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Homeschool tips & interviews, product reviews, and inspirational helps for homeschooling moms of faith.

Homeschool tips & interviews, product reviews, and inspirational helps for homeschooling moms of faith.
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Homeschool tips & interviews, product reviews, and inspirational helps for homeschooling moms of faith.




CHM111:Busy Moms’ Guide to SELAH Bible Studies with Shelley Noonan

 This week’s fabulous interview is with author, Shelley Noonan. I had a blast talking with her and receiving encouragement about digging into the study of the bible for ourselves. She introduced to me the Selah bible study, a beautiful method of reading and meditating on scripture. Shelley Noonan has been married to the same […]


CHM110:Managing a BUSY Homeschool Without Going Insane!

Do you have a busy homeschool? Do you find your life as a homeschool mom super busy? How can you rearrange your lifestyle to create the life you want your family- despite the fact that it’s busy? Should you cut down on your busyness, or should you embrace your busy life and make the most […]


CHM109:Homeschooling for Free

Welcome to this week’s podcast. This week I’m encouraging you to figure out ways to begin homeschooling for free. With so many resources at our fingertips- both online and locally- the sky is the limit for free homeschool options! Reasons to consider homeschooling for free: You don’t have to spend a fortune, but you can. […]


CHM108:Planning and “UnPlanning” Homeschool Goals

Happy New Year, friends! In this podcast I talk about ways of planning or “unplanning” our homeschool goals for a new year. My 4 basic tips for setting homeschool goals this year: Start with a dose prayer. Prayer is conversation with God and is easy. Start with a plan, or plan not to plan. Don’t […]


CHM107:Biblical Feasts and Hanukkah with Dianna Wiebe of Grapevine Studies

This week’s podcast interview is with Dianna Wiebe! As promised in last week’s episode, I wanted to do a recap on a guest I’ve had on this show previously. Dianna offers us a fresh and unique look at why biblical feasts are relevant to our understanding of biblical history. We even got to talk about […]


CHM106: Veritas Press and Phonics Museum: Interview with Laurie Detweiler

 This week I enjoyed speaking with Laurie Detweiler, executive vice president of Veritas Press! Laurie and her husband Marlin are co-founders of Veritas Press which is an organization that is committed to creating and developing curriculum based on the classical education model with the purpose of preparing children for life. Their mission is to […]


CHM 104:Diversity in History Curriculum with Belinda Bullard of A Blessed Heritage

Diversity in history curriculum? What does this mean exactly? For those interested- why is it important to include multiculturalism and diversity in our history curriculum? And for those of us in the U.S.- American History. I was honored to speak with Belinda Bullard of A Blessed Heritage Educational Resources on today’s podcast. I hope you’ll […]


CHM 103:Finding Peace In Your Homeschool with Julie Bogart of Brave Writer

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy. Julie Bogart is the creator and owner of Brave Writer, an online writing and language arts program. Julie loves writing, kids, and parents, and her mission through Brave Writer is to empower parents to be writing coaches for your kids. She is a mother of […]


CHM 102:How to get into the Back To Homeschool Groove!

Today’s podcast is all about finding your motivation for a brand new year school year! I’m presenting three back to homeschool tips for moms of faith: all about how to get in the Back-To-Homeschool Groove! But first, announcements. I’m opening up the floor for guest bloggers here at the blog. If you know of anyone […]


CHM 101:Making Your Homeschool Unique

Sometimes we reflect on our homeschool experience from previous years and we think “I don’t want to do that again- ever!” It may not even be that we want to give up homeschooling completely. It’s just that we need a homeschool makeover. We just need to make a homeschool that reflects who we are as […]


CHM 100:Am I doing enough?

I’m celebrating 100 episodes! Scroll below for a GIVEAWAY!! Do you ever come to a point in your homeschooling that you wonder if you’re doing enough? No matter how many years you’ve been on this home education journey, there are bound to be moments that you’re not sure if you’ve done everything you need to […]


CHM 099:Encouragement for a Homeschool Mom-Famous Quotes

Being a homeschool mom means we have to balance all the hats– at least most of the time. Well, practically all the time. Between the cooking, cleaning, laundry, caring for the family, running errands, being available for friends, and…oh yeah- homeschooling- we have a ton to think about! In the midst of all we do […]


CHM 098:Homeschool encouragement for when you feel the “burn”

Moms, are you in a season of homeschooling where you’re starting to feel “the burn” already? I’m feeling it- and it’s only the beginning of our school year! It’s another day of homeschooling for most of us- and I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter how much we learn about curriculum, methods and philosophies, […]


CHM 097:Homeschool Planning when You’re Behind Schedule

This week, my mornings are off to a much better start- but it’s only because I decided to put some priorities into place that will help me manage life a little easier. Prep for lessons ahead of time I feel sometimes that I’m falling behind (don’t we all?). It feels like I have so much […]


CHM 096:3 Tips For Working From Home While Homeschooling

This year things are looking different for our family since I’ve decided to relaunch my web coaching business for mompreneurs. A few things have had to change in our routines and how we “do school” in order for that to happen for me, though. I’m going to give you a few pointers in this post […]


CHM 095:Joy In Your Homeschool: 4 Ways to Beat the Blahs!

Today’s podcast is about 4 ways to find more joy in your homeschool, and beat the blahs! Over the years I’ve been afforded the opportunity to talk with hundreds of homeschool moms- some on my podcast, some through social media like Youtube and Instagram, and most in real life. I’ve noticed that there seems to be […]


CHM 094:How To Tackle Homeschool Planning in Proactive Mode

It’s a new year, and for many of us that means it’s time to be proactive about homeschool planning for the rest of the school year. December served as a good stopping point for us because we changed gears when my daughter decided she no longer wanted to be enrolled in online high school. I […]


CHM 093: Three Reasons We Celebrate Advent in our Homeschool

This Christmas season was our very first year we’ve chosen to celebrate Advent. For some reason I was completely drawn to the idea of reflecting with candlelight on the wonders and joy of the Christmas season. I was also inspired by my interview with Amanda White from Truth in the Tinsel last year. (Here’s a […]


CHM 092:Five De-stress Ideas for Homeschool Moms

Whether you’re getting close to the holidays and you need a break, or you’re in the middle of a mid-semester slump, I’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Feeling stressed as a homeschool mom is nothing new. I understand when moms tell me the real deal: that homeschooling is not a bed of roses, and […]