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#69: [Best of Series Part 4] Living on a Faith Adventure as a Family with Christine Caine

The final week of our “Best Of” Series is one that will challenge your faith. We listened to it again and it was like watching a movie the second time around. There was much we missed the first time that we needed right now in this season of our lives. Faith is the currency of... View Post


#68: [Best of Series Part 3] How to Not Raise Entitled Kids with Dr. John Townsend

Welcome to week 3 of our “Best Of” series! As Dr. Townsend states about entitlement, “This isn’t a generational problem; it’s a human problem.” Apparently, a lot of parents in our generation don’t want their kids to be entitled. It was the most listened to episode of season 3! Entitlement, according to Dr. John Townsend,... View Post


#67: [Best of Series Part 2] How Emotional Safety is the Key to Raising Kids Who Live, Love, and Lead Well

Welcome to week 2 of our “Best Of” series! Emotional safety was one of the most requested topics in season 3. Not only that, this episode became one of the most listened to of any we did. When we first became parents we were exhausted and overwhelmed by the opinions of what we “should” do.... View Post


#66: [Best Of Series Part 1] Hearing Your Kids’ Screaming Data with Frank Tate

We’re kicking off our “Best Of” Series for season 3. During the summer we take a little hiatus to regroup, rejuvenate, and plan for our upcoming season–season 4! In part 1 of of our “Best of” series, we revisit our interview with Frank Tate. As one of the most highly listened to and commented about... View Post


#65: From Education to Therapy: The Gut Honesty of Championing Kids with Special Needs with Kelly Bagwell

Championing kids with special needs or medical disabilities can be quite difficult on many levels. First, there’s the academic needs of the child. For instance, in some school systems, grades become emphasized over emotional development or character. Other schools lack the resources to champion the heart or strengths of the child. In addition, there’s the... View Post


#64: The Ministry “of” Children with Disabilities with Amy Julia Becker

So often, conversation on kids with intellectual disabilities centers on ministry “to” children with disabilities. What if we instead focused on the ministry “of” children with disabilities? In this episode, Amy Julia Becker presents us with a massive paradigm shift on many levels. After reading her cover article in Christianity Today titled The Ministry of the Disabled, we... View Post


#63: Supporting Families of Kids with Special Needs with Nick + Jackie Tait

Parenting children with special needs or medical disabilities brings with it so many added variables. As if having a strong marriage and being a great parent weren’t hard enough, what happens when you have to travel for 20 hours of therapy each week in addition to your other tasks and roles? This is the journey... View Post


#62: How to Budget, Think About and Teach Your Kids About Money with Chris Brown

Money is one of the single biggest reasons for divorce today. If we don’t have vision for our money, it will own us. Chris Brown, host of Life, Money, and Hope and a Ramsey Personality, joins us this week to talk about two primary topics: A.) How and why to budget from a Biblical perspective.... View Post


#61: Lessons I Learned About Being a Dad, From My Dad

With Father’s Day approaching, we want to honor dads. In particular, we share stories from our own dads. In this episode, I (Josh) share about what I’ve learned about being a dad, from my dad. He went to be with Jesus in November, 2016, but his legacy lives on in our family. Christi also shares... View Post


#60: Your Questions: Sibling Rivalry, Understanding a Child’s Emotions, and Tough Conversations with Family

Your questions have been so good! We love hearing from each of you. This episode covers more questions related to parenting. In this week’s episode we discuss: How kids handle emotions New ways to think about your child’s overwhelming emotions The difference between a temper tantrum and an act of disobedience Sibling rivalry How to... View Post


#59: My Child’s First Phone–What Parents Need to Know with Michael Kong

When should I get my child her first phone? Once I get that first phone, how should I set it up? What limits should I set on it? Is my child’s phone different than the one I buy? We get so many questions from parents about what to do, and what not to do, when... View Post


#58: Gold Nuggets from a Military Marriage with Chaplain Matthew and Corie Weathers

In 2015, Corie Weathers was named Military Spouse of the Year. That was in large part because of how her husband, Chaplain Matthew Weathers, nominated and championed her. But as we all know, championing your spouse is much easier when you feel championed. In honor of Military Appreciation Month, we wanted to honor and learn... View Post


#57: Christine Caine–Living on a Faith Adventure as a Family

When you hear the phrase, “faith adventure,” what comes to mind? Excitement. Risk. Trust. Memories. Miracles. Or does the rational, natural side of your brain kick in? “But we are in survival mode.” “Maybe when the kids are out of the house.” “I’m too afraid.” We ourselves have said everyone of these. In this episode,... View Post


#56: Grandparenting–Navigating the Role with Your Adult Kids

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes that sweet, lovely, and wonderful baby carriage. Then comes our in-laws telling us how to parent. Then comes our parents spoiling our kids. Okay, so that may sound a bit dramatic. At least we hope so for your sake. Truthfully, we loved seeing our parents become grandparents.... View Post


#55: Single Parenting with Nicole C. Mullen

If parenting is difficult, single parenting is all the more unyielding and lonely. In this episode, we learn from someone walking the road of single parenting. Even more, she gives us insights into her own ministry to single moms in her church community. Nicole C. Mullen, a two time Grammy nominated recording artist and Female... View Post


#54: Your Questions: Parenting Teenagers, Managing Technology, and Raising Teens to Be Self-Motivated

Welcome to our third Q & A episode! As always, we’re grateful for the opportunity to journey with you. Thank you for submitting your questions. In this episode, we address questions specifically related to parenting teenagers, dealing with respect, the reasons for increasing anxiety and depression in teens, and managing technology in the home. Here’s... View Post


#53: Dr. John Townsend: How to Not Raise Entitled Kids

Entitlement, according to Dr. John Townsend, is “a belief that I am exempt from responsibility and that I am owed special treatment.” Unfortunately, you don’t have to look too far today to find entitled kids–and adults! As Dr. Townsend states, “This isn’t a generational problem; it’s a human problem.” In this episode, Dr. Townsend helps... View Post


#52: Mom Set Free: A Special Release with Jeannie Cunnion

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we wanted to do something special for moms, so I (Christi) decided to host an online Bible study! The study is called Mom Set Free by our friend Jeannie Cunnion, it begins May 17, and it’s good news for moms who are tired of trying to be good... View Post


#51: How Emotional Safety is the Key to Raising Kids Who Live, Love, and Lead Well

Does parenting sometimes feel complicated to you? You can’t even leave the hospital before having to make a decision on whether or not you’re going to immunize your child. Think about some of the other choices we have to make as parents in the twenty-first century. ~ “Is it okay that our baby sleep in... View Post


#50: 10 Great Dates with David + Claudia Arp

In the spirit of interviewing people who influence us personally, this episode features marriage mentors of our own, David and Claudia Arp. Married for 55 years, their insights on marriage have influenced the types of conversations we have in our marriage today. In this episode, David and Claudia share the secrets that have kept them... View Post