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Brian Brinkman: Beyond The Dad

Episode 50 is the first half of my conversation with fellow podcaster, fellow Dad, fellow music fanatic: Brian Brinkman. Brian makes up one half of the team that brings you the Beyond the Pond podcast. Brian has a very close relationship with his Dad... from his time as a youth to today. He describes pretty fully how much the two of them share a lot of the same interests and passions in life.


Father's Day 2018

Episode 49 is my 3rd Annual Father's Day episode with the podcast. These holiday episodes are always little mini-episodes since they are me sharing some wisdom with all of you and don't have a guest. On this episode, I shared my first shout-outs and inclusion of some of you out there! Listeners and followers on social media were asked a question and I read a few of the responses from Twitter and Facebook near the end of this episode.


Chris Lizotte: Humble Son, Dad & Rock n' Roller

Episode 47 is special for many reasons: 1) I love this man. Don't raise your eyebrows at that... this isn't a confession. I love him like a brother and I love him because I have the utmost respect for him. 2) Chris Lizotte embodies so many pure and good things in the way one lives their life. 3) I'm a little nervously excited for any of my non-religious audience to not only hear this, but my next episode with Chris as well... to see how possible it is for a "Christian artist" to be...


Ryan Michler Defied the Odds Without a Solid Manly Leader

Episode 46 of the podcast is one I've been holding onto for a while now. Another great guest that I waited for the Osiris Pod Network to launch. So, here it finally is: a groundbreaking, inspiring and relentless conversation. My podcast is fairly different from Order of Man, which Ryan created a few years ago. But, this episode with him as a guest finds a pretty solid middle-ground between our two platforms.


James Breakwell: Dad, Author and Exploding Unicorn

Episode 45 of the podcast is one I’m excited to bring to all of you. I was thrilled to receive a favorable response quickly after I originally reached out to James Breakwell. When I stumbled onto his Twitter feed some months ago, I felt a kindred spirit connection right away. James is probably known to a lot of people by his Twitter handle and website name: Exploding Unicorn. He has been plugging away at bringing the reality and levity of being a parent to other parents via the internet...