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When children's behavior is difficult, parents need support, good information, and practical tools to reduce stress, understand their child's emotions, and build cooperation and warm connection in the family.

When children's behavior is difficult, parents need support, good information, and practical tools to reduce stress, understand their child's emotions, and build cooperation and warm connection in the family.
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When children's behavior is difficult, parents need support, good information, and practical tools to reduce stress, understand their child's emotions, and build cooperation and warm connection in the family.






My Child is Hitting: Parenting The Problem, Not the Punch

What should I do when my child hits? It's one of the most common questions we get at Hand in Hand Parenting, and it's the content of this week's podcast. And no wonder. Hitting can feel dangerous. Offensive. Confusing. But if hitting is so common, why are we all still wondering what to do about it? There's so much differing advice! What Are Children Really Saying When They Hit? Abigail talks about all the quick-tip strategies out there and why they might work at first but why so often...


Your Blueprint for Building Better Habits and Good Behavior

So, you want your kids to walk in the door, hang their jacket, unpack their bags, eat quickly and get back out the door, freshly changed, for practice. But right now you are at, well, walk in the door. BOOM! Cue screaming, crying, defiance and running in the exact opposite direction that you'd like. So how do you get from where you are now, to where you want to be with your kids? This week's podcast was inspired by a mom that worked with Abigail and feels like she can't get her child to...


A Love Letter to Parents

If you were to see a job description for a role where non-stop, around-the-clock care was compulsory, and there was no training and no overtime, would you take it? Probably not! Yet, it's what we all sign up for when we become parents. Hand in Hand Parenting exists to support parents in this crazy difficult role, and it's why we make this podcast each week! We love love love you parents for showing up here, united in your care and devotion to raising your kids the best you can. What...


A Surprisingly Simple Tool You Can Use to Deal With Difficult Family Members

The holiday season is rolling around fast. Whether it's Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, or New Years these festive times exist to bring family together. And while the holidays can be fun and merry events, for many of us they bring added stress to the package, and dealing with difficult family members can feel disagreeable at best, disruptive at worst. Like... ...you can't stand the way your mom nags and picks. ...she can't stand the way your kids won't eat their greens. ...you find...


Reframing Your Past Could Be The Key To More Confident and Content Parenting

Psychologist and parenting expert Ross Greene coined quite the term when he said that "Kids do well when they can," but isn't exactly the same true of parents? Reframing your past could be the key to getting there, and becoming a more confident, calm and content parent. Why? It's highly unlikely that any of us here set out to be terrible parents, so why do we often end up feeling that way? This week, Abigail and Elle are looking at trauma and the ways that past traumatic experiences...


5 Myths About Kids and Sleep Debunked

Sleep. It's up there with eating and tantrums as a stress-causing subject for parents. And isn't there just so many ideas, action plans and tools for change online or offered by well-meaning grandparents, caregivers, friends? We bet you could even ask your pizza delivery guy and he'd even share his opinion about how parents should go about getting their kids to sleep. Wow! That's a lot of pressure to Get. Things. Right. And a lot of room to feel like you've gotten everything wrong. To...


Reprise: The Great Halloween Candy Fight

To celebrate the year since the Hand in Hand Parenting podcast launched - and the treat it's been connecting with a quarter of a million parents all over the globe - Abigail and Elle ring in their one year anniversary with a reprisal of their first episode - handling the Halloween horrors. That's right - from costume fears and trick or treat overwhelm to sugar highs and candy battles, this episode covers handling the behavioral bumps on Halloween night. Abigail shares what happens to a...


Two Ways To Conquer Separation Anxiety

Changes in routine or surroundings often trigger separation anxiety, and as parents, we often see it play out at daycare or school drop-off. And it's really no secret why. We rush to get out on time, we have our never-ending running to-do list chattering, and on top of that we see other children run off happily to meet friends while our own tearful child clings to our legs crying, and all in front of the teacher. No wonder Elle says that even the words "separation anxiety" have her breaking...


Lying: Why Children Lie And Ways to Respond

Have you ever? This week on the podcast Abigail and Elle are looking at the lies our kids tell and why. And we discuss practical strategies you can use when you discover your child in a lie - that don't rely on punishment. Join us this week on the podcast and discover: Listen now to Children Lying: Why Children Lie And Ways to Respond more resources about children and lying This in-depth article talks about the different lies children tell and what they can mean with advice on how to...


Why are we parents so scared of disappointing our kids?

Are you shy of disappointing your kids? Over the last few episodes, Abigail and Elle have been decoding emotional projects - in part one we looked at noticing behaviors which signal an emotional project, and in part two we spoke about when and how to work on an emotional project using the Hand in Hand tools. Why it's OK to Disappoint Our Kids For the last part in this series, we're taking a look at how disappointment is linked to the emotional project, why we, as parents, are so scared of...


Ep 47 Working with a Child's Rigid Behaviors

This week we define how deep-rooted fears cause emotional projects, and how parents experience them as well as children. 000004F3 000004F3 00010357 00010357 00166F5E 00166F5E 00007B8A 00007B8A 00001729 00001729


Defiance, Upsets and Power Struggles: Solving Common Child Behavior Problems

Ever feel like you are trying to cope with every common child behavior problem in the book? Every single request seems like it's met with resistance. If someone were to ask you what you are up against in your parenting, you'd shout "everything!" It's frustrating It's draining It's totally upsetting And it makes parenting feel just about impossible. What if One Thing Was Causing These All of These Problem Behaviors? What if we told you that actually, there is one central issue here?...


An Entirely New Spin on Kids and Sharing

To share, or not to share, is that the question? So many parents in our parent groups and The Parent Club come to us with questions about sharing, it's a subject that we knew we had to cover! Why is sharing such a hot-topic conversation? Well, sharing brings on big feelings for parents and children and there are so many differing thoughts and views on how to handle sharing. And sharing can feel unfair, or questionable. Like when your child demands another child's toy at a playgroup,...


Growth Mindset, Winning, and Why It's Important for Your Child

How can we help children towards building a positive self-identity? An "I Can!" attitude? This week Abigail shares the life-changing moment she cracked her tens times tables at 8-years-old, and how this win led to a paradigm shift in mindset - between what she thought she could do and what she could actually do. A sense of accomplishment and winning can spur a sense of interest, self-directed learning and discovery, but how can we work with a child to help them win at challenging tasks,...


Happier Parenting: Why Owning Your Parenting is Key

Have you ever woken up in the morning and vowed to yourself that you are going to make it A GREAT DAY? And then, 10 minutes later, your kids are bickering over who got the best bowl, homework is missing, and you can't find your purse? And it's like, seriously?!! What happened? And it continues like that, on a downward spiral, all through the day. Worrying about getting to school on time, sniping at your children who are sniping at each other, bribing a kid to take a class, threatening a...


How Do You Respond To Your Kid's Questions?

Abigail responds to a mom who has difficulties answering her young daughter's questions - most likely because it feels like answering will confirm her child's worst suspicions! And Elle admits finding some of her kid's simple questions difficult - especially when they ask her if she's leaving for work. Even when she's half out the door, she admits, she doesn't want to 'fess up and just tell them she's going. What's going on? Avoidance! Getting Honest about Honest Parenting This week on...


A Four-Point Plan for Getting Back to School With Less Stress

Summer is winding down for Abigail and Elle. That means it's almost time for their kids to head back to school! So this week the hosts ask: How do YOU feel? That's also the first step Abigail and Elle outline in a four-point plan for getting back smoothly into the school routine. Join us for a Back to School Connection Plan We hear a lot about how difficult life is for our children going back to school, but what we hear about less is how difficult it can be for parents too! So this week...


A Little Lite Listening Partnerships Demonstration

A lot of parents ask us about our tool for parents, the Listening Partnership, about how they should run and what they should sound like, so this week on the podcast Elle and Abigail give a demonstration of the tool. New to Listening Partnerships? What Are They Anyway and How Do They Help Parents De-stress? Listen Partnerships are one of Hand in Hand's five parenting tools and is the only tool to focus on parent self-care. These sessions can really help lighten the load! Parents can use...


Sibling Rivalry: Abigail and Elle Talk Soothing Sibling Battles with Evie Granville

This week we're replaying a wonderful podcast we recorded on sibling rivalry with Evie Granville of Modern Manners for Moms and Dads. Join us as we decode what's driving the behaviors between Evie's two children, and share with here how to approach Sibling Rivalry from a Hand in Hand approach. On this special guest podcast, you'll learn: Listen in to lots of anecdotes and real-life situations about brothers and sisters, battles and squabbles, love and connection in this episode! More...


What To Do When The Kids Go Wild!

Imagine this. Your kids are on a playdate. Everything is fine. There are a few giggles. Some stomping. The next minute? The kids are laughing manically, and the house is so trashed it looks like it has seconds until it falls down around you. The kids have gone wild. What To Do When The Kids Go Wild! This episode on the Hand in Hand Parenting Podcast we're talking about those moments kids seem to lose all control. Why does crazy happen and what can you do when it hits? Ever felt like, as...