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#54: Your Questions: Parenting Teenagers, Managing Technology, and Raising Teens to Be Self-Motivated

Welcome to our third Q & A episode! As always, we’re grateful for the opportunity to journey with you. Thank you for submitting your questions. In this episode, we address questions specifically related to parenting teenagers, dealing with respect, the reasons for increasing anxiety and depression in teens, and managing technology in the home. Here’s... View Post


#53: Dr. John Townsend: How to Not Raise Entitled Kids

Entitlement, according to Dr. John Townsend, is “a belief that I am exempt from responsibility and that I am owed special treatment.” Unfortunately, you don’t have to look too far today to find entitled kids–and adults! As Dr. Townsend states, “This isn’t a generational problem; it’s a human problem.” In this episode, Dr. Townsend helps... View Post


#52: Mom Set Free: A Special Release with Jeannie Cunnion

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we wanted to do something special for moms, so I (Christi) decided to host an online Bible study! The study is called Mom Set Free by our friend Jeannie Cunnion, it begins May 17, and it’s good news for moms who are tired of trying to be good... View Post


#51: How Emotional Safety is the Key to Raising Kids Who Live, Love, and Lead Well

Does parenting sometimes feel complicated to you? You can’t even leave the hospital before having to make a decision on whether or not you’re going to immunize your child. Think about some of the other choices we have to make as parents in the twenty-first century. ~ “Is it okay that our baby sleep in... View Post


#50: 10 Great Dates with David + Claudia Arp

In the spirit of interviewing people who influence us personally, this episode features marriage mentors of our own, David and Claudia Arp. Married for 55 years, their insights on marriage have influenced the types of conversations we have in our marriage today. In this episode, David and Claudia share the secrets that have kept them... View Post


#49: Your Questions: Marriage, Sex, and Not Being on the Same Page with Your Spouse

Welcome to our second Q & A episode! Thank you for submitting your questions. In this episode, we address questions specifically related to marriage, sex, and what to do when you and your spouse are not on the same page. Here’s a review of the questions we discuss in this episode: How can I stop... View Post


#48: Making Easter and the Resurrection Real to Our Kids

The resurrection of Jesus changed everything. But how do we help our kids understand the resurrection in a concrete way? How can we communicate to our kids the power that Christ has in our life? Don’t get us wrong, we love chocolate and Easter eggs, but how can we make sure Easter isn’t just another holiday... View Post


#47: Screaming Data–How to Hear Your Kid’s Passions and Strengths By Observing Their Actions with Frank Tate

If you love stories that lead to practical truths, this episode is for you! Frank Tate is one of Josh’s closest friends on the planet. Even more, his insights as a dad have revolutionized the way we parent our kids. Growing up as a foster kid, Frank came to know “invisible Jesus” as his dad.... View Post


#46: Parenting Girls with Purpose & Intentionality with Jonathan + Wynter Pitts

Jonathan and Wynter Pitts have four beautiful girls. At one point, three of them were in diapers at the same time. As you can imagine, Wynter was overwhelmed. But in the middle of the exhaustion and discontentment, she found purpose and contentment. During this time, the Lord revealed to her a need he wanted her... View Post


#45: Your Questions: Parenting Young Children

This is our first Q & A episode! Thank you for submitting your questions. In this episode, we address questions specifically related to parenting young children. Here’s a review of the questions we discuss in this episode: What are good, practical survival tips for our marriage? How do I hit the reset button after blowing... View Post


#44: Jamie + Aaron Ivey: Shame, Vulnerability, and Identity in Christ

Jamie Ivey’s Happy Hour podcast was Christi’s gateway drug into the podcastosphere. So you can imagine what a joy it was to have Jamie, and her husband Aaron, join us on our podcast. We love these two human souls because they embody healthy authenticity. Jamie’s new book is called If You Only Knew: My Unlikely, Unavoidable Story... View Post


#43: 5 Ways to Create a Culture of Forgiveness in Your Marriage

Why is it that our natural tendency is to become hard and insensitive toward the person we love the most? Rather than being quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry (James 1:19), we’re quick to defend ourselves, quick to cast blame, and slow to understand—a recipe that keeps us enslaved to... View Post


#42: Losing Patience, Feeling Inadequate, Discipline, and Not Enough Time: Parenting Struggles 1-5

We asked families in our 22:6 Parenting audience this one question: What’s your #1 struggle as a parent? We had over 700 responses. Last week we covered struggles 6-10. In part 2, we talk about the top 5 struggles of today’s parents. We also offer some practical insights on how we can overcome these struggles.... View Post


#41: Single Parenting, Technology, Independent Kids, Communication and Respect: Parenting Struggles 6-10

Welcome to season 3! Last month, we asked families in our 22:6 Parenting audience this one question: What’s your #1 struggle as a parent? We had over 700 responses. Trust us when we say, you’re not alone. In the first two episodes of season 3 we talk about the top 10 struggles of today’s parents.... View Post


#40: 7 Ways to Prioritize Your Family in the New Year

Welcome to our 40th episode! What an incredible and fun year it’s been for the podcast. Having not yet been at this a year, we have learned a lot from each of you. Thank you for becoming a part of our family and making this journey so enjoyable. We thought it would be fitting to... View Post


#39: Overcommitment in Marriage – Dealing with the Stress of Always Saying Yes

When is the last time you and your spouse argued about being too busy? Or maybe you didn’t argue. Perhaps the busyness meant you just passed one another by, like ships in the night. That’s how overcommitment usually begins in our home. It’s not until we feel the stress of trying to manage it all... View Post


#38: Christmas Hot Topics–Entitlement, Gift-Giving, Santa Claus, and Traditions

There is nothing we want more than to experience the joy of Christmas. Unfortunately, Christmas can leave our time feeling pressed and our wallets stressed. In addition, the holiday also brings along with it some baggage, especially when it comes to our children and the traditions we hold dear. In this episode, we go behind... View Post


#37: Ron Deal–Blended Families, Step-Parenting, Widowhood, and Holiday Step-Stress

Over one-third of Americans live in, or are a part of, a blended family. So many questions abound for stepparents. Fortunately, in this week’s episode, our dear friend and expert on blended families, Ron Deal, answers many of these questions. Ron serves as Director of Family Life Blended and is the author of The Smart... View Post


#36: Proactive Ways to Enjoy the Holidays

Cooler weather. Peppermint mochas. Hallmark movies. The holidays. For many, it’s wonderful. For others, this time of year can be quite chaotic. The pressure of figuring out what to buy. Making travel arrangements. Deciding which family members to spend the holidays with. We try—emphasis on “try”—to talk about the upcoming holidays ahead of time. We... View Post


#35: Candace Cameron Bure–Staying Stylish: Cultivating Confidence in Your Family, Style, and Attitude

Do you sometimes feel like you live in a fishbowl? Especially as a parent of young kids, your every move feeling scrutinized by glaring eyes in the grocery store. Or your teenager’s every post on social media a reflection of how you parent? For many of us, the peanut gallery just adds insult to injury.... View Post


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