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Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda – A Divorce Coach’s Guide to Staying Married with Jennifer Hurvitz

What if someone could share life lessons for a successful marriage, based on their own discoveries after going through divorce and helping countless others with relationship issues in the real world? There’s no need to wonder: Jennifer Hurvitz is a relationship coach who knows what it takes to weather life’s storms and enjoy healthy, lasting marriages. Best-selling author of Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda – A Divorce Coach’s Guide to Staying Married, Jennifer offers a no-nonsense approach to the...


It's Never Too Late To Live Out Your Dreams! With Jodi Harrison Bauer

At age 58, Jodi Harrison Bauer is living proof of the truth behind this popular quote. On a mission to empower women and fight against ageism, Jodi is an ageless warrior committed to changing the narrative around age, outer appearance, and the general way that we put people into boxes.


Divorce First Aid With Whitney Boole

Trauma is defined as a deeply distressing or disturbing experience which, we would all agree, that divorce, no matter what the circumstances, falls under this definition. Oftentimes the trauma piece of it can be overlooked, though, and never really dealt with at all. Our guest today Whitney Boole is a therapist specializing in trauma who believes that a major part of healing from divorce includes a focus on navigating the crisis and healing the trauma that divorce creates. When this trauma...


Boldly Taking Life and Love into Your Own Hands with Ann Cutbill Lenane

If you’re among the millions of women for whom dating after divorce is a reality, our discussion with Ann Cutbill Lenane is for you. Searching for love – or simply dating for fun – comes with frustrations and challenges such as being ghosted or searching countless online profiles in hopes of finding a connection.


Jumping in and Dating After Divorce with Tamsen Fadal

Dating after divorce: It’s a topic that comes with questions, fears, excitement, and so much more. In this episode, Tamsen Fadal, primetime anchor for PIX11 News in New York and author of The New Single: Finding, Fixing, and Falling Back in Love with Yourself provides insight into emerging from major life changes with grace, confidence, and an eye toward self-care, plus a focus in increased awareness that helps women avoid repeating toxic relationship patterns that hold them back.


Taking a Dating Hiatus and Emotional Purging with Mandy Hale

Dating after divorce: It’s a hot topic and something that most of us experience eventually. In this episode of Divorce and Other Things You Can Handle, New York Times best-selling author and blogger Mandy Hale offers reasons why it’s often important to take a break from dating.


Your Money Personality With Ivy Menchel

Have you ever heard the term “money personality?” In this episode, certified financial planner and certified divorce financial analyst Ivy Menchel provides insight into your money personality, along with solid advice for making sound financial decisions to help you transition smoothly into the next phase of your life.


Reclaiming Your Sensual and Erotic Self By Letting Go with Lara Eisenberg

We don’t talk about the emotional trauma from divorce as much as we should and as a result, we hold onto this trauma without realizing. Our guest Lara Eisenberg discusses letting go of this trauma through the physical, mental, spiritual and sexual sides of yourself and how all are necessary to fully recover from divorce.


Worst Divorce Moments

Jackie found herself divorcing when her kids were just 3 and 5 years old. Despite multiple attempts to solve the issues that divided her and her husband, things simply didn’t work out. When even couples’ therapy failed, Jackie and her ex-husband realized that divorce was the best option. Nobody expects their marriage to end in divorce. For most people, it’s as traumatic and heartbreaking as it was for Jacki. As she navigated the murky waters of her divorce, she felt like she was an island...


Break Up Therapy With Sarah Gundle

Dr. Sarah Gundle became interested in Break Up Therapy when she saw couples in therapy who would break up and then stop their treatment together. Often, one of the patients would continue to see Dr. Gundle and be overwhelmed with questions of “why and how did this happen?”. With only one side present, there could only be one side of the story.


Breaking Down Financial Education with Deborah Nason

Today, freelance finance writer Deborah Nason is joining us to talk all things financial advisers and help you ask the questions you didn’t know you were forgetting about.


Strengthening Family Advocacy and Co-parenting with Michael Daniels

Michael Daniels created his co-parenting app, FAYR, after he went through his own divorce and noticed that there needed to be a change in the way co-parents effectively communicate. His app allows parents to take responsibility for their actions, track spending, communicate in an admissible way, and ultimately reduce court and lawyer fees by keeping everything organized.


Building and Leveraging Your Emotional Intelligence with Rich Bracken

Emotional Intelligence can be defined as the ability to both understand and manage your emotions while understanding and respecting the emotions of others. The more flexibility and intelligence you have with your emotions, the better you can handle your relationships and the potential ending of those relationships. Furthermore, parents with strong emotional intelligence can pass down the self-awareness skills to their children.


The 5 Archetypes and Parenthood with Carey Davidson

In the final installment of our four-part series with Carey Davidson, we delve through the 5 different personality archetypes and how they affect our children and parenting.


Using the 5 Archetypes to Recognize Patterns in Relationships with Carey Davidson

Today we are back with Carey Davidson for the third episode in our four-part series discussing how you can use your archetype and how it acts in a relationship to avoid ending up in the same negative relationships.


Exploring the 5 Archetypes & Relationships with Carey Davidson

Chinese medicine dictates that there are five different ways that people can interact with the world, and every person has all five within them, but there is one primary archetype that becomes your guiding force. These archetypes affect how we act and are perceived in relationships. We have an idea of what we are like, however other people can perceive us very differently depending on which archetype they are guided by.


Surviving High Conflict Divorce with Larry Bloom

After practicing as a divorce attorney for 39 years, Larry Bloom has become an expert in high conflict divorces. A high conflict divorce can be characterized by long trials, hostility, custody battles, lack of communication and allegations of abuse. This experience can cause abundant amounts of stress and anxiety throughout the whole process. Today, Larry shares his best tips on how to survive this difficult time.


5 Personality Types: Strength, Stress & Self Care

This week we are opening our 4-part series with Carey Davidson, founder of Tournesol Wellness, an integrative healing arts practice and learning center. In this episode, Carey takes us through the 5 personality archetypes, the gifts and challenges they offer, and how each archetype can achieve optimal balance and resilience. Carey Davidson founded Tournesol Wellness to help heal and strengthen people with all different types of ailments - including both the physical and emotional as well as...


How to Embrace Your Space After Divorce & Other Life Transitions

When Sarah was a child, she was faced with her parent’s divorce. Her world and her life had changed. Sarah found that cleaning up, organizing and owning her space helped her cope, and began her path to helping others become more organized. As Sarah set out on her professional path of organizing homes, she found that most of her clients were going through major and at times traumatizing life transitions. This led her to develop a more intentional way of decluttering. In Sarah’s words “The...


Recovering from Infidelity

This week, we have Tara Eisenhard, author of the D-Word and renowned divorce coach. Join us as she takes us through her Infidelity Recovery Boost, a multi-step process to help you evolve through the divorce process.