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#32: Growing Through Gratitude Part 2 (The Step Parent)

Are you feeling angry and frustrated with your ex's new significant other? Is it bringing out the worst in you? Don't worry, that's normal! But it's not healthy or beneficial for anyone involved! In this episode, Gina expands on the topic of Growing Through Gratitude, this time confronting the step parent issue! You won't want to miss this episode! Gina explores the frustration and anger directed at the new stepmom or "girlfriend," how to move past the pain and into gratitude! This episode...


#31: Growing Through Gratitude During Heartbreak

YOU JUST WANT PEACE & HAPPINESS! BUT YOU'RE SO ANGRY! In order to reach the point of peace & happiness, you need to forgive. BUT IT'S SO HARD!!! So how can you overcome those negative feelings and start down the path to forgiveness? GRATITUDE. Gratitude is essential to peace and happiness and future life. Your future depends on the choices you make today. Gratitude can help you heal the emotions that left unchecked cause you to say or do things that you wish you could take back. Gratitude...


#30: Overcome Anxiety and Announce Your Divorce With Peace and Confidence

Consumed with anxiety about telling your friends and family about your divorce? Confused about when and how to tell them? Worried about their reactions? It's normal. But it's not necessary. In this episode, Gina shares tips for knowing when the time is right, deciding what to say, how much information to divulge, and how to help others understand how they can best support you during this turbulent time of transition. Join Gina as she shows you how to conquer your anxiety, manage those...


#29: Falling In Love With Fear, To Become Fearless

You know what's at the bottom of irrational decisions, senseless illogical decisions!? IT'S FEAR! It’s got you so worried, that you can't think straight. You're out of your mind crazy. Unable to sleep. Unable to eat. Unable to relax. Even breathe.You feel nuts. Like life is spinning out of control and like you're about to lose it at every turn.That’s the feeling of fear. And when you feel like that, you don’t listen. You don’t hear things around you. You don’t hear good advice and...



In this episode, divorcing parents can learn to untangle the emotions that keep them from reaching a fair agreement over the custody/parenting schedule.


#27: Are You the World's Greatest...?

Come on we've all seen them, the World's Greatest Mom, or the World's Greatest Dad awards. And yes, of course, we all think we are the greatest, right? Maybe we've even received a mug or two. But are we really? Are we really our child's greatest cheerleader? This week we explore more about what coaches wish you knew, and the interplay of your kids' activities and your co-parenting schedule.


#26: Parenting Technology Zombies (Your Kids) from Two Different Homes

Are you raising kids glued to Fortnite, Rocket League, Minecraft, Snapchat, Instagram? I think we all are. Girls don't put their phones down and boys are stuck on the PlayStation. Right? Now throw in the mix of co-parenting. ARGH. Today Gina is joined by licensed therapist and tween/teen specialist Cheryl A. Kosmerl for a frank talk on keeping your kids safe in this day and age and other tips for co-parenting technology zombies from two homes.


#25: Parenting Technology Zombies (Your Kids) From Two Different Homes

Are you raising kids glued to Fortnite, Rocket League, Minecraft, Snapchat, Instagram? I think we all are. Girls don't put their phones down and boys are stuck on the PlayStation. Right? Now throw in the mix of co-parenting. ARGH. Today Gina is joined by licensed therapist and tween/teen specialist Cheryl A. Kosmerl for a frank talk on keeping your kids safe in this day and age and other tips for co-parenting technology zombies from two homes. GUEST NAME: Cheryl A. Kosmerl, MSW,...


#25: The Answer Show

The Answer Show. What's troubling you? Listen as Gina answers some listeners' questions and meet Joe Vegas, a featured Rock Star of Divorce. He has some really great tips and insight to share for all you dads out there going through divorce and wanting custody of your kids.


#24: Dealing With the Absent Parent

Who does he think he is? He hasn't been around in years and now all of sudden I'm supposed to wait on him? Be flexible and accommodating to his schedule? Encourage the kids to see him, when they're angry or just don't care ... and for good reason. Sorry gentlemen, but in my experience I have yet to have a case with a mother absenting her kids and then using the courts to enforce her rights. Why is that? Moms can be absent too, but I've only seen dads not wanting to give up and threaten use...


#23: From Stay-at-Home Mom to Career Woman? How to Make It Happen with Ease

Today Gina is joined by career coach Lorraine Rise of WorkSmart Career Counseling. They will discuss how to make a seamless transition from stay-at-home mom to career woman. They will share their stories and take callers live on air. GUEST NAME: Lorraine Rise GUEST BIO: Career coach and founder of WorkSmart Career Counseling GUEST URL: https://www.worksmartcounseling.com/


#22: Time to Hit Stop on Relationship Replay

Ever wonder why your ex/soon-to-be-ex and past lovers seem so different but yet so similar? How interesting that you were promised the sun, the moon and stars, by both, only to be left empty and shattered with the realization that they all promised one thing, seemed to act one way, and then just ... poof ... flipped the switch and left. Or why is it that you find yourself attracted to people with substance or communication and intimacy issues? How can you move on and stop finding the same...


#21: What Your Kid's Teachers, Coaches, and Friends' Parents Want You to Know, But Don't Want To Tell You

Nobody wants to screw up their kids by breaking up their marriage...but the reality is that it can happen and it does happen. Subtle gestures, hints, and comments made in front of kids are often to blame. Today we will explore some examples in perfect timing for the newness of Fall and back to school. So you can start this year off right.


#20: Ten or So Things Your Lawyer Isn't Telling You, That Could Save You Time and Money

Divorce, separation, child custody—it's all very expensive if you're relying on judges and lawyers to solve the problem for you. You want out, you want to be amicable, but somewhere down the line, things spin out of control, and your "amicable" divorce becomes a battle for the win. What happens? What can you do about it? What do you need to know and aren't being told?


#19: Stop Feeling Angry, Hurt and Pissed Off and Live Happier After Divorce

Join Gina in today's episode to find out how you can create less emotional baggage for your future and lighten your load. It really comes down to two things: don't meet anger with anger and paint the picture of a smile. We all have choices. Stop carrying the burden of your feelings, and choose to feel something different. Feelings are meant to be a choice and a signal, NOT your cross to bear.


#14: Divorce Intelligence

Join Gina as she discusses her Divorce Intelligence program, a service designed to assist people going through a divorce by providing the necessary legal help alongside a host of other emotional services designed to help divorcing couples resolve conflicts more easily and align their goals to make the process easier. Divorce Intelligence is designed to reduce stress, reach resolution faster, give individuals the chance to make their own decisions and help couples find a peaceful conclusion...


#18: Love Yourself So Others Will Learn to Love You Right

How can other's love you, if you don't love yourself? If you don't show them what loving you looks like, how are they to know? Of course it can be hard in the midst of heartbreak and intense stress, but just as in the song “A Dream,” Jay Z said " ... remind yourself: nobody built like you. You designed yourself." In today's episode, Gina journeys into the idea of self-love and why you need it for a life outside of the pain.


#17: One Secret to Co-Parenting with a Narcissist

When you're forced to co-parent and share custody with a narcissist, life can feel like a nightmare! You know the kind where your trapped in a burning building and you can't get out, because no matter what you do you get burned! Well in today's episode, Gina shares how you can put out the fires, and survive. Even if your ex isn't a narcissist, but just difficult to deal with, you're sure to find some relief in this week's show.


#16: Is Your Addiction to Thinking Complicating and Stalling Your Divorce?

Our thoughts can be as powerful as any drug; and our brain is like the drug dealer. When heartbroken especially, it's so easy to get addicted to thoughts that hold us down. Thoughts like "I feel like my marriage was a total lie," "How am I going to survive?" "Will I ever stop crying?" "Sh*t, I forgot to pack the kids lunch ... I'm such a bad mom." And what happens then? Stress, anxiety and fear consume you and drive your behavior and decisions. The results can be a longer divorce, money...


#15: Why Your Ex Keeps Interfering with Your Life

Deep dive into Gina’s favorite world. The world of metaphysics to heal wounds, and cut cords for better, healthier relationships. Sometimes when we work with only the obvious, little change results. Sometimes, real change needs an energy shift and soul level work. Gina’s guest, Ivy Rivera, will share her personal experience in working with Gina and how she helped her escape the cycle of abuse she was living, and also how she helps others to heal by teaching about relationship cords and many...