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178: HOME BIRTH STORY - Home Birth for Baby #3 with the Help of an Enema During Transition with Alyssa Reeves

Would you consider using an enema during the labor process? In today’s birth story, we’re chatting with Alyssa Reeves, wife to Kirk and mama to twin boys Sam and Niko and daughter Zooey. And while there’s a lot more and totally magical elements to Alyssa’s story, she’s the first mama on the show to share her experience of using an enema during her transition phase of labor. We’re so grateful for her open and informative sharing on how helpful it was for her in preparation for pushing. So...


177: Maya and Doing It At Home Celebrate A Birthday

Today is a special day, so we have a special episode :) It's September 11, 2018, and that means it's Maya's 2nd birthday! Not only is Maya turning 2 today, but the Doing It At Home podcast itself is turning 2! So in today's special episode we recap what the past two years have been like, and reply our original retelling of Maya's birth (which original aired days after her birth in 2016). Thank you all for being a part of the DIAH community the past two years!


176: HOME BIRTH STORY - PPD, Infant Loss, Infertility and Transitioning into Motherhood with Keisha Reaves, LPC

How can we do more for women and mothers as they prepare for and transition into the experience of motherhood? Well, powerful conversations are a great start. And this episode is a prime example of that. Sarah got to sit down with licensed professional counselor and creator of the afterbirth kit company Push Thru, Keisha Reaves. We talk about how Keisha got into her work and how the care of women became a primary focus in her practice. We also get into some of the specifics of postpartum...


175: HOME BIRTH STORY - 2 Unassisted Home Births with Jani Barnes

What do you do when you were born at home yourself, over 30 of your cousins have been born at home and you have over 40 chiropractors in your extended family? It’s a safe assumption that you’d have your babies at home too! For our guest Jani Barnes, having babies at home was all she knew. So having both of her children at home, unassisted, was a no brainer. Her husband Greg is a chiropractor, and was fully on board and supportive of the process. We talk to Jani about some of mental...


174: Talking Birth and Sexuality with International Midwife of Over 30 Years, Jutta Wohlrab

What do birth and sexuality have in common? A lot. There. The end. Just kidding! In today’s episode we have international midwife, speaker and author Jutta Wohlrab joining us. Jutta has been a practicing midwife for over 30 years and has traveled all over the world, serving women and spreading the message of empowered birth. She’s also the author of “Happy Birthing Days” and the creator of We talk about her path to midwifery which began at 16 years old. Then we...


173: HOME BIRTH STORY - Home Birth for Second Baby After a Hospital Transfer with First Baby with Thea Robnett

What happens when the news and experience of your pregnancy isn’t all sunshine and rainbows? We’ve talked about this once or twice on the show and we know it’s more common than culture and society would have us convinced of - that sometimes What happens when the news and experience of your pregnancy isn’t all sunshine and rainbows? We’ve talked about this once or twice on the show and we know it’s more common than culture and society would have us convinced of - that sometimes there is...


172: How To Plan Your First Night Away From Your Baby

How long was it before you spent the first night away from your kid(s) as parents? This magical time came for us a few weeks ago, and we’re sharing all about it. We had a staycation in downtown Atlanta, about 25 minutes away from our house. And boy did we live it up! We talk about how the opportunity presented itself and how our tribe rallied behind us to help make it happen. We get into all the details of what we did, how we processed leaving Maya for 24 hours, and some of the biggest...


171: HOME BIRTH STORY - Empowering Hospital Births with a Home Birth Mindset with Cami Harper

What do you do when you want a home birth, but life circumstances make it a bit challenging to create? Cami Harper is sharing her story with us and how she embraced her situation to make it beautiful, even though it wasn’t exactly what she wanted. Cami herself was born with the help of midwives, so she knew she eventually wanted a holistic and natural approach to birth. She shares her process of both of her pregnancies with her sons James and Howie, along with the support of her husband...


170: Helping Women to Connect with Their Bodies Through Every Phase of Pregnancy with Jill Miller, Founder of Roll Model Mama

What type of self-care are you doing during your pregnancy? How about self-massage to help you connect with your body and support it through all the changes it’s experiencing? Today we have a very special guest joining us on the podcast. Jill Miller, founder of Roll Model Mama, a program that takes pregnant women through self-guided techniques for alleviating pre- and postnatal discomfort. The 21st century pregnancy can put a lot of stress and strain on the body. Jill wanted to create an...


169: HOME BIRTH STORY - When Your Water Breaks 3 Days Before Labor Starts with Jenna Lehr

For those mamas who experienced their waters breaking - how long did it take for labor to begin after that? Well in the case of today’s guest, Jenna Lehr, her water broke on a Tuesday, and her baby was born that Saturday! What we love about this detail is the opportunity it provides to normalize all the unique aspects of every woman’s body, baby and birth itself. Sometimes waters break and it takes a while (or days) for active labor to begin). Sometimes the waters break in the middle of...


168: How to Deal With Things In Parenthood That Don’t Go the Way You Planned

How do you deal with things in parenthood that don’t exactly go the way you planned them? In today’s episode we’re talking about the elements that contribute to your plans and the disappointment surrounding them. Whether it has to do with sleep, breastfeeding, potty training, food, child care or any of the endless possibilities and decisions that come with the parenting gig. You can apply the basic essence of this conversation to any of them. And then we share some of our recent personal...


167: DIAH en Español: La Historia de Parto de Arianna Taboada

Hola querida familia "Doing It at Home" y bienvenidos a un episodio especial del podcast! Hoy tenemos nuestra primera historia de parto en español. Arianna Taboada, la mamá de episodio 166 está compartiendo su historia de nuevo, esta vez en su lengua materna. Pensabamos que sería increíble tener una historia para nuestra comunidad hispanoparlante, así como para los amigos/as y familiares de las mujeres quien eligen el parto en casa. Esperemos que esto sea un ejemplo poderoso y una...


166: Helping Self-Employed Women Prepare for Maternity Leave and a Home Birth in Playa del Carmen, Mexico with Arianna Taboada

How does a self-employed mama prepare for maternity leave? Today’s home birth story mama, Arianna Taboada, helps tackle that question with the women she serves in her private consultant practice. In this episode, we hear Arianna’s amazing birth story of her son Leon in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. We get to hear about her process of choosing home birth, selecting care providers and how the experience unfolded. Then we get into some tips and tools for mamas in finding the right mix of...


165: How We Create a Healthy Relationship to Our Finances

How do you approach the topic of spending, bills and saving money? This is a question we got from one of our listeners, so we figured why not tackle it? Not one hundred percent birth related we’ll grant you, however it’s a very real topic for parents as we navigate the world of our marriage and partnership, running a business and a household together. We go through some of our previous beliefs around money, some of the tools and practices we use to help us have healthy conversations...


164: HOME BIRTH STORY - HBAC Story of Baby #3 with the Dope Doula Rachel Cunningham

Wanna hear a story about a sassy doula having a healing HBAC? Of course you do, because this is the Doing It At Home podcast! Today we’re chatting with Rachel Cunningham, a small business owner, doula, wife to her husband Bernard and mama to her three girls: Greta, Beatrice and Agnes. Rachel shares with us, in such funny, vulnerable and real fashion, her journey in the birth world. From an emergency c-birth with her first daughter, to a successful yet interesting VBAC in a hospital, and...


163: Inspiration from the DIAH Community and the Famous Oxytocin Tattoo

Has a story that you’ve heard on the podcast inspired part of your journey? Today we’re sharing a few listener emails, talking about their birth planning and experiences. It’s such a testament to this community and the space of the DIAH platform. So many mothers that we interview on the show share how excited they are to tell their stories, mostly because they feel this beautiful opportunity to “pay it forward” to other mamas. They’ve been so inspired by the stories they’ve heard and want...


162: HOME BIRTH STORY - From Dealing With Stressful Situations During Pregnancy to the Magic of Holding Your Baby with Lindsay Robinson

Did you have any stressful circumstances pop up during your pregnancy? Today’s episode is Lindsay Robinson’s birth story. In it we talk about some of the challenging and hectic situations that she and her husband Chris experienced while preparing for the birth of their son Elric. Just to name a few: Chris was in a life-threatening car accident, they were in the process of buying a house and Chris was let go from his job. Those are a few things that can throw off your homeostasis when...


161: HOME BIRTH STORY - From A Four Month Hemorrhage To An Incredible Birth Experience with Raimee Botner

Today we're bringing you the powerful home birth story of Raimee Botner.


160: HOME BIRTH STORY - Choosing Home Birth from an Academic Perspective and the Power of Women with Isis Rose

Are you the type to research and look for evidence and information to support your decisions when it comes to your birth? In today’s episode, we’re chatting with Isis Rose, a PhD student, doula and mama to baby Xena. Isis shares her journey to home birth, which first entered her awareness during a doula training. She’s a PhD student studying birth and reproductive justice. Her husband Chris, a fellow academic, is a visiting professor at UIUC. So it makes sense that Isis took a very...


159: Our Back and Forth Journey to Deciding on a Home Birth (Rebroadcast)

Today we're bringing you a rebroadcast of the second ever episode we published on the podcast! Hope you all enjoy this throwback : ) --- When we began our pregnancy adventure, home birth was pretty far from our mind. We kicked things off the traditional way: going to see an OBGYN at a great hospital that would usher our baby into the world the way that 98% of families in the US do it. But three months later we parted ways with our OBGYN, partnered up with a midwife group working out of...