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Boys Built Better is bringing you experts in all areas of parenting boys, from the normal everyday parenting stuff to big current day issues. Join me so we all can live a slightly saner life and do better for our boys, one episode at a time. Part of the NoCo FM family of podcasts. Hear Boys Built Better first on Tuesday nights at 9pm ET/7pm MT on the live stream at or get our free mobile app.

Boys Built Better is bringing you experts in all areas of parenting boys, from the normal everyday parenting stuff to big current day issues. Join me so we all can live a slightly saner life and do better for our boys, one episode at a time. Part of the NoCo FM family of podcasts. Hear Boys Built Better first on Tuesday nights at 9pm ET/7pm MT on the live stream at or get our free mobile app.


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Boys Built Better is bringing you experts in all areas of parenting boys, from the normal everyday parenting stuff to big current day issues. Join me so we all can live a slightly saner life and do better for our boys, one episode at a time. Part of the NoCo FM family of podcasts. Hear Boys Built Better first on Tuesday nights at 9pm ET/7pm MT on the live stream at or get our free mobile app.




BBB 032: Family and Show Updates

Tune in for an update on where my family is now vs. when Boys Built Better started two years ago. There is more details in the episode, but for now, this is our last regularly scheduled show. Be sure to subscribe or like us on Facebook or Instagram for updates on new episodes. ( Support this podcast


BBB 031: Vaping 101

Vaping has been all over the news lately, but if you are raising a young adult vaping has probably been something that they have been exposed to for a lot longer than the recent headlines. Today I am chatting with health educator Christa Timmerman about the basics of vaping, its health concerns and how to talk to you child. Show Notes and LinksFor more information on vaping check out: ( Timestamps•What is...


BBB 030: Tough Conversations with Your Kids (Part 2)

Boys Built Better returns on NoCo FM with part two of our conversation recorded live at Heyday Fort Collins with guest Kori Wilford. Learn more about how to have tough conversations with your kids. Support this podcast


BBB 029: Tough Conversations with Your Kids (Part 1)

Earlier this summer, I was asked by my neighbor and friend Jennifer Little if I would speak at her shop Hey Day as part of its Hey Day grows series. We’d had several conversations about raising kids at our neighborhood get togethers and decided that it was information worth sharing.Would I speak alone? Oh, no! I reached out to my resident conversation expert and previous guest Kori Wilford. In this episode, we tackle how to talk to your kids about tough things while also respecting their...


BBB 028: Starting Middle School (Rebroadcast)

Reposting an episode from last summer about transitioning to middle school. In addition to my chat with parent Erin Dirvonas, I’m reflecting on how my son did during his first year. Listening to this again, it’s amazing how much stuff that she mentioned also came up for us. Is your child heading into middle school? Get prepped with this episode.Topics• The sixth-grade experience • Similarities to Elementary? • Teacher Communication • Developing Independence • Lunch Questions • Dealing with...


BBB 027: Transitioning to Elementary School (Rebroadcast)

Re-airing last year’s episode about transitioning your child to kindergarten. Last year I was working really hard to get my youngest prepared and am know happy to report back that he had a great, successful year. Is your own child about to start elementary school? From academics to independence skills, we’ve got a lot of great tips on how to make the transition a success.Looking for some last minute prep ideas? Find recommended workbooks at: (


BBB 026: Talking to Kids (of All Ages) About Sex (Rebroadcast)

Re-airing one of the most informative episodes of the show to date. I recently spoke with Kori at an event regarding having tough conversations with your kids. While we recorded that event and it will be available as an episode in the fall, we had so many people reach out to us regretting that they couldn’t be there I thought I would re-air Kori and I’s first conversation.We are talking to Kori Wilford, a public health educator with the Larimer County Department of Health on how to raise...


BBB 025: Patreon and Our Personal Story of Depression

A few weeks ago, I talked with Dr. Hector De Leon about adolescent depression. During that episode I mentioned our own experience with depression but in an effort to get his information out, I didn’t say much about our personal story. Today I am chatting about what it was like to go through that with my son and how you can hear more personal stories of ours going forward.Show Notes and LinksWant to hear more exclusive audio on Patreon? Sign up to support us:


BBB 024: Boys Beyond The Ball - Choir and Vocal Performance

This time last year, my oldest son chose choir as his middle school arts elective. At this time, I think he chose it because he thought it was the easy route out (he was not a fan of the practice requirements of band). A year later and he not only performs in his grade level choir but an extra-curricular choir as well AND practices at home without being asked. Always shy and never the child that I thought was a performer, he blossomed in choir in ways that I never expected and it is joy to...


BBB 023: Keeping Up with Academics in the Summer

Every time that summer rolls around, I make plan on how to keep my kid engaged over the next three months. This year, more than ever I am thinking about how the “summer slide” and how to keep up with academics. Find out the latest research on what kids lose over the summer and how I’m working to prevent that this year.Topics• What is the Summer Slide (0:45)• Why I am thinking about it (1:55)• Research Behind it (8:39)• Our plan (22:23)• Academic Options for Early Elementary (28:01)• Academic...


BBB 022: Depression in Children and Adolescents

“As many as 1 in every 5 teens experience depression at some point during adolescence, but they often go undiagnosed and untreated.” My own son was diagnosed with depression at the age of 11, but he had been suffering for probably a year before that diagnosis. As a parent, I had an inkling but wasn’t sure and really didn’t know at what point to seek help and certainly didn’t know what to expect when finally making that appointment. Today I am speaking with pediatrician Dr. Hector De Leon...


BBB 021: Raising Boys in an Era of #MeToo

While planning content with SAVA for our consent series, the topic of boys in the era of #MeToo came up. I had seen some posts on social media raising concern for boys today and they had me wondering. Is it harder to be a boy today? What effect does the #MeToo movement have on men? And on parents raising boys? Today I am chatting with Brett Naylor of the SAVA Center on what it means to be a man today.Topics• What the #metoo movement is (2:50)• Its significance (5:25)• What does #metoo mean...


BBB 020: Teaching Children of All Ages About Consent

In honor of Sexual Assault Prevention Month, today we are talking about teaching your children about consent. The idea of consent has been coming up a lot in the media lately, so much so that now it can be added to the list of things that SHOULD be talked about with your children. What I love about this conversation is that it really highlights how consent education not only develops an understanding of the what consents is and how to ask, but also helps to create your child’s own body...


BBB 019: Understanding Harassment, Assault, and Consent

You cannot raise boys today without being cognizant of what that means in our current society. Recent events such as the #MeToo movement and the Kavanaugh hearings have placed the topic of consent on the forefront of my mind as a mom of boys. Not only does it mean that as a parent I need to be responsible for teaching about consent to my children, but it also means that I need to be more informed as well. Today I am chatting with Hannah Butler of the SAVA Center and we are defining assault,...


BBB 018: Coming Out and Supporting Your Son's Sexuality

When does a child who is gay start to realize that? And what does coming out look like from both that boy’s perspective and his parents? Today we are chatting with my friend Leslie Lubell and her son Eli about one story from two perspectives. From bullies, to bravery, today’s episode will shed light on what it feels like to realize you are homosexual and how best to support your child through those early days.Topics* Coming Out as a Child (4:23)* At Home vs. At school (9:20)* Advice for...


BBB 017: Talking To and Teaching Boys About Money

All the QuestionsMan, have I been fielding a lot of questions about money lately. How much money do we have? Can we buy a Lamborghini? I want to go out to lunch with friends, can you give me some cash?All this talk prompted me to consult the internet for tips and tricks on how to talk to my boys about money and help grow them into financially literate adults.Financial LiteracyDid you know that was a thing? I honestly didn't until a few weeks ago. Being financially literate means that you as...


BBB 016: Boys Beyond the Ball - Boys in Theater with Jason Peck

"To Thine Own Self Be True" -William ShakespeareIn our first Boys Beyond the Ball episode, I am talking to Jason Peck director of theater at St. Luke’s School as well as the founder and co-artistic director of Thrown Stone Theater Company. We are chatting about what it is like participating in theater growing up and the positive impact that it can have on kids today. We discuss everything from what goes into a production, the myriad of skills that theater can develop (hello, empathy!),...


BBB 015: Boys and Speech: Supporting Speech Development and Identifying a Delay

I’ve been thinking about boys and speech. Maybe it’s because my nephew is in speech therapy, maybe it’s because my friend’s son is too or maybe it’s because I have concerns about my own 6-year-old.Do boys talk later than girls? What can I do as a parent to support speech development? And where do I start if I’m concerned?Today I am chatting with Sarah Armstrong a Speech and Language pathologist with over 22 years of experience. We are talking about the role of a Speech and Language...


BBB 014: Identifying, Diagnosing and Living with Dyslexia

“Dyslexia robs a person of time; accommodations return it.” –Dr. Sally Shaywitz Learning to Read is hard enough as it is, right? But what if your child also has a language processing disorder? And how would you know? Today I am talking with Lindsay Terry-Lloyd founder of the non-profit Klimb Consulting ( ( ) a bay-area based company dedicated to helping parents navigate a dyslexia diagnosis. In this episode, Lindsay shares her own...


BBB 013: Connecting With Your Child and Supporting Emotional Development

Happy New Year!!!My resolution this year is to continue to be there for my boys in a greater way than just checking in on homework assignments daily. And today we are talking about just that. I met my guest, Amber Olsen, through Facebook several months ago. Amber, is the founder of The Kaleidoscope Project, which is an organization helping to support the emotional development of girls. As I learned more about what she is doing, it became more and more apparent that the same issue is not only...