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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Awareness

Today I am chatting with Shana Kagan, founder of Jedi Tedi about her son’s Complex Regional Pain Syndrome diagnosis. Since November is CRPS Awareness Month, I thought I would help shed a little more light on Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.


Creating Sexually Healthy Boys of All Ages and Talking To Your Son About Sex

If there is one thing that has been in the news lately, it is boys and sex. The focus has been on violence and men behaving badly, right? Well, as a parent how do you combat that? How do you teach your own son to do better? It starts by talking about sex and that conversation needs to happen earlier than you would expect. Today we are talking to Kori Wilford, a public health educator with the Larimer County Department of Health on how to raise sexually healthy boys and how to initiate that...


Sleep Apnea, Tonsillectomies, and My Biggest Regret

Raising kids is full of ups and downs and there are definitely things that I wish I could have done differently along the way. If I could, for example, I would have changed the way I handled video games at an earlier age. But even though I have some regrets about that, it’s nothing I couldn’t change now if I wanted to. There is one thing, though, that I didn’t handle well and now that it is done, I cannot undo the consequences.


Raising High School Boys

In the last of our series on transitioning to schools, today I am chatting with Alexis Karasek, a mom whose son just graduated high school. In our other transitioning episodes, we focused on making a one-grade leap. Since high school spans a lot of change maturity wise, today we are talking about your child from 9th-12th.


Transitioning to Middle School

Chatting with my friend Erin Dirvonas about transitioning to middle school. Since I have two kiddos making transitions this I have been thinking a lot about them. Today I am chatting with my friend Erin about middle school and making the change easiest on everyone.


Transitioning to Elementary School

Chatting with my friend Sydney Smith about transitioning to kindergarten. I’ve been thinking a lot about getting my own son ready for kindergarten and moving to such a big building. We discuss academics, independence skills and tips to make the transition easier.


Surviving the Summer with Boys

Solo Episode, chatting about all things summer! Organizing yourself and your kiddos, fun activities, keeping up with academics and staying sane!! Tip 1- Get Organized To Do Sheet – A few years ago, I used a “No Screen-time Until” sheet to this one to get us organized. I customized ours to reflect the things I…


Mental Well-being of Boys with Kyle Douglas

Interview with Kyle Douglas, chatting about the mental health of boys with tips on how to raise boys to be mentally well and also information about what therapy is and when to utilize it. Show Notes Children’s book about taking care of yourself so you can take care of others ( Calm down toy…


Growth and Development of Boys with Pediatrician Roy Benaroch

Last Fall, at my oldest son’s 11 year checkup, the pediatrician mentioned the onset of puberty. Sounds silly, but I hadn’t really thought about it before and I certainly didn’t know about the changes my son was about to go through. (If you need a great puberty resource, check out the book I bought for my…


Welcome to Boys Built Better

Welcome to the show! In this episode you will learn a little more about Boys Built Better and its host, Jessica Crow. Jessica is a mom to 3 boys aged 5, 9 and 11 who decided to get into podcasting after a particularly hard year as a parent. The Boys Built Better podcast is a…