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Parenting advice and inspiration for raising smart, confident Black children. Join host and Ground Control Parenting founder Carol Sutton Lewis for weekly conversations with guests––familiar and new––about the joys and real work of parenting.

Parenting advice and inspiration for raising smart, confident Black children. Join host and Ground Control Parenting founder Carol Sutton Lewis for weekly conversations with guests––familiar and new––about the joys and real work of parenting.


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Parenting advice and inspiration for raising smart, confident Black children. Join host and Ground Control Parenting founder Carol Sutton Lewis for weekly conversations with guests––familiar and new––about the joys and real work of parenting.




GCP Season 4 Preview Episode!

Ground Control Parenting is joining iHeart and the Seneca Women Podcast Network! Join host Carol Sutton Lewis for this special preview episode featuring some of her guests from the upcoming season, including former mayor of Atlanta Keisha Lance Bottoms, actress Lorraine Toussaint & Walgreens/Boots Alliance CEO Roz Brewer, all sharing stories, tips and advice on raising smart & confident Black boys and girls. Check out this special episode for a preview of what’s to come! See...


The GCP Season 3 Rewind!

Season 3 is a wrap! Host Carol Sutton Lewis reviews the themes and highlights of Season 3 in this bonus episode. Tune in for a quick overview of the advice, stories and resources served up by the great guests who joined Carol this season. Stay tuned for more parenting conversations about the joy and the real work of parenting Black children in Season 4, coming soon! See for privacy information.


The Power and Limits of Tough Love with Kenneth C. Frazier

How did a Black janitor, a widower living with his kids in a rough neighborhood, raise a world class concert pianist and a Fortune 500 CEO? Kenneth C. Frazier, the highly respected Chairman and CEO of pharmaceutical giant Merck, joins us for our final episode of Season 3 to share his powerful story of being raised by a fiercely determined single dad. Ken’s father Otis Frazier firmly believed in the power of tough love. He saw his children as capable of anything, so he consistently set the...


Helping Your Child's Moral Development with Dr. Robert M. Franklin, Jr.

How can we help our children develop a moral compass to guide them through life? Minister, professor, author and former President of Morehouse College Dr. Robert M. Franklin, Jr. explains the importance of helping children think about faith and morality and offers a framework for having these discussions with your children from an early age. Our discussion begins with Dr. Franklin’s memories of witnessing the moral courage and leadership of his grandmother, whose faith was strongly rooted in...


Unconditionally Supporting Your Children's Dreams with Diana Napier

Diana Napier shares her journey with her daughter Emerson Davis, one of the young stars of the Tony award winning Broadway show, Once Upon an Island. Diana, a corporate executive turned writer, found herself in unfamiliar parenting territory as she put her writing career on pause in order to figure out how to best help young Emerson pursue her growing passions in music and theater. When Emerson joins the conversation at the end of the episode, she talks about the importance of her parents’...


Staying True To Yourself and Your Parenting Goals with Ursula Burns

How did the first Black female CEO of a Fortune 500 company manage to balance her skyrocketing career and her growing family? In this refreshingly candid and thought-provoking conversation, Ursula Burns, former CEO of Xerox Corporation, tells us why this is NOT the question on which young women should be focused. She reveals how she was able to stay true to herself and her parenting goals, and explains how modern-day parents need to redefine parenting models. But first, Ursula recalls the...


Managing the Transition to Post-Pandemic Life with Dr. Victor Carrión

With COVID restrictions lifting we can finally begin our return to life as we knew it. How are our children coping with moving out of the cocoons they’ve been in for the past year? There are likely to be some stressful moments for them (and us) for a while, whether they are inclined to rush back into their pre-Covid lives or would prefer to remain in semi solitude. Pediatric stress expert Dr. Victor Carrión returns to the podcast to talk with Carol about how to help our children through this...


Helping Your Children Make Smart Money Moves with Tanya Van Court

How much do your children know about money? Sure, they may know how to spend it, but what about how to invest it and watch it grow? How can you help them learn more and plant the seeds of financial literacy that will serve them well for life? Carol talks with Tanya Van Court, Founder and CEO of Goalsetter, a family saving and smart spending app, about her mission to make kids (and parents!) more financially savvy and have fun while doing it. Tanya offers advice on helping your family develop...


Helping Your Children Manage Tech with Jim Steyer

With the pandemic requiring our children to rely heavily on tech these days, it feels as if we are losing the battle to manage their device usage. As we move towards a post-pandemic world, the question looms large: how do we help our children balance their tech use when they need their devices now more than ever? In this week’s episode, Carol talks with top kids and tech expert Jim Steyer, the Founder and CEO of Common Sense, the nationwide organization dedicated to helping kids thrive in a...


Intergenerational Parenting Wisdom with Anne Williams-Isom, Monique Péan and Lady Ashley Adjaye

As we parent through this pandemic, who has the greater challenge: parents of toddlers and little ones, trying to help them make sense of it all, or parents of older children who have to help them keep it together as their academic, personal and work lives threaten to fall apart? And what can these different generations of parents learn from each other? Carol poses these questions to three dynamic women––Monique Péan, who is raising her young children in NYC, Lady Ashley Adjaye, a native...


Building A Village with Elizabeth Alexander

Carol talks with celebrated poet, award winning author, distinguished educator, and President of the Mellon Foundation Elizabeth Alexander about her parenting journey, her theories on education, and the importance of financial literacy and philanthropy. Elizabeth is a resilient mother of two sons who had to reconstruct her life and parenting village after the sudden death of her husband, Ficre Gheybreyesus. In this episode she shares the parenting lessons she learned with her husband that...


Are You Parenting Like It Matters? with Dr. Janice Johnson Dias

As we focus on (so many!) daily parenting details, how do we make sure we are teaching our children our values and giving them a moral core? What do we have to resolve in ourselves to be able to parent with joy, a key to raising joyful, confident children? How do we turn those hard lessons from how we were parented into a roadmap for better parenting? In a lively, spirited conversation filled with tips on how to evolve our parenting skills, ways to communicate our values to our children, and...


How Art Can Be A Parent's Best Friend with Sandra Jackson-Dumont

Carol talks with Sandra Jackson-Dumont, visionary arts educator and Director & CEO of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, about why and how we need to have art and museums in our children’s lives from day one. Exposure to art builds so many skills from a very young age! Sandra tells us how to explore museums in-person and online in ways that open up new vistas for children and parents, how museums can spark and inform great (and sometimes tough) conversations with our children, and so much...


How To Have The College Conversation with Eric Furda and Jacques Steinberg

In this season opener, Carol talks with college admissions experts and authors of The College Conversation , Eric Furda (former Dean of Admissions at UPenn) and Jacques Steinberg (award-winning education journalist and author). Eric and Jacques discuss their latest tips and insights on how your teen should be applying to college from start to finish, and how you can help. They reveal “The Four C’s” that students should be looking for as they research colleges: Culture, Curriculum, Community...


The GCP Season 2 Rewind!

It’s a wrap! Our second season of talking about the joy and the real work of parenting Black children has featured great guests offering lots of helpful advice. In this bonus episode, host Carol Sutton Lewis recaps some of the themes and highlights of the season. Stay tuned for more great parenting conversations in Season Three, coming soon! See for privacy information.


An Adoption Journey: Caroline Clarke

Author & journalist Caroline Clarke discusses her accidental discovery of and reunion with her birth mother–Cookie Cole, daughter of Nat King Cole–and its impact on her existing and newly expanded family. Caroline told this story in her memoir Postcards from Cookie, and here she reveals additional details not captured in the book, including an incredible update. You won’t want to miss our discussion of adoption, parenting, family, and the healing power of love. See


Making the Best of It with Nancy Redd

Best-selling author and on-air host Nancy Redd talks about the values that stem from her Southern roots and shares some of the unexpected silver linings which have emerged from quarantining with her husband and their 9 & 6 year olds over the past ten months. You’ll also hear about the making of Bedtime Bonnet, her sensational new children’s book that celebrates Black night time hair care rituals. A fascinating conversation that you won’t want to miss. See for privacy...


Getting Smart About Art with Franklin Sirmans

Why show art to an infant? Why should we encourage our children to “get lost” in paintings? What’s the art and social justice connection? Who are some of the African-American artists whose work we and our children should get to know? Franklin Sirmans, director of Miami’s Perez Art Museum, answers these questions and many more in this lively discussion about art and art education. See for privacy information.


Standardized Testing Success: David Coleman

In this thoughtful and wide-ranging discussion, College Board CEO David Coleman provides the latest information and valuable perspective on the SAT & AP testing in the coming year, and much more. Parents won’t want to miss his great advice on how to help students of all ages combat test anxiety and improve test performance. See for privacy information.


The GCP Podcast 2020 Recap!

As 2020 comes to a close, here's a recap of the Ground Control Parenting podcasting journey. We cover the road to our midyear launch, explore some of the themes and lessons from our 2020 podcasts, and offer some hints of what's ahead for 2021. See for privacy information.