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When children's behavior is difficult, parents need support, good information, and practical tools to reduce stress, understand their child's emotions, and build cooperation and warm connection in the family.

When children's behavior is difficult, parents need support, good information, and practical tools to reduce stress, understand their child's emotions, and build cooperation and warm connection in the family.
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When children's behavior is difficult, parents need support, good information, and practical tools to reduce stress, understand their child's emotions, and build cooperation and warm connection in the family.






Tickling: Why You Might Want To Rethink Tickling Kids

Tickling seems like a good, reliable route to laughter and fun, so why might we suggest rethinking it? Today on the podcast the Elle and Abigail talk about Hand in Hand's approach to tickling and how they tackled it in their own families. Elle remembers the good and the bad of tickling in her house when she was a child and Abigail recounts times her sons begged her to tickle them, and how they found good alternatives. They also discuss power play and boundaries in the #metoo era. Why Do...


Raising Boys and Girls Differently According to Brain Science

Today Elle and Abigail are talking to New York Times bestselling author, neuro-biologist and family counselor Michael Gurian. We're talking boys, girls and their differences, and raising boys and girls so each thrives. All over the world boys in schools are failing and girls are succeeding, why? Why Boys Need Special Attention On the podcast today, Micheal sheds some light. Known as "the people's philosopher," he breaks down the fascinating differences in how boys and girls brains...


Why Telling Your Birth Story Can Help In Your Parenting

This week Elle and Abigail are telling their birth stories... Now, why would they want to do that? Birth can engulf us with emotions that linger way beyond the time our children are babies, but we rarely have an opportunity to talk about the feelings we had. And what we felt then, how it shaped up to our friends' experiences or our own expectations, can often linger and impact how we find parenting, and even how we relate to our children. Why Telling Your Birth Story is Important for...


Tips and Tools for Tackling Transitions

One thing we hear a ton about in parenting is transitions - partly because they can be so draining and deafening! This week Abigail and Elle are tackling transitions and what we can do to make them smoother. Top Tools for Tackling Transitions We're talking games and other connection tools you can use to help navigate your days in and out with less yelling and less tantrums. And we look at what's going on for a child when we, as the parents, require a transition, and why they seem to...


Parenting Consistently: A New Approach That Actually Works

Have you ever felt bound by the need to be consistent in your parenting, and then felt the failure when you couldn't be? We're often told that when we are consistent around schedules, eating, playing, tidying, sleeping, then all will run smooth. Yet, so often that isn't what we see. And that can feel mighty stressful! We fight and cajole to keep consistent, but we often see anger flare and tears. Precisely the opposite of the ideal we were trying to uphold! A New Approach to Parenting...


Listening to You: Real-Life Stories From Parents Using Hand in Hand Parenting Tools

This week's episode is a very special one - we're listening to you! Abigail recorded the real-life "before and after" stories of parents using Hand in Hand Parenting's tools, and they are encouraging, inspirational, extraordinary. Real Stories From Parents Using Hand in Hand On this episode of the podcast, you'll hear: "Before Hand in Hand, my life was a rollercoaster..." "Before Hand in Hand, I felt at an ultimate loss..." "Before Hand in Hand, I had no relationship with my...


The Politics of Parenting: Feeling Good About Your Role as a Parent

If you read the title of our podcast this week and thought, "Huh? What does politics have to do with parenting," you aren't alone! Elle asks this too after Abigail gets an email about parenting feeling "radical." Do we mean marching for rights, or championing parenting causes? Not exactly. We are talking about the change you are making in the world every day. Through parenting. What Does My Parenting Have to Do with The World? Did you ever feel life got, kind of, small, after you...


Embracing Aggressive and Risky Play Helps Us and Our Kids

Taa-daa! Today we are celebrating our first special guest on the podcast, the wonderful Dr. Lawrence J. Cohen, psychologist and the author of Playful Parenting, The Opposite of Worry and co-author of The Art of Roughhousing. Talking Play Talk on this episode turns to two of Larry's favorites styles of play - aggressive and risky play. If you've ever seen your child thrash a toy to pieces, order you locked in jail or speed down a steep slope on a skateboard you are probably aware of...


How to Keep Calm When Your Kids Make You Crazy Angry

Aggression, anger, yelling... Abigail and Elle talk about when parenting their kids make them crazy angry - and there are lots! They go back to the very start of early years parenting and what set them off, right through to the cocktail of feelings that has emerged parenting tweens. And they ask, what happens when you find yourself afraid of your feelings of rage, becoming the parent you never wanted to be? How Can You Keep Calm When Your Kids Make You Crazy Angry On the podcast this...


Talking tweens (and their tantrums)

This week on the podcast talk turns to tweens and what it takes to parent through what can be turbulent times. With Abigail parenting a double tween household and Elle raising a 10-year-old, there’s plenty of personal stories about the various trials (and joys) of having tweens at home. We look at some common behaviors you might have noticed in your tween, as well as the gender codes coming into play. And we discuss the unexpected tantrums that can happen during the tween years, what...


Children's Aggressive Behavior Comes Down to this One Thing

Hitting? Pinching? Kicking? Most children act aggressively but it can be very tough to see and understand. When a child is aggressive our instinct is often to shut it down - "Don’t hit," we say, or "I don’t want to hear those things." Looking at A Child's Aggressive Behavior in a New Way While we can and should set limits about the behavior, what happens if we can listen to what that behavior is telling us? In this episode, Abigail tells about a time her son genuinely scared her with...


Rebuilding Hope When We Are Shocked or Scared by World Events

Hand in Hand Parenting Podcast for Parents, Episode 17: Rebuilding Hope When We Are Shocked or Scared by World Events When shocking events or natural disasters leave us raw and overwhelmed parenting can feel tougher than usual. Today Abigail and Elle share Hand in Hand's ideas for caring well for ourselves and our children when events rock us. We talk about how much to share with our children about these events and why pulling together will be, in the end, what pulls us through. Lack of...


Staylistening Surprises: When Things Don't Go As Planned

If you've discovered the simple and seemingly radical tool of Staylistening - of staying and listening through your child's upset - you may have been amazed by how your child recovers from that tantrum or meltdown and returns to brightness and easy co-operate. Or, you may have not! Surprise! Staylistening doesn't always go the way we parents expect, and there can be many reasons why. On the podcast this week Elle and Abigail look at some of the different ways Staylistening can...


What's Going Well in your Parenting?

That's right! What's going well? It's easy to tear yourself apart over parenting, questioning what's going wrong, and becoming overwhelmed with doubts and disappointments. But this week Abigail and Elle - and right in time for Valentines - look at the value of taking a moment or two to see what's going good for you and your family. What's Going Well? Find out how to train your brain to notice more about what's going well in your parenting. See more good in your kids, and yourself in...


Brain Science and Parenting! Say What?

What does brain science have to do with parents and the way we raise our kids? When we come from a gentle parenting perspective, we try to respond to our children in moments of upsets rather than react to them with harshness, we try to come at each situation with empathy and compassion. We try to set limits warmly and to listen in times of anger, need or distress. But that can be really hard in the moment! How can we keep calm and respond well when our children have legs and arms...


Are Natural Consequences are Actually Punishment?

What role do consequences play in your parenting? On this week's Podcast for Parents Abigail and Elle talk about when consequences become punishments. Are Consequences Punishment? Natural consequences sound like a good idea - and can be wonderful - but often when we, as parents, get involved in issuing consequences they can get skewed and become a punishment. We talk about the differences between natural consequences and the leap it can take to handle them calmly and consequences that...


Do Our Kids Manipulate Us?

Do Our Kids Manipulate Us? When Abigail and Elle pose this question they thought they'd answer with a resounding "Yes!" - until they stopped to think about. And then, they went down the rabbit hole... "What does manipulation even mean?" Abigail asks Together they trace the times they've felt manipulated as parents and come across some interesting answers - a lot about feeling manipulated has to do with us! Abigail mentions some moments where her son actually is very cute in his...


Finding Your Tribe: Shouldn't I just Know How to Parent?

Did you ever think you'd need help in your parenting? Elle and Abigail figured they might need help initially, but never years and years into their parenting. This week they discuss the moment they knew they needed help, how they reached out, and what differences they saw when they found their parenting "tribe." Elle talks up the value of support in a shared community, and Abigail champions finding a mentor. There should be no embarrassment or shame in asking for help, but yet it's...


Special Time: Great for Kids, Difficult for Adults?

Do you make time for Special Time? Don't fret if you don't...yet! We know that spending just a few minutes putting aside distractions and letting children lead play can boost our relationship with them, but that doesn't stop us running away from this type of Special Time. On this week's episode Abigail and Elle look at the times they put off Special Time, and the ways they try to "cheat" the tool by using shortcuts. Abigail admits this tool is her weakest as well as the (unlikely) reason...


Making Changes: New Year’s Resolutions That Actually Succeed

It's 2018 already! Happy New Year! This week's podcast has a New Year's flavor as Elle and Abigail talk about bringing change to yours and your family's lives. What is the secret to making habits stick? Abigail reveals she's big studying on how habits work and reveals the three-step process she's used to help keep resolutions in the past. This is great news to Elle, who is less adept at adopting new ways that last beyond February! They talk about the pressure we pile on when we devote...


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