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#18: Love Yourself So Others Will Learn to Love You Right

How can other's love you, if you don't love yourself? If you don't show them what loving you looks like, how are they to know? Of course it can be hard in the midst of heartbreak and intense stress, but just as in the song “A Dream,” Jay Z said " ... remind yourself: nobody built like you. You designed yourself." In today's episode, Gina journeys into the idea of self-love and why you need it for a life outside of the pain.


#17: One Secret to Co-Parenting with a Narcissist

When you're forced to co-parent and share custody with a narcissist, life can feel like a nightmare! You know the kind where your trapped in a burning building and you can't get out, because no matter what you do you get burned! Well in today's episode, Gina shares how you can put out the fires, and survive. Even if your ex isn't a narcissist, but just difficult to deal with, you're sure to find some relief in this week's show.


#16: Is Your Addiction to Thinking Complicating and Stalling Your Divorce?

Our thoughts can be as powerful as any drug; and our brain is like the drug dealer. When heartbroken especially, it's so easy to get addicted to thoughts that hold us down. Thoughts like "I feel like my marriage was a total lie," "How am I going to survive?" "Will I ever stop crying?" "Sh*t, I forgot to pack the kids lunch ... I'm such a bad mom." And what happens then? Stress, anxiety and fear consume you and drive your behavior and decisions. The results can be a longer divorce, money...


#15: Why Your Ex Keeps Interfering with Your Life

Deep dive into Gina’s favorite world. The world of metaphysics to heal wounds, and cut cords for better, healthier relationships. Sometimes when we work with only the obvious, little change results. Sometimes, real change needs an energy shift and soul level work. Gina’s guest, Ivy Rivera, will share her personal experience in working with Gina and how she helped her escape the cycle of abuse she was living, and also how she helps others to heal by teaching about relationship cords and...


#13: Grieving the Heartbreak

Have you been told that "time heals all wounds"? Or how about, "be strong," "don't feel bad" or "just get over it." These are common myths we tell ourselves when faced with a broken relationship. When our heart breaks, we are grieving. In fact, grieving the loss of someone who is still here, is oftentimes the hardest to overcome. In this episode, we will explore the Grief Recovery Method (TM) with master coach Martina Meyer. Discover new tools to help you heal. GUEST NAME: Martina...


#8: Conscious Uncoupling

“Conscious Uncoupling” was thrown into the world by Gwyneth Paltrow. It is an international best-selling book, written by Katherine Woodward Thomas. In “Conscious Uncoupling” the book, Katherine outlines 5 steps to freedom. Join me for a discussion about conscious uncoupling and meet Paulina Young, our featured spotlight guest. Not only does she have firsthand experience dealing with the challenges of a divorce with children after a 17-year marriage, she is also a certified conscious...


#12: Getting the Numbers Right

In a lot of ways, divorce is akin to winding down a business. Consider your marriage a partnership and the divorce is the dissolution of the business of marriage. The entire marital estate needs to be divided between the two partners, or spouses. This can be a daunting task, because unlike the dissolution of a business, emotions run hot and deep in divorce. To help maintain an objective perspective, a Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®) or Certified Divorce Financial Analyst can be...


#11: Using Divorce to Emerge Anew

Join me and special guest Christine Khetarpal, a divorce coach and momma bear. Christine will share her story as another guest in the spotlight series and also explore how you can truly emerge through the process of divorce. Christine went from "divorce drama to a kick-ass mama" and so can you. All you need is the right support and a willingness to adopt a healthier mindset. Tune in and let me help get you there! GUEST NAME: Christine Khetarpal GUEST BIO: Christine Khetarpal is an MSW,...


#10: Cosmic Interpretations with Cassandra Joan Butler

Join me with special guest Cassandra Joan Butler. Cassandra will be sharing her story from heartache to friendship and the steps she took along the way for herself and the happiness of her children. Cassandra is also recognized as having one of the Top 100 Astrology Blogs in the world. She knows Astrology! Let's see how how astrology plays into breakups, growth, partnerships and rebuilding. Call in with questions!


#9: Leaving a Narcissist

Join me and my special guest, attorney Hope R. Jay, as we explore narcissism and the special challenges one faces when breaking up with a narcissist. Hope is a survivor herself and has cultivated her law practice over the years to serve victims of domestic violence and narcissistic abuse. She is also founder of the invitation only Facebook group Learn, Live, Grow-Support for survivors of narcissistic abuse.


#8: Conscious Uncoupling

"Conscious Uncoupling" was thrown into the world by Gwyeneth Paltrow. It is an international best selling book, written by Katherine Woodward Thomas. In "Conscious Uncoupling" the book, Katherine outlines 5 steps to freedom. Join me for a discussion about conscious uncoupling and meet Paulina Young our featured spotlight guest. Not only does she have firsthand experience dealing with the challenges of a divorce with children after a 17 year marriage, she is also a certified conscious...


#7: Litigation, Mediation, Collaborative Law — Which is best?

There is certainly more than one way to get a divorce. In today's episode we will explore the three most popular roads to divorce: litigation, mediation, collaboration. There are similarities in each method but also striking differences. And what may be good for your neighbor or friend may not be best for you. Learn to find the right lawyer for each type and how to determine which method is best for you. If you don't have a choice and the method was chosen for you, that's ok too. Learn...


#6: Courage to Change

To divorce with heart and build a better life you need courage. Change cannot come without courage. Courage is strength. Courage is taking risks. Even risks on yourself for the sake of your children. Courage is being willing to stand out. To stand out from the crowd and resist the norm. Courage is risking judgment. Judgment from those even closest to you. But it’s only in courage where you discover your strength and can create change. Courage can feel like sacrifice and be tricky to...


#5: A Shout-Out to Moms

Happy Mother's Day. In honor of all the moms out there, we will talk about and honor each of your roles. The single mom, the step-mom, and the bio-mom, and even the girlfriends who stand in like mom. You are all important and deserve a shout-out. We will dive into your challenges and explore solutions. We will honor all that you do to mentor and raise healthy children, and refute the most common criticisms regarding child support and spousal support.


#4: Forgiveness is the Path to Freedom and Trust

Forgiveness is a release. Anger lurks in the absence of forgiveness. Like a Loch Ness monster anger will lie beneath the surface of all your life experiences and lurk around every corner. When we have been stung by anger and hold onto anger, we guard and brace against life, missing the good and creating the bad. And when you guard and brace you block trust. With trust you are open. Open to receiving all things. Good and bad. Without it, you don’t trust that all good things will happen. In...


#3: Blame Breeds Battles

Blame gets in the way of happiness. Blame intrudes on your right to a better life, a more peaceful life. A life that’s easy, joyful, and in sync with your highest and best. A life where your children are happy and know they’re loved. A life where your children are well adjusted and not scarred by divorce. A life in balance. Blame is in the way. Blame allows you to hide yourself from your self. In pointing fingers at someone else, you escape the truth of who you are. Because you’re not...


#2: Making Your Break Up Work for Your Children

Some people stay together for the kids. Some don’t. But what they have in common is the desire to not hurt their kids. The truth is, kids get hurt when parents break up. It’s inevitable. But kids’ hurt when parents stay together, too, if being together means living inside a relationship built on power struggles, arguments, bickering, or apathy. So no matter what circumstance you are in, your kids will hurt. They will be sad, angry, and frustrated. This is normal. So what can you do, when...


#1: Making Your Divorce Work For You

Divorce and Heartbreak can tear you down or build you up. The choice—and it really is a choice- is yours. Make your divorce a journey of self-discovery and transformation by adopting the mission to Divorce with Heart. A divorce with heart is a divorce that cultivates peace and strengthens future relationships. Your future life and your children’s happiness depends on the choices you make and your mindset. Where you are now is colored by your thoughts and feelings about the past; where you...


Ditching Expectations For Peace After Divorce

By allowing yourself and your partner to be right in the decisions of the past: the bad and the good; you can free yourself for a more peaceful future. Gina's guidance helps you to approach the present from a perspective of being right, not wrong, and to explore your expectations for positive tweaking. Please like, rate and share. Joing the community private facebook page: Divorce Intelligence email ginadeprima@gmail.com for private coaching and guidance.


Nasty Co-Parenting and Generational Effects

Failure to Consciously Co-Parent has devestating effects on you, your children, and their children to come. It can be generational. Identify some hallmarks of nasty co-parenting to change for the better and increase awareness to more consciously co-parent. From Gina Marie DePrima, Esq. a divorce and family law attorney, natural empath, energy worker, and Co-Parenting Coach. www.deprimalaw.com