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#140– 6 Crucial Practices Before Becoming Parents (replay)

Are you thinking about having kids? Ever wonder what you need to know or maybe what things you shouldn’t worry about? Where do you start? In this episode Billy & Joy discuss six crucial practices to develop before you have kids. While this list isn’t exhaustive, it’s a great starting point. Here’s a quick recap of the list: #1 – Establish healthy habits #2 – Dial into families whose family (and processes) you admire #3 – Prioritize your marriage #4 – Prepare for your new life with some...


#139 Respond vs React : How to keep your cool

Do you ever lose your cool? Have you ever felt like you have one nerve left and everyone is standing on it? If you’re like us, it’s easy to react to people and circumstances reflexively – to give full range to impatience, frustration, or anger. In this summer replay episode Billy and Joy kick around the idea of responding rather than reacting to the things that bug us. Take a listen and form some of your own opinions about their opinions! Talk about this: How often do I react to my kids...


#138- The Most Insightful Parenting Movie Quote We Know

I don’t know about you, but quoting movies is one of our favorite hobbies. We love when characters say EXACTLY what’s on our mind. In this episode we kick around a classic exchange between parents that convicts, challenges, AND entertains us. You might want to check out the link below before you listen to this episode so you can “see” what we’re talking about. Talk about this: Kick around these quotes - discuss what you find challenging about parenthood. Do any of these ideas ring close to...


137 - Creating Family Identity

Have you ever heard of a nameless team…or of a team without logos, colors, and songs? These tools identify groups, rally individuals and galvanize fans. When you see people sporting a particular mascot on the back of their car or t-shirt, you learn something about them. In this episode, we discuss the importance AND the process of creating a family identity. Talk about this: What's stopping you from creating a family identity? What is your process to hone in on your values? When and where...


#136 - Keystone Habits of Healthy Families - REPLAY

We have dug deep into the archives to one of our favorite principles - establishing keystone habits that help make and keep a family healthy. We all have habits. We all do little things daily that add up to something bigger than we expect. In this episode Billy and Joy discuss Charles Duhigg’s concepts around Keystone Habits and how little efforts can make a big difference in our relationships and with our families. Take a listen and find small victories you can have with little...


#135- 20 Practical Ways To Invest In Your Marriage

When someone says you should “invest in your marriage” do you ever wonder what that means? How can you make the idea practical? Look no further! We have 20 quick ideas for you! Talk About This: Today’s episode is less about talking and more about DOING! Pick your favorite “investment reminders” from the show and do some of them! Related Links: Episode #57 – Hurry Home Episode #9 – Making In –Law Relationships Work Episode #45- Let’s Talk About Sex: Marriage Edition Episode # 95 –...


#134 - Tips for Making Summer Great REPLAY!!

Are you ready for summer? Even though it feels like we have barely defrosted from winter, the days of grilling, swimming, and sunscreen are here. If you’re like many parents, the change of routine has its blessings and curses. On this REPLAY episode Billy and Joy discuss practical tips for making summer fun with just a little bit of effort. Have a listen! Also remember: Want to reach us? You can find us on the socials @betweenparents on Instagram and @betweenparentspodcast on Facebook....


When A Parent Disapproves Of A Spouse

Have you or your spouse ever felt judged by your in-laws? If so, you know the experience is not just challenging, it’s emotional. How do you navigate these treacherous waters and still maintain a relationship? That’s today’s conversation. Talk About This: As you process with your spouse consider the five ideas 1 - How can you create space for your emotions? 2 - In what way do you need to cultivate understanding? 3 - Where do you have expectations as it relates to your inlaws? 4 -...


Stop Asking Kids This Question

What do you want to be when you grow up? This seems like a harmless question, right? But what if it undermines what we really want for our kids? That’s the thesis of a recent article by Adam Grant and the topic of today’s podcast. Talk About This: When we talk about the future with our kids, how much do we emphasize the "what" you'll be versus what you'll be "LIKE?" What are the potential liabilities in the way we talk future employment with our kids? What should we continue to emphasize...


#131- Question Grab Bag: Demands, Wisdom, & Hospitality

Today’s episode clears out some of the random questions we have received about family life. There’s a little something for everyone here PLUS maybe we answered a question that’s been on your mind too! Talk About This: In what areas do we struggle with being servant-hearted? What are key words/phrases we can use to elevate our service factor? What prevents our ability to release our expectations in our relationships? Who do we need to spend time with those behind us (newer to) in their...


#130- Letting Go Of Control In Parenting

Are you ever tempted to control your kids? Perhaps you’re merely tempted to drift into the world of “over-managing” them. Whatever the case, in this episode we give you a word picture WE LOVE that can help you stop the control madness! Talk About This: We encourage you to talk to your spouse and extended friends and family about the idea of being a Gardener or an Architect. Work to bring that language into your conversations. Then identify how your mindset reflects Gardner ideas or...


#129- Removing Negotiation From Marriage

Some say "life is a series of negotiations," so why shouldn’t marriage be the same way? In this episode we’ll discuss how negotiations is not only tedious, but also dangerous to your relationship with your spouse. Then, we’ll also suggest an alternate approach. Talk About This: Discuss your tendencies to turn challenges into negotiations. Does this happen often? Sometimes? Rarely? When are you most likely to negotiate instead of white boarding your challenges as a couple? What are...


#128- When You Don’t Understand Your Spouse

Who are you? I don’t understand him! I don’t get her! These are common frustrations in any relationship, but what can you do to move pass misunderstanding? How can you demystify your spouse? That’s today’s conversation! Talk About This: Take one of the areas of your marriage and talk to your spouse about how your behavior reflects Nature, Nurture, and/or Choice. Possible non-emotional areas to process are: Related Links: Episode # 107 – Understanding Personality Types in...


Raising Kids in a Digital Age pt 5: When do I give my kid a phone?

Unfortunately this simple question doesn’t have a simple answer. In this episode Billy and Joy discussed the critical milestones your kids should reach before getting a phone and the markers you’ll need to notice and, as necessary, discuss with your kids during the Pre-Phone Season. Now it’s time for you to have your own discussion. These questions should get you started! TALK ABOUT THIS: LINKS: RESOURCES FROM TRANSIT STUDENTS (North Point Community Church): Joy Interviewing Andy...


Raising Kids In A Digital Age Pt 4 - Strategy 101

In the last episode we introduced the idea of evaluating digital maturity through a three-part filter - WHEN/HOW MUCH/WHY. Keep those categories in mind as you listen to episode four. Then get ready to talk strategy! The discussion questions below should prompt you to share how to practically apply those filters in our families. However, you should use this time to get at the best ideas and to consider where you might need to make some changes! TALK ABOUT THIS: LINK: BOOK: The Tech...


Raising Kids In A Digital Age Pt 3 - Toward Maturity

The primary role of a parent is to raise our kids into mature adults. This includes people who know how to do their own laundry, work, pay a few bills, recycle and maybe even get their own place to live! However, in the age of constant electronic connection, parents have a new item in their job description: raising digitally mature adults. Where do you begin? How do you know that maturity actually exists? Listen to this episode as a prompt for the discussion questions below. TALK ABOUT...


Raising Kids In A Digital Age Pt 2 - The Good & Bad

When parents discuss technology, they frequently have negative opinions. Finding the threats to safety, attitudes, and relationships is an easy exercise, but what about the good? Are we worried about something innocuous? Or is technology going to ruin our families? After you listen to this episode, have a candid discussion to assess if you’re overly concerned OR if you need to pay closer attention to what’s happening with these devices. TALK ABOUT THIS: positive negative LINK: BOOK: ...


Raising Kids In A Digital Age Pt 1 - Managing The Tension

Remember life before smartphones? Do you ever wish we could go back to those days? Chances are your kids won’t ever distinguish between being on or off line because life will simply be online all the time. So since our digital devices are here to stay, how do we manage the impact on our lives? How do we navigate the tension when our kids seem obsessed with screens and parents might be a wee bit addicted too? Listen to episode one then have a candid conversation about managing the tension...


#127- Awkward Date Night: Family Edition

Have you ever wondered how you’re doing as a parent? What do your kids think about the way you handle the family? If you want some insightful comments, ask them! In this episode we’ll discuss how to solicit feedback from the people who experience your highs and lows first hand. Talk About This: Although this week was all about questions, we still think there are a few things you should process with your spouse. Discuss the answers you got from your kids and what you learned. Did any of...


#126– Five Seasons of Marriage Differences

Have you ever noticed how your spouse is different from you? Have you ever been irritated by the difference? Maybe you’ve been able to move past the difference and ended up in a really happy place. What accounts for the spread between irritation and celebration? That’s the discussion on this episode! Talk About This: Evaluate what season are you in? Is your spouse in the same season? What are the differences that need to be celebrated? What obstacles are preventing you from moving to...