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207: HOME BIRTH STORY - Dual Prenatal Care with an OB and a Midwife with Ruby Pontbriand

Would you consider having dual care providers for your prenatal and birth prep? In today’s episode we’re chatting with Ruby Pontbriand, who shares with us her birth history and decision to have dual care for her second pregnancy. She attended appointments with her OBGYN as well as visits with her midwife. All while planning to birth at home. This decision came after some trauma with her first birth in the hospital. This is a great episode for anyone who’s thinking about keeping a tie...


206: HOME BIRTH STORY - A Home Birth Transfer to the Hospital is Not a Failure with Allison Rich

Has anyone ever felt like a failure because their birth didn’t go exactly the way they planned? We think this happens far too often. That’s why we’re happy we have conversations like the one we have today on the podcast. Allison Rich joins us to share her birth story. After a false diagnosis of PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) medically mismanaged miscarriage, Allison and her husband Rafe wanted a different experience the next time they got pregnant. Allison actually met with a group of...


205: HOME BIRTH STORY - A Miracle Pregnancy and an Ecstatic Home Birth with Becca Coren

Can birth actually feel like you’re high and running through the jungle? Well, listen in because it can and it did for today’s guest, Becca Coren. Becca shares her journey to home birth - from a miracle pregnancy that brought with it challenges, a job change and move, tantric healing, and the result of an ecstatic home birth experience. She walks us through her process of healing her body, preparing for birth and sharing her story. Becca’s website -


204: HOME BIRTH STORY - Making (Home) Birth and Motherhood Your Own Experience with Olivia Miller

How often do we carry fears from other people’s births into our own? In today’s story, you’ll hear about how you can make birth and motherhood your own unique journey. We’re chatting with our friend Olivia Miller about her 3 births (hospital, home and planned home birth moved to a hospital, in that order). Links: DIAH Shop - Parents on Demand Network - Mama Z - Natural Living Family -


203: HOME BIRTH STORY - First Time Mother and Labor and Delivery Nurse on the Safety of Home Birth with Corrie Oyinloye

Why would a labor and delivery nurse choose home birth? There are quite a few reasons, at least for today’s guest Corrie Oyinloye. Corrie has been a labor and delivery nurse for 10 years. And two years ago, she chose home birth for the birth of her daughter, Rachel. Corrie’s story also includes creating the space for her husband Gabe to feel confident in the decision, a move to a different state, prodromal labor, a cervical lip, occipito posterior position of baby and a double nuchal cord.


202: Couples Birth: Strengthening Your Connection with Your Partner and Including Them in the Experience with Lynn Griesemer

Ever heard any of these approaches to birth: couples birth, daddy delivery, husband and wife birth? Well today our guest Lynn Griesemer, who is a mother of 6, marriage coach, podcaster and author (among many other things) joins us for a conversation about including your partner in the birth experience. Giving them an active role and making birth a family-led experience. Links: Lynn’s website:


201: HOME BIRTH STORY - How Birth Reminds Us of Our Resilience with Kimra Luna

What did birth teach you? In today’s episode, we have the pleasure of speaking with personal branding and online business strategist Kimra Luna. She shares a little bit from each of her 3 births, a mix of circumstances and lessons. When she first learned she was going to be a mother, Kimra immersed herself in resources like “Business of Being Born,” Ina May Gaskin, Hypnobabies and searched for midwives and doulas to work with. LINKS: Kimra’s Instagram -


200: Highlights from 2018 and Exciting Things in 2019

Can you believe it’s been 200 episodes of the Doing It At Home podcast?! Today we’re celebrating 200 episodes with our first episode of 2019. And it’s a fun one. We share some really cool things that are going on, things to look forward to in 2019. And we also take a trip down memory lane for some of our highlights


199: Unwanted Comments About Your Birth and the Cost of Home Birth

What did you do when people give you unnecessary and negative comments about your birth plan? Today we’re addressing a couple of listener emails, ranging from topics of dealing with comments about the pain of birth, incorporating your spirituality or religious faith into your birth planning and the discussion of costs of home birth. Links: Parents on Demand: Our website: DIAH Store: Sarah’s website: www.sarahbivens


198: Having a Healthy Relationship with Food in Preconception, Pregnancy and Postpartum with Laura Jean

Would you say that you eat with awareness? Today we’re chatting with registered dietician and creator of Eat With Awareness, Laura Jean. Laura works with women and assists them in becoming the experts in their personal relationships with food. This covers the preconception, pregnancy and postpartum experiences. We talk with Laura about how to approach your nutrition with a holistic and loving mindset. This looks like learning what your body is saying and then figuring out how to honor that.


197: HOME BIRTH STORY - High-Risk Pregnancy, Traditional Midwives and Trusting Your Body with Erin Zekis

How do you learn to trust your body after some difficult experiences and a high-risk label? In today’s episode, we’re talking with Erin Zekis about her journey to home birth. From premature labor with her first pregnancy and a hospital transfer, to exploring different methods of care for her second pregnancy, Erin and her husband Kevin were very intentional about what they wanted to experience for the birth of both their sons, Tobin and Aldrin.


196: HOME BIRTH STORY - 53-Hour Labor, Hospital Transfer and a Badass Mama with Bekah Kitchens and Jesse Carroll

When asked a question by a care provider, do you have to respond right away? Most of us don’t know or realize that we have choice. And especially when it’s not an emergency, we can take time to process and decide what we want to do and even refuse what doesn’t work for us. This is a powerful message from our guests - Bekah and Jesse Carroll - in today’s episode, who experienced this firsthand during the birth of their son while in the hospital after transferring from their home birth plan.


195: Caring for Infant Acid Reflux with Kira Volpi

What is infant acid reflux and why does it go so untreated in babies? You’ll hear these answers in today’s episode in our interview with Kira Volpi of Infant Acid Reflux Solutions. Together with the two physicians, Dr. P and Dr. Prince, Kira works tirelessly to provide information and resources for the treatment of acid reflux in infants. We go over the main symptoms and specifics of the condition. Plus, how the team has an approach through telemedicine to offer care for families around...


194: HOME BIRTH STORY - Rainbow Home Birth Baby After 2 Miscarriages and a Stillbirth with Mellisa Reeves of Motherbirth

What would you do if you really trusted yourself? Mellisa Reeves of Motherbirth is sharing her journey with us. From some of the traumatic elements of her first hospital birth with her first son Aiden, a stillbirth in hospital at 41 weeks pregnant with her second son Rowan and two subsequent miscarriages, she brings us to the healing process and experience of her home birth with her daughter, Etney. And along the way she started the Motherbirth podcast and has been providing resources for...


193: HOME BIRTH STORY - Blood Sugar Challenges and a Birth Center Closing at 34 Weeks with Bridgette Piatt

What can make a birth traumatic? For Bridgette Piatt, she believes the trauma associated with her first birth in the hospital was the result of poor relationships with care providers. This inspired her to look into other options for her second pregnancy, however she wasn’t sure of home birth just yet. She and her husband Daniel, who was actually born at home, explored midwives and landed on a birthing center.


192: HOME BIRTH STORY - Journeying From Cancer to Home Birth with Eva Whipple

How could lessons from surviving cancer empower you in your birth? For Eva Whipple, going through cancer at 19 shifted her perspective on things. It taught her about priorities and her perseverance. It also taught her to be present. And this carried into both of her births, both on the same day two years apart. We chat about the road to home birth and the comparison of her two births, nursing a toddler while pregnant and how her practice of yoga has been a part of her life as a mother.


191: HOME BIRTH STORY - Experiencing Home Birth and Hospital Birth as a Midwife with Sophia Williams

What’s it like for a midwife to experience her own birth? Today we’re chatting with Sophia Williams, a midwife, doula and published photographer. There are certainly some twists throughout Sophia’s stories. From a home birth with her son Benjamin to her post birth hospital transfer to remove her placenta. And when Benjamin was 8 months old, Sophia became pregnant with their second child, their daughter Gracie, who was born premature via cesarean. Sophia is an incredibly inspiring mama!


190: Connecting to the Magic of Birth Through Being a Doula, Photographer and Actor with Carson Meyer

What do birth work and the art of acting have in common? We had the honor of chatting with Carson Meyer. Carson wears many hats, among which are actor, doula, birth photographer and natural skin care entrepreneur. We talk about Carson’s induction into birth work and what fueled this intense passion. Also how her studies and training as an actor helped her in showing up fully for her doula clients. Plus reasons to have a doula at your birth.


189: HOME BIRTH STORY - How Research, Options, and Open Minds Create an Empowered Home Birth with Lauren Thomas

How do you set yourself up for success when it comes to your birth? For one thing, that requires looking at what you want to create and experience. In today’s episode we get to hear Lauren Thomas’s journey to home birth and the research, education and preparation that brought her there. After a birthing center to hospital transfer with her first son Finn, Lauren had to take time to come to terms with some of the trauma around it. LINKS: DIAH Swag Shop -


188: HOME BIRTH STORY - Having a Victorious HBAC with Christina Winsnes

“Is my body able to give birth?” Christina asked herself this as she prepared for the home birth of her second child, after an unplanned cesarean birth with her first, Emma. With the support of her husband Yeti and the rest of her team, Christina took time during her second pregnancy to deal with fears and concerns. This is a beautiful story for any mama who is planning an HBAC or is working on building the trust w/ your body. Show Notes: DIAH Shop: