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Dealing and Feeling is the podcast dedicated to creating a culture of conversations with kids and give parents, other caregivers, teachers and custodians tools for discussing challenging topics and feelings with kids. Hosted by Kathy Redwine, Licensed Professional Counselor, MA, LPC, NCC.


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Dealing and Feeling is the podcast dedicated to creating a culture of conversations with kids and give parents, other caregivers, teachers and custodians tools for discussing challenging topics and feelings with kids. Hosted by Kathy Redwine, Licensed Professional Counselor, MA, LPC, NCC.






Anxiety Part 1: Where Does Anxiety Come From?

We are all dealing with a little more anxiety these days. Fear and uncertainty of our health, our job, and even the changes coming from day-to-day. Kathy is joined by the irreverent and always entertaining Gina Trimarco, co-host of the Women Your Mother Warned You About podcast to help kick off a series on anxiety. To help educate and have real conversations about just what true anxiety means. How it can affect us, affect our kids, what can trigger it, how to live better with it and so much...


Peace Building with Shamil Idriss (Re-Broadcast)

We live in a polarized country, and a conflict-filled world. But today on the show, Kathy welcomes a life-long friend who brings a world view to living more harmoniously together, no matter our differences. Sahmil Idriss is the CEO of Search For Common Ground. Their organization works to move populations from an adversarial approach to cooperating solutions and community building. This happens on an even smaller scale when we strive to listen and better understand those with different views...


Appreciate Complexity with O'Neal Atkinson (Re-Broadcast)

A lot of progress has been made in the past decade in respect to the acceptance and support of the LGBTQ+ community. But there is still a long way to go, and children growing up finding their way in a straight world, sometimes need a helping hand or listening ear. That's where today's guest comes in. Kathy welcomes O'Neal Atkinson, Deputy Director of Time Out Youth Center in Charlotte, NC. They have a delightful and engaging conversation about the center's role in helping LGBTQ+ youth...


Grief and Loss with Kiley Thiel (Re-Broadcast)

As adults, we know that death and loss is a part of life, but for children it can be a difficult concept to understand. Today Kathy is joined by her friend Kiley Thiel, grief and loss expert, and part of the organization KinderMourn. Kathy and Kiley discuss a range of traditional types of loss, including the death of a loved one, a friend and suicide. But they also discuss dealing with the loss of normalcy in the time of Coronavirus. They explain how our built in responses are hindered by...


Mommy Has Meltdowns Too with Elizabeth Initrieri (Re-Broadcast)

Today's guest, may just have the most well-rounded look at raising kids and all the issues that come along with it, than any guest before. Elizabeth Initrieri is a teacher, councilor and mother of three children in middle and high school. Kathy and Liz have an engaging conversation about a whole range of topics that parents have to deal with and discuss with their children. From divorce, sex, gender issues, and social media - to the importance of listening, empathy, avoiding comparisons,...


Mama Bears for a Better World with Liz Dyer

In 2014, Liz Dyer had a dream that she could start a private Facebook group for moms of LGBTQ kids and those moms would end up helping to make the world a kinder, safer, more loving place for all LGBTQ people to live. Today that dream is a reality and filled with hundreds of members. She founded the Mama Bears organization to continue her work. Today she shares her journey from blogger to Bear and how to revolutionize the conversation around identity and sexuality with your kids. The Mama...


Myth-busting ADHD

What do Will Smith, Simone Biles, Bill Gates and Albert Einstein all have in common (besides being famous)? They were all diagnosed with ADHD. Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder is a chronic condition including attention difficulty, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness. ADHD often begins in childhood and can persist into adulthood. In this episode, Kathy discusses her own thoughts on dealing with and discussing feelings around the disorder within families. She also combats some common...


Parenting a child with ADHD with Yafa Crane Luria

Yafa Crane Luria has been and continues to be a visionary and innovator in the field of ADHD since 1984. She joins Kathy today for a discussion of her daily work with families with members who have ADHD, her own personal experience with it and her no yelling, no begging, no nagging philosophy of dealing with ADHD. Visit Yafa's website to learn more about her and how's she's helping ADHD families who have tried nearly everything and are still frustrated and confused by...


Communication 101: I Feel...Because

On this episode, we're talking about "talking about things." Kathy shares insights on developing practical healthy communication skills that lead to more productive interactions with our children. Human communication is rarely perfect, if ever. How do we guard against having unrealistic expectations of our children's communication skills? Kathy shares a template for clearly communicating our emotions between parents and kids OR between parents. PLUS, when is the last time you asked for...


Feelings 101: Look For the Cues

Did you know that your body physically manifests feelings before we even recognize we're having them? How cool is that?! In this episode, Kathy gives you some tools to do the vital work of recognizing the physical cues associated with four major feelings: happy, sad, mad and worry. No matter what feelings you or your child is having, we're forced to deal with them. Kathy gives you some tips and strategies for dealing with them in ways that are healthy not harmful.


Podiversary Roundtable PART 2 with Laura Stevens, Colin Stevens, Molly Barker and Barb Royal

We're back with the roundtable and even MORE honest insights from parents on a variety of conversations they are having with their kids. Kathy is joined by former guests Molly Barker, Barb Royal, Laura Stevens and Colin Stevens to discuss topics including: racial identity, the power of word choice and providing kids with emotional stability. Get a pen and paper ready to take some notes because you'll want to refer back to this episode.


Podiversary Roundtable with Laura Stevens, Colin Stevens, Molly Barker and Barb Royal

Wow, can you believe it? We've been in your podcast feeds for one year! To celebrate, we've invited a few of our favorite guests for a roundtable discussion on a variety of big issues parents and their children are dealing with. How do we talk to our kids about how to process their feelings in a way that builds confidence? What can we do to help our kids build their own narrative and prepare them to make their own decisions? PLUS! We play a game of "Who Said That?" featuring amazing insight...


Supporting LGTBQ Youth with Barb Royal

*This episode originally aired in June of 2020* Today's episode is dedicated to the LGBTQ community in celebration of Pride Month, which takes place throughout the month of June. Our guest is Barb Royal a mom, a wife, a woman, who is funny, raw and honest about her journey as a young gay person. It's a great opportunity for parents (and all adults) to listen to her struggles to come out and live out and see what we can learn from it. LGBTQ or not, all young people are trying to understand...


Talking to Your Kids About Social Media with Molly Barker, founder of Girls On The Run

Social media dominates so much of the conversation amongst our kids and their peers. It has effects on their self-esteem and self image that we're just beginning to understand. How do we talk to our kids about it. My guest today is the amazing Molly Barker, author, triathlete, and founder of Girls on the Run, an organization dedicated to building the confidence of young girls through the sport of running. We discuss the incredible lessons she learned from her mother, that it's okay to be...


Blending Family with Rachel Pitts

Raising a child through a separation or divorce can be very difficult, not to mention the process of blending familes as parents move on to new partners. On this episode Kathy is joined by Rachel Pitts, mom, real estate expert, divorcee and the co-host of the Women Your Mother Warned You About podcast, a podcast that is making business sexy again. She graciously shares her wisdom and positive outlook gained through her experience through all of these challenges.


Preparing for School Re-Entry

As we return to some semblance of normal, the changes that will take place could be just as jarring as the initial changes 1 year ago. How do we talk to our kids about going back to school and how do we get them and ourselves ready for a new routine. Kathy gives you 3 Keys to Preparing for Re-Entry.


The Pandemic and Our Kids One Year Later

For people around the globe, the beginning of March 2021 represents a one year anniversary of when the COVID-19 pandemic became real and began to affect our lives. It wreaked havoc on the social, emotional and educational development of our children. Just how much havoc? That's what were starting to learn from recently released studies like the one from Challenge Success, a school reform non-profit affiliated with the Stanford Graduate School of Education. They teamed up with NBC News to...


Diverse Bedtime Stories with Bunmi Emenanjo

Reading opens children's minds to the new and the possible. It's the perfect activity to introduce and educate them on different cultures. But what's out there beyond the Suess and the Goose? Our guest today is Bunmi Emenanjo, founder of the Atlas Book Club, a subscription service that provides parents with books and resources that develop global awareness and perspectives that increase empathy, compassion and acceptance. She says that providing our children with gateways to different...


The Journey to Stay Alive with Ginina Swift (Special Re-Broadcast)

Kathy speaks to Ginina Swift, the mother of 5 year old Caden, who was diagnosed with end stage renal failure during the first months of his life. Listen to this powerful story of the struggles her son endured, how no parents are prepared for such a challenge, the blessing of dedicated nurses and doctors that listen, how isolating life became, and living life in the moment. This episode was originally broadcast on September 24th, 2020. We are re-airing it with a special intro from Kathy in...


Parents Just Don't Understand with Kenzie Confer

"You know parents are the same no matter time nor place. They don't understand that us kids are going to make some mistakes. So to you, all the kids all across the land, there's no need to argue. Parents just don't understand" --Will Smith, Parents Just Don't Understand. When "How was your day?" doesn't work do we engage our kids? Kathy welcomes Kenzie Confer, a tutor, teaching assistant and speech and debate coach. Kenzie brings real insights to developing real and impactful...