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191: HOME BIRTH STORY - Experiencing Home Birth and Hospital Birth as a Midwife with Sophia Williams

What’s it like for a midwife to experience her own birth? In today’s birth story, we’re chatting with Sophia Williams, a midwife, doula and published photographer. Sophia walks us through her entrance into birth work, and then how becoming a doula and eventually studying to become a midwife influenced her own birth choices. There are certainly some twists throughout Sophia’s stories. From a home birth with her son Benjamin to her post birth hospital transfer to remove her placenta and...


190: Connecting to the Magic of Birth Through Being a Doula, Photographer and Actor with Carson Meyer

What do birth work and the art of acting have in common? The connection might not seem so obvious. But trust us, after you listen to this episode, you’ll get it. You’ll also feel empowered and energized around the magic of birth and self-care in all stages of fertility. We had the honor of chatting with Carson Meyer. Carson wears many hats, among which are actor, doula, birth photographer and natural skin care entrepreneur. We talk about Carson’s induction into birth work and what fueled...


189: HOME BIRTH STORY - How Research, Options, and Open Minds Create an Empowered Home Birth with Lauren Thomas

How do you set yourself up for success when it comes to your birth? For one thing, that requires looking at what you want to create and experience. What’s the vision? In today’s episode, we get to hear Lauren Thomas’s journey to home birth and the research, education and preparation that brought her there. After a birthing center to hospital transfer with her first son Finn, Lauren had to take time to come to terms with some of the trauma around it. We talk about her special connection...


188: HOME BIRTH STORY - Having a Victorious HBAC with Christina Winsnes

“Is my body able to give birth?” This is one of the questions that Christina Winsnes asked herself as she prepared for the home birth of her second child, after an unplanned cesarean birth with her first child Emma. With the support of her husband Yeti and the rest of her team, Christina took time during her second pregnancy to deal with fears and concerns. Also to come to a place of peace and acceptance that a non-vaginal birth was not a failure. She walks us through this process and...


187: All Women Can Have Orgasmic Births with Kim Anami

Do you want an orgasmic experience of your pregnancy and birth? Who wouldn’t?! In today’s episode, Kim Anami, holistic sex and relationship coach, joins us for a powerful conversation about mamas reclaiming their sexual energy, intuitive power and true knowingness in order to clear away any blockages that prevent them from having a pleasurable birth experience. We chat with Kim about her journey into her work of helping others heal through the power of sex and intimacy. We also talk about...


186: HOME BIRTH STORY - A Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse, Myths of Home Birth and a Posterior Delivery with Elise Kuehner

How do you address the fears related to home birth when you work in a hospital? For Elise Kuehner, a self-proclaimed planner and researcher, she went down the rabbit hole of content to explore for herself and work through any disempowering thoughts. I could explain the rest, but honestly, she says it best in her email to us when we discussed sharing her birth story. So I’ll let her tell you: “I have felt for awhile that I should share my birth story not only for its outcome but also the...


185: HOME BIRTH STORY - Two Mamas Welcome Their Baby with Caitlin Thompson and Sho Selby

Were you surprised when your labor started? For mama Caitlin Thompson, she shares that even though she felt somewhat ready, there was still a part of her that didn’t expect it. Today’s home birth story is a followup to our interview with Caitlin back in episode 126 when we spoke to her about the emotional journey to conception for her and her wife Sho Selby (definitely listen to that episode if you haven’t yet - it’s amazing). Now today we have Sho joining us (and even a little cameo from...


184: Mum of 16 Plus Creating Your Home Birth Plan

In today’s episode Sarah reads listener emails and talks about creating a home birth plan.


183: HOME BIRTH STORY - 23 Years After Home Birth with Mimi Adeogba

Why home birth? That’s typically a question we ask every guest in some form or another. For today’s guest, the response circled around family and culture. Because when you were born at home and your father helped deliver you and all your siblings, as was custom in his home in Nigeria, it will probably influence you to explore home birth for yourself when the time comes. Our latest DIAH mama is actually a close friend (a first for the show!). Mimi Adeogba, yoga instructor and yoga teacher...


182: Preconception Home Birth Planning (Listener Email)

Do you have questions regarding your home birth planning process? Like where and how to find midwives and how to choose your birth team? Why not email us with some of your questions?! We are NOT medical professionals and will not even attempt to give you formal medical advice of any kind. However we do love answering your general questions about our process, our birth, parenthood and sharing any part of our experience that might help you. In today’s episode we’re answering a listener email...


181: HOME BIRTH STORY - 3 Home Births and Pregnant with Baby Number 4 with Postpartum Wellness Practitioner Maranda Bower

Did anyone else forget about preparing for postpartum? Sometimes we get so focused on pregnancy and birth (which makes a lot of sense!) that we neglect the transition and experience that comes after baby arrives. In today’s interview, we’re chatting with Maranda Bower, a postpartum wellness practitioner and mama of 3 (soon to be 4!). Maranda shares how she was introduced to the idea of home birth (it’s not what you usually hear). We talk about some of her own experience and then how women...


180: How We Organize Working from Home with Childcare (Listener Email)

What’s your childcare and work schedule like? This is a question we received from a beloved listener as she navigates her own journey of entrepreneurship and raising a child. So we took to the mic and did what we do! We break down the facts for you on how we make our weekly schedules work and how it helps our family and businesses function. Then we get into some of the realness of when it feels super challenging. Plus what we have to say to people that want to question and judge your...


179: HOME BIRTH STORY - Building Confidence and Support for an HBAC After 2 Cesareans with Erin Holohan

How do you build the confidence and support to prepare for an HBAC after 2 cesarean births? Our guest in our latest birth story, Erin Holohan, is an example of this. After moving through 2 disappointing birth experiences with a lot of recovery and healing to do, she was determined to have her home birth for her third baby. With the love and support of her husband Mike and her awesome midwife Kelly, Erin created the vision and mindset for owning her birth. She shares some of her prep,...


178: HOME BIRTH STORY - Home Birth for Baby #3 with the Help of an Enema During Transition with Alyssa Reeves

Would you consider using an enema during the labor process? In today’s birth story, we’re chatting with Alyssa Reeves, wife to Kirk and mama to twin boys Sam and Niko and daughter Zooey. And while there’s a lot more and totally magical elements to Alyssa’s story, she’s the first mama on the show to share her experience of using an enema during her transition phase of labor. We’re so grateful for her open and informative sharing on how helpful it was for her in preparation for pushing. So...


177: Maya and Doing It At Home Celebrate A Birthday

Today is a special day, so we have a special episode :) It's September 11, 2018, and that means it's Maya's 2nd birthday! Not only is Maya turning 2 today, but the Doing It At Home podcast itself is turning 2! So in today's special episode we recap what the past two years have been like, and reply our original retelling of Maya's birth (which original aired days after her birth in 2016). Thank you all for being a part of the DIAH community the past two years!


176: HOME BIRTH STORY - PPD, Infant Loss, Infertility and Transitioning into Motherhood with Keisha Reaves, LPC

How can we do more for women and mothers as they prepare for and transition into the experience of motherhood? Well, powerful conversations are a great start. And this episode is a prime example of that. Sarah got to sit down with licensed professional counselor and creator of the afterbirth kit company Push Thru, Keisha Reaves. We talk about how Keisha got into her work and how the care of women became a primary focus in her practice. We also get into some of the specifics of postpartum...


175: HOME BIRTH STORY - 2 Unassisted Home Births with Jani Barnes

What do you do when you were born at home yourself, over 30 of your cousins have been born at home and you have over 40 chiropractors in your extended family? It’s a safe assumption that you’d have your babies at home too! For our guest Jani Barnes, having babies at home was all she knew. So having both of her children at home, unassisted, was a no brainer. Her husband Greg is a chiropractor, and was fully on board and supportive of the process. We talk to Jani about some of mental...


174: Talking Birth and Sexuality with International Midwife of Over 30 Years, Jutta Wohlrab

What do birth and sexuality have in common? A lot. There. The end. Just kidding! In today’s episode we have international midwife, speaker and author Jutta Wohlrab joining us. Jutta has been a practicing midwife for over 30 years and has traveled all over the world, serving women and spreading the message of empowered birth. She’s also the author of “Happy Birthing Days” and the creator of We talk about her path to midwifery which began at 16 years old. Then we talk...


173: HOME BIRTH STORY - Home Birth for Second Baby After a Hospital Transfer with First Baby with Thea Robnett

What happens when the news and experience of your pregnancy isn’t all sunshine and rainbows? We’ve talked about this once or twice on the show and we know it’s more common than culture and society would have us convinced of - that sometimes What happens when the news and experience of your pregnancy isn’t all sunshine and rainbows? We’ve talked about this once or twice on the show and we know it’s more common than culture and society would have us convinced of - that sometimes there is...


172: How To Plan Your First Night Away From Your Baby

How long was it before you spent the first night away from your kid(s) as parents? This magical time came for us a few weeks ago, and we’re sharing all about it. We had a staycation in downtown Atlanta, about 25 minutes away from our house. And boy did we live it up! We talk about how the opportunity presented itself and how our tribe rallied behind us to help make it happen. We get into all the details of what we did, how we processed leaving Maya for 24 hours, and some of the biggest...