, which often feels like a blessing, but can also feel like a curse. So how do you make the most of the school year? Today’s episode is a great place to start with eight reminders for every family with school-aged children! Talk about this: Which item on this list feels like a challenge for us? What’s our plan for encouraging our child’s teacher? Related Links: Episode #66 – Picking Schools For Your Kids An additional article on enjoying school ...


#95 – Marriage As A Team Sport

There are plenty of word pictures that work for describing a great relationship, but one of the most memorable ones we’ve ever heard is seeing marriage as a team sport. In this episode, Billy and Joy break down five ways treating your spouse like a teammate can be a game changer. Talk about this: How well do we function as a team? What areas need our attention? What do you feel are your unique talents and where would you like to see my support? When do you feel like I celebrate you...


#94 - Kicking The Parent Intimidation Trap

Do you ever wonder how your parenting ranks? Do you evaluate your mother/father “job performance” relative to others? Do you ever question how others are so pulled together while you struggle? These questions are easy to consider, but pull us off track of what matters. In this week’s podcast Billy and Joy review a couple of mental exercises and a few habit that will help kick the parent intimidation trap. Talk about this: Where do we have a limited mindset? How easy is it for me to be...


#93 - Confessions of Flawed Parents

Today’s podcast is an exercise in vulnerability. We often say we are flawed and broken parents, but today we get specific! We hope you’ll relate as we discuss themes that creep up repeatedly in our family and inspire you to dig up your themes as well! Talk about this: Get out a pad of paper and write down your parenting flaws and/or themes. How do those flaws impact your parenting? Also remember: We love hearing from you. Reach out on the socials @betweenparents on instagram and...


#92 - Five Questions About Marriage

We had so much fun in Episode #91 going through your parenting questions, we decided to address some of the personal and/or bite sized inquires on marriage this week. We love hearing from you and hope our input on these questions is helpful! Related Links: Episode # 44 - Getting Unstuck From Marriage Ruts Episode #51 – 21 Bits of Advice for Newlyweds Episode #11 – The Awkward Date Night Episode # 7 – Don’t Do Life Alone Also remember: We love hearing from you. Reach out on the...


#91 - Five Questions About Parenting

As much as we try to address the assorted questions lobbed our way, sometimes we lag with the personal and/or bite-sized inquires. In today’s episode we are solving that problem with a handful of random, but hopefully helpful, questions you guys ask. Take a listen and, by all means, keep asking! Related Links: Episode # 8 – Is this really just a stage? Episode # 2 - A Warning About Parent Measurement Also remember: We love hearing from you. Reach out on the socials @betweenparents on...