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#129: A Story with Jeff and Beth McCord (Your Enneagram Coach) about Core Decision #4

Are you ready to talk Enneagram? Core Decision #4 of becoming famous at home is talking about emotions. When it comes to our marriage, the Enneagram is arguably the single most helpful tool that has given us clarity and language to understand our emotions and motivations behind our behaviors. Jeff and Beth McCord (www.youreeneagramcoach.com) join... View Post


#128: Core Decision #4 — Talk About Emotions

So often, we stay living on the surface because life has a way of keeping us there. We go to work. We take the kids to school. We all come home, grab dinner, and get ready for bed. Repeat. Unless we get intentional about using key moments in the day to talk about emotions, our... View Post


#127: A Story with Ryan and Courtney about Core Decision #3

What does it look like to actually listen to what’s going on within your spouse’s heart? Especially when there’s been unresolved hurt, misunderstanding, and even built up resentment in your marriage through the years? Ryan and Courtney have walked through this pain. In this episode, they tell their story of how they learned to listen... View Post


#126: Core Decision #3 — Listen to What’s Happening Within

In this episode, we talk about the decision to listen to what’s happening within the heart of our spouse. When life gets busy, our conversation at home becomes primarily content-based (i.e. information about the day, upcoming schedule, etc.). Yet, it’s the process-based conversation (i.e. how we feel about what’s happening in our day) that keeps... View Post


#125: A Story with Jeff Bethke about Core Decision #2

Healthy rhythms have the power of making, or breaking, the trajectory of our family. In this episode, Jeff Bethke joins us to talk about the daily, weekly, and seasonal rhythms he and his wife Alyssa set in their home. Jeff takes us back to why they decided to be so intentional about setting rhythms. He... View Post


#124: Core Decision #2 — Implement One New Rhythm

In this episode, we talk about making your one goal doable by setting one new rhythm in your life. Notice this next decision also includes a singular focus—one new rhythm. Remember, even with parenting, we become an overnight success a decade in the making. Some of the highlights of this episode include: Keep your rhythm... View Post


#123: A Story with Jerrad and Leila Lopes about Core Decision #1

When things aren’t going well at home, we feel it. The toll that the pace and added emotional pain of our day has on our marriages and most important relationships can feel overwhelming, and even unmanageable. This week’s episode is the beginning of the powerful, life-changing stories you’ll hear as we journey through each of... View Post


#122: Core Decision #1 — Define Your First Goal

The Famous at Home journey begins this week! We start by discussing core decision #1 — defining your first goal. This fall, we’re journeying together through the 7 Core Decisions of Becoming Famous at Home. Last week, we mentioned that becoming famous at home is a journey to making ongoing decisions about how we pursue... View Post


#121: Welcome to Famous at Home

You can be famous at home and thrive on your stage. In other words, you don’t have to choose between work and your family. In this episode, we welcome you to the newly titled Famous at Home podcast and discuss all of exciting initiatives ahead–including the upcoming podcast series on the 7 Core Decisions of... View Post


#120: The Vision of Famous at Home

In this episode, we cast the vision for Famous at Home. Up until this point, our podcast has been affectionately known as “In This Together.” Like so many of you, we spent time in the trenches, having babies, chasing toddlers, and trying to find time in between to still pursue our spouse’s heart. That’s why... View Post


#119: [Best of Part 4] The Common Rule with Justin Whitmel Earley

Our “Best of” summer series concludes this week with one of our most downloaded episodes of this past season. We believe it speaks to where we are as a culture with the hustle we feel. This episode is about bringing freedom to your life through practical, easy-to-implement, daily habits. The modern world is a machine... View Post


#118: [Best of Part 3] Marriage: Why Is It So Difficult to Connect?

Our summer “best of” series continues with one of our most listened to episodes on marriage. In this episode, we discuss some of the deeper reasons behind why it’s so difficult to connect with the one we love the most. We also talk about our own marital journey of late and how counseling has helped... View Post


#117: [Best Of Part 2] What Our Sons Need with David Thomas

Welcome to part 2 of our “best of” summer series! Last week, we talked about raising our girls. This week, we talk about raising our boys. Our podcast “resident therapist,” David Thomas, is back with us, live from Daystar Counseling. He talks with us about what our sons need across the developmental lifespan. In this episode, David breaks... View Post


#116: [Best Of Part 1] What Our Daughters Need with Sissy Goff

Welcome to our “best of” series of the summer! The next two episodes are gold medallion interviews with our podcast “resident therapists.” This week, we interview Sissy Goff from Daystar Counseling about what our daughters need. Next week, we interview David Thomas about what our sons need. In this episode, Sissy breaks down what our... View Post


#115: Multigenerational Family Teams on Mission with Jeremy and April Pryor

Be prepared to have your idea of how you “do” family flipped upside down. Our friends Jeremy and April Pryor join us this week to talk about multigenerational family teams on mission, a way of leading their family they have been practicing for two decades. In this episode, we talk about: The difference between the... View Post


#114: A Marriage After God with Aaron and Jennifer Smith

What if God has more for your marriage than happily after? Could it be that God intended your marriage to have a life-enriching, hope-giving purpose of sharing God’s love with a hurting world? In this episode, Aaron and Jennifer Smith, founders of the well-loved UnveiledWife.com and HusbandRevolution.com, share their own marital journey of one in... View Post


#113: Finding and Cultivating Friendships as Grownups

Finding friends once we have children and become “grownups” isn’t always easy. Especially for families who move quite often. Especially for moms who long to talk to anyone who can tie her shoes. And especially since it takes time and trust to go deep. This episode came out of one question from our question and... View Post


#112: Your Questions: Marriage, EQ, Your Kids, and the Enneagram

In this episode, we once again discuss your questions. In particular, this week’s discussion points include: Marriage books to read for non-Christians Ways to get your spouse to increase more time together and get in sync Next steps for rebuilding your marriage after it fell apart How to help our kids navigate adults who lack... View Post


#111: Talking to Your Spouse About Sex

Sex is the elephant in the room. At some point, every spouse feels the unspoken tension. For many marriages, the elephant grows bigger after our kids enter the family. In this episode, we call out the elephant in the room and provide ways you and your spouse can begin talking about sex with one another... View Post


#110: An Emotionally Safe Marriage Part II

Having an emotionally safe marriage doesn’t just happen. The way we listen to and communicate with our spouse makes all the difference. But doing so takes practice–and the willingness to be empathetic. In this second episode of our two part series, we talk about the building blocks to having an emotionally safe marriage. In particular,... View Post