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#81 - Creating a Grateful Family

Have you ever felt like your kids aren’t grateful for what they have or what they experience? Do you ever feel like they live with a distasteful attitude of demandingness? Perhaps you see this tendency in yourself? In this episode Billy and Joy discuss the benefits of having an attitude of gratitude and some practical ways to build the habit of thankfulness in your family. Talk about this: How well do I (personally) communicate gratitude? and how well is our family overall at cultivating...


#80 - 10 Lies About Marriage

What if what you believe about marriage is a lie? Would you want to know the truth in advance? In today’s episode Billy and Joy step through 10 common lies about marriage. Perhaps we should issue a #spoileralert Talk about this: Which lies are we most susceptible to believe? Depending on your answer, have MORE conversations about those topics! For marriage veterans, which lies did we miss? Related-ish links: In case you want the same toilet paper as Beyonce… shop Renova here. Both...


#79 - How Do You Know If You're Winning?

Everyone keeps score. Our brains are hard-wired to categorize even when it comes to grading our children or marriages. So when someone asks, “how are you doing” what do you use for your scorecard? In this episode Billy and Joy discuss the perils of focusing on micro gauges and limiting our evaluations to tangible measures. If you are walking through challenging days, you will definitely appreciate this discussion. Talk about this: How do you we currently "score" our family or marriage?...


#78 - The Best Way to De-Stress Your Family

Stress makes every area of life more difficult, but it’s particularly challenging in families. The good news is, there’s an antidote. In this episode Billy and Joy tee up one simple, yet challenging, approach. Related-ish Links Essentialism by Greg McKeown found here NY Times Article On Mommy Wine Culture here Mary Poppins – Let’s go fly a kite! Behind the scenes here. Albert Einstein… " When I examine myself and my methods of thought, I come to the conclusion that the gift of...


#77 - The Danger of Building Your Life Around Your Kids

Have you ever felt like your children rule your life? Of COURSE they require a ton of care and nurturing, but have they become the core of your family? The temptation to build the family around the kids is one of the easiest things for parents to slip into. In this episode Billy and Joy discuss the dangers of child-centric parenting and how to see if you’re inadvertently living that life! This may be one of those episodes where you disagree with our thoughts, but hopefully it will get you...


#76 - 15 Things Husbands Really Want Their Wives To Know

In our last episode Joy detailed her list of what wives really want their husbands to know, so now it’s Billy’s turn. Of COURSE this list isn’t all-inclusive and, to be sure, some of it may not be relevant to you (especially #9), but hey – it’s a great start! Talk about this: Wives, ask your husbands if any of these reflect his feelings! Also remember… Tag someone who you think would like this podcast on one of the socials! Leave a review! It’s an easy way to invest in others and we...


#75 - 15 Things wives really want their husbands to know

While there’s no instruction manual for marriage, it’s not uncommon for spouses to have a mental “wish list” of things they wish their spouse understood. In this week’s episode Joy has taken a stab at fifteen such “things.” Maybe you’ll agree - -maybe you won’t. Either way, it should prompt some good discussion! Guys – don’t worry. Next week Billy will have a chance to share his list! Talk about this: Husbands, ask your wives if any of these things reflect her feelings! Also...


#74 - Six Expectations For Parents

What did you think life would be like when you became a parent? What were your hopes and dreams? What did you expect from your kids and your experience? Whatever your answer, there’s tremendous power in those expectations. In today’s episode Billy and Joy talk through lesser known, but realistic expectations every parent should have. Talk about this: Which of these expectations is most challenging for you to manage and why? Also remember… Sharing is caring! If you enjoy Between...


#73 - Enjoying the Middle School Years

What is it about Middle School that makes everything feel so awkward? Is it the rush of hormones? Is it the lack of executive reasoning? Is it because parents are put off by the goofiness or hygiene? Yes to all of the above. Still, with a little patience and a plan, the Middle School season can be AMAZING. Take a listen and see for yourself. Talk about this: What are we currently doing that seems out of step with our middle schooler's developmental reality? Where do we need to improve...


#72 - Eight things to do before you get married

In the throws of new love, dating, and then engagement, it’s easy to lose sight of what it takes to start a marriage well. What do you need to focus on and what needs to be minimized? In this episode Billy and Joy discuss eight things every couple should do before tying the knot! Related Links: Our conversation about how family of origin impacts marriage HERE Talk about this: If you're engaged or dating someone, which of the 8 steps are you missing? What's the next thing you could do...


#71 - Showing Emotion To Your Kids

How well do you share your feelings with your kids? Are you an over or an under sharer? Vulnerability is challenging, but the best place for your kids to learn this life skill is with you. Today’s episode is all about why your kids need to see how you engage with the world (AND them) emotionally. Talk about this: Do I withhold the emotional side of my thoughts from my kids? If so, why? What topics or tension points would benefit from me sharing an extra 20% of my emotions? Related...


#70 - 5 Ground Rules For Marriage Communication

In marriage awesome communication doesn’t just happen. It’s not like falling off a bike; it’s something you work for. Can you make the process easier? Where do you begin? In this episode, Billy and Joy suggest you start with five essential ground rules. Take a listen! Talk about this: Where do we think our current communication patterns came from? Is that a good or bad thing? Are there any ground rules we don't routinely observe? How can we do better? Are there other ground rules we...


#69 - Helping Kids Face Their Fears

What do you feel when your kid is afraid? Frustrated? Embarrassed? Does it make you fearful as well? How do you respond to their fears? Do you push them? Or do you let them be? This episode kicks around those topics and gives you a few things to talk about with the people in your life. Talk about this: 1 - Are our child's fears age and developmentally appropriate? (Google age milestones!) - If not, make a plan for getting professional help - EVERYONE WILL BE HAPPIER IF YOU ADDRESS THE...


# 68 - Six Life Lessons For Kids

Pick up your toys! Brush your teeth! Stop screaming! As much as we would love to think our daily corrections add up to deep, important foundations with our kids, we aren’t fully convinced. On today’s podcast we take the conversation up to a bird’s-eye-view and discuss broad life lessons we want to pass along. While the list isn’t comprehensive, it will get you off to a good start of thinking about what matters in your family. Here’s our six: Life is difficult - Effort is required Life...


#67 - Respect in Marriage

While most people think marriage should be marked by unconditional love, the idea of unconditional respect isn’t usually a “thing.” Why is that? Is it possible to love when you don’t give your spouse unconditional respect? Billy and Joy chat about how respect impacts your marriage. Talk about this: What do I do that makes you feel MOST respected? Do I have any habits that make you feel disrespected? What specific practices or habits can WE do to foster better avenues to convey respect...


#66 - Picking schools for your kids

Are you stressed about where your kids will go to school? Do you often find yourself in conversations (debates?) about public or private schools? Do you ever feel guilty that you do or don’t homeschool? On today’s podcast Billy and Joy suggest a framework for evaluating your options. You MAY hate what they say, but you might also find it helpful. In any case, have a listen! Talk about this: Rate your emotions around the schooling topic. Do you or your spouse feel the need to dial it...


#65 - Balancing Freedom & Responsibility

Have you ever noticed how quickly kids disconnect their desire for freedom with their ability to be responsible? In today’s podcast Billy and Joy offer some tips for making sure there’s a link between what a child wants and their ability to assume responsibility. “Freedom makes a huge requirement of every human being. With freedom comes responsibility. For the person who is unwilling to grow up, the person who does not want to carry his own weight, this is a frightening prospect.” ―...


#64 Talking to your kids about temptation

How do you teach your kids to delay gratification? How do you articulate why waiting for something is better than having it immediately? What’s your plan for equipping your children for dealing with a lifetime of temptation? In this episode Billy and Joy review approaches to these questions and encourage you to keep taming the appetites that can control old and young alike! Talk about this: What is my kids’ unique “temptation profile” these days? What tempts them most? What is their...


#63 - Coming to grips with imperfection

When our kids are little, it’s easy to understand how attitudes and dispositions are “just a phase.” But somewhere between 10-14 there’s a shift and we recognize that a “phase” may actually be a more permanent feature. In today’s episode Billy and Joy discuss settling up with our kid’s flaws and adjusting our approach to the kids we have, not to the kids we dreamed about! Talk about this: Are there any areas where we need to acknowledge that our kids "phase" is something closer to part...


#62 - 101 Fun things to do as a family

Bored much? Tapped out of ideas for family fun? Well, THIS episode will solve that problem! Check out 101 things your family can do together. Some are aspirational and will take focused attention (#72) while others are easy to accomplish any day of the week (#28, 33, or 83). Here's the list for easy reference. 1 Have a Photo scavenger hunt - (Example here) 2 Moms - Let your daughter do your hair or makeup 3 Play hide and seek 4 Memorize the lyrics to a song that you can all sing...


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