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Looking to declutter, simplify, and organize your family? Want to do more of what you love with who you love? Join professional organizer and mom-of-2 Christy Lingo for weekly chats featuring tips to organize and simplify your home and family paired with a delicious cocktail recipe.

Looking to declutter, simplify, and organize your family? Want to do more of what you love with who you love? Join professional organizer and mom-of-2 Christy Lingo for weekly chats featuring tips to organize and simplify your home and family paired with a delicious cocktail recipe.


Columbus, OH


Looking to declutter, simplify, and organize your family? Want to do more of what you love with who you love? Join professional organizer and mom-of-2 Christy Lingo for weekly chats featuring tips to organize and simplify your home and family paired with a delicious cocktail recipe.






Time Blocking for Beginners & Honey Thyme Margaritas

One of my favorite organizer friends is back to chat time blocking for beginners. Kelly Beutler is the lead organizer and owner of The Joyful Sort. She has appeared on previous episodes about goal setting and getting organized to get organized...but today she is talking how to get started with time blocking. We talk about what time blocking is, how it has benefit Kelly in her scheduling, and how to get started if you aren't sure where to start. And we sip on sweet and Springy Honey Thyme...


Planning and Organizing Your Garden & Blackberry Herb Cocktails

Spring planting season is right around the corner...have you planned your plants yet? If you're a novice gardener or just looking to get more bang for your gardening buck, we've got you covered this week. We are chatting with gardening expert and kitchen garden planner Annie Chubbuck of Seed Babies. Every summer, Annie helps clients plan and maintain their kitchen gardens. She's giving us planning tips like what to plant where, what to plant next to what, and how much time should you plan to...


Organizing Your Estate & Riesling-Campari Cocktails

If something were to happen to you today, does your partner know your wishes? Do they know where important papers are? Do you have a plan for your kids and your money? Aye-yi-yi...yes, mamas! We are going deep this week to chat organizing all those areas that make us feel a little uncomfortable. I'm chatting with author Nine Nights: Your New Little Black Book for Personal Financial Empowerment and professional organizer Laurie Teal. Laurie has a mission to make sure couples and women are...


Love and Organizing Part 2 & Red Wine Milkshakes

Minimalism and simplicity coach Rose Lounsbury is back to chat love and organizing in honor of Valentine's Day. This week, Rose and I will discuss how to introduce the idea of decluttering to your family and why it's important to teach your family organizing and decluttering skills. This episode partners perfectly with last week's chat where we discussed how to introduce organizing systems when you and your loved ones don't see eye to eye on decluttering strategies. And we introduce an...


Love and Organizing Part 1 & Strawberry Mint Gin Fizz

In honor Valentine's Day, I'm addressing love and organizing in two episodes with my good friend, minimalism and simplicity coach Rose Lounsbury. For part 1 of our discussion, Rose and I are talking about organizing and decluttering when you and your partner see clutter differently. We hear how Rose and her husband reacted when she started her minimalism "hobby", how to approach a conversation about organizing with your loved one, and how to deal if one of you is an "outie" and one of you is...


Tax Paper Organizing Step-by-Step & the Income Tax Cocktail

Tax season is here...soon your mailbox will be filled with W-2's and 1099's. Or you'll be hunting down mortgage deductions, student loan deductions, or child care provider tax IDs. I want to give you an easy, paper organizing system that can help you organize your tax paperwork for this year and years to come. I've even made you a free checklist for what you'll need that you can pick up at All this alongside a classic 1920's cocktail called, no joke, the...


Getting Organized to Eat Healthy & Raspberry Lemonade Slushies

Did you resolve to eat healthier this year? Well, you'll be excited that our favorite dietician, Sally Kuzemchak from Real Mom Nutrition is back to talk about getting organized for successful healthy eating in 2020. Sally shares her tips for planning and making changes to your family's eating habits, how to reframe your goals for a more successful transition, and her super, simple meal planning strategy to make eating healthy easy. We also have this season's mocktail recipe...the healthy and...


Getting Organized to Get Out of Debt & Café Maria-Theresia

If you've resolved to make a budget, pay down debt or save more in 2020, I've got a guru for you. Today I'm chatting with Lauren Tucker of An Organized Life about her debt-free journey, where to start organizing your finances, and her favorite resources to help you along the way. And since coffee is one of Lauren's favorite beverages, we give you a delicious Austrian, coffee-based cocktail...the Café Maria-Theresia. To connect with Lauren, check out her resources, get today's cocktail...


Getting Organized to Get Fit & Skinny Blueberry Spritzers

Raise your hand if you've got "get in shape" on your 2020 to-do list. (Now raise it 50 more times and switch sides 😉) This week we are talking to fitness trainer Allison Nelson of Live Real Fit about getting organized to get fit this year. We'll talk about the first steps to take in planning your routine, how to ease into a routine or new routine to prevent injury or burnout, and how to stay motivated when you want to throw in the gym towel. And we'll chat all this while sipping Skinny...


Getting Organized to Get Organized & Spiked Mexican Hot Chocolate

Welcome to 2020 AND the kick-off to our January "Getting Organized to..." series. Today I'm talking to professional organizers Kelly Beutler of The Joyful Sort and Lori Cela of Time 4 Organizing about their steps to plan your project, start small, and stay motivated when it comes to your organizing projects this year. And they share their wealth of knowledge while we sip on delicious & warm Spiked Mexican Hot Chocolate! For more information on today's episode and to connect with Lori and...


2019 Wrap Up

We have reached the end of 2019...and I'd love to celebrate by highlighting some of my favorite guests and tips from the past year. Let's review tips from goal setting to self-care, kitchens to closets, and all sorts of organizing and simplifying tips in between. For links to all the episodes, visit the show notes at and search for "2019 Wrap Up." --- Send in a voice message:


Why Clutter-Free Gifts & Salted Caramel White Russians

Don't let a holiday gift deluge derail a year's worth of decluttering efforts. Today I'll give you some insight into why you would want to ask for or give clutter-free gifts this holiday season. And some of my favorite clutter-free gift options. All while sipping on the little bit sweet, little bit salty, and whole lot of delicious Salted Caramel White Russians. Today's episode features excerpts from my book "101 Clutter-Free Gifts: And Why You Want Them". You can pick up your copy at...


Simple Beauty Tips & Bailey's Chocolate Martinis

Looking to put your best face forward but overwhelmed by all the steps? Or maybe you think it would take too long? Never fear, beautiful mamas, my friend and beauty expert Stacie Hamilton from The Makeup Obsessed Mom is here to help. Stacie shares her tips for simple morning and evening skincare as well as steps for easy, beautiful, natural-looking makeup. And she shares fantastic and fun gift ideas for the holidays. For more information on Stacie, links to her product suggestions, or...


Minimalist-mas & Poinsettia Cocktails

What happens when the simple desires of minimalism crash with the holiday push of consumerism? This week we'll chat with mom-to-3 and host of the Minimalist Moms podcast, Diane Boden, about how she stays true to her minimalism during the holidays. Learn about Diane's journey to minimalism and her recommendations on where to start if you are interested in decluttering or minimalism. All this while we sip a delightful twist on the traditional mimosa...the Poinsettia (or Cranberry Mimosa). For...


Pantry Organizing Step by Step & Maple Cinnamon Old Fashioneds

Food is such an important part of holiday celebrations. Now is the time to get your pantry and food storage in order so you can know exactly where what you need is when you need it. On today's episode, I'll take you step by step through the exact process I use when I organize pantries for clients. All while sipping an amazing bourbon based cocktail that warms you from the inside out...the Maple Cinnamon Old Fashioned. Here are links to additional episodes I mention today: How to Host a...


Holiday Time Management & Mulled Wine Sangria

The holiday season is fast approaching...have you started to schedule all your activities? If the thought of doing all the holiday things stresses you out, join me as I chat with Janet M. Taylor aka Organizer Janet about managing your time and setting priorities during the holidays. And we give you a holiday twist on sangria with a Mulled Wine Sangria from For more on today's guest, past episodes, or today's cocktail recipe, visit my show notes at...


Living Your Best Mom Life During the Holidays & Spiced Apple Margaritas

Looking for strategies to keep stress low during the upcoming holiday season? Today I kick off my holiday organizing series with Agile Home Strategist and Family Scrum Master, Yvonne Marcus. Yvonne helps families collaborate and moms delegate through agile systems that make your home run like a well-oiled machine. We discuss "progress over perfection" and her 3 tips to help you live your best #momlife over the holidays. All while sipping a delicious, seasonal Spiced Apple Margarita from...


Can You Over-Organize and Apple Gin Mules

Are you struggling to start your organizing projects because they won't be "Pinterest perfect" or "Instagram worthy"? Today we talk about what REALLY matters when it comes to organizing systems (hint: it isn't the bins) and how to start living your best, organized life right away rather than waiting until you have the time, money, or bins. And we give you a delicious fall cocktail...the Apple Gin Mule from Jen Meyering. To visit the show notes or see today's cocktail recipe, visit the show...


Organizing Small Spaces & Girl Scout Cookie Shots

Got too much stuff and not enough space? This episode is for you! Join me as I chat with professional organizer and NYC resident Sharona Balk aka The Organizer Bunny about her tips for making the most of your small space and controlling all the stuff that comes in. And we'll give you a sweet, creamy, and minty shot that even moms can enjoy. Get links for products, recipes, past episodes, and guests featured on this episode by visiting the show notes at...


Organizing for a Chronic Illness & Ginger Turmeric Mocktails

Receiving a chronic illness diagnosis can be overwhelming and stressful for families. Today I am talking with organizing expert Rachel Rosenthal about her organizing strategies for living with a chronic disease. A busy mom of twins and entrepreneur, Rachel was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease a few years back. Among other symptoms, Hashimoto's can cause brain fog and fatigue which means Rachel had to have her organizing skills on point to keep up with her research, medications, doctor's...