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Join Kate Archer Kent as she explores science, animals, disasters, mysteries, drawing and more — with some of the coolest people who know lots of stuff. Our guests vary week to week and are generally best suited for children ages 5-12


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Join Kate Archer Kent as she explores science, animals, disasters, mysteries, drawing and more — with some of the coolest people who know lots of stuff. Our guests vary week to week and are generally best suited for children ages 5-12




Solve Problems Using Math

The members of "Odd Squad", an investigation agency run by kids, spend their days looking into weird, strange and especially odd mysteries. Alyssa Hidalgo ("Agent Orla"), Jayce Alexander ("Agent Omar") and Millie Davis ("The Big O") are here to tell us all about what it’s like to be a professional actor and their favorite things about working on the set of the PBS Kids show “Odd Squad.” Guests originally appeared on "The Morning Show" on June 19, 2020.


Learn to Draw with Cartoonist Raina Telgemeier

Raina Telgemeier is a cartoonist and the author of multiple bestselling graphic novels for kids, including "Smile", "Guts" and "Sisters". She tells us all about writing stories based on your own life and how you can get started making cartoons. Guest originally appeared on "The Morning Show" on May 15, 2020.


Solve Mysteries And Tell Stories With Natasha Tarpley

Natasha Tarpley is an author. You might know her from her book, “I Love My Hair!,” about a little girl who learns to love her hair exactly the way it is. Natasha joined us on Explorer’s Club to talk about loving yourself, writing and more. You can listen to “I Love My Hair!” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jl_jlQc2Iok You can listen to the first episode of Natasha’s podcast “Opal Watson: Private Eye” here: https://pinna.fm/library/kids-shows/pinna-podcasts/opal-watson-private-eye (Guest originally appeared on "The Morning Show" on July 31, 2020.)


Dig For Dinosaur Fossils With Emily Graslie

On this edition of The Explorer’s Club, we tag along with Emily Graslie, host of the PBS show "Prehistoric Road Trip." We learn about the ancient history of places like South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming by discovering fossils, clams, dinosaur bones and more! Learn more about Prehistoric Road Trip: https://www.pbs.org/show/prehistoric-road-trip/ (Guest originally appeared on "The Morning Show" on July 24, 2020.)


Solve Science Mysteries With 'Mystery Doug'

The world is full of mysteries, and Doug Peltz knows it. In fact, he named himself "Mystery Doug" for just that reason. In his videos, he answers kids' questions about the mysteries of the world. He answers questions like "What genius invented pizza?" or "How money is made?" On this episode, Doug does his best to solve the mysteries Wisconsin kids are wondering about. Here are some of the fun things he talked about: Butterfly wings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsjyWg-Lhek Piano guts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDvS2V7HbnY Circuit board art: https://www.pinterest.com/marilynrauth/circuit-board-art/ (Guest originally appeared on "The Morning Show" on April 10, 2020.)


Get Spooked With R.L. Stine

We're telling scary stories on this episode of the "Explorer's Club." "Goosebumps" — heard of that? R.L. Stine, the king of children's horror and the man who brought us cursed coffins, evil cheerleaders and headless ghosts, joins "Explorer's Club" to make your blood run cold. Learn more about R.L. Stine and how he became a writer. We'll even tell you his real first name. (Guest appeared as part of "The Morning Show" on May 22, 2020.)


Ologize With Alie Ward

Did you know that when someone says ology, it means "the study of"? Alie Ward is a professional science nerd and has a podcast called "Ologies" where she talks to people who study everything under the sun: somnology (sleep)! Byrology (moss)! Philematology (kissing)! And so much more. On this episode, Alie shares her favorite things to learn. Get fun science lessons from the show "Brainchild," which Alie co-hosts. (Guest originally appeared as part of "The Morning Show" on April 24, 2020.)


Walk Through Nature With Chris Kratt

On this episode of "Explorer's Club," we're talking about animals. Dr. Grayson Doss is a zoo vet. So, he knows all about the kinds of pets that aren’t cats and dogs. Think rats, chinchillas, lizards and turtles. Dr. Doss and Ryan McVeigh, a card-carrying reptile lover and head of the Madison Area Herpetological Society, tell us all about animals that scuttle, slither and crawl. Then, Chris Kratt tells us about the wildest wild animals he’s ever seen. We learn about foxes, pandas, summer bugs and more. Chris is half the dynamic duo behind PBS program "Wild Kratts." Chris and his brother Martin use creature powers to discover the secret lives of animals all over the world. Want to help protect animals in North America? Check out the Kratt Brothers Creature Hero Foundation. (Guests originally appeared as part of "The Morning Show" on May 29, 2020.)


Listen To Music With Andrew & Polly

Andrew Barkan and Polly Hall met in college and bonded over their love of music. Years later, they're married with children — and a band and a podcast. Their band? It's called Andrew & Polly, of course. They have a podcast about all their favorite sounds, too, called "Ear Snacks." On this episode, Andrew & Polly sing to us about eating grapes and other fruits, why they sometimes like to pretend to be giraffes, friendship, and more. They also give us a mini-music lesson. Learn more about Andrew & Polly and Ear Snacks. (Guests appeared as part of "The Morning Show" on July 3, 2020.)


Welcome To 'Explorer's Club'

Welcome to "Explorer's Club," a new podcast from Wisconsin Public Radio. Join host Kate Archer Kent as she meets interesting people who teach us how to play instruments, tell a scary story, answer questions about germs and introduce us to wild animals. Listen to the trailer and stay tuned for short episodes intended to educate and delight children ages five through 12.