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An award-winning English and Social Studies teacher at Luther Burbank High School in Sacramento, Calif., Larry Ferlazzo is the author of Helping Students Motivate Themselves: In this show Larry pursues practical answers To Classroom challenges.

An award-winning English and Social Studies teacher at Luther Burbank High School in Sacramento, Calif., Larry Ferlazzo is the author of Helping Students Motivate Themselves: In this show Larry pursues practical answers To Classroom challenges.
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An award-winning English and Social Studies teacher at Luther Burbank High School in Sacramento, Calif., Larry Ferlazzo is the author of Helping Students Motivate Themselves: In this show Larry pursues practical answers To Classroom challenges.




Reading Logs: What Works, What Does Not?

Reading logs are a well-worn tool for supporting reading instruction but do they work? What are the best ways to encourage reading and hold students accountable? @larryferlazzo @bethiej1027 @MBethNicklaus @Bamradionetwork Beth Jarzabek is a middle school teacher in Western Massachusetts who is lucky to explore books with 7th and 8th grade students in her Language Arts Lab classes and facilitates the creation of brilliant projects in her Genius Hour classes. Mary Beth Nicklaus is a...


What Is the Appropriate Role of Phonics In Reading Instruction Today?

There are strong opinions on phonics among educators today. Has phonics received a bad rap? Join us for a second look at the appropriate role of phonics in teaching reading. @larryferlazzo @CaseySchultz24 @Bamradionetwork Casey Schultz was the lead writer and designer of the EL Education K-2 Reading Foundations Skills Block ( and partnered with LearnZillion to transform the full K-5 EL Education ELA curriculum into the LearnZillion digital platform....


The Mistakes We Made In Teaching Math and What We Learned

In this episode, we look at the epic mistakes we've made in teaching math and what we learned along the way. @larryferlazzo @EScillieri @bbrady_brady @JMKotchEdD @Bamradionetwork Beth Brady is a math interventionist in Northampton, Massachusetts. In her 26 year tenure in Northampton, she has taught first and second grades and currently works with the district's elementary teachers to incorporate Math Recovery into the mathematics curriculum as the district's Math Recovery...


Co-Teaching Strategies that Work for Teachers and Students

Co-teaching can be an extraordinarily effective instructional model when all of the elements align. Join us for a discussion about what works and what doesn't. @larryferlazzo @ElizabethLStein @JennyVo15 @Bamradionetwork Elizabeth Stein is a special education and Universal Design for Learning instructional coach and consultant. She is the author of Two Teachers in the Room: Strategies for Co-Teaching Success (Routledge). Jenny Vo earned her BA in English from Rice University and her...


Avoiding the Biggest Mistakes School Administrators Make

We've all made mistakes in our teaching practice and most of us are eager to learn from them and move on. We know school administrators also miss the mark at times. In this episode, we look at leadership mistakes and how to avoid them. Anne Vilen is Senior Writer and Project Manager for EL Education (formerly Expeditionary Learning) and co-author (with Ron Berger & Libby Woodfin) of Learning that Lasts: Challenging, Engaging, and Empowering Students with Deeper Instruction. Previously,...


Five Keys to Successful Student Small Group Work

Collaborating in small groups is a classroom practice that students often say they hate and love. What are the keys to making student collaboration productive and enjoyable? @larryferlazzo @teachermojo @KarenGoeller1 @JillLKester @Bamradionetwork Jill Kester has over 25 years’ experience in TESOL. In her 12-year tenure as an ESOL teacher in Alexandria City Public Schools, Virginia, she served as department leader, coaching and mentoring new teachers. As Senior Associate at SupportEd,...


How Trauma Affects Students: What Every Teacher Needs to Know

Many students come to school traumatized by various kinds of past and ongoing experiences in their lives. How can teachers identify and teach students who have been through traumatic events @larryferlazzo cwolfeiowa @ritaplatt @Bamradionetwork Dr. Christy Wolfe is an assistant professor in the Education Department at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She graduated from the University of Iowa College of Law (JD) and the Graduate College (PhD). Rita Platt is a Nationally Board Certified...


What Makes a Game an Effective Learning Activity Versus a Time Waster?

Games can be an effective learning tool, but they can also be a fruitless waste of classroom time. How can we identify the best games for learning? @larryferlazzo @eschildge @fisher1000 @Bamradionetwork Nationally Board Certified Teacher in English as a New Language (EAYA ENL) with 20 years of combined experience teaching ESL and foreign language, advocates on educational issues related to English learners (ELs) and develops training on how to best educate ELs for NYSUT's Education &...


Understanding the Challenges Native Americans Face in Public Schools

Our guests tell us that in the eyes of many Americans, Native Americans no longer exist. in this episode, we take a look at the challenges Native Americans face in our public school. @larryferlazzo @Bamradionetwork Mandy Smoker Broaddus is a member of the Assiniboine and Sioux tribes of the Fort Peck Reservation in Montana. She works for Education Northwest as a practice expert in Indian education and previously served as the Director of Indian education for the state of Montana.Gregg...


Finding the Right Tech Tools for Teaching Social Studies

In this episode, we look at the best education technology tools for teaching social studies and how to use them. @larryferlazzo @kdyer13 @kenhalla @sarahjcooper01 @Bamradionetwork Sarah Cooper teaches eighth-grade U.S. history and is dean of studies at Flintridge Preparatory School, a 7-12 independent school near Los Angeles. She is the author of Making History Mine: Meaningful Connections for Grades 5-9 and also writes frequently for MiddleWeb's Future of History blog. Ken Halla is...


Students Evaluating Teachers: A Good Idea?

The pros and cons of encouraging students to evaluate teachers in K-12. What can we learn? What to avoid. @larryferlazzo @kdyer13 @DrYemiS @RoxannaElden @Bamradionetwork Kathy Dyer is currently the Learning and Innovation Manager at NWEA and a long-time believer that quality learning occurs when we learn with, from and for others. Roxanna Elden is the author of See Me After Class: Advice for Teachers by Teachers. And the creator of the New Teacher Disillusionment Power Pack. Adeyemi...


Effective Technology Tools and Tips for Teaching English

Join us for a discussion on practical tech tools and tips for using them to teach English. @larryferlazzo @JCasaTodd @JennyVo15 @Bamradionetwork Jenny Vo earned her BA in English from Rice University and her M.Ed in Educational Leadership from Lamar University. She has spent all her 23 years in education working with English Learners and currently serves as an ESL ISST in Katy ISD in Katy, Texas. Jennifer Casa-Todd is wife, mom, and a Teacher-Librarian in Ontario Canada, a former...


8 Tips for Integrating Writing into Social Studies Classes

Our guests share practical advice on the best ways to introduce writing into socials studies lessons. @larryferlazzo @misteralvord @StanPesick @dawnjmitchell @Bamradionetwork Dawn Mitchell is a consultant with the Spartanburg Writing Project, an affiliate of the National Writing Project housed at USC Upsate, an adjunct instructor with the education depts. at Furman University. Rachel Johnson is a middle school teacher in South Carolina. She teaches social studies. Stan Pesick...


Smart New Ways to Us Technology in Science Class

In this episode, our guests share smart ways to teach science with technology while avoiding the pitfalls. @larryferlazzo @outsidewonderlb Erin Bridges Bird is a former high school science teacher and is currently a Ph.D. Candidate in Science Education at the University of California, Davis. She investigates students' science learning outcomes during their participation in authentic environmental science research, such as students monitoring bird and pollinator populations on school...


Six Keys to Effective Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-teacher conferences can support student learning is a few key bases are covered. Join us as our guest offer proven best practices. @larryferlazzo @LSkae @luzsantana20 @TaraCDale @Bamradionetwork Leticia Skae is an ELA teacher in middle TN; she has 13 years experience in the field. She's been a literacy coach as well and getting her PhD in Literacy Studies at MTSU. Luz Santana is co-director Right Question Institute, Cambridge MA and author of two books. Tara Dale is a...


What Every White Teacher Needs to Know about Teaching Black Girls

Black girls are suspended twice as often as white girls. The list of school discipline disparities is significant and comes with many adverse effects. Discover what you need to know. @larryferlazzo @Ruizsealey @terrinwatson @DrVEvansWinters @Bamradionetwork Dr. Venus E. Evans-Winters is an Associate Professor of Education and faculty affiliate in Women & Gender Studies, African American Studies and Ethnic Studies at Illinois State University. Terri N. Watson, PhD is an Assistant...


Six Ways to Use Technology Effectively in Math Classes

Join us as we discuss the best ways to use technology to teach math and the pitfalls to avoid. @larryferlazzo @EScillieri @bobsonwong @jenniferwathall @SaneeBell @Bamradionetwork Jennifer Wathall is an independent educational consultant and author of Concept-Based Mathematics. She travels the world collaborating with schools to co-create math curriculum for grades PreK to 12. Bobson Wong has taught math at New York City public high schools and is a three-time recipient of the Math...


Interviewing Tips for Teachers: Do This, Not That

Our guests have been on both sides of applying for a teaching position. Join us as they share their best insights about how to land the right teaching job. @larryferlazzo @MCUSDSupe @valruckes @Mrs_C_Hines @SaneeBell @Bamradionetwork Candace Hines is an elementary educator with the Achievement School District in Memphis. She has taught for eight years and presents professional development. Val Ruckes is a First Grade Teacher at McGregor Elementary. Dr. Sanée Bell is a middle school...


Why Schools Are Still Struggling with Bullying: The Trump Effect

Is bullying in school an intractable problem? Why is bullying on the rise? Join us as we look for practical solutions. @larryferlazzo @kfelicellom @Degasuper @marthamagnifice @omanster @Bamradionetwork Terry Roller begins his 25th year in public education. He was appointed to Chief Administrative Officer for the State of Alabama. Martha Caldwell and Oman Frame, veteran teachers and co-founders of iChange Collaborative, and co-authored Let’s Get Real: Exploring Race, Class, and...


Avoiding the Biggest Classroom Management Mistakes

Classroom management is a perennial challenge for teachers. What are the biggest mistakes we often make and how do we avoid them? @larryferlazzo @PegGrafwallner @Ajay460 @mrkevinparr @Bamradionetwork Anne Jenks is the principal of a TK - 5 elementary school in Oxnard, California. She is a Leading Edge Certified teacher and the 2015 CUE Site Leader of the Year. Peg Grafwallner, M.Ed., is an Instructional Coach/Reading Specialist at Ronald Reagan IB High School in Milwaukee, WI. She...