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FAH in 5 Minutes: Teaching Kids the Power of Fasting

One of the best ways to teach kids discipline is through fasting. It's important for them to learn that when they fill their lives with stuff, they leave less room for God. Some of this stuff could be the use of unkind words, whining and complaining, devices, TV time, social media, sugary drinks or foods, and more. In this 5 minute episode, Josh and Christi talk about a recent experience they had fasting as a family. They encourage your family to do the same as they provide helpful ways to...


195. [Best of Part 3] The Elephant in Your Marriage

We hope you've been enjoying our "Best of" series! Do you have an annoyance in your marriage that seems to rear its ugly head every now and again? That one issue that seems to block you and your spouse from being on the same team. In-laws. Finances. How you parent your kids. Where you spend the holidays. We all seem to have that one elephant. You know it's there, but most of the time it's hibernating in the cold, dark, corner of the basement, out of sight. Yet, every now and again, you feel...


FAH in 5 Minutes: The 30 Second Hug

One of the best ways to let go of stress and anxiety is through physical touch. Unfortunately, due to social distancing, it has been difficult for all of us to release as much oxytocin as we should. In this 5 minute episode, Josh and Christi share the power a 30 second hug with a loved one has on our day.


194. [Best of Part 2] Spiritual Growth Environment for Kids

Welcome back to our "Best of" series! Social distancing has given the Straubs a chance to really focus on the atmosphere of their home, both emotionally and spiritually. It's made them a little more intentional, but also has brought a lot more fun to their home as well. In this episode, Josh and Christi talk about the practices they've been implementing in their home to cultivate their kids' hearts and foster a healthy spiritual environment as a family. Here are some highlights: The...


FAH in 5 Minutes: Little Changes to Order Your Day

It's crazy how a couple minutes on social media in the morning can impact the rest of our day. Oftentimes we view a post from across the world that provokes an emotion of fear, anxiety, or depression into our own world. This, then, effects the way we communicate with our loved ones. In this 5 minute episode Josh and Christi encourage you to pay attention to the things that are impacting your attitude. They suggest creating an emotion log of instances that trigger negativity, as well as...


193. [Best of Part 1] Emotional Growth Environment for Kids

Welcome to our "Best of" series as we ring in 2021! No doubt your child's world has been rattled in some way by the uncertain times we live in. How we respond to our child's big emotions now will set the stage for how they learn to manage those emotions and make decisions in crisis as they grow older. No pressure, right? In this episode, we provide hope and talk about five practical ways to create an emotional growth environment for your kids.


FAH in 5 Minutes: Increase Face Time

The more we are wearing face masks, the less children are becoming familiar with our facial cues and how we are relating to them. In this episode, Josh and Christi share powerful ways to increase face time in a day and age where it is challenging to do so. This includes putting our phones away and initiating quality time with our kids.


192. Cultivating a Healthy Marriage

The enemy is constantly at work to steal, kill, and destroy our marriages. In this episode, Josh and Christi provide helpful ways to create war against the enemy as you cultivate a healthy marriage. Here are a few key takeaways: Your spouse is not your opponent; the enemy is.Listen to your spouse without trying to fix the problem.Be a watchman and spend 15 minutes a day focusing on your spouse's emotions.We do not fight against flesh and blood. We fight in the supernatural.Stand firm as you...


FAH in 5 Minutes: Leap for Joy

One of the hardest things to do is be joyful when our circumstances don't look the way we'd like them to. But when we look closely at the Christmas story, we are inspired by Elizabeth because of the way she leaped for joy in the midst of her pregnancy. How often do we sing hymns to Jesus and have a dance party when we don't feel like it? When you shift your mind toward what you are grateful for, everything in your life begins to change. Josh and Christi share practical ways to count your...


FAH in 5 Minutes: A Birthday Party for Jesus

One of our favorite Christmas traditions is throwing a birthday party for Jesus. Think about what He might want for His birthday and talk to your kids about giving Him a present. Plan your party and make a family memory as you celebrate the birth of Jesus, our Savior.


191. Hearing the Voice of God

In this episode, we have a special announcement to make (23:47). But before we do, we use this episode to talk about hearing the voice of God. In a time with so many voices filling your head, how can you discern, is it my voice or God's voice I'm hearing? Or what if it's some other voice? We tell stories from our own journey that might help you learn to trust His voice more in your life. In this episode, we talk about: Why we have a difficult time discerning the voice of GodHow to begin...


FAH in 5 Minutes: Teaching Kids to Trust God

Faith is the evidence of things not seen. But getting our kids to understand trust in God is so difficult, especially when we as parents doubt His goodness. This is an #adventfamilyexperience we used to help our kids understand trust and talk about faith in a tangible way they can "taste." Let's keep pressing into David's Psalm, that we might "taste and know that the Lord is good."


FAH in 5 Minutes: Don’t Let Your Phone Win

Like a caged tiger walking the same path every single day, we too walk a similar path with our phones. We pull it out and get on the same app trail. How does this trail increase your faith? How does it make you feel after you get off of it? Does it build your relationship with your family? In this 5 minute episode, Christi shares a powerful revelation about a recent decision she made with her phone.


190. How 2020 Redefined Your Family

If 2020 were one long rainy day, how did your family dance in it? In this episode, we redefine 2020 not as a curse word, but for the beauty it brought about for our family. We discuss ways you can do the same. Here are a few key takeaways: If you were to look back at your family photos, what were the sweet moments you remember about 2020?How can you turn those sweet moments into a bucket list for 2021?How to define your family purpose for 2021.What it means to move from good intentions to...


FAH in 5 Minutes: Keeping Christmas Simple

We're all feeling a bit weary this yea. And with Christmas not being the same as years prior, it just adds to the grief. But what if we made the most of what we've been given? Less running around, slowing the frantic pace, and more time together as a family could be just the remedy.


189. Forgiving What You Can’t Forget with Lysa TerKeurst

Lysa TerKeurst, President of Proverbs 31 Ministries, sits down with us to talk about her painful marital journey. She shares vulnerably about her own pain and why she stayed with her husband, Art, when she had every reason not to. No matter who hurt you, you deserve to stop suffering because of what other people have done to you. If you've ever felt stuck in a cycle of unresolved pain, playing offenses over and over in your mind and know you can't go on living like this, but don't know what...


FAH in 5 Minutes: Keeping Memories and Traditions Alive

As a child, we all have family traditions and memories we hold dear. But so often, with the chaos and busyness of having young children, it's easy to justify not holding to those traditions. In this episode, we invite you back to your childhood memories and explain why it's important to keep these memories alive.


FAH in 5 Minutes: Finding Hope Through Grief

Christmas is going to look different for a lot of us this year. But when we numb our feelings of grief and loss, we also numb our ability to experience joy and hope. In this episode, we talk about an activity we created that can help you and your kids grieve well and find joy on the other side. Show Note: Get your copy of the 25 Days of Christmas: An Advent Family Experience, by clicking here.


188. Your Family, the Holidays, and 2020

Forget normal family dysfunction. Add in an election year and opinions about the pandemic, and you have a recipe for a challenging Christmas with family. Never mind that we have to navigate the pandemic and might not even get to see family. But what if we prioritized what really matters? Relationships. In this episode, we talk about eight ways to E.N.J.O.Y.I.N.G the holidays with family in 2020. Show Notes: Visit gominno.com and use code FAMOUS to start your free 7-day trial! Get your copy...


187: Celebrating Kids For Who They Are Rather Than Mourning Who They’re Not with Frank Tate

In the honor of bringing people onto the podcast who have influenced our own stories, Frank Tate is back this week to discuss some of the most practical, life-changing principles in our own parenting journey. Frank was on the podcast a few years ago with a message called Screaming Data, still one of the most listened to and shared episodes we have ever recorded. This time, his book is finished and available! In this episode, he revisits some of those principles and shares new insights about...