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41. Food From Around The World

My guest this week is dear friend and summer activity genius, Carleigh Obrochta! Carleigh spent last summer eating her way around the world with her kiddos! They would pick a different country every week and make food from that country and plan an activity from the area too! What I love about this activity is that you can tailor it to be as involved or low key as you like! Be sure to visit for more information! Or visit us on Facebook:...


40. Nanny Ratings Online - Crossover With Practically Perfect Podcast

This week's episode is very special because I have the two ladies from the Practically Perfect Podcast on in a crossover extravaganza! We are discussing online nanny websites and problems with the rating system on said websites. It's a hot topic and all three of us see it slightly differently! If you haven't listened to part one of this episode, go download it by searching "Practically Perfect Podcast" wherever you get your podcasts! And thanks for listening!!! Episode Resources:...


39. Transition Times

Transitions from parent to nanny and then back again are some of the trickiest times of day! Leah Frires is back to talk us through transition times and how to make beginning and end of day smoother for all parties involved! If you have a cute story to share, please email it in to!


38. Bullying

Bullying is a complicated and difficult topic. As nannies, we are often the first to see signs of bullying in our nanny kids and, sometimes, the first person a child tells when they are being bullied. My guest this week, Katherine Siegel, is currently directing a play (Gideon's Knot) that really digs into these issues and came on to talk about ways we, as nannies, can help set our nanny kids up to not be bullied and also not become the bully! For more information about Gideon's Knot, click...


36. Moving with/for A Nanny Family

This week is all about moving with or for your nanny family! Andrea Murphy is an amazing guest who has moved so many times over the past 8 years! She is also recorded this episode while traveling across the country for a nanny family! Even if you're not moving with or for a nanny family, this episode has some great tips for general moving! Bonus: one of our sweetest stories yet! Check it out!


33. Nannying For Boys

This week Kirk Osgood is back to tell us all about nannying for boys! With game ideas and methods for helping boys develop deeper emotional lives, this episode is full of wonderful advice for interacting with young men in a respectful and fun way! For more episode resources, please visit Or follow us on Facebook: Or Twitter: Or Instagram:


32. Nannying For Girls

Sugar and spice and everything nice? Any nanny who has nannied for two or more girls knows that little ladies bring an energy that's all their own! Taryn Pryor is back to talk about ways to tailor your nannying for girls! From fun science experiments to book recommendations to how to build self confidence, Taryn covers it all! And remember, for links and pictures to go with this episode, visit Or follow us on Facebook:...


31. Talking Theater With Compass Creative Dramatics

This week's episode is all about theater and ways to bring the wonderful benefits of theater to your nanny kids! I am joined by Cathlyn Melvin and Cassandra Quinn, the co-founders of Compass Creative Dramatics! These two knowledgable ladies cover everything from how to help kids strengthen their bravery muscles to how to help kids cope with disappointment to how to earn kids' trust from the very first day you meet them. From seasoned theater veterans to nannies who have never stepped foot...


29. Tough Discussions With Parents

This week the wonderful Julie Merica joins us to talk through tough conversations with parents. From how to bring up behavioral issues to how to tell your Nanny Parents when you make a mistake, we cover it all! If you have any questions or would like help with a specific problem, email in to Or visit us on Facebook: Or Twitter: Or Instagram:...


28. Story Pirates

This week I got a chance to speak with the wonderful Lee Overtree, who is the artistic director of the Story Pirates. Story Pirates is an arts education and media company based in New York and Los Angeles. They also have a great podcast by the same name which takes stories written by kids and turns them into radio plays! My nanny kids have fallen in love with this podcast and it has helped us talk about creating stories together in a whole new way! Lee also offers some wonderful advice for...


Little One - (Inter)National Nanny Training Day

For our second ever Little One, I'm talking about the (Inter)National Nanny Training Day! On April 29th, 2017, nannies from all over the US, UK and Australia will gather in their cities to train to be better nannies! And you can too! Visit for more information!!! Or email SUEDOWNEY@NANNYPALOOZA.COM with any questions you may have!!! She is an expert with her own podcast, Practically Perfect Podcast! But we'll be talking about that more at a later...


27. Nanny Taxes

Tis the season, tax season that is! My guest, Jenn Hilton walks us through the ins and outs of filing taxes as a nanny. From the differences between a W-2 and a 1099 to how to talk to your nanny family about being paid legally, Jenn has seen it all! If you have any questions about how to legally file as a nanny, this episode will answer them all! For additional resources, please visit Or follow us on Facebook: Or...


26. Traveling With Your Nanny Family

Leah Frires joins us again for a great episode all about traveling with your nanny family. From what to do if everyone gets sick on the trip to what to pack to how to spend your downtime, Leah covers it all! We also go over a mock-up of a travel contract that is a good jumping off place to write your own travel contract! Thank you, Melissa McInerney, for sharing this with us! You can see a copy of that by visiting our website here:...


25. Boundaries As A Nanny

Cady Leinicke is back with an incredibly helpful episode about Boundaries and how to help set them with your nanny family. We, as nannies, are used to setting boundaries for our nanny kids, but how about boundaries for ourselves? Or our nanny families? How can you tell when you need to set clearer boundaries? How can boundaries help you deal with tantrums? This episode will answer all those questions and more! For articles, pictures and videos, please visit us on Facebook:...


24. Toy Overload

This week is all about Toy Overload! How do you handle when your nanny kids have way too many toys? Leah Frires, this week's guest, is an expert on working with families who have toy mania! Do you have advice on how to combat Toy Overload? Send it in to To see the article on minimalist toys, visit us on Facebook: Or Twitter: Or Instagram:


23. Park Etiquette

This week my guest, Kirk Osgood, and I discuss Park Etiquette and everything that goes with it! Kirk brings some wonderful ideas for how to include everyone while playing at the park and techniques for keeping all ages engaged in games! We even discuss those pesky squirrels that can plague parks! If you take your kiddos to the park, this episode is well worth a listen! If you have a cute story or quote that you'd like to share, please send them to me at Visit...


22. Nanny Shares

This week we discuss Nanny Shares! What they are, the history behind them, how to get into one, things to consider before agreeing to a nanny share, and MORE! I am joined by the amazing Ariana Montijo who shares her tricks of the trade! Check us out on Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Or by visiting: Also, if you have a cute story you'd like...


21. Infants - Part 2

We are back with Part 2 on our two part series on infants and everything that goes into taking care of them. New born expert, Brittany Vogel joins me again for Part 2! In this episode we cover bottles, transitioning to solid foods, car seat safety, baby sign language and how to handle big milestones that happen on your watch! This episode is packed with great advice from beginning to end!


20. Infants - Part 1

The brilliant baby whisperer Brittany Vogel joins me for the first part of our first two part episode! This episode is all about infants and how to care for them! In Part 1 we cover sleep training, tummy time, getting to know a new baby and the importance of communicating with you nanny parents so everyone is on the same page. Brittany offers wonderful advice for how to care for the tiniest humans! Have a fun story that you'd like to share on the podcast? Email it in to...


HIGHLIGHT - Nanny Self Care

This week is all about Self Care as a nanny! Let Cady Leinicke and Martha Reddick pump up your confidence to take care of yourself! You're actually being a better nanny when you take care of yourself!