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Each month we feature a family with a child on a rare medical journey to shout love their way through raising awareness and financial support.

Each month we feature a family with a child on a rare medical journey to shout love their way through raising awareness and financial support.


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Each month we feature a family with a child on a rare medical journey to shout love their way through raising awareness and financial support.






46 - Two Moms, Two Boys, & An Unbreakable Bond

“We were never meant to journey this life alone. The power of community and being together-there is not much that comes close to the hope and strength that is needed to get through things.” This episode is truly something special. We sat down with Katie and Jacque, the moms to Beckett and Miller, and talked about how the diagnoses of their boys brought them together. It is a conversation about loss and support, community, and friendship. Learn more about this month's family and see the...


45 - Remembering Beckett

In February of 2019 we featured a sweet boy from Texas named Beckett. He stole the hearts of the entire Go Shout Love community. With the support raised through sales during the month, Beckett and his family were able to visit Disney World, checking off the top item on their bucket list for Beckett. Just a couple weeks after returning from their trip, Beckett passed away, ending an incredibly brave battle with Leigh's syndrome. In this episode, Josh and Seth sit down with Beckett's parents,...


44 - Meet Miller

In this episode we sit down with the Josh and Jacque, the parents of three-year-old Miller from Abilene, Texas. In this chat we learn about Miller's joyful and resilient personality, his diagnosis of Leigh syndrome, and a connection with a previous Go Shout Love family that nominated Learn more about this family's journey and see the "See Beyond the Giant" t-shirt design that is inspired by Miller at www.goshout.love/Miller. Connect with Go Shout...


43 - Introducing a free resource and a new team member

Josh and Kristin introduce the newest member of the GSL team, Julie Walls! The three of them talk about Julie's background in education and how the journey of a former educator and current medical mom have brought a desire to see classrooms be a place of inclusion and kindness. Also introduced in this episode is a brand new free resource, specifically designed for classroom use, as a complement to The Thin Skin Gang book including activities for kids. Get the Thin Skin Gang book and...


42 - Catching up with Samuel

In this episode we hear from Allison, Samuel’s mom (August 2018), as we get an update on how they are doing and what has been going on since their time on Go Shout Love. The conversation covers surgeries Samuel has had, his experience with school and new friends, and becoming a big brother. Josh and Allison also chat about the power of leveraging social media as well as some precautions and boundaries to put in place to protect privacy. This episode is full of updates and stories on how...


41 - Catching up with Sofia

Sofia is an amazing gal that our team was able to meet and feature in September of 2018. In this episode, Josh chats with Sofia's mom, Stefanie. They pickup from an earlier conversation on "inchstones" (episode two of the GSL Podcast), talk about the journey of Sofia starting school, and discuss the rollercoaster of processing pregnancy and family growth while on a rare medical journey. See Sofia's video and original post: https://goshout.love/sofia Follow Sofia's...


40 - Meet Stetson

Stetson is a strong, brave, and loving three year old from the Tampa, Florida area. He loves his parents, and you'll be able to tell in our conversation with Cody and Chelsea how deep their love is for him. He loves fishing, going for car rides, and his animals. He smiles big when he is tickled, when friends come to visit, when he hears his mom’s voice, and when dad’s beard tickles his face. Learn more about this family's journey and see a t-shirt inspired by Stetson at...


39 - GSL Team Member Chat: Meet Paige

Meet the person you hear from the most without even realizing it! Paige Muller serves as our Social Media Coordinator and works incredibly hard to give people the opportunity to meet and fall in love with the amazing families we get to meet. In this chat with Josh, Paige shares about the of intentional personal growth, the choice of perseverance, and how sometimes the simple act of choosing to show up and keep going can lead to clarity and breakthrough. Connect with Paige in Instagram at...


38 - GSL Team Member Chat: Meet Seth

Meet our GSL storyteller, Seth Carnell. In this episode, Josh and Seth discuss family life, specifically the journey of being foster parents and adoption, as well as the "why" behind his work and why he chooses to shout love.


37 - Meet Ryker

Jessica and Seth chat with Ross and Amy, parents to Ryker, a happy, loving, and sweet seven year old boy from Lincoln, Nebraska. In honesty and vulnerability, these amazing parents open up about the reality of their journey including seeing their son no longer be able to say his ABCs or enjoy his favorite foods and knowing it is a fatal condition that is stealing these abilities. Learn more about Ryker at www.goshout.love/Ryker.


36 - Meet Sutton

Sutton is a brave, social, and inspiring gal from Lincoln, Nebraska and one of our featured kiddos for November. In this episode, Jessica & Seth sit down with her parents to learn more about their journey. They discuss the importance of community, the role school and other kids are playing in Sutton's life, the struggle in finding a diagnosis, and more. Learn more about Sutton at www.goshout.love/Sutton.


35 - New Book: The Thin Skin Gang

We're excited to announce the launch of a new children’s book on inclusion called "The Thin Skin Gang." This book is an invitation for inclusion of children with all abilities. It is designed to plant a seed in the imagination of children and spark a healthy conversation in the family or the classroom. In this episode, Josh chats with Jason Sivewright and Courtney McNamara, the awesome people we were able to partner with to take this project from idea to published book. In addition to...


34 - Meet Case

Josh and Kristin sit down with Dan and Liz, the parents of Case and his three siblings. They share about personal growth and growth in their marriage, wrestling with faith, how Case's journey has helped them discover their calling, striking the right tone with medical professionals, and more. Learn more about Case and support this amazing family through a purchase at www.goshout.love/Case.


33 - Meet Jack

Jessica & Kristin sit down with Jack's mom, Cassie, Jack's Grammy, Nancy, and Jack's nurse, Ann. These amazing ladies share a variety of elements of Jack's story, including how Jack has impacted Cassie as she prepares students going into the field of special education. Learn more about Jack rally behind his family at www.goshout.love/Jack.


32 - Meet Levi

In this episode, Seth and Kristin chat with Brandon and Julie, the parents of Levi. They talk about processing emotions of receiving a terminal diagnosis before Levi was born only to find out through further testing that he had been misdiagnosed. They share about sibling connections, the power of community, and managing a tension of grief and joy in the midst of receiving difficult news. Learn more about their adorable kids and rally behind this family at www.goshout.love/Levi.


31 - Meet Avery

In this episode, Josh and Seth chat with Kevin and Alisha, the awesome parents of Avery. Avery is a silly, sweet, and sassy seven-year-old girl from Butler, Pennsylvania. She loves spending her days cuddling with her family, listening to music, and spending time with her sister, who affectionately dotes on her. Avery is the definition of strength and perseverance; she marches through life with the sweetest smile on her face. Learn more about Avery's journey and support her through a...


30 - GSL Team Member Chat: Meet Jessica

A chat with Go Shout Love's own Jessica Santo. In this episode, Jess discusses difficult moments that have shaped her life, the highs and lows of her Go Shout Love involvement, and some exciting news about her family.


29 - From hopeless to thriving with Grace Grutter

In this episode we chat with Grace Grutter, whose daughter, Nella, was the inspiration behind Go Shout Love starting back in 2014. When doctors had set the expectation to be prepared to bury their daughter, a stranger connecting on Facebook provided a hope for Nella's life despite a diagnosis of SMA. Grace shares that story as well as learning to embrace joy, choosing to thrive, and discovering the power of a life well-loved. Visit www.goshout.love to meet this month's featured kiddo and...


28 - Scoot Over and Make Some Room

Heather Avis is a wife and proud mom of three awesome kids, including two who have Down syndrome. Together with her husband Josh, Heather runs a social awareness brand called The Lucky Few, where the goal is to shift the narrative that comes with having Down syndrome. In this conversation, Heather talks about the natural unfolding of their lives that has given them a platform to speak into the importance of inclusion. She also talks about the role posture of the heart plays in creating...


27 - Meet Evely Part 2

We chat with Jon and Tameka, the amazing parents of Evely whose rare medical journey includes being born without eyes. In this two-part interview, they share honestly about the constantly shifting puzzle that is Evely's medical journey, the reality of grief that can come with a difficult diagnosis, and the importance of maintaining relationships that keep you centered. Learn more about Evely and shout love for her with a purchase at www.goshout.love.