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Episode 78: Black Angel Mom Jeanae Hopgood-Jones - Turning Pregnancy Loss Into Empowerment

Our amazing guest for Episode 78 is Jeanae Hopgood-Jones who has taken a tragic and powerful experience as a mother and found a space of creativity and inspiration. Her blog is not only beautiful and sincere, it addresses areas of parenthood and life that are all too often relegated to the purely personal and not given or allowed a voice by the larger culture. The loss of her twin daughters and reaching towards families of color and their experiences of loss are...


Episode 77: Advocating For Yourself Matters - Susi Hately Had Twins & Placenta Previa

Pelvic floor stability champion Susi Hately returns to the Fourth Trimester Podcast to talk about how she advocated for herself while she was pregnant with TWINS and had the complication of placenta previa. Hear her inspirational story of how she was true to herself throughout her pregnancy and postpartum period


Episode 76: How Perinatal Chiropractics Can Help With Recovery After Birth - Adrian Villalba

We had the pleasure of speaking with Dr Adrian Villalba about perinatal chiropractic practices that benefit mothers. Having balance in your body both before and after giving birth can benefit new mamas in their recovery process. Adrian is certified in Webster Technique by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. Listen to learn more about out how this works.


Episode 75: How To Tell When You're Ovulating & Fertility Right After Having A Baby With Lisa Hendrickson-Jack

In this episode, Lisa shares with us practical lessons on how to understand our own body signs. Learn how to chart your own cycle. Hear how important it is to listen to what your menstrual cycle indicates for your wider health overall. For example, if your period doesn't return ~ 18 months after having a baby, that's a sign that something may be wrong, and it is a good time to have a medical professional help investigate.


Episode 74: The 10 Questions Every First-Time Parent Asks

Here's a quick guide to the questions every new parent asks.


Episode 73: Why You Need A Contract For Your Doula - Emily Flynn

Emily Flynn is a birth and postpartum doula and health consultant in the Bay Area. She specializes in connecting folks in various places in their gynecological health cycles with compassionate and evidence-based care providers best suited to their individual needs. Emily's journey into birth work started through her legal research work with international organizations supporting migrants and refugees, which has informed and inspired her work with other birth care providers in building...


Episode 72: Hyperemesis And Being Awake At 3AM

Suzannah Neufeld, MFT, yoga therapist has dropped by my house to have tea and discuss her new book Awake At 3AM and tell us about how she applies insights both from psychotherapy and yoga/mindfulness practice to help parents through the very challenging perinatal period. Suzannah herself suffered with grueling hyperemesis and was thrown into depression and anxiety as a result. Hear her story and learn about her approach to helping us with the tough stuff.


Episode 71: Learn The Y-Buzz & Find Your Voice As A New Parent With Melissa Hurt

Melissa Hurt is our guest this episode and she offers us an easy and rather fun and funny technique for "finding our voice" as new parents. This little exercise, known as the Y-Buzz will warm up your vocal chords and open your voice and tickle your face. But it's not just for fun-- this technique is something you may find empowering as well as spirit-lifting.


Episode 70: How To Avoid Anemia (Before & After Pregnancy)

How to avoid anemia (and recover from anemia) using nutrition. Anemia is common during and after pregnancy. Esther talks about how to stave it off, and how to use nutrition and what you eat to help recover from mild to severe anemia.


Episode 69: The Dos & Don'ts Of Being A Respectful & HELPFUL Visitor To A New-Parent

The Dos and Don'ts and Whys and Hows of being a respectful and HELPFUL visitor to your new-parent family and friends. This is some frank talk based on Esther's decades of observation and cultural comparison. Everyone can learn from this episode, whether or not they are, themselves, or know new-parents-to-be


Episode 68: How To Handle Visitors During The First Six Weeks With A New Baby

Esther and Sarah return to the subject of visitors. A discussion of why visitors in the first two to six weeks aren't always the right thing for new parents from a physical, emotional-social and spiritual perspective, as well as why our culture doesn't foster appropriate support. This episode of the Fourth Trimester Podcast is a playbook for handling visitors, including: setting boundaries for yourself communicating how you need visitation to work to your loved ones the difference between...


Episode 67: Postpartum OCD Is A Thing - Megan Ellow Tells Her True Story

Wait, what is Postpartum OCD? Yep. It's Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that develops or is magnified as part of the postpartum experience. Women who don't have OCD can develop it as part of their childbirth experience. Women who already have OCD can see their symptoms intensify during postpartum. Most simply defined, OCD is when "intrusive thoughts" become fairly constant, and a person starts acting on those thoughts. On episode 67 of Fourth Trimester Podcast we focus on postpartum OCD and...


Episode 66: Afraid Of The Birth? Anxious About Being A Parent? Here To Guide Us Is Leah Chalofsky

I had a ton of anxiety about THE BIRTH. And then a fair amount of feelings about being a parent - would I be good enough? I appreciated talking with Leah Chalofsky about the New Parents Circle and Cesarean Birth Support Group, anxiety (as it relates to pregnancy and parenting), domestic violence, and teen pregnancy/parenting. The recorded conversation (Episode 66 of Fourth Trimester Podcast) includes all these topics: Hormones and their influence Emotions prior to birth Anxiety, Depression...


Episode 65: How Nethal Abdul-Mu'min Is Helping Muslim Families Find Their Reflection In The Parenting Community

We are so happy to introduce Nethal Abdul-Mu-Amin to our listeners. In this episode we also give our listeners an opportunity to learn a bit about Islamic cultural diversity and how Nethal is helping Muslim families find their reflection in the Parenting Community. We discuss the following and more: Homebirth Midwifery in the era before legalization and the current state of access Nethal’s background and what led her to become a Birth and Postpartum Doula and Childbirth Educator Resources...


Episode 64: Perinatal Herbalism With Beth Rees - How Herbs Can Provide Enjoyment, Rest & Recovery

Here’s a good introduction to the topic of Perinatal Herbalism. Beth Rees is an Herbalist, a SF-based Doula and she has worked with families over 20 years. Beth tells us about how herbs can nourish us and add enjoyment, rest and recovery to our intensive work growing our families. Listen to episode 64 of Fourth Trimester Podcast to hear: How Beth became a doula/herbalist Geeking out about Birth and Postpartum Heart-opening Herbal self-nourishment and caring for the new mom and baby...


Episode 63: How To Hire A Nanny - With "The Nanny Manual" Author Alyce DesRosiers

Trusting another person to care for your child can be challenging. Having a plan in place for hiring and employing a childcare provider will go a long way in alleviating some of the stress. Put your plan in place with episode 63, including: when to start looking for a nanny / childcare provider (accounting for how long it can take to hire someone) how to pre-screen candidates and conduct the interview process (because you need more than one interview with your final selections) conducting a...


Episode 62: The Secret To Raising Confident Kids Is Being An Example As A Confident Parent - Confidence Master Class With Erika Cramer

Confidence-building is a lifelong exercise for all people, including parents. Listen to this Confidence Masterclass on episode 62 of the Fourth Trimester Podcast. Learn the confidence-building foundations. This audio masterclass is designed for women and mothers in particular. The course covers: The importance of demonstrating confidence to our children Loving and respecting yourself What self care means How to unearth your true identity


Episode 61: Our Family Coalition - Jeannette Page & Dy Nguyen - LGBT Parenting

LGBTQ Parenting and the community organization that supports it in the Bay Area are our topic in this episode. Our Family Coalition is a non profit that is also involved in policy work and advocacy throughout the state of California. Our guests Dy Nguyen and Jeanette Page bring their individual and collective experience to the show to talk about family-making outside the heterosexual box. We discuss: Differences in the process of becoming a family with kids Getting pregnant— finding a...


Episode 60: Birth Education - The Bare With Me Duo - Mother Daughter Doulas Stephanie Dixon & Deundra Hundon

Sometimes simply knowing your options is what makes all the difference. Education is key for pregnant mothers as they prepare for their birth and early motherhood. Birth Education is important for women because the "childbearing year" of pregnancy, labor, birth and the fourth trimester, is the moment where fundamental respect, care and nurturing can be experienced and where culture-change can begin in each life with the benefits paying forward to individuals and society. In this episode we...


Episode 59: Healing Birth Trauma - Gena McCarthy, Perinatal Psychotherapist

Every woman deserves the opportunity to fully heal and recover from birth trauma. It is never too late to address a past trauma. Listen to this episode of Fourth Trimester Podcast to hear: How to recognize that you've experienced trauma or PTSD How to begin addressing a potential trauma - the first steps to take for healing