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Curlee Girlee's Crackin' the Kid Code with Atara Twersky and Grace Cross ( is for parents who desire kids who thrive in all kinds of circumstances.

Curlee Girlee's Crackin' the Kid Code with Atara Twersky and Grace Cross ( is for parents who desire kids who thrive in all kinds of circumstances.


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Curlee Girlee's Crackin' the Kid Code with Atara Twersky and Grace Cross ( is for parents who desire kids who thrive in all kinds of circumstances.




Parenting During Quarantine with Rhonda Moskowitz

Rhonda Moskowitz, a certified parenting coach has helped countless parents and children in so many modern-day struggles. A few months ago, Rhonda came on our show, after being featured in the NY Times, to discuss her views on the impact devices have on our children in this ever-growing world of technology. Today Rhonda is here to help us navigate raising our children during the coronavirus. In a matter of weeks, days even, it feels like everything has changed and parents are at a loss of how...


Dr. Abdu Sharkawy provides daily updates for the CBC of Canada - when his FB post went viral, he instantly became recognizable across the globe

Dr. Abdu Sharkawy who is seen regularly on CTV of Canada and was recently interviewed on the Dr. Phil Show, wrote a Facebook post on March 5, that went viral. Dr. Sharkawy detailed his concern that all reason would be lost in the face of the intense feelings of panic everyone is experiencing, March 5 seems like a long time ago and much has changed in the world since then. Dr. Sharkway, from the front lines, is not afraid to admit, that he, along with many other medical professionals, may...


Social Distancing is lonely but our guest has been using virtual chats to make a community for a while now!

Megan Taylor Morrison has been quoted as saying that loneliness equates with less satisfaction, less productivity, less creativity. As someone who had worked from home for many years, she felt lonely much of the time and when she began her work as a life and business coach with clients who worked similarily she noticed they too felt the same. She began co-working groups and both she and her clients found a sense of community even online. Hopefully, the coronavirus will be gone soon and...


Meet Julia Chebotar, a NYC restaurant owner, private chef and a red-headed curlee girlee!

Julia Chebotar practices healthy eating with easy-to-do recipes that busy moms can incorporate into their nighttime repertoire. We learned so many things from Julia. My favorite is that eating seasonally is as or more important than following that "organic" label everywhere. Whether you are a vegan, a vegetarian or a healthy meat- eater; understanding what you are ingesting is what it is all about! We really are what we eat! Julia is all about balance in your diet and your life! Find out how...


What Child/Tween Doesn't Love The Hit Show Victorious?! Chatting With The Show's Writers Was So Fun!

When you get the opportunity to chat with the writers of the hit show, Victorious, Erica Spates and Sam Littenberg-Weisberg, you jump at the chance. Especially when those writers are now also the writers and producers of a new hit on Netflix, The Healing Power of Dude, which features Jace Chapman and Sophie Kim in roles that are both touching, funny and engaging all at once. Social Anxiety is real but often masked well so that those around you can mistake it for "just being shy" or even...


Harmony by Karate: Can the Ultimate Fighting Tool Really be accompanied by Peace and Harmony?

Harmony and Karate- These two words may sound like an oxymoron but Sensi John has somehow managed to turn fighting and peace into an art form. It started in his school in NYC "Harmony By Karate" but soon John became a global movement of countering bullying with peace and pairing Karate with Harmony. John was featured on countless media outlets including CNN and ABC News and his Harmony Power Awards giving back to communities and countering bullying are melding peace and fighting to create...


Hair Love won the Oscar and our guest was the inspiration behind it all!

Hair Love, the short animated film, won the Oscar this year and it is no wonder. The inspiration for this adorable movie was none other than our guest Derrick Culpepper, owner of Active Dads Rule, Derrick strives to be a good example for dads everywhere. Derrick was going about his routine and just getting his young daughter ready for her school day, but the video he made to show his wife went viral. The rest, as they say, is history. Listen to this episode and find out what happened along...


Tammy Rabideau, NY Times Essayist, chronicles her story of triumph in this week's Episode

Tammy Rabideau's story is as uplifting as it is moving; deeply personal, Tammy's journey with her daughter beside her, will inspire you to keep moving through all life's obstacles. Tammy was homeless not too many New Year's Eves ago, but she pulled herself back up and her young daughter was awarded a full scholarship to a top Ivy League college. Tammy chronicles her story from falling to rising in a beautiful essay, As the Ball Dropped our Life Fell Apart, chosen by Dan Jones, editor for the...


The Marriage Story: Listen to attorney, Susan Guthrie discuss this movie and divorcing your spouse- not your child!

Deciding to Divorce is never easy, nobody knows that better than Susan Guthrie, divorce attorney and mediator for over 30 years, (but trust me, she doesn't look a day over 40!). Susan is the host of her own podcast- Divorce and Beyond and in her role as a divorce attorney, she has been helping couples make a clean, responsible and cordial break always being mindful of their children and the bond they once shared. Susan shares her insights and years of experience both as a litigator and...


Natalie Silverstein, Author of Simple Acts: Your child can do this! No matter their age! And they will be happier and healthier for it!

Do you often feel overwhelmed, too busy to read your to-do list let alone add one more thing to your plate? We felt the same way; between raising children, work, business ventures, the struggle of every-day life, we didn't think we had any time left in our busy schedules. But when you want to make time you will be amazed at what happens. Simple Acts: Of kindness, of giving back, of taking a moment to impact someone around you. Honestly "simple" is a misnomer because really acts of kindness...


NY Times essayist, My Subway Crush who Crushed me, Zoe Fishman talks about love, loss, single parenting writing and more!

The Sunday NY Times Style Section is synonymous for many with sleeping late, lazy Sunday mornings, maybe a cup of coffee by your night table, perhaps a croissant or a donut half-eaten next to your newspaper. For me, The NY Times Style section is about four words: The Modern Love Column. I LOVE the modern love column. I wait for it all week, get excited to know the paper will be at my door, grab it before my husband can crinkle it up, making it harder to find my page. And when it is in my...


If you have ever been cheated on by your spouse/boyfriend this podcast is for you! Mika Perry gets real on her husband affairs and so much more

Mika Perry is put-together, organized, thoughtful, smiling almost picture-perfect. But things are not always what they seem. Several years ago, Mika found out her husband was cheating on her and her world almost fell apart. She wanted to crawl into a corner and not come out but she had a new baby and a husband she did love. Slowly Mika put the pieces back together and in this intimate podcast, she details just how she got through one of the hardest times of her life. When your husband has an...


Tedx Speaker - David Di giorgio

Davide Digirio- Tedx speaker, best-selling author, motivational speaker. Davide coined two phrases that I absolutely love: “comparanoia” and “being unapologetic”. Listening to Davide’s Tedx talk was like listening to your wisest friend give you advice. It was calming, smart, and mostly just... true. We know that comparing ourselves to others is bad. We know that children suffer from this tenfold and that the harm this does to their sense of self can be so difficult to undo. We know as...


Dove Real Beauty Sketches' artist Gil Zamora is our acclaimed guest today!

Curlee Girlee podcast interviews Gil Zamora of the famed Dove Beauty Sketches When you look in the mirror, what do you see? All too often, we can be harsh, critical, unforgiving in how we view our reflection. Women and girls particularly fall victim to negativity and self-loathing. Girls as young as eight or nine years old feel the pressures of social media, fitting in and looking just like their friends do. Dove brand set out to make changes and in doing so they launched The Dove Real...


As Curlee Girlee's Got Talent launches into the world of STEM, Atara is our interviewee!

At last, you get to know the host behind our Curlee Girlee's Cracking the Kid Code podcast! Atara Twersky, the Mom behind the Curlee Girlee book series and the Curlee Girlee movement and Today Show Style Hero is here answering questions about her incredible new book, Curlee Girlee's Got Talent. Atara shares that Curlee Grilee has entered a talent show and does not go the traditional way as far as talents are concerned. We find our favorite curly heroine choosing a STEM experiment as her...


Working Moms- this podcast is for you!- Julie Finn is our guest!

Working moms take heed! This podcast is for you! Julie Finn, CEO of the Working Mother's Mentor is our special guest today. Julie went through the system checking all the boxes by attending the best schools, obtaining great degrees and finding herself high on the corporate ladder. Becoming a mom was just one more thing Julie was going to excel it and she did. But despite her success, Julie felt that something was not right and the traditional roles she was placed in were not fulfilling her...


Devices: Are they ruining our children- Rhonda Moskowitz, a quoted NY Times Expert weighs in.

Rhonda Moskowitz, an expert recently featured in the NY Times, Style section, is our amazing guest on today's podcast. Technology is fantastic and has so many upsides both at home and in the classroom, but when devices overtake our lives, our home, and our children suffer. Rhonda explains the pitfalls of devices, how children do better with a pen in hand rather than a keyboard and how the endless hours on phones or computers negatively affect their brains. Rhonda further explains that there...


What to tell your curly haired child when she is feeling bad about her hair from NaturallyCurly

11/6/2019 is a name recognized by curly girls everywhere- on this week's episode, we interviewed one of the founders of, Michelle Breyer. Michelle began her career as a broadcast journalist but her hair got in the way, literally! Michelle knew she needed to create a community for curly women to discuss, debate and decide on best hair products, best styling techniques and best hair care for curly girlies. Along the way she realized that her work in this area was...


Dave's Killer Bread: The Founder details his journey from prison to baking breads!

Dave Dahl- founder of Dave’s Killer Bread: If you love healthy, whole-grain breads, his name is synonymous with the best bread known to mankind. But Dave’s story is more really one of transformation. Dave was homeless, then in prison with little hope of a promising future and yet somehow he turned his life around and in doing so, he found peace balance and purpose in his life. Dave’s Killer bread not only makes delicious bread that will feed your family in a natural healthful way but the...


A CNN Hero teaches Kids to Kick Cancer with Karate and taking a breath! CG's Crackin' the Kid Code Podcast #107

A CNN HERO Rabbi G began a non profit organization, Kids Kicking Cancer, after watching his very young daughter die of cancer over 30 years ago. Rather than fall into a hole of despair, Rabbi G decided to channel his grief toward helping other children and their families. His powerful mantra- POWER PEACE PURPOSE and the term he coined and trademarked BREATH BRAKE really speaks volumes for children with cancer. Rabbi G has taken his program globally and you can find him in remote parts of...