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Each month we feature a family with a child on a rare medical journey to shout love their way through raising awareness and financial support.

Each month we feature a family with a child on a rare medical journey to shout love their way through raising awareness and financial support.
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Each month we feature a family with a child on a rare medical journey to shout love their way through raising awareness and financial support.






23 - Chat with GSL co-directors Josh & Rashele Veach

Seth chats with Josh & Rashele Veach, Go Shout Love co-directors, as they share the source of their passion for GSL, the joys and challenges of behind the scenes operations, and dreams they have for the future of GSL.


22 - Meet Lana

In this episode we are talking to Tonya, the mother of one year old Lana. This joyful little girl was diagnosed at three months old with a rare condition called Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1). Tonya shares about how difficult it can be searching for a diagnosis while a child is experiencing severe systems. And how tough and uncertain hearing a diagnosis can be, such as hearing the word “tumor" for the first time. Learn more about Lana and shout love for her and amazing kids in the future by...


21 - Team member Kristin Estok & the early days of Go Shout Love

In this episode you'll meet the founder of Go Shout Love, Kristin Estok. Kristin shares how hearing one child's diagnosis, and an unshakeable desire to do something to help, set the stage for what is now Go Shout Love. Learn more about our team, previous families, and support this month's family on our website at www.goshout.love.`


20 - Meet Bella

In this episode you will hear from Bella's parents, Thomas and Sarah. Bella is the sweetest little Nebraska gal with a contagious smile that speaks volumes into her young personality. She has been diagnosed with one of the severest forms of spina bifida. You'll hear how this little fighter never allows the challenges she faces to steal her happiness. You will also has some very real moments as the parents share their experience of hearing the diagnosis from the doctors when Sarah was still...


19 - Meet Silas

In this episode we talk to Melly and Matt brown, the parents of Silas, one of our amazing Boston area kiddos being featured in May. Silas has a unique blend of diagnoses but still lights up the room with his smile. One of the topics that the conversation focuses on which is something we haven’t talked about before is Neurostorming. Melly and Matt share with a compelling honesty about their life and journey with Silas including some of the toughest moments and where they’ve found...


18 - Meet Chase

In this episode you have the privilege of meeting Shane and Amy, the parents of Chase and Nathan. They share honestly and openly about about the host of conditions Chase battles, and how they have navigated their journey so far relationally, emotionally, and spiritually. You can learn more about Chase, see his video, and support this awesome kiddo through a purchase at www.GoShout.Love/Chase! Every purchase in May will help cover the cost of a stairlift for Chase.


17 - Meet Emily

In this episode you’ll meet Brian and Amanda, the parents of Emily, one of our featured kiddos for May from the Boston area. They share the realities of taking home a baby that is doing all the typical baby things, only to find out on day nine of life that a significant part of her brain was missing. You’ll hear how a simple act of compassion by the doctor in that appointment left a lasting impression. As she turns 12 this month, Emily has and is surpassing every label and expectation that...


16 - Meet Savannah

This episode is an honest conversation with Mark and Lacey, the awesome parents of Savannah, a happy, beautiful with conditions including Naa10 Mutation, Hydrocephalus, Epilepsy, and Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EOE). We know you'll appreciate this great conversation with two people who give a very real look into life with a child like Savannah. You can learn more about Savannah, see her video, and support this awesome kiddo through a purchase at www.goshout.love/Savannah!


15 - Meet Kennedy

In this episode we are talking to Shelby and Patrick, the parents to Kennedy, who is one of the five beautiful Boston area kids we are shouting love for in May. They share about some of the physical and emotional challenges that come with Kennedy’s conditions, especially those associated with epilepsy. But you also hear about the beautiful growth that has happened has Kennedy has adapted to become an older sister. You can learn more about Kennedy and support this awesome kiddo through a...


14 - BONUS EPISODE: Friends Chat

One of the things that was special about Micah's nomination to Go Shout Love is not just the number of nominations that came in for him, but that they came in from his friends... other kids that don't see any labels when they see Micah, but simply see him as a friend. In this bonus episode we hear from these young shouters about what they've learned from Micah and how they are inspired by his journey. Follow the lead of these awesome kids and join us in shouting love for Micah through a...


13 - Meet Micah

In this episode we talk with Don and Chelsea, the parents of Micah, an incredible ten year old boy with a diagnosis of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Type 1. Despite being on this rare medical journey with Micah for more than a decade, you'll immediately be able to tell that time has not reduced the passion and emotion in these amazing parents in their fight for Micah. See their story and shout love for them through a purchase at www.goshout.love/Micah!


12 - Meet James

In this episode we meet Kyle and Lindsey, the parents of James who has an extremely rare mutation of the CNTNAP1 gene. They open up and share about the difficulty of how the excitement of James' birth quickly became a traumatic event and one of the hardest days of their lives with his unexpected diagnosis. See their story and shout love for them through a purchase at www.goshout.love/James!


11 - Meet Ryder + Harper

In this episode we talk to Alvaro (Al) and Ashley, the parents of Ryder and Harper - two of the five amazing kiddos we are shouting love for this month from Southern California.


10 - Meet Giselle

Seth and Jessica chat with Ileana and Lorenzo, parents of Giselle, on of our five amazing Southern California kiddos being featured in April. We think you'll resonate with the themes of family togetherness, positive influence, and growth and determination you'll hear in this episode!


09 - BONUS EPISODE: Mom Chat

In this bonus episode, Jessica sits down with Devon (Hadley & Hollyn's mom) & Michelle (Nathan's mom) for a special chat on what it means to find support by journeying together through difficult seasons.


08 - Meet Hadley, Nathan, & Hollyn

We’re excited to introduce you to the families of three awesome kiddos from the Houston area: Hadley, Nathan, and Hollyn! Hadley and Hollyn are sisters and they find strength in facing their medical journey together along with their cousin, Nathan. In this episode, Josh chats with both sets of parents including Nathan’s parents, Johnathon and Michelle, along with Hadley and Hollyn’s parents, Josh and Devon. You’ll hear the story of each child’s diagnosis and learn of a special family friend...


07 - Meet Beckett

Beckett is a happy and loving one and a half year old who lives in Brenham, Texas. Shortly before his first birthday, his parents noticed some regression in Beckett’s abilities which ended up leading to the diagnosis of Leigh’s syndrome, a severe neurological disorder for which there is no cure. In this episode, Beckett’s parents, Tyler and Katie, talk about the reality of receiving a terminal diagnosis and share how they’ve chosen to to embrace every moment they have with Beckett and the...


06 - Meet Ellie (Part 2)

We concluded part one of our conversation with Rebecca overcoming staggering obstacles in adopting Ellie and bracing for a legal battle to leave Ghana for Chicago. Part two continues the conversation covering a four-year process of getting Ellie to the US for proper medical care and gives more information about her diagnoses.


05 - Meet Ellie (Part 1)

In part one of our two part conversation, you will meet Rebecca, who is the mother of a thrill-seeking five-year-old girl named Ellie. They live in the Chicago area but their fascinating journey together started in Ghana. Their story is truly inspiring and we’re so excited to introduce you to this awesome family.


04 - Meet Florence

We introduce you to Florence's parents as they share how her journey with Ohtahara Syndrome is inspiring people to fight for inclusion for kids with special needs.