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#112: Your Questions: Marriage, EQ, Your Kids, and the Enneagram

In this episode, we once again discuss your questions. In particular, this week’s discussion points include: Marriage books to read for non-Christians Ways to get your spouse to increase more time together and get in sync Next steps for rebuilding your marriage after it fell apart How to help our kids navigate adults who lack... View Post


#111: Talking to Your Spouse About Sex

Sex is the elephant in the room. At some point, every spouse feels the unspoken tension. For many marriages, the elephant grows bigger after our kids enter the family. In this episode, we call out the elephant in the room and provide ways you and your spouse can begin talking about sex with one another... View Post


#110: An Emotionally Safe Marriage Part II

Having an emotionally safe marriage doesn’t just happen. The way we listen to and communicate with our spouse makes all the difference. But doing so takes practice–and the willingness to be empathetic. In this second episode of our two part series, we talk about the building blocks to having an emotionally safe marriage. In particular,... View Post


#109: An Emotionally Safe Marriage Part I

So often, couples tell us that communication is their greatest problem. But more than communication, empathy for what’s going on within your spouse’s heart is even more crucial to connection and intimacy. In fact, our willingness to genuinely show care and concern for our spouse’s feelings is where great communication begins. In this episode, we... View Post


#108: Genograms and Family History

Have you ever been curious about your own family lineage? The marriage that happened you didn’t know about? The hobbies passed down through the generations? Or maybe even the relational dynamics that led to addiction? Or what about the reasons you parent the way you do? Why you treat your spouse the way you do?... View Post


#107: Building Your Family Team with Jeff Bethke

Gain insight into two husbands and dads building their family teams. That’s what this episode is all about. Josh interviews Jeff Bethke about the state of the American family, how it stands in contrast to biblical fatherhood, and the practical ways we can build a family team. Specifically, we talk about: What Abraham might be... View Post


#106: Your Questions: Child Anger, Single Parenting, Foster Kids & Emotional Safety

We love getting your questions and discussing the topics dear to your heart. In this week’s episode, we discuss the following topics and questions: Kids should be allowed to feel anger, but should we allow our kids to stomp off in their anger? It feels like such a fine line to walk. When our children... View Post


105: How a Loving & Transparent Marriage Brings God Glory with Ryan and Selena Frederick

We all seek to find our life purpose. But have you ever thought about your marital purpose? The purpose God has for your marriage? He has one for you–but it may not be for what you think. In this episode, we talk with Ryan and Selena Frederick from Fierce Marriage about how your marriage is designed... View Post


#104: Let’s Talk About Sex

Sex is our most requested topic lately for the podcast. And the types of questions we receive about sex reveal the power it holds in how well–or not–we connect with our spouse. In this episode, Ryan and Laura Dobson join us to talk about the joys and difficulties of sex in marriage. We discuss: How... View Post


#103: Habits of Purpose in an Age of Distraction with Justin Whitmel Earley

Feeling exhausted, or simply tired of going through the motions? The modern world is a machine of a thousand invisible habits, forming us into anxious, busy, and depressed people. The trouble is that our habits are almost invisible to us. In fact, habits form us more than we form them. So what can we do about... View Post


#102: Becoming a Spiritually and Emotionally Healthy Parent for our Kids

This episode is a discussion about what we describe as the “art of becoming.” Too often we get so focused on the day-to-day sleep, discipline, or behavioral issues with our kids that we lose sight of what really influences who they become. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not that these day-to-day issues don’t matter. However,... View Post


#101: Homegrown: Cultivating Kids in the Fruit of the Spirit

The Bible consistently uses botanical growth to describe our spiritual maturity and how we grow. Applied to us as parents, we want to raise children who love God and share His love with the world. But how do you prepare a spiritual seedling to become fully grown? In this episode, we talk about our new parent... View Post


#100: Becoming Emotionally Healthy with Ryan and Laura Dobson

Our 100th episode! And what better way to celebrate than talking with two amazing humans–Ryan and Laura Dobson–about being emotionally healthy for your family. This is arguably our most raw and vulnerable episode to date. We talk with Ryan and Laura about mental illness, addictions, pornography, and other self-medicators. Even more, we talk about grace... View Post


#99: Your Questions: Co-Parenting, Bad Dreams, Teaching Kids to Pray, and More

In this episode, we take your questions and talk about them. This week’s questions include the following topics: What educational apps we would recommend How to handle a co-parenting situation where you have no control with what’s happening in the other home How to help our kids with bad dreams and night terrors How to... View Post


#98: Creating Family “Rhythm” with Ellie Holcomb

“Mom, who sang the first song?” When Ellie Holcomb’s then five-year-old daughter, Emmylou, asked her this question, Ellie threw the question back at her. “Well, who do you think sang the first song?” Emmylou’s answer is priceless. Yes, you have to listen to find out. But as Ellie thought about it, she had to do some... View Post


#97: Your Questions: The Survival Years, School Decisions, and Not Losing our Cool

In this episode, we take your questions and talk about them. This week’s questions include the following topics: How to thrive in the survival years with young kids Should we send our kids to kindergarten early or hold them back How to manage our own anger and fear so as not to yell at our... View Post


#96: Kids Who Can Empathize

In part 2 of our series on kids and feelings, we talk about kids who can empathize with others. This episode is a deeper dive into the “why” behind our new kid’s book What Am I Feeling? So often, it can feel like a pipe dream getting our kids to think about anyone other than... View Post


#95: Kids Who Can Name Their Feelings

Teaching our kids to give their feeling a name and then decide what to do with it—is crucial to helping them love God and love others. Turns out, it’s also helpful for juvenile delinquents to develop empathy, and for our kids to one day be successful at major companies like Google. In this episode, we... View Post


#94: Marriage: Why Is It So Difficult to Connect?

Sometimes, a few nuggets of wisdom just isn’t enough. In this episode, we discuss some of the deeper reasons behind why it’s so difficult to connect in marriage. We also talk about our own marital journey of late and how counseling has helped us work through the baggage, blindness, and busyness of the day. Yes,... View Post


#93: How to Talk to Your Kids About Racial Differences with Trillia Newbell

We live in a beautifully diverse world. Unfortunately, our world is also plagued by racial and ethnic division. As families, we can bring unity and change by embracing our differences. But it requires that we pass onto our kids what it means to walk in love, not fear—a lesson that’s easier said, than done. In this... View Post