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Worst Divorce Moments

Jackie found herself divorcing when her kids were just 3 and 5 years old. Despite multiple attempts to solve the issues that divided her and her husband, things simply didn’t work out. When even couples’ therapy failed, Jackie and her ex-husband realized that divorce was the best option. Nobody expects their marriage to end in divorce. For most people, it’s as traumatic and heartbreaking as it was for Jacki. As she navigated the murky waters of her divorce, she felt like she was an island...


Break Up Therapy With Sarah Gundle

Dr. Sarah Gundle became interested in Break Up Therapy when she saw couples in therapy who would break up and then stop their treatment together. Often, one of the patients would continue to see Dr. Gundle and be overwhelmed with questions of “why and how did this happen?”. With only one side present, there could only be one side of the story.


Breaking Down Financial Education with Deborah Nason

Today, freelance finance writer Deborah Nason is joining us to talk all things financial advisers and help you ask the questions you didn’t know you were forgetting about.


Strengthening Family Advocacy and Co-parenting with Michael Daniels

Michael Daniels created his co-parenting app, FAYR, after he went through his own divorce and noticed that there needed to be a change in the way co-parents effectively communicate. His app allows parents to take responsibility for their actions, track spending, communicate in an admissible way, and ultimately reduce court and lawyer fees by keeping everything organized.


Building and Leveraging Your Emotional Intelligence with Rich Bracken

Emotional Intelligence can be defined as the ability to both understand and manage your emotions while understanding and respecting the emotions of others. The more flexibility and intelligence you have with your emotions, the better you can handle your relationships and the potential ending of those relationships. Furthermore, parents with strong emotional intelligence can pass down the self-awareness skills to their children.


The 5 Archetypes and Parenthood with Carey Davidson

In the final installment of our four-part series with Carey Davidson, we delve through the 5 different personality archetypes and how they affect our children and parenting.


Using the 5 Archetypes to Recognize Patterns in Relationships with Carey Davidson

Today we are back with Carey Davidson for the third episode in our four-part series discussing how you can use your archetype and how it acts in a relationship to avoid ending up in the same negative relationships.


Exploring the 5 Archetypes & Relationships with Carey Davidson

Chinese medicine dictates that there are five different ways that people can interact with the world, and every person has all five within them, but there is one primary archetype that becomes your guiding force. These archetypes affect how we act and are perceived in relationships. We have an idea of what we are like, however other people can perceive us very differently depending on which archetype they are guided by.


Surviving High Conflict Divorce with Larry Bloom

After practicing as a divorce attorney for 39 years, Larry Bloom has become an expert in high conflict divorces. A high conflict divorce can be characterized by long trials, hostility, custody battles, lack of communication and allegations of abuse. This experience can cause abundant amounts of stress and anxiety throughout the whole process. Today, Larry shares his best tips on how to survive this difficult time.


5 Personality Types: Strength, Stress & Self Care

This week we are opening our 4-part series with Carey Davidson, founder of Tournesol Wellness, an integrative healing arts practice and learning center. In this episode, Carey takes us through the 5 personality archetypes, the gifts and challenges they offer, and how each archetype can achieve optimal balance and resilience. Carey Davidson founded Tournesol Wellness to help heal and strengthen people with all different types of ailments - including both the physical and emotional as well as...


How to Embrace Your Space After Divorce & Other Life Transitions

When Sarah was a child, she was faced with her parent’s divorce. Her world and her life had changed. Sarah found that cleaning up, organizing and owning her space helped her cope, and began her path to helping others become more organized. As Sarah set out on her professional path of organizing homes, she found that most of her clients were going through major and at times traumatizing life transitions. This led her to develop a more intentional way of decluttering. In Sarah’s words “The...


Recovering from Infidelity

This week, we have Tara Eisenhard, author of the D-Word and renowned divorce coach. Join us as she takes us through her Infidelity Recovery Boost, a multi-step process to help you evolve through the divorce process.


Getting Real About Divorce with Kelly Collis

8 years after finalizing her divorce, Kelly digs deep into the realities of divorce. Her’s wasn’t at all what she expected, full of ups and downs but all worth it! Hear how Kelly got through and onto the best chapter of her life.


Conscious Coupling - A New Approach to Prenups

Join us this week as we address the stigma around prenups and how a pragmatic approach can actually be the foundation for long-lasting romance.


Divorce by Decade

This week, Jen is joined by Certified Divorce Finance Planner Lili Vasileff of Divorce and Money Matters to discuss how divorce can affect your finances at each decade and what to focus on to make sure you are planning for the long term.


How to Own Your Financial Worth with Marielle Schurig

Anything is possible for women when they own their financial worth. Wealth manager and financial planner Marielle Schurig joins Jennifer this week to discuss how women can learn to own their financial worth.


Financial Knowledge Is Power

This week’s episode is all about getting control of your finances during a state of transition such as divorce. We hear from so many of our readers and writers about how they knew nothing about their finances during their marriages, giving full control to their husbands. But when things begin to go downhill in your marriage, do you know enough to take control of your own money?


Reinventing Yourself With Purpose

In this episode, Samantha opens up about her 20-year journey of single motherhood how she reinvented herself, and how she helps other women find and pursue their purpose.


Breaking Free From Conflict Divorce

Susan Guthrie and Rebecca Zung join us to talk about how mindfulness can be brought into the mediation process, and give the best chance at a win-win resolution. It is possible to step away from the fear and conflict that typically defines a divorce. Tune in to hear more!


From Chaos to Clarity with Gabrielle Hartley, esq

Gabrielle Hartley, Esq. joins us this week to talk about her book Better Apart and the 5 elements needed to help you find peace as you navigate the choppy waters of divorce.