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Glass Houses Podcast is comprised of two well read and outspoken neighbors who enjoy bantering about anything and everything in their bid to avoid being swallowed by the masses.

Glass Houses Podcast is comprised of two well read and outspoken neighbors who enjoy bantering about anything and everything in their bid to avoid being swallowed by the masses.


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Glass Houses Podcast is comprised of two well read and outspoken neighbors who enjoy bantering about anything and everything in their bid to avoid being swallowed by the masses.




Can You Play April's Fools Jokes During a Pandemic?

Tiff and Patrick are back with a full episode for the first time since the US went full-on COVID-19 crazy. We're blocks away but the conversation is just as close as it was before (after figuring out how to record remotely of course). So why not invite us in for a chat and feel like you've got some adults around?


Minisode : Front Lines John

Times are getting a little weird...for John Fenner to VOLUNTEER to podcast, shit must really being going down!! Some helpful insights and some hopeful ones as well. Please take a listen, dear neighbors...we know you have nothing better to do!


I've Got a Gig for You

For some reason, we started talking about psilocybin but we also talk about Mat's funeral, douching cats and whether or not Tiff would make a good cam model (the jury is out). And yet somehow it all blends seamlessly into the pure Glass Houses experience that you've come to love and cherish ... just as we love and cherish you.


In Memory of Neighbor Mat Gleeson

We lost a neighbor and a friend in the neighborhood this week. This episode is dedicated to him. Tiff shares memories and we read an essay on grieving. Please donate to VeloSano in Mat's name to support cancer research.


The Benjamin Button of Virginity

Aaaaaand we're back. We talk Valentine's Day, virginity, Keto and discover there might be a new friend in Bainbridge, renting a room on Next Door, who we desperately want to meet. There are pork rinds and little dogs and we're interrupted by children, as per usual. Anyway, enjoy it!


Meet Tiffany the Robot MILF

Tiffany's kids messed with the mixer and turned her into a robot. So she sounds weird, but we promise we didn't replace her. It's still Tiff. This week we talk about the SuperBowl halftime show, Cleveland's weather-predicting cat, the lost shirt (again) and politics.


It's a Sh*t Show!

This one gets a bit crazy. Are there cracks showing in Patrick and Tiff's relationship!? Why are their kids fighting!? Why did the power go out!? Why does everyone have to use the dang boudoir bathroom!? This one's a slice of reality, people. We have a shirt update. We talk cultural appropriation and for one sweet second, we wish for summer.


Lost Shirt

Somebody lost a shirt in Lake Lucerne. Whose shirt is it? We don't know, but it's a goddamn mystery that's basically killing us. Is that why we missed a week? Probably. Yes? Okay, no. But anyway, we're back on the pod and back on the case. Aside from that mysterious shirt, we're talking about Bainbridge sex crimes and missed connections. Those things aren't related. Not really.


Is it Too Soon to Have a New Theme Song?

New Year! New Season! New Segments! New Glass Houses Theme Song! Rock out with us on this one, folks. It's 2020 and Tiff and Patrick are adding a bit more structure to the pod. Are we still rambling? Obviously. It's just structured rambling. On the first episode of season 2, we wonder if being a Browns fan should qualify for a medical marijuana script. Patrick basically calls "The Shvitz" racist. We thrill to the new Nextdoor theme and then talk about a HUMAN TRAFFICKING ATTEMPT *gasp*. IT's...


Glass Houses Christmas Special Surprise Episode

Tiff and Patrick read and take a deep dive into 'Twas the Night Before Christmas and discover that the Santa we think we know was smaller hairier and much more strange than we realized. Merry Christmas!


Auld Lang Syne Whatever That Means

Holy heck it's the last episode of the year and we're feeling a little Grinchy, but that's okay because Tiffany has managed to solve Patrick's present problem. We also discuss waiting in line and end with all the gratitude in the world.


2019 in Review with a New Friend and Snowman Sex

Guest Ty Stimpert visits from the West Side and becomes our new best friend as we launch into a year wrap-up. We discuss our favorite podcasts of 2019, talk Time's people of the year and stray into topics like perineum sunning and snowman sex. That makes sense considering the back half of the podcast is PornHubs year in review. We learn so much about each other in this one, folks.


Pregnancy Fetishes and Justin Timberlake

Patrick didn' mean to confess his teenage relationship with a pregnant girl, but whatever. Tiff has some strong words for Justin Timberlake who is a secret-keeping dog. Also, a plan is concocted to start the Lake Lucerne Dude for Dams Calendar. So look forward to that.


Meeting Mia and Black Friday Scams

We stay on topic for most of this one: We talk Thanksgiving traditions, meet Mia the puppy (which is arguably more important) and play a very strange Would You Rather involving gravy and Hitler.


How Snapping Turtles Came to Lake Lucerne

If you want to know how snapping turtles were introduced to the lake, Patrick has the tale. Tiffany talks about critters and the specific pains of school meetings and there is some discussion about mind reading. There's also a pretty long rant about the education system, but what else would you come to expect.


These Icy Roads Are Bullshit

Look, we'll be honest. If you live outside of the neighborhood, this episode might not be the most interesting for you. I mean, unless you're totally interested in HOA politics and landscaping gossip. Anyway, Tiff also talks about how much she'd like to be Thanos' wife and Patrick shaved his pubes so it's not completely devoid of fun content.


Would You Rather Do Your Cousin or Listen to This Mystery Novel?

Tiffany visited God's Waiting Room and got kicked out of an exclusive club. She is now Florida Girl. Patrick reads an excerpt from the Mystery novel he's writing with his wife Kitty. And finally, there's a really awkward would-you-rather question about having sex with a cousin. So there's that — at the end.


Tiff Fights Michael Myers and Patrick Goes to a Pumpkin Show

We address the recent criticism of our last episode before getting into better things like pumpkin shows, pregnant smoker and other spooky-ookie goodness. BTW, Tiff thinks she can beat Michael Myers in a fight. What are the odds?


Murder in Lake Lucerne

No joke with this one. We start out talking cuddles before launching into the sordid tale of Lake Lucerne's one and (hopefully) only murder. There are patricide, blood and a question about whether or not you could be rented a tragedy car. (Hint: you can). Snuggle up with someone, neighbors. Turn off the lights. This episode is getting dark.


Melonheads and Manic Depression

We're back after a brief intermission. But everyone's mental health is on point again (mostly) now so that pretty great. Today we talk about movies, murders (local and otherwise) and melonheads. That's right — melonheads. It's fun! It's spooky! It's mental health-y!