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A show helping men be better dads, husbands, and men

A show helping men be better dads, husbands, and men
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A show helping men be better dads, husbands, and men






Dustin Kaehr: Dear Boys

On this episode we talk with Dustin Kaehr about his book “Dear Boys: The Letter Every Son Needs From His Father”. Dustin is an Author, Speaker, and Coach. In his book, “Dear Boys” he talks about creating a letter to his sons that will teach them the core of what he would want them to know when/if he were to pass away. In this book Dustin lays out a framework that you can use to create a letter for your son’s also. The book is designed to be read with your son too. There are questions in the...


Generation Z Part 2

On this episode we continue our conversation with Nolan, Tristan, and Cory about the generation that they are part of, Generation Z. There was so much goodness that we could not fit it in to one episode we we brought the rest of it to you in part 2. We want to thank our patrons who help keep this show on the air. If you would like to help us out go to http://patreon.com/dudesanddadspodcast and see how you can help. Oh by the way, for supporting we give you something extra! Links mentioned on...


Generation Z Part 1

On this episode we talk with our friends Nolan Rhodes, Tristan Clark, and Cory Eash about their generation, Generation Z. This is the first show in our dudes of the square table format. On dudes of the square table episodes we invite a panel of guests to talk about a specific subject. We talk about misconceptions that other generations have about them, what makes them tick . With generation Z there is “extended adolescence”, we ask our guests if they are experiencing this themselves or see...


Grieving Dads

On this episode Joel and Andy talk about what it is like to be a grieving dad. In April of 2014 Andy and his wife Julie were pregnant with their 4th child, Macyn. Macy was stillborn. We talk about the grief process Andy experienced and helpful ways to support people in your life who maybe experiencing the loss of a child. If you have experienced child loss or know someone who has, please send us an email dudesanddadspodcast at gmail.com. I (Andy) would love to chat with you. Links Mentioned...


Clarence Hogan: Growing up without a father and leading out of his deficit

In this episode we talk with Clarence Michael Hogan. He grew up without a father and in his deficit has used his gifts and talents to lead. Out of the deficit he has become a youth leader, and provides direction to young kids as well as being a foster dad. We also talk about how there is mass abandonment even in middle class suburban areas. Links Mentioned in the show: Clarence’s Instagram Clarence’s FacebookAlone Together Book Geocachingpodcast.com avadchiropratic.com...


Introductions and Vision for the show

In this episode we welcome you to our new show. We introduce the hosts, Joel and Andy. Talk about the vision for the show. The hosts also give each other a pop quiz and ask questions that the host has never seen before!Read More →


Dudes and Dads Trailer

We invite you to subscribe to our show. This is just a little information on what the show will be about. Our first episode will be posted on March 12th and new episodes will be posted every other Tuesday. Make sure to head over to our website http://dudesanddadspodcast.comRead More →


Place Holder Episode -S0E0

This is just a place holder so we can get our feeds set up!Read More →