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155: Ending Our Breastfeeding Journey: Weaning At 21 Months

When is the best time to wean? And how do you know when to even begin? And if I do it too early will it mess up my baby forever? And why am I feeling so conflicted about it?? Chances are if you’ve weaned your kid, most or all of these questions went through your head. And if you haven’t begun weaning yet, don’t allow yourself to feel crazy if you have these questions! After 21 months of breastfeeding we’re beginning the weaning process with baby Maya, and it’s been an interesting journey...


154: HOME BIRTH STORY - The Ups and Downs of Pregnancy and a Perfect Night of Birth with Chanté Newman

Who has experienced their ups and downs throughout pregnancy? Our DIAH for today’s birth story is not shy about sharing the fact that pregnancy can be an emotional time. For Chanté and her husband Patrick, they were finishing school, starting their chiropractic practice and moving. And oh hey, yeah - preparing for a baby! Chanté shares with us when she first learned about home birth and how it sparked her interest to have one of her own some day. She also shares a number of great resources...


153: Cannabis Usage During Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum

What are your thoughts on cannabis usage during pregnancy, birth or postpartum? Maybe you haven’t even thought about it before, or known it was a thing (Sarah and Matthew raise both hands lol). A listener reached out recently and asked us to cover this topic. She was curious about other mamas who have used cannabis and can speak to their experience. We were able to get 3 perspectives, which we share and go over. The difference between CBD and TCH and using cannabis for conditions...


152: Breech Home Births and Misconceptions Around Midwives with Paula Schnebelt, LM

If your baby is in a breech position, can you still give birth at home? That answer varies from woman to woman and state to state. But breech alone does not need to be a factor that removes all of your options. It’s a variation of normal. And we’re chatting about that today with our guest Paula Schnebelt, Licensed Midwife and the midwife who cared for DIAH mama Brooke Nielsen in the birth story from episode 142. So not only do we get to hear from the birthworker behind the scenes of a...


151: When Is The Best Time To Get Pregnant?

When is the best time to get pregnant? Are you ready? How do you know when you’re ready? Are you ever really ready? We tackle this topic - with the full intention of simply sharing some of our experience and lessons. Remember - we’re never gonna tell you how to live your lives or what’s best for your family planning! But we do have some reflections on our own journeys, and if some of them resonate with you and you’re able to take them and apply them in your world - awesome! We also...


150: HOME BIRTH STORY - From Hospital Birth with Interventions to Home Birth with Fetal Ejection Reflex with Kayleigh Johnson

Did you set intentions for your birth(s)? The last time we spoke with Kayleigh Johnson, DIAH mama from episode 77, she was setting some powerful intentions and visions for her upcoming birth. Today, we get to hear the full birth story! From leaking fluid at 36 weeks, which would prove to be a trial run, to birthing time arriving at 42 weeks and 6 days, Kayleigh shares the challenges of not getting worked up during the stages of prodromal labor and trying to enjoy the process. We’ve...


149: Ali Wong, Uncensored Birth Photos and a Rockstar Home Birth Dad

What do Ali Wong, uncensored birth photos and one of our listeners have in common? They’re all getting talked about in today’s episode! We couldn’t record another episode without mentioning the latest hit Netflix comedy special featuring Ali Wong, titled “Hard Knock Wife.” We talk about how much we appreciate pregnancy, birth and motherhood “real talk” in the mainstream comedy world. Because it’s important for us to talk about, and even laugh about, the realities of these...


148: HOME BIRTH STORY - A Second Home Birth and Postpartum Life with a Baby and a Toddler with Sam Peters

If you have a successful home birth, does that mean the next one is completely free of fear and anxiety? Simple answer: no! Extension to the simple answer: every woman, baby and birth is different and it all depends on a number of things. In today’s episode we’re chatting with Sam Peters, a DIAH vet mama who joined us back in episode 70 to share the home birth story of her son Brooks and how she was preparing for the birth of her second baby, also at home. Sam describes some of the...


146: Followup to Our Episode on Hyperemesis Gravidarum and Listener Emails

When did you first learn what Hyperemesis Gravidarum was? For us, it was when Kate Middleton was suffering from it during her pregnancy. But even then we didn’t know much about it or the extent to which it can impact a pregnant mama. Fast forward to one of our recent episodes, number 136, where we interviewed Jennifer Griffin about her experiences with HG, and our eyes were really opened. It seems to have struck a chord with listeners as well - both those who have and have not...


145: HOME BIRTH STORY - When Your Pregnancy and Birth Inspires You to Become a Midwife with Jillisa Kraemer

How does one go from being unsure about being pregnant to planning a home birth and then on the path to becoming a midwife? Well our DIAH mama in today’s birth story can and does answer that question for us by sharing her incredible story of bringing her daughter Selah earthside. First of all, Jillisa was shocked when she found out she was pregnant. She didn’t feel ready. And she’s beautifully honest and raw about her feelings of ambivalence. Because not every single pregnancy experience...


144: The Onus is On Women To Move Birth Forward with Afua Hassan

How do we move the conversation and care of birth forward? In this episode, we chat with Afua Hassan, Afua is the founder, owner and licensed midwife of The Birthing Place in Houston, Texas. She has a DIAH connection with couple Jonnelle and Jarmar Dupas from episode 88. So here we get to hear from the midwife behind their birth story. Afua created her community in Houston after moving from Connecticut and graduating from the Houston School of Midwifery in 1984. In 2011, she founded The...


143: Why and How We Make Our Marriage a Priority

What’s more important - your children or your marriage? Well, sorry to disappoint, but we’re not going to answer that question. Because that’s not our business and we’re not here to tell you how to live your life. We respect and honor the variations of normal and the family dynamics that work best for each of you. So we’ll leave how you feel about that question and how you answer it up to you. We will, however, explore the dynamics of our household and sharing why and how it’s important...


142: HOME BIRTH STORY - Empowered Birth Doesn’t Mean It Went According to Plan with Brooke Nielsen (Part 2)

How do you cope with the potential frustrations of things not going according to plan? Today we’re jumping back into conversation with Brooke Nielsen, a DIAH mama from episode 111 where we talked about her preparation for a home birth with her first baby. We get to hear about the weeks leading up to birth and some changes that shifted some things around a bit. Like baby being in a breech position and not flipping. Brooke and her husband Jorden practiced letting go. Releasing their plan...


141: The “Whole-istic” DIAH Home Birth Preparation Checklist

What do you need to do to prepare for a home birth? In this episode, we’re taking a “WHOLE-istic” approach to a home birth checklist. So yes, we cover the supplies and gear and equipment (which we have the full list of on our website with the episode). We talk about setting the scene and prepping the space for you birth. And then we a take a turn and talk about some of the deep, gritty stuff like emotional, mental, spiritual preparation with your birth partner and then with...


140: Prenatal Yoga and Exercise and Honoring Motherhood with Deb Flashenberg

Can too much exercise during pregnancy become a detriment to your birth experience? We wouldn’t presume to give you a definitive answer to this question because frankly it’s not our place and we’re not the experts of your physical body, pregnancy, preferences or life experience. This is a question we explored with today’s guest Deb Flashenberg, founder and director of the Prenatal Yoga Center in New York. Deb has her own experience and story around exercising during pregnancy, as well as...


139: A Few Not-So-Typical Places Mamas Have Given Birth

You know how they say babies have their own timelines and agendas when it comes to their births? Well in this episode, we’re digging into some past news stories of babies who have arrived in some unique locales. And they’re not hospitals, birthing centers or planned home births! And funny how we recorded this episode just about a week before Late Night’s television host Seth Meyers and his wife Alexi had a surprising last minute birth location themselves - in the lobby of their apartment...


138: HOME BIRTH STORY - Two Mama’s Story of Insemination, Breech with ECV and Home to Hospital with Amy and Mallory Caldwell

How do you process when things don’t go the way you planned in your birth? We deconstruct this question with mamas Amy and Mallory Caldwell in today’s episode by taking it back to the beginning of their pregnancy journey. Both Amy and Mallory knew that they’d like to carry children at some point in their marriage and growing their family. So for their first, they made the decision for Mallory to go first as the gestational parent. They share the process of insemination, selecting a...


137: Have The Birth That You Want No Matter Where It Is

In today's episode we answer listener email and discuss having the birth that you want, no matter where it takes place.


136: HOME BIRTH STORY - 5 Home Births, Hyperemesis Gravidarum and Seeing Your Challenges As Gifts with Jennifer Griffin

How can we view our challenges around pregnancy, birth and parenthood as gifts? Take trying situations and circumstances and turn them into lessons of empowerment and gratitude? This is part of the discussion on the podcast today with our guest Jennifer Griffin. Jennifer has a background in counseling psychology that she has brought into her current work of running her website Spiritual Gift Institute, writing multiple books and being a mother to 4 children. Jennifer’s first home birth...


134: A Maternity Concierge and Doula Shares How to Pamper Yourself During Pregnancy with HeHe Stewart

Have you ever thought about pregnancy being a time to pamper yourself? It’s not something I would typically think about. I mean, you plan for birth, buy all the baby gear, take the classes, etc. But what about a time to give yourself that self-love and care, and even make it a luxurious process? Well that’s what HeHe Stewart creates for her clients in her maternity concierge and doula services. She sees her job as being there for mamas and parents to establish the balance - the mindset...